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Polanski, Polanski, Polanski

That has been my entire week. Since my first post about it here got a lot of responses, I figured I'd share everything I've been doing on it in one place. (Trigger warnings on pretty much all of it.) But before I get to that incredibly depressing shit, please go watch Chris Rock going off… Continue reading Polanski, Polanski, Polanski

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World domination: One step closer

Our fearless leader is beginning a fortnight of guest blogging over at Jezebel! This is an explosion of awesome, as you've probably guessed, since Jezebel has lately been one of the most reliable blogs around for feminist news (often with a fat-friendly slant) as well as pictures of Zachary Quinto. This means that Kate won't… Continue reading World domination: One step closer

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Elsewhere on the internet

I wrote about anonymous cyberbullying for The Guardian's Comment Is Free: Yet all over the web, people operating under the illusion that their identities are thoroughly hidden continue to prove John Gabriel's famous theory of internet behaviour: Normal person + anonymity + audience = total prat.* And too often, particularly when it comes to misogynistic… Continue reading Elsewhere on the internet