Stumbling towards ecstasy

Because of our delightfully stringent comments policy, most of the rants about fatties eating everything in a twelve-block radius never make it onto the site. Those "arguments" just aren't worth thinking about. But we do see some genuine confusion from otherwise reasonable people who can't see how non-restricted eating could possibly be compatible with health, … Continue reading Stumbling towards ecstasy

Read ‘Em

There are about a gazillion things we've missed in the last week, so it's round-up time. First, though, I have a favor to ask of anyone who can swing it. Al's friend Peter lost his job last July. He and his partner of 20+ years, Ericka, are now in danger of losing their house -- … Continue reading Read ‘Em

All diets work the same: poorly

If you read the paper in the mornings, you may already have seen the news -- the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine includes a study showing that all diets work the same, it's only calorie intake that matters. Some previous studies have found that low carbohydrate diets like Atkins work better … Continue reading All diets work the same: poorly

Why I floss but don’t diet

I recently started flossing regularly, partly because it's good for my teeth but also partly because it's potentially good for my heart. It seems utterly absurd to think that periodontal disease really causes heart disease, and I'm inclined to think that either the studies that found the association were flawed, that there's a serious correlation/causation … Continue reading Why I floss but don’t diet