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Those of you who hate change, brace yourselves.

In addition to the new template, I’ve got news. Over the last few months, three of my longtime co-bloggers have moved on (well, Sweet Machine wasn’t necessarily taking a permanent vacation, but realistically… yeah), and Snarky’s Machine and I have been trying to keep things going in some form that sort of resembles the old SP. But both of us are busy and tired and cranky about moderating, which you’ve probably noticed on account of how we’re always talking about being busy and tired and cranky about moderating. Snarky’s also started up a fantastic pop culture blog, I Fry Mine in Butter, and wants to spend more time on her office supplies blog, Does This Pen Write, in addition to her paid writing projects. In the meantime, we’ve both either been feeling guilty about not writing here or cranky about moderating when we do write.

So Snarky’s bowing out, and “” will finally be an accurate url for this blog once again. It’s just me now. And I don’t even know what it will become yet. I know it’s incredibly unlikely that I’ll update more than a couple of times a week for the forseeable future, so you should put Shapely Prose in your reader if you want to keep up with new posts. (You should put Jezebel and Broadsheet in there, too, because I’ll still be doing one-offs for them as well.) Big thanks to everybody who’s stuck around this long and everybody who continues to. When I figure out what I want to do with SP (if there’s to be any overarching vision at all — most likely it will be the same old stuff, but probably with more personal blogging), you’ll be the first to know. While you wait, you can feel free to explore the 1200+  posts in the archives. Rock on, Shapelings.

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  1. Heck, this can be your place to vent when you get tired of cleaning. Or to blog about what you’re learning in terms of getting paid to write. Or whatever comes to mind. ;)

    Seriously, it’s all good.

    Thanks for mentioning Does This Pen Write? because I like Snarky’s Machine’s writing. I do hope you get to hang out and chat with A Sarah & FJ & the Machines occasionally for booze and laughs ;)

  2. Well, as long as people who proclaim that they don’t actually read your blog still have the opportunity to lay ten tons of shit on you every time you post, I guess I’m OK with it.

  3. Kate, as a fan of your work, and someone who follows you on Twitter, I would like it if you link to your articles if you do happen to write for Broadsheet or Jezebel. I can’t keep up with all the posts there and hopefully just Tweeting a link wouldn’t take too much of your time. Anyway, here’s hoping for less crankiness, more happiness, in your life!

  4. Wishing you the best of luck with whatever you decide to do here and elsewhere. I’ll always be happy to see your byline anywhere it shows up.

  5. First of all, wow, that is a stunning layout you’ve found. And second, will miss the others, but sometimes taking a step back is good.

    And even if we just get a couple of posts a week that’s more than enough! I get super stressed with people that blog every day, or several times a day. I don’t know how they do it, because I can barely keep up with reading that much.

    Also, tweets of Broadsheet and Jezebel links would be very welcome. I don’t have time to read everything there, but would love to read your stuff.

  6. Congrats, Kate. Thanks for the kind send off and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for both of us. It was an honor and a pleasure to write for Shapely Prose!

  7. I love the new look!

    I can’t even imagine how many hours of unpaid work are represented here. I will read whatever you write, but you (and FJ and AS and both SMs) don’t owe us anything. Do whatever you need to do.

    I will add though, that I think it would be awesome if you occasionally reposted classic pieces. I am capable of reading the archives myself, and have been doing so for a while, but it seems inappropriate to comment on a two year old post. I think commenters could have a lot to say on some of the old posts, and I hope it wouldn’t take much time to repost old content.

  8. Wow… this blog has made such a difference in my life in the past two years, as terribly cheesy as that sounds. And so much has been written on so many blogs in the Fat-o-sphere that it’s not like I’m going to run out of material to read any time soon.

    It was great to read Snarky’s posts for the short time she was co-blogger.

    It’s also been awesome to see how the fat acceptance movement started to get so much more media attention over the past two years. You all kick ass and despite y’all not being fans of the whole leader/queen of the FOS label, you have done so much to bring fat acceptance to the masses. And for that.. well.. just, thank you.

