Tell Me Something Good: Open Thread

What’s currently thrilling you – pop culture wise. Books, music, movies, interesting blogs? Share with the rest of the class. Also, why aren’t you reading and commenting on Snarky’s Machine? Tsk Tsk! After Kate’s electrifying post oh yes, I’m most certainly going to toot my own clown horn, baby. You’ve seen me here. You’ll soon see me on Bitch Magazine guest blogging this summer. You want more Snarky’s and I love giving people what they want.

And even though I’m pretty sure this song didn’t come out during the spring, it always reminds me of Spring. Snow be damned! I’m putting on my springy dress and maybe even a big silly hat.

I present Miss Chaka Khan for your chair dancing pleasure.

So as the title says, Tell me (and each other) something good.

Toot your own clown horns, Shapelings! This thread is open and ready to serve you!

Treme/TV Themed Open Thread

Treme – HBO’s hot anticipated series by writer/producer/personal patron saint David Simon (The Wire, Homicide: Life on the Street) premiered last Sunday to exTREMEly glowing reviews from Simon fanboys and television critics alike.

Hank Stuever at WaPo says:

Will it be as good as “The Wire”? Three episodes in, I’m willing to say “Treme” (the title is two syllables; it rhymes with away) has the potential to be better than “The Wire.”

Them’s probably fightin’ words to fans of The Wire.

While I appreciate The Wire I am an old school Simonite. Treme evokes Homicide: Life on the Street in terms of character development and tone than it does The Wire, which if you know anything about me is the best news ever.

Treme tells the story of NoLa (New Orleans) in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and honey, they have brought it in terms of casting: John Goodman, Melissa Leo (H:LOTS, Frozen River), Wendell Pierce, Michiel Huisman, Khandi Alexander, Steve Zahn, Kim Dickens and Clarke Peters. I expect there will be cameos and guest appearances by many other bright stars in the Simon universe.

I am hoping against hope Treme finds a loyal audience and is showered with the praise it so richly deserves. And while the recent unexpected passing of co-producer and Simon’s frequent collaborator – the undercover black man himself – David Mills is a somber moment in an otherwise exciting time for Simonites, my enthusiasm refuses to be dampened.

I know Simon’s gonna do right by his road dawg and NoLa.

So are you excited about this show or other new shows? This is a TV THEMED open thread. Have at it, Shapelings.

Wednesday One-Liners

Hello there, Shapelings:

• No doubt you remember hearing the story of Samantha Clowes, a British bride-to-be who died of heart failure while sustaining herself on diet of 530 calories a day. Well CNN sheds more light on medically supervised diets with the unintentionally hilariously titled article Extreme diets: Life on 800 calories a day. Life, indeed. The highlights include a quote from VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) participant Gordon Heitman who noted:

My hair did thin out and there were other side effects. There were leg cramps … and now they’re monitoring me for gallstones.

Other than those minor inconveniences Mr. Heitman says he’s thankful for the medical supervision he’s received thus far! And really aren’t gallstones and thinning hair completely worth it! Ketosis FTW!

People Magazine is very pleased with Sara Rue’s seven pound weight loss in JUST FIVE DAYS. And Sara says:

But there’s nothing you can’t have on this plan. You just have to remember that nothing tastes as good as the first bite

Oh, Sara!

Do you ever get the feeling celebrity weight loss statements read like Mad Libs?

Golden Globe nominations are out and Gabourey Sidibe is nominated for her work in Precious. And with that, the 2010 award season begins!

Consider this an Open Thread, but be mindful that mods may not be around every second to keep things in check.

Open Thread

I am doing Nanowrimo this lovely evening and I’m focusing on my 50k word count goal. I am 2300 words away! I am gunning for an early finish tomorrow.

Anyway, rock this open thread, Shapelings. Fluffication rules don’t apply.

In keeping with what Sweet Machine wrote in the last open thread, BEHAVE.

Here’s the comment policy

This is my first open thread, so be gentle with me!

Tuesday Post

Ok, yesterday’s open thread worked pretty well, so I’ll keep it going. This time, I even have a topic. Just got this from Charlotte Cooper via Facebook:

Dear rad fatties around the world,

I am co-organising an event here in London called The Fat of the Land: A Queer Chub Harvest Festival. It’s a mixture of food festival, DIY punk stuff, fat politics, performance, and some silly stuff too. It’s secular but draws on harvest festival traditions.

It would be amazing to see a bunch of you here, but I know that geography and travel and money and everyday hassles make this difficult.

HOWEVER, you can still help out from afar.

Many of the people coming to the Fat of the Land are going to be new to fat stuff, and part of my dream for the event is that it awakens people to the notion that there are a lot of people all over the place already thinking about and organising around this subject.

What I’m looking for are messages of support from rad fatties around the world. Just a paragraph or so, about anything you like, but also expressing support for fat queers in the UK and the fat of the land in particular. Tell us what you think it would be helpful or encouraging to hear. I will publish the messages on the blog and display them at the event.

If you’ve got something to say to Fat of the Land attendees, post it here! And if you are in a geographical position to attend, check out the website!