Guest Blogger Tasha Fierce: Jillian Michaels Be Illin’!

Tasha Fierce is THE shit! Her work been featured on Racialicious and Jezebel. She's the creative director and the real boss of IFMiB, which is to say she handles all the administrative duties while I dish Milos Forman! Shapelings, show your love for Miss Fierce. So screeching, overly pushy Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels refuses … Continue reading Guest Blogger Tasha Fierce: Jillian Michaels Be Illin’!

Links: Ladies We Love

Kate writes a mash note to Gabourey Sidibe of Precious, who could not be any more fabulous if she was abducted by aliens from the Fabulous Nebula. Long-time SP hero Lesley from Fatshionista is the star of today's Boston Globe! Congratulations, Lesley, on your continued march toward world domination and a more fatshionable world. We … Continue reading Links: Ladies We Love

Items… Of … Interest!

Please read the post title in a Futurama announcer voice. Welcome to 2010, Shapelings! Have some links. Kate takes on the "no fatties" dating site controversy at Broadsheet. Jezebel's Jenna discusses V Magazine's latest plus size fashion shoot, which features back fat and belly rolls! For reals! Lauredhel talks full body scanners, disability, and privacy … Continue reading Items… Of … Interest!

“The most beautiful girl in the world would be completely picked apart”

Behold! The Queen of the Fat-o-sphere and the, uh, Fairy Princess of Plus-Size Modeling have combined powers! Kate interviews the lovely Crystal Renn for Salon. They talk about eating disorders, the treatment of models, and Crystal's new book (cowritten by Marjorie Ingall, who delurked here recently -- hi Marjorie!). It's a terrific interview, and I … Continue reading “The most beautiful girl in the world would be completely picked apart”

Don’t be this boring, ever

Actual sentence appearing on today as a caption to a photo: Jessica Ordona (in white) disliked the fit of her jeans, so she signed up for a class she says addressed the issue. Dear inhabitants of planet Earth:┬áIf you need a special class to make you like the fit of your jeans, YOU ARE … Continue reading Don’t be this boring, ever

Hidden Plus Sizes on Etsy

You may already know that Etsy is a middle-class fat girl's dream when it comes to stores like Jane BonBon, MissBrache, and SelenaEon (reviewed by stitchtowhere on Fatshionista), all of whom specialize in or at least explicitly advertise plus sizes. If you've got the money to buy new clothes but don't think you have the … Continue reading Hidden Plus Sizes on Etsy