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Holiday Meal Planning, Kate-Style

Shapelings, this is the first year since Al and I met that we will be spending Christmas at home instead of in Vegas. Since our families are spread all over two countries and we found out that some friends -- specifically, Sweet Machine, Ottermatic, their respective partners and Ottermatic's bestie (hereafter, OTMBFF) -- would be… Continue reading Holiday Meal Planning, Kate-Style

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Friday fluff: Take back the (diet) food

Shapeling BlueRain points out that in my last post I was unfair to okara, the main ingredient in the Magical Diet Cookies. She notes: Okara (as well as Shirataki mentioned in someone’s comment upthread) is a traditional food item in Japanese cuisine, and having it appropriated as “low-fat/low-cal miracle diet food” is offensive enough, but… Continue reading Friday fluff: Take back the (diet) food

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Monstrous cookies for cookie monsters

From the NYT comes this story about the Cookie Diet, a diet plan in which you survive on "six prepackaged cookies a day, plus one ‘real’ meal — say, skinless chicken and steamed vegetables." The idea here seems to be that you will be so entranced by the idea of eating the sinful "cookies" that… Continue reading Monstrous cookies for cookie monsters