  9. I’ll echo that this blog has fucking turned my life around since I discovered it in December 2007 and say a huge thank you to Sweet Machine, fillyjonk, A Sarah, and Snarky’s Machine for their contributions and efforts. Kate, good luck with figuring out what to do with the blog – I’ll be here either way, and I look forward to more writing projects from you, too. I’ll always be on the lookout for your writing and eager to read it. In the meantime, you have written some truly iconic stuff on this blog and I re-read many of them every few weeks-to-months to keep up the good energy. Can’t thank you enough, and looking forward to your writing career continuing to blossom.

  10. I believe I first found Shapely Prose through Ask the Blondes. Is that what it was called? It was you and another blonde woman answering beauty-related questions and some general etiquette stuff too, if I remember correctly.

    Anyway, I’m so glad I found you when I did (around March or April 2007) because I had recently gone up a pants size and felt like the ugliest, worst human being ever. Woe is me. But really, I was in a bad place mentally, in a very boring job sucking the life out of me, bringing my husband down with my super low self-esteem, verging on a slip into depression once more. I wasn’t pretty, not because of my weight or anything to do with my appearance, but because my attitude stunk like shit.

    You were a huge part in helping me to change that. So thank you, thank you to Kate, especially, but also Sweet Machine, Fillyjonk, A Sarah, Snarky’s Machine, and 99% of you fabulous commenters.

  11. You have stolen my template, damn you!

    Just kidding. It’s a great look, no? But for serious, when I navigated over here from my own blog it was disorienting for a sec! Especially with all the admin stuff still at the top of my screen. I was like, “How the…what? Did I just accidentally hack Shapely Prose?”

    You have long been one of my three or four favoritest bloggers (too difficult to pick a favorite). Best wishes on your future projects, and I take comfort in knowing anything you post here will be immediately served up to me by my RSS reader like a delicious plate of warm cookies, which I will proceed to consume with gusto.

  12. Wait wait Snarky has an office supply blog that features pens??????? I am in dork heaven.

    Oh yes, ahem. Seriously, this blog has been fantastic for me for years now, from you to the other posters to the commenters. Please do with it whatever makes you happy and helps keep your life in balance. We’ll still be here.

  13. I’ll still be here reading WHATEVER you write! And secretly, wouldn’t mind if you blogged about cleaning because then we could all talk about cleaning tips and products and even though my house is often a mess when I clean I *really* clean it and find it all therapeutic-like. So, I applaud Living400lbs’ idea! :-)

    … *goes away, sits in corner in case anyone thinks is weird*

  14. Thank you so much, Kate, fj, sweet m, A sarah, and snarky for your contributions here. Finding SP has been a tremendous gift. I will be looking for you in other intertubes and media!

  15. Hey! I am selfishly glad you’re not closing down the blog, but also eager for your next book (and happy if you Tweet links so I can read all your posts!) Best to all the Shapelings. I’ve always been way impressed with the moderation here, as compared to Oh Everywhere Else On The Intertubes, so I can understand that it must be a huge job.

  16. I love the new layout.

    Would it be a breach of ethics to post here part of what you write other places with a link to the rest? I love the commentariat here and would like to discuss your pieces here. I do not have the Sanity Watchers points for the Broadsheet comment section and feel luke-warm about Jezebel.

    I also like the From the Archives feature idea.

    But really, as long as Shapely Prose continues to exist I’m good.

  17. A friend of mine introduced me to this blog a couple of years ago, when she insisted I read “The Fantasy of Being Thin.” That piece spoke to my heart and kicked me in the gut all at the same time.

    I’ve been a quasi-regular reader and near-never commenter since then, but you all have been amazing in the way you’ve made me think about myself, my size, and my life. I just finished reading “Overcoming Overeating” (and am now working on “When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies” by the same authors) because it was recommended here. This shit should be required reading, I tell you.

    All that to say… thanks. I appreciate what you do, and I’ll be looking forward to whatever comes next, in whatever form it takes.

  18. You all will be/are missed. =) While I’m sad to see the posts here slow down, I’m really glad that it’s (at least partly) because y’all are moving up and moving on, and getting more paid stuff. Congrats. =)

  19. Congrats on yet another SP iteration, and all that means for the productivity and success of the co-bloggers elsewhere at this time/ in your lives.

    I’ve enjoyed FA readings since I found this blog a year ago, and have a special place in my heart now for Samuel Jackson’s amazing fucking lemur’s chonies. And recipes.

  20. Oh, noes! I’ll miss what SP was. But I’m sure I’ll enjoy what it is yet to become.

    Besides, I was just thinking that I should take dive into the archive.

