Quick hit: Fat Barbie

No, not that fat Barbie, sadly. According to WWD, shoe designer Christian Louboutin, who recently designed some high fashion Barbies, had to "reshape" the dolls because “He found her ankles were too fat” (according to a spokesperson). I'll let you sit with that one a minute. *wanders off, pours some booze, comes back* Barbie's ankles … Continue reading Quick hit: Fat Barbie

SP Round Table: Fat baby denied health insurance

Kate started us off by pointing to this horrifying story about a 4-month-old baby in Colorado who was denied health insurance for being too fat. Super fun quote from the article: By the numbers, Alex is in the 99th percentile for height and weight for babies his age. Insurers don't take babies above the 95th … Continue reading SP Round Table: Fat baby denied health insurance

Polanski, Polanski, Polanski

That has been my entire week. Since my first post about it here got a lot of responses, I figured I'd share everything I've been doing on it in one place. (Trigger warnings on pretty much all of it.) But before I get to that incredibly depressing shit, please go watch Chris Rock going off … Continue reading Polanski, Polanski, Polanski

Once More With Feeling: We Already Know We’re Fat

Zuzu sent me a link to the latest Schott's Vocab post at the NYT, this one examining the phrase "fat gap." Ben Schott points out that the phrase "has also been used to describe disproportionately high obesity rates among the poor, and the differing levels of obesity in different ethnic groups in Washington D.C.," but here, he's … Continue reading Once More With Feeling: We Already Know We’re Fat

Whom we talk to when we talk about fat

I would really love to ignore PETA, just in general, and their latest fat-hating billboard in particular. But there's something about this one I haven't yet seen addressed in the various denunciations of it*: the language. Specifically, that the "lose the blubber" bit is talking to fat people, but the "SAVE THE WHALES" bit is … Continue reading Whom we talk to when we talk about fat

Don’t be this boring, ever

Actual sentence appearing on cnn.com today as a caption to a photo: Jessica Ordona (in white) disliked the fit of her jeans, so she signed up for a class she says addressed the issue. Dear inhabitants of planet Earth: If you need a special class to make you like the fit of your jeans, YOU ARE … Continue reading Don’t be this boring, ever