Friday Semi-Fluff: Letters to Santa

Ohferbleepssake. This Christmas, the Pennsylvania Medical Society is asking children to ease up on the milk and cookies for Santa Claus. That way, his ample waistline won't be further widened by the 787.5 million calories he would otherwise consume in that state alone. No, see, I get that large chunks of this are written with … Continue reading Friday Semi-Fluff: Letters to Santa

I Can Be Reasoned With

I’ve been thinking about Stupak, and compromises, and patriarchal religious groups inserting themselves into the legislative process. I’d like to propose an alternative compromise to Stupak and the others currently in the legislative mix. No, it’s not perfect; but I think it speaks to the perceived needs of some of the anti-choice power brokers in … Continue reading I Can Be Reasoned With

Happy Birthday, A Sarah!

It's our newest co-blogger's birthday, and she just moved to a town where she doesn't know anyone to celebrate with. So let's make the Shapeling party count: I want champagne and baby donuts flowing freely (inasmuch as donuts can flow), links to puppy pictures, limericks and revised song lyrics in our girl's honor, chair-dancing, and … Continue reading Happy Birthday, A Sarah!

An Urgent Message To Shapely Prose Readers

Your attention, please. From Fox News' Neil Cavuto (won't dignify it with a link), by way of Talking Points Memo, by way of Jezebel: Michael Karolchyk -- who started the Denver Anti-Gym for the purpose of "getting clients in shape for sex;" who included in said gym an extra-special super-secret sauna for clients below a … Continue reading An Urgent Message To Shapely Prose Readers