A Handy Guide to Not Plagiarizing

Via Hoyden About Town's Lauredhel* on Twitter, I just discovered this Mediaite post by Glynnis MacNicol** discussing a piece by NYT public editor Clark Hoyt*** regarding the latest plagiarism scandal to be blamed on the fast pace of blogging. Like Gerald Posner before him, Times business reporter Zachery Kouwe says his problem wasn't that he … Continue reading A Handy Guide to Not Plagiarizing

Polanski, Polanski, Polanski

That has been my entire week. Since my first post about it here got a lot of responses, I figured I'd share everything I've been doing on it in one place. (Trigger warnings on pretty much all of it.) But before I get to that incredibly depressing shit, please go watch Chris Rock going off … Continue reading Polanski, Polanski, Polanski

Yes Means Yes! Virtual Tour: Q&A with Kimberly Springer

OK, so nobody who reads this blog can be unaware that Yes Means Yes! is out, and I'm in it, and you should buy it, and I FELL DOWN FOUR TIMES FOR YOU PEOPLE. But we haven't talked much about the other contributors so far. Because, you know, I really like to talk about myself. … Continue reading Yes Means Yes! Virtual Tour: Q&A with Kimberly Springer

Welcome, Salon readers!

Regular readers: my essay from Feed Me! Writers Dish About Food, Eating, Weight and Body Image, edited by Harriet Brown, is on the front page (eeee!) of Salon today. Check it out! Visitors from Salon: Welcome! Well, most of you, anyway. Please note that the comments policy here is a whoooole lot stricter than Salon's, … Continue reading Welcome, Salon readers!