    Good luck with working it out and having, you know, your own life and stuff. :)

  21. I will miss everyone who’s gone on to other projects, of course. But, change is the only constant, isn’t it?

    Kate, if there’s anything your readers can do to help make the burden a little lighter, you know all you have to do is ask, right?

  22. Oh, I’m going to miss everyone, too. Can you link to stuff you write, here,too? I don’t do Twitter but would love to peruse your other articles.

  23. Snarky’s!!! *bites fist* Well, now I have to get up to speed on either pop culture or pens, because I don’t think I can happily live on the internet if I’m not reading what you write.

  24. Kate, even if you never posted another word here, this site has accomplished something amazing. For all the utopian thinking about the internet, very few websites actually affect lives, especially if we’re talking an effect that lasts more than 5 minutes. No matter what happens in the future, that will never change.


  25. Yes: you’ve had an awesome, awesome impact on my life–my thinking, my words, my actions. I quote your posts all the time, and am glad to be a fan. Thank you very much.

  26. I wouldn’t just tweet links, I think you should also do quickie “summary posts” linking to articles on Salon/Jez/etc right after they post. It’ll keep your traffic up here, help drive traffic over there, and people are saying they want the heads up. I have a few email industry people I read where I wish they would do this so I get a heads up when they post at places where I don’t read every article.

    I like the idea of reposting classic posts, too. The vast majority of them remain relevant.

  27. Hi Kate, just commenting to say I am really happy you’re going to continue to blog because I really love your writing. You’re consistently a fabulous reality check. I bought your AWESOME because I finally decided to stop dieting (and it only took…a year of reading this blog and other FA and wellness/health blogs? I move slowly, and I have been in the “fine for thee but not for me” camp for soooo long).

    My mother, my grandmother, my aunts and myself all have histories of eating in a disordered way. Now I am trying to stop dieting, I have finally I convinced my mother this is the right path for me. My mom and I are really fit people (I’m a black belt in taekwondo and she is a yoga teacher) but she is muscular and lean, while I am muscular and curvy and a little soft (like my late grandma) so she has always seen me as “fat” and so I saw myself as “fat” (despite my highest size being a 10…quelle horreur). We both struggle with serious food issues. We’re hoping to work together and push each other up, rather than pull each other down as we have in the past. We also want to buy your book for our female relatives who struggle with this but we think that might be obnoxious agenda-pushing.

    We haven’t decided against it yet, though, because last time we visited them they were all either on diets or moaning about how they should go on them. (But I myself was on a diet at the time with my mother’s rather overbearing support, so I can’t judge them.)

    So thanks, Kate, for everything.

  28. Ah, I will miss reading Snarky’s sharp wit here. You mentioned that your other long-term bloggers had all moved on as well. I remember reading that A Sarah and Sweet Machine would be taking a break. Is that true for Fillyjonk as well? (Sorry if that’s a dense question and/or I just missed the post on that.)

  29. I like the new layout, but I find it really difficult to read the grey-on-white text. Is there a plaintxt alternate for those of us who have eyesight issues?

  30. I feel a bit like Dorothy — I’ll miss you, A Sarah, most of all — but mostly I think when the history of fat oppression is written (or revised) Shapely Prose will have played an essential role in this particular chapter.
    Kate, you have been a ferocious fat hate fighter. The grrrrrrl ethic of this place has given me the courage to fight my own fights, to relocate my voice. I owe you a huge debt, as do I owe Sweet Machine and Fillyjonk and of course, Snarky’s Machine.
    I think that the fatosphere has changed in the past few months — become filled with more diverse voices and pictures and can continue to evolve and thrive. SP and Big Fat Blog were early relay runners and others can carry the baton from here, or can pass it back, whatever is needed. I’ve evolved myself in the time SP has risen and now is resting a bit — from a timid beginning blogger — WellRoundedType2 — to someone unafraid to take Michelle Obama to task for Let’s Move as Acceptance Woman.
    When I see your famous face in the future I’ll think “I knew her when…”

  31. Oh no! I leave the internet for two short months, and all sorts of apocalyptic things happen. Also, Kate gets eaten by spiders, which is BAD. I hope the leg is better.

    Was totes wondering about FJ, too. Is she allowed to bow out quietly? Don’t we do, like, surprise parties with cake and confetti and vaguely embarrassing group photos? Or am I just confusing SP with every workplace ever?

