Wednesday One-Liners

Hello there, Shapelings:

• No doubt you remember hearing the story of Samantha Clowes, a British bride-to-be who died of heart failure while sustaining herself on diet of 530 calories a day. Well CNN sheds more light on medically supervised diets with the unintentionally hilariously titled article Extreme diets: Life on 800 calories a day. Life, indeed. The highlights include a quote from VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) participant Gordon Heitman who noted:

My hair did thin out and there were other side effects. There were leg cramps … and now they’re monitoring me for gallstones.

Other than those minor inconveniences Mr. Heitman says he’s thankful for the medical supervision he’s received thus far! And really aren’t gallstones and thinning hair completely worth it! Ketosis FTW!

People Magazine is very pleased with Sara Rue’s seven pound weight loss in JUST FIVE DAYS. And Sara says:

But there’s nothing you can’t have on this plan. You just have to remember that nothing tastes as good as the first bite

Oh, Sara!

Do you ever get the feeling celebrity weight loss statements read like Mad Libs?

Golden Globe nominations are out and Gabourey Sidibe is nominated for her work in Precious. And with that, the 2010 award season begins!

Consider this an Open Thread, but be mindful that mods may not be around every second to keep things in check.

Wednesday One-Liners

Hollywood is putting on the tranface with a film adaptation of David Ebershoff’s The Danish Girl starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman. Gudbuytjane deconstructs this hot mess in a blistering critique of Cissupremacy – Hollywood style.

• New York Senate struck down same sex marriage bill, which is just fabulous because we really need grizzled white guys voting on the rights of marginalized citizens. I’ll take a hot bag of no thanks on that.

• Findings from New England Journal of Medicine study predicts fatness trumps smoking decline in terms of life expectancy. The accompanying picture is lovely.

• Meredith Baxter came out on The Today Show. Sha la la la…


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