Totally Awesome!

Joy’s got another video! And this time, I’ve got a writer credit!

A while back, I posted a conversation I once had with my friend Jo. Joy loved it and decided to turn it into an itty bitty video — et voila!

The funny thing for me is, when Jo and I had that conversation, we were both pretty much cracking up. There was no pathos whatsoever, because the whole point was that we were being ridiculous. But Joy and her co-star Jennifer Ruckman have transformed it into something completely different, which I love. Words are strange things.

And so are our self-images. Boy howdy.

Reality vs. Relativism

Here’s some news that I know will come as a terrible shock to longtime readers: no one knows how to make fat people permanently thin. Or even less fat.

Dieting doesn’t work in the long term and often makes you fatter. WLS can kill you, in addition to other unpleasant side effects, and as with diets, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually gain it all back. “Lifestyle changes” are diets, even if you don’t like that word. Nobody sets out to lose weight temporarily, then end up fatter than ever within a few years. But that’s what happens to nearly everyone who makes a “lifestyle change” (without developing an eating disorder), because our bodies just aren’t interested in cooperating with our desire to be thin.

Despite all the billions of dollars that have been put into trying to figure this one out, still, no one knows how to make fat people permanently thin.

Wait, haven’t we covered this before? Why, yes. Yes, we have.

But in the latest fatosphere kerfuffle, I’ve seen lots of comments that essentially say one of two things:

  1. Not everyone who wants to lose weight wants to be thin! Not everyone’s doing it for vanity! People who have noble reasons for wanting to lose weight, or who only want to get less fat instead of thin shouldn’t be discouraged!
  2. Fat acceptance activists never want to acknowledge that some people are so fat it really does compromise their health! Some people need to lose weight, and dieting/WLS is right for them!

No. It just doesn’t work that way. Continue reading

My Response to Kell

Update: Kell’s blog seems to be down now, but I’m leaving this up at least until her post falls out of the Fatosphere feed.

So, Kell wrote a new post about Heidi. Since she’s moderating comments (as is her right, of course), I don’t know if mine will ever show up there. So I’m posting what I wrote to her here. Over the last few months, I have both agreed with Kell numerous times and argued constructively with her when we’ve disagreed, but that post crosses a line I am incredibly not okay with. Continue reading