  32. Okay, okay, we’ve seen it coming for a while. But may I make one request?

    Could you compile some sort of Best Of/101/Staples list of posts? I still send friends (like new to fat-activism friends) here, but most recent posts are sort of Longtime Shapeling, Senior Seminar posts. I’ve been reading since the beginning, but I can’t remember all the ones that changed my life. (And sometimes I need to review the basics myself.) Having them in one place would be FANTASTIC.

  33. Thanks for everything Snarky, Sweet, et al.! I’ve learned a lot from this blog and I hope to continue learning more from the redesigned version and those linked to above.

  34. alg
    May 25, 2010 at 4:44 am #
    I like the new layout, but I find it really difficult to read the grey-on-white text. Is there a plaintxt alternate for those of us who have eyesight issues?

    I don’t know of a really good solution, but some possible stopgap measures:
    1. Press control and roll the scroll wheel on your mouse forward/up; this will make the text bigger (at least in Win7) and might help compensate for the lack of contrast.
    2. Copy and paste to a word processor where you can manipulate the appearance to whatever suits your eyes best.

  35. I will miss all the voices, but I look forward to the new incarnation of! So much of what has been written here has helped raise my consciousness and even though I rarely comment I just wanted to let all the writers know how much I appreciate them.

  36. Thank you, all of you amazing women! You are all *incredibly* smart and witty, and it was a joy to be educated by you. I hope I get to read Sweet Machine, Fillyjonk, A Sarah and Snarky somewhere else on the web, and I am looking forward to more articles from you, Kate. Thank you for all your time and work.

  37. hey sweet,
    i’ve always been reading this blog & i’ll keep on doing in, no matter how many of you are writing it or how often. i think its precious.

    luv xxx

  38. <3

    I love everything you all have done. Finding this blog and a few others has helped me to stop hating myself and me and my big fat wonderful body really appreciate that.

    So, sort of so long and thanks for all the fish sort of thing. Hope to see you around again and much luff and stuff.

  39. Oooooh, timing has this hitting some tender places. I’m saying goodbye to all my students right now, and hating change pretty fiercely. I guess the pause in the action here at Shapely Prose affirms for me that what I’ve been telling them is true (though part of me suspected I was lying)—if I have really done my job as well as I could, they don’t need me so much any more.

    This space has been so influential on my thinking the last two years, and has supported me as I have made deep changes, while alternately laughing my ass off and getting all fired up with this brilliant and supportive and challenging community. So, reading this post, I had a few moments of panicky, shallow breathing, but then thought, wow…you (Kate, Snarky’s Machine, Sweet Machine, A Sarah, Fillyjonk) have done this work so brilliantly that although I will miss checking in multiple times a day to stay abreast of the conversation, I don’t NEED you so much as I used to. (Which is not to say that I adore and appreciate you any less, of cours!)

    I can still wobble, but the training wheels are off, and I very much look forward to the next incarnation of this site.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  40. This blog has totally changed my life. You’ve introduced me to so many wonderful people and blogs and concepts. Thank you!!!!

  41. Just adding another voice to the chorus – you and your co-bloggers have changed my life for the better.

  42. I’m gonna miss you, Snarky’s. Except I follow you on twitter and read all your other posts…so yeah, but I’ll miss you here!

    I’ll have to take a look at my feeds and see where I can do some trimming to make room for Salon and Jezebel.

    Shapely Prose was – I don’t really want to be eulogizing here. All of the bloggers here gave me a language I didn’t know I needed. Commenters too, there are some seriously awesome people here. SP was like Freidan’s “The Feminine Mystique” for me, naming something I’d been moving towards for some time. Thank you Kate, thank you Fillyjonk and Sweet Machine, A Sarah and Snarky’s, the guest bloggers, the commenters, hell I’ll even through in a tiny soupçon of love for the trolls.

    I’m gonna go cry a bit now.

  43. Even though I only discovered SP recently, it’s been a wealth of information and allowed me to have a new influx of topics to discuss and debate. I will be reading the backlog of posts that were done before I started reading over time, and will look forward to what happens in the future. :)

  44. As with any new venture I look forward with anticipation to whatever chapter comes next for this blog but for now I give huge kudos to all the lovely folks who have posted here and commented. Such wonderful writing by A Sarah, Fillyjonk, Sweet Machine, Snarky’s Machine and Kate have really been the founding steps of my own self-acceptance and my subsequent start to blogging and getting out that message of fat/self/size/body love. So thank you for what has already come before and much anticipation for what is still yet to be!!!

