A. We have heard that before, actually. But it’s a little more complicated than that.

Q. I’m still confused — you want me to believe hating fat people is a bad thing?
A. Only if you’re a decent human being. If you’re not, no worries.

Q. Why don’t you just put down the fork and get off the couch and lose some weight, fatass?
A. Can’t hear you, there’s a donut in my ear.

Q. Why do you think BMI is horseshit?
Oh, lots of reasons. If you’re more of a visual type, try this.

Q. OK, I’m mostly with you. It’s not nice to hate fat people, BMI is flawed, it’s possible to be fat and healthy — but come on, isn’t there a limit? I mean, when it comes to really fat people, isn’t it our duty to remind them of the health risks and encourage them to lose weight?
A. No.

Q. Why should I take you seriously when none of you SP bloggers are even fat?
A. Two of us are clinically obese, two of us are clinically overweight, and we’re all quite smart. Also, you might want to think about what you really mean when you say, “You’re not fat.”

Q. What’s HAES?
A. Health at Every Size.

Q. What’s FoBT?
A. The Fantasy of Being Thin.

Q. What the hell is a baby-flavored donut?
A. The typical fatty’s snack of choice, on account of how we all love donuts more than anything in the world, and also, we’re evil. Obvs.

Q. Don’t you think your message would reach more people if you didn’t swear so much?
A. Probably. *shrug*

Q. OK, listen, it’s fine for YOU to be happy with how you look, but you cannot even fathom what it’s like to live in MY disgusting body — so it’s perfectly fine for me to cut my objectively hideous self down and talk about how I clearly need to lose weight, right?
A. No, it’s really not.

Q. I think what you’re doing is great, but personally, I still want to lose weight — why won’t you allow diet talk here?
A. Because it’s a fat acceptance blog.

Q. Does that mean I can’t be involved in the fat acceptance movement if I still want to lose weight?
A. Not necessarily, but you still can’t talk about your weight loss efforts here.

Q. But don’t you want to encourage an open debate about the health risks of fat/the merits of fat-shaming/whether fat people are indeed fully human?
A. Not really, no.

Q. But if you don’t allow comments saying fat people are disgusting and unhealthy or that losing weight is just as simple as burning more calories than you take in, aren’t you depriving your readers of important health information?
A. We’re pretty sure there are other places on the internet where our readers can find those arguments.

Q. I lost a lot of weight and have kept it off for longer than 5 years — doesn’t that mean anyone can do it?
A. No, it means you’re a statistical outlier. Which is swell for you, but not really relevant to the average fat person.

Q.  When you say “Diets don’t work,” don’t you mean fad diets, as opposed to permanent lifestyle changes?
A. No.

Q. Seriously, if you want to lose weight, you just need to —
A. No.

Q. So wait, this whole FAQ is about fat, but your last 10 posts have nothing to do with fat!

A. Oddly enough, we have some other interests. But feminism and fat acceptance have always been, and will always be at the heart of this blog.

Q. God, why are you all such bitches?
A. Long story.