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Me? A mansplainer? Let me mansplain.

There is some hilarious shit going down over at Zuska's. See, she posted a definition of "mansplaining" that included stuff like this: You May Be A Mansplainer If... 1. You MUST explain why everything I said is beside the point, and wrong, and silly. 2. You MUST explain why you are not a mansplainer, then… Continue reading Me? A mansplainer? Let me mansplain.

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Elsewhere on the internet

I wrote about anonymous cyberbullying for The Guardian's Comment Is Free: Yet all over the web, people operating under the illusion that their identities are thoroughly hidden continue to prove John Gabriel's famous theory of internet behaviour: Normal person + anonymity + audience = total prat.* And too often, particularly when it comes to misogynistic… Continue reading Elsewhere on the internet