  45. I FEAR CHANGE. So, in order to soften my fear, I’m going to have a nice sit down and a soothing sweet tea, and stroke an imaginary lemur for comfort.

  46. Rock on, wimminz of Shapely Prose, no matter what corner of the interwebz you inhabit. I take comfort knowing you’re out there kicking ass, fat-ninja style.

  47. There is no other website that has done for me what Shapely Prose has. I didn’t even know I needed what you were offering until I found you! And here I am, just a few short years later, a ferocious believer in body acceptance and lover of her own physical being. I am just another of the many, many people who has had her life changed by all of you.

    Whatever transformation(s) SP needs to go through, Kate, I’ll be here rooting you on.

    And thank you to A Sarah, Fillyjonk, Snarky’s Machine, and Sweet Machine for contributing countless hours of Awesome while you could.

  48. Oh, and alg, apart from Aleks’s suggestion, I’m afraid I don’t know what to tell you. It’s a standard WordPress template, and I don’t have control over anything but the background color (behind the whole blog, not the text). I’m sorry.

  49. Nothing I can say that others haven’t said already – so, at risk of being repetitive, thanks for all the hard work – the lulz, the critical analyses, the being willing to go forth into the public eye to promote and defend the Shapelings’ core beliefs, the BMI project, the lemurs and the (incredibly satisfying) douche-hound drubbing free-for-alls. The gals dun good. And, Kate, I look forward to seeing what direction the new SP takes.

  50. ou should put Shapely Prose in your reader if you want to keep up with new posts.

    Already done.

    Thanks Kate, and thanks Snarkys. I look forward to hearing from you/reading more of you in whatever venue you choose!

  51. I’ll never forget the day I was reading some fucking awful diet blog that featured “The BMI Project” as a post and a clicking I went… And then I read this blog. ALL DAY. I found the Fatosphere feed shortly thereafter and read. ALL DAY.

    I seriously see that as one of the defining moments of my life. That sounds ridiculous and sycophantic but considering how diets and body hatred had run nearly every facet of my life up to that point, it’s totally true. Kate Harding (and fillyjonk and SM) you changed my life. And Snarky’s and A Sarah, you helped it stay that way.

    I can never, ever thank you enough. Sitting here thinking how my life would be had I never found this blog brings tears to my eyes. Thank you. Thank you.

  52. I second that if another word was never written by you, Kate, you have already accomplished so much, and therefore, I consider every new word written as bonus rounds. Thank you.

  53. This is an amazing blog, and the posts will be around for a long, long time for anyone to peruse. This is quite possibly the greatest resource on the entire internet for info about being awesome and discovering yourself despite the ideas the rest of the world is soaked in.

    Thanks so much to all the writers who have worked with this blog!

  54. I’d just like to wish the whole crew the very best as they go forward. You’ve all done great work, important work, and I appreciate it immensely.

    Kate, I read you when it was just you, and now that it is just you again, I will still read you. Because you are awesome.

  55. I know I’ve expounded before on how this blog has made a change for the better, for me and clearly many other people.

    For me, this site and the many blogs either linked here or connected to the fatosphere, has turned my life around. I’ve found purpose in working on a novel featuring feminism and fat-acceptance. I’ve gotten information I never knew before, and ways/means to get MORE information.

    Kate, this blog is an amazing place, a community on its own, and even if you post about little everyday adventures; getting bitten by a spider, cleaning the house, what was on TV last night, Oh-my-god-my-finger-itches, whatever- you’ll still have your readers, and people chattering on with you.

    Largely, you created a safe space for women who need safe-spaces to chat, even if it’s not always about fat acceptance or feminism or civil rights still not yet afforded the people who need them. And that’s something remarkable on its own.

  56. Thanks for your hard work, Kate (I previously commented under the name Kristin, but there were 10,000,000 Kristins on here and I just started a new blog so… hi! under my new name!).

    I LOVE the new template/design by the way. I love it a lot.

