Fluff: “Arnold raced out of the door,”

Fans of Murder, She Wrote are often as fascinated by every detail of the opening credit sequence as they are with the actual episodes. In the sequence, Jessica engages in a host of wholesome activities having little to do with staging murders to later solve or writing about those staged murders. The exception is a … Continue reading Fluff: “Arnold raced out of the door,”

Slightly Pre-Friday Sorta-Fluff: I’m Kate Fucking Harding

So, the other night, I went to see my friend (and sometime Shapeling) Tari play at a local bar, and as usual, I was slightly surprised by how awesome she is. Not because I have any good reason to underestimate her, but because A) I just don't hear her play all that often, and B) … Continue reading Slightly Pre-Friday Sorta-Fluff: I’m Kate Fucking Harding

Friday fluff: The forbidden tongue

Apparently, Randy Michaels, the CEO of Tribune Co. here in Chicago,¬†has issued a list to the reporters on WGN, our local public radio station, containing words and phrases they must no longer speak on air. These are not dirty words, a la George Carlin, but words that sound like "newsspeak" (according to WGN news director¬†Charlie … Continue reading Friday fluff: The forbidden tongue

Friday fluff: What Super Bowl?

So apparently there is some kind of football game going on this weekend? I know this for two reasons: 1. Feminist bloggers keep posting about Tim Tebow (boo) and Scott Fujita (yay). 2. My friend The Urban Gastronome has been posting mouthwatering "game day" recipes. MMMMMM CUPCAKES Shapelings, are you watching the game? If so, … Continue reading Friday fluff: What Super Bowl?

Friday fluff: Step up, step up!

Kate sent along an article this morning about the death of Bruce Snowdon, the last sideshow fat man. Mostly she was boggled by this bit: Until the mid-1960s, traveling carnivals frequently featured fat acts. But sideshows declined in popularity as waistlines expanded and obesity became less of a laughing matter. As the years went by, … Continue reading Friday fluff: Step up, step up!