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Photoshop’s greatest hits

It's nothing most of our readers haven't seen before, but Newsweek has a refresher course on the "biggest airbrushing scandals" of the 2000s. Consider it a visual illustration of the impossibly narrow standards of beauty that we've been talking about this week (and note especially how the women of color involved have had their skin… Continue reading Photoshop’s greatest hits

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Links: Golden Globes backlash, or This one goes out to the ladies

Those of you who hopped on our Golden Globe live-blogging adventure on Sunday (which was way, way more fun than I expected -- GIVE YOURSELVES A HAND) might be interested in the following posts on Jezebel about (sadly predictable) sexist reactions to various women at the show: James Cameron & Kathryn Bigelow Used To Be… Continue reading Links: Golden Globes backlash, or This one goes out to the ladies

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Links: Ladies We Love

Kate writes a mash note to Gabourey Sidibe of Precious, who could not be any more fabulous if she was abducted by aliens from the Fabulous Nebula. Long-time SP hero Lesley from Fatshionista is the star of today's Boston Globe! Congratulations, Lesley, on your continued march toward world domination and a more fatshionable world. We… Continue reading Links: Ladies We Love