  57. Cool beans, Kate. I’ve been following for 2-3 years now. You’ve done great. And I like the new layout! :)

  58. I’m with Lindsay B.–even the I-ate-cereal-today material is golden when you’re writing it. You truly have a gift and the amazing thing is, even when you’re not writing toward the “big issues” (no pun intended), your natural confidence, humor and intelligence come through regardless of what you’re writing and that is so wonderful and inspiring. Shoot dang, you can write about lightbulb preferences and I’ll still read! :-D

  59. alg, a bookmarklet will help with that. Here is a site with several style- and image-related bookmarklets:

    “zap colors” is probably your best bet. If the instructions aren’t clear, what I did was right click on the button for it (if you are on a mac, that means ctrl+c, as in the actual control key and not command) and click “Copy Link Location” in the menu to copy the script for that action. Then I created a new bookmark, named it something easy to remember, and pasted the script in the box where I would normally put a URL (in Firefox, that box is called “Location”). I made sure to put the bookmarklet the bookmarks toolbar so that I’d have easy access to it.

    From then on, you can apply the bookmarklet to any page with hard-to-read text. Once you’re on the page you want to read, just go up to the toolbar and click on the bookmarklet. And for anyone who is reading this and would prefer different text and background colors, just edit the code once you’ve made your bookmark, putting your preferred colors where “white” and “black” are.

  60. I read a lot of blogs. But this is my favorite. I started reading it when it was mostly fat acceptance stuff. Enlightening for me. I stuck with it as it changed and it has still been enlightening, though I have to admit I don’t always get it. I do always enjoy it. It inspired me to blog. It has also helped me treat people more kindly (shame on me, I guess, that I needed help in that regard in my line of work). Good luck to everyone here. I’ll leave it at that.

  61. Oh my. Checking Shapely Prose has become such a part of my day that I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop myself from continuing to do it constantly. I’m very glad everyone is finding things to do that they love (I’m guessing, hoping, that’s the case) and you’ve all already delivered more than I could have hoped for…

    It’s sad that this is changing, though. It’s linked with my college experience and the entire last year of my freaking life. It’s shaped who I am very much in a time when the plates of my personality are shifting into more permanant positions. I’m still a grumpy, loudmouth jerk, but I’m one that pays attention to what I say. I watch for offensive language, and have quit being so judgemental of things that don’t hurt people, I advocate for myself and others. I’ve got to a point when even during depressed moments I don’t rag on my body (too much).

    Fuck, if it wasn’t for this blog, I would still be going around saying “retard” “lame” and “gay” as insults. You guys have made me a better, nicer, more thoughtful person. As a direct result of your writing Snarky, Sweet Machine, Kate, Fillyjonk, ASarah and all the commenters there is one less person (the majority of the time) making it difficult for people to live, and instead one more person (most of the time) putting an active effort into making it better and easier. Good Job.

    Thanks so much for what this blog has been for me for over a year. I’m sure whatever form it takes in the future will be great.

  62. Hhhmmm…I read through all the comments, got a little teary eyed and realized maybe I wasn’t clear enough in how awesome you guys are.

    I do not read blogs. I don’t have the internet interest to keep up with one regularly. The only one I ever really checked was the BUST blog, and through comments on the Barcardi Breezers debacle article, I found you guys. I was a somewhat confident young feminist who had been one since forever. I never would have thought I needed anyone to tell me about feminism or body acceptance (obviously, I had also never heard of FA or HAES) but I did. I have learned so much! There are a huge number of things I have done that I never would have considered if I hadn’t found this site.

    I feel stupid being really sappy, but I know moderating and writing this site has been difficult. I’m quite sure once or twice (or more, probably more) I was part of making it difficult, but you did it for a long time. You fought assholes for a long time, and it’s helped people. I just really hope you guys are super duper, major, extremely proud of that. Few people can say that they wrote a blog that gave people hope and confidence and changed hearts and minds (or at least made them feel bad enough to stop being jerks :) ) So Cheers, you all 5 rock amazingly hard.

  63. Every incarnation of Shapely Prose has been great. I’m sure this won’t be any different.

    Incidentally, perhaps this is a time to re-post directions to the Ning site? I can’t be the only one who forgets about it, but it could be a great place for open threads, given Kate can’t be posting all the time :)

  64. Was totes wondering about FJ, too. Is she allowed to bow out quietly? Don’t we do, like, surprise parties with cake and confetti and vaguely embarrassing group photos? Or am I just confusing SP with every workplace ever?

