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With advocates like this, who needs hate radio?

It will surprise few people who pay attention to American politics that Sarah Palin is a world-class hypocrite. But her recent foray into the politics of language and disability have proved that her hypocrisy is dyed in the wool, an amazing contradiction of terms: openly disingenuous, profoundly committed to shallowness. She's taken one of the… Continue reading With advocates like this, who needs hate radio?

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Read ‘Em

There are about a gazillion things we've missed in the last week, so it's round-up time. First, though, I have a favor to ask of anyone who can swing it. Al's friend Peter lost his job last July. He and his partner of 20+ years, Ericka, are now in danger of losing their house --… Continue reading Read ‘Em

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What’s up my ass today

Hi! I'm back from a whirlwind couple of weeks, during which I attended a conference┬áhere, then flew across the country to tag along while Al attended a different conference. Which means I've pretty much spent 2 straight weeks negotiating enormous crowds in not entirely familiar places, sitting still more than I like to, and doing… Continue reading What’s up my ass today

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You Know, You Really Are an Asshole

So, I guess I can add Denis Leary to the ever-growing list of comics I once loved who have gotten both more hateful and less funny over the years, finally reaching a point where I can't fucking stand them. See also: Bill Maher, Dennis Miller. (Young'uns, it's true: Miller was funny and not such a… Continue reading You Know, You Really Are an Asshole