Fat is also a feminist issue, and that’s why Kate Harding and her co-bloggers at Shapely Prose write witty, fierce daily posts challenging bullshit assumptions made by health statistics, popular media, and any other dumbass who thinks you should diet.Wendy McClure, Bust Magazine

Smart, sassy and irreverent, bloggers with names like Big Fat Deal, FatChicksRule and Fatgrrl (“Now with 50 percent more fat!”) buck anti-obesity sentiment. They celebrate their full figures and call on readers to accept their bodies, quit dieting and get on with life….

Ms. Harding, a 33-year-old yoga enthusiast from Chicago, promotes the idea of health at any size (she is a 16). She started Shapely Prose last April, after noticing that posts about fat in her personal blog hit a nerve. Since then, it has quickly become one of the most popular fat acceptance blogs…

Roni Caryn Rabin, The New York Times

The fatosphere is a virtual community for people — mostly women — who promote body acceptance, or fat acceptance, as some of them call it. They are led by a small band of bright and clever bloggers on sites with names like Shapely Prose, Big Fat Deal and The F-Word….

It doesn’t take too much time spent lurking on the blogs to see why they liken their struggles to a fight for civil rights.

In fact, they are fighting for our civility.

Lucinda Breeding, The Denton Record-Chronicle

Sweet Jesus, Kate Harding is such a dishonest, paranoid douchebag… And you are, of course, not allowed to say [blah blah blah fat yucky]—lest the codependent thought police, in the guise of Ms. Harding, jump down your throat.

Dan Savage, The Slog

This place is the blue cheese dressing on the searing hot chicken wings that are the internet.

SP reader “Melena”