    Definitely. In fact, I think we’re allowed to lasso colleagues on their way out the back door, and I don’t see why the policy should be different for bloggers. Especially since most of us use aliases.

    On the other hand, does anyone know how to lasso a fillyjonk?

    Maybe we should just buy really awesome cake instead?

    The changes feel sort of inevitable, but it makes me sad. I’ve . . . wondered about the mod crankiness, so I’m glad it wasn’t just me projecting. Best wishes to everyone with their new projects, and many many thanks for all the hard work put in. This blog really has been a life changer.

    The internet for me is semi-cyclical, so hopefully everyone’s energy will pick back up for whatever they’ve got coming down the pike.

  65. If I had known FillyJonk was bowing out quietly, I would have at the very least made a black Dickensian Chimney Sweep’s outfit and worn it in public to express my angst.
    I wore it when Sweetmachine went too, although I didnt mention it here because obviously I didnt want to cause a fuss.

  66. Reminds me of Carmen of Racialicious stepping aside and Andrea quickly reminding folks that she isn’t leaving “the mortal coil” but moving on to the next portion of her life.

    We’re all still alive and writing, just in different places and different topics. If you’ve enjoyed the work here, and you wish to support the writing follow folks to their new homes and provide feedback.

    I think for me it was really time to focus on my true writing loves: films and office supplies. Pop culture writing – film specifically – is what I do offline and it’s my passion.

    Also I’ll be starting my guest blogging stint with Bitch Magazine – writing about film under the moniker “Three Days of the Filmgoer” I think. So you’ll get three days of me guaranteed for the next eight weeks!

    Don’t go to the movies this summer without me!

  67. @snarkysmachine… Do you mean the statue I’m building out of Office Supplies in your honour is too much? I don’t want to overdo obviously…I was going to call it the Venus de Chow Chow, but I can strip it back a little if you’d rather.

  68. I… wow. I don’t know what to say. As with so many others, Shapely Prose has literally changed my life. Before I stumbled in here (via a link to the Schrodinger’s Rapist thread), I had never heard of fat acceptance, or HAES, or even the idea that fat might not OMG KILL ME! In less than a year, my self-confidence and self-esteem have turned around — not quite 180 degrees, but at least 120 or so. And I’ve found so many interesting other blogs — Snarky’s Machine, Fugitivus, The Rotund, Shakesville, Tiger Beatdown, Racialicious, Stuff White People Do.

    Kate, I’ll keep dropping by to see if there’s anything new. (Nineteenthing the request that you post a link here when something goes up elsewhere.)

    Snarky’s Machine, I’ll just quote A Sarah: “Well, now I have to get up to speed on either pop culture or pens, because I don’t think I can happily live on the internet if I’m not reading what you write.”

  69. Reading the other comments has made me all sniffly. I’m eagerly awaiting the next iteration of SP, and will most definitely follow the rest of the bloggers. Thank you all for giving me a new language to use, and for miraculously writing what I needed to read, exactly when I needed to read it.

  70. Snarky’s: It was awesome to have you here, I loved so many of your posts. And I’m super excited to read about office supplies!

    Kate: I was TERRIFIED after your first sentence that you were going to shut the blog down. Which, if you ever decide to do it – well, that’s your choice and I’ll deal – but I’m so glad that you’re not! I would love it if you post links to other things you write, because I don’t really use twitter, but I can add your twitter to my rss if you decide not to post about what you write elsewhere. Because I LOVE YOUR WRITING AND WANT TO READ IT EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. (but uh, I don’t like this layout, I think the “Shapely Prose” “FAQ” etc. font is kind of ugly). Not that it’ll stop me from reading or anything.

  71. Woot to reading Snarky’s @ Bitch, I’ve been poking around waiting to see when it starts. And may I shout out to fiercest of Tasha’s over at Red Vinyl Shoes (and elsewhere on the interwebs). There’s a lot to love out there, but I’ll never forget I found SP first.

  72. Add me to the list of people who have found this blog life changing. It was the impetus that released me from dieting, and helping me realize that I probably needed some therapy to help me along. I have been mildly depressed on and off all my life, and your blog made me consider that trying antidepressants doesn’t mean that I don’t want to deal with my “real feelings”. I read the FoBT post at least once a month to snap me back into reality when old patterns and thought processes come up. Thank you for everything! I will continue to follow the blog, in whatever shape it takes (pun may be intended?). Hopefully we will see FJ, SM, SnM, and AS as guest posters.

