Kate Harding founded Shapely Prose in March 2007. She’s a Chicago-based writer, former editor, crazy dog person and humorless feminist. Her first book, Lessons from the Fat-o-Sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body, co-written with Marianne “The Rotund” Kirby, was published by Perigee Books in spring 2009. She contributes to Salon’s Broadsheet and Jezebel and can be found on Facebook and Twitter. More info about Kate, along with occasional posts on writing, reading, and publishing, can be found at her author site.

If you want to know more about the genesis of this blog, go here. If you want to know something else, contact Kate at katesblog at gmail dot com. (Although she never, ever thought she’d become one of the people who says shit like this, she appreciates every e-mail like you wouldn’t believe but cannot respond to every one personally.)


A Sarah (May 2009-February 2010) is a thirtysomething junior professor of religion, mother of two boys, and a lifelong inbetweenie/small fat.  She is, she reckons, the least technologically savvy of all the Shapely Prose bloggers, as evidenced by (among other things) her inability to remember how to attach her icon to her posts.  She trusts that this is a charming quirk rather than a chronic annoyance.  A Sarah loves Manhattans, benign communes, and “Murder, She Wrote”; and she will never, ever, ever give up shampooing.

Fillyjonk (August 2007-April 2010) is a former Kid With Issues turned Adult With Chip on Shoulder. Every year or so she gets sick of her hair color, and every couple of years she gets ferocious wardrobe ennui, but she’s had the same best friend for half her life. She has never been thin, or cool; one time she got popular, but at that point she was far too old to appreciate it. She is prickly as all get-out and asks that you address all complaints about that directly to your butt.

snarkyssmSnarky’s Machine (November 2009-May 2010) holds an MFA in creative writing and is a performer, storyteller, blacademic and rabid Barney Miller fan. Her work has been featured in Bitch and couple of other places she can’t actually remember. In addition to grant writing, disco dancing and eating cupcakes, she focuses her pointy eye on issues of intersectionality. Snarky lives in a world of purple 2’s and pink S’s thanks to Synesthesia and some times it makes her a bit crabby. She also likes saying “chow chow” a lot.

Sweet Machine (August 2007-April 2010) is a twentysomething thirtysomething queer grad student in Chicagoland, where she studies too much and fails to dress appropriately for the weather. She has been a fat kid, a thin teen, a chubby teen, a fat adult, a thin adult, and an in-between adult. She is particularly interested in the grad school-y aspects of fat, such as its intersections with gender and disability. She takes her pseudonym from a Mark Doty poem.