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Meat and metaphors

The wonderful Jenna Sauers of Jezebel posted recently on PETA's attempts to be edgy and arresting in their support of animals at the expense of women, minorities, and basically all people except thin white patriarchy-lovin' youngsters. Jenna outlined some of PETA's worst antifeminist offenses -- equating women with meat, putting them in cages, building campaigns… Continue reading Meat and metaphors

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Whom we talk to when we talk about fat

I would really love to ignore PETA, just in general, and their latest fat-hating billboard in particular. But there's something about this one I haven't yet seen addressed in the various denunciations of it*: the language. Specifically, that the "lose the blubber" bit is talking to fat people, but the "SAVE THE WHALES" bit is… Continue reading Whom we talk to when we talk about fat

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The End of ‘Results Not Typical’?

Tari just Twittered about this, and I see Rachel's already covered it in-depth. I am giddy. Updated guidelines on ad endorsements and testimonials under final review by the Federal Trade Commission—and widely expected to be adopted—would end marketers' ability to talk up the extreme benefits of products while carrying disclaimers like "results not typical" or "individual… Continue reading The End of ‘Results Not Typical’?

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Read ‘Em

There are about a gazillion things we've missed in the last week, so it's round-up time. First, though, I have a favor to ask of anyone who can swing it. Al's friend Peter lost his job last July. He and his partner of 20+ years, Ericka, are now in danger of losing their house --… Continue reading Read ‘Em

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WTF of the day: Fling candy bars

Andy Wright at Mother Jones nails everything wrong with Mars's new candy bars for the lady market so perfectly, I can't even add anything. I can only quote: Predictably, one of the hot selling points for the Fling bar is that "at under 85 calories per finger, it's slim, but not skinny. Indulgent but not greedy.… Continue reading WTF of the day: Fling candy bars