  73. We’re all still alive and writing, just in different places and different topics. If you’ve enjoyed the work here, and you wish to support the writing follow folks to their new homes and provide feedback.

    Okay, well… I resisted promoting my own new blog here without an opening, but that’s kind of an opening, right? Also, I’m pretty sure (at least to the extent that I’m at all self-aware) that my sharing this comes not so much from a place of “I want more readership” (because as I’ve already established I found writing for and moderating a very popular blog too intimidating to continue doing it) but more “I don’t want to lose touch with you people! How can we stay in touch? Let me tell you where to find me so we can stay in touch!!” *sniff*

    I can’t post the URL because it is under my own name and links up to my own professional identity, but I will give it out over email to anyone whom I recognize, or whom I don’t recognize but who gives me their real-life name in return. Basically, it started out having the ostensible purpose of being a lefty, privilege-yammering-on-about blog that engaged religion (rather than a lefty religion blog that engaged privilege, which for whatever reason is a genre I’ve never cared for. I think because the latter is very Churchy and therefore Earnest.)

    But now, as of this morning, it’s changed to be about whatever I want to write about and can bring myself to write about, with the understanding that I’m a way-out-there lefty theologian and that will probably be a recurring theme.

    Because when I tried to do the other I too ended up too Earnestly Beseeching. Actually, Snarky’s, it was reading your post at Snarky’s Machine that made me go, “Geez, yeah! I’m fun too! Why am I not being funner in what I write?”

    Am looking for guest bloggers and guest posters.

    Okay, now I’m going to hit “submit comment” and spend ten minutes thinking about whether that was breathtakingly presumptuous of me to mention at all. [winces, clicks]

  74. A Sarah, I’d be interested in reading. Please do email me.

    And it makes sense to ME that you’d mention it here. Hello, hear the clamor-clamor for SP authors (today and yesteryear) & more of their writinz?

  75. And oh hell, you all, now I’m rereading comments and tearing up. Alibelle, especially, I shake my fist at you!! ::shakes fist:: I’m especially touched and a little bewildered to be included in the thanks since I blogged here for all of five minutes before I got scared of being in the spotlight, weed my pants, and ran for the metaphorical wings to the waiting arms of my metaphorical second grade teacher.

    Is “Blog Reunion” an internet meme, like Blog Carnival? Can we do a reunion where we all come back here and party like it’s 2008?

  76. A Sarah, I would like the URL too! Can you still see the email I’m using to post even though you’re no longer a mod? If not, let me know & I’ll post it.

  77. A Sarah has a MIGHTY fine blog. Daily Read! Seriously. I find the topic thought provoking and there just isn’t a lot out there taking the approach A Sarah has. Exceptional writing.

  78. Oh Snarky’s, you’re so kind that I… I think I have to go hide under a blanket now. (Also I need to email your partner already to see if he’s interested in writing for it and in what capacity! Maybe I’ll do that from under the blanket.)

  79. Love you guys!

    Well, now I have to get up to speed on either pop culture or pens, because I don’t think I can happily live on the internet if I’m not reading what you write.

    I second this. Although getting up to speed on pens will probably be easier for me :)

  80. A Sarah, I am a member of an informal group of badass women who call themselves PFCs (papist, feminist, chicks). And I am always looking for lefty theologians who can help keep me inspired when the good ol boys of my own faith community are acting like assclowns (which seems like All the Time lately).

    So if you’d send your blog link, I would love to read it!

    I’m also going to have to a) go to the movies and b) learn to love stationary and office supplies this summer. I am sure neither of those will be that hard to do.

  81. Becky, you’re in Durham?!?! Are you connected to the Duke Divinity / Graduate Program in Religion folks?! because if so we probably know some people in common!!

    Sending emails…

  82. A Sarah, I’m only a lurker here, but I would also love to read your blog if that’s alright.

  83. Sorry for posting AGAIN so soon, but I just got an email from the public library that they had considered my request and have ordered 4 copies of Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere. Yay!

  84. Um, A Sarah, I’d LOVELOVELOVE to read your