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Slightly Pre-Friday Sorta-Fluff: I’m Kate Fucking Harding

So, the other night, I went to see my friend (and sometime Shapeling) Tari play at a local bar, and as usual, I was slightly surprised by how awesome she is. Not because I have any good reason to underestimate her, but because A) I just don't hear her play all that often, and B)… Continue reading Slightly Pre-Friday Sorta-Fluff: I’m Kate Fucking Harding

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Me? A mansplainer? Let me mansplain.

There is some hilarious shit going down over at Zuska's. See, she posted a definition of "mansplaining" that included stuff like this: You May Be A Mansplainer If... 1. You MUST explain why everything I said is beside the point, and wrong, and silly. 2. You MUST explain why you are not a mansplainer, then… Continue reading Me? A mansplainer? Let me mansplain.

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Items… Of … Interest!

Please read the post title in a Futurama announcer voice. Welcome to 2010, Shapelings! Have some links. Kate takes on the "no fatties" dating site controversy at Broadsheet. Jezebel's Jenna discusses V Magazine's latest plus size fashion shoot, which features back fat and belly rolls! For reals! Lauredhel talks full body scanners, disability, and privacy… Continue reading Items… Of … Interest!

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World domination: One step closer

Our fearless leader is beginning a fortnight of guest blogging over at Jezebel! This is an explosion of awesome, as you've probably guessed, since Jezebel has lately been one of the most reliable blogs around for feminist news (often with a fat-friendly slant) as well as pictures of Zachary Quinto. This means that Kate won't… Continue reading World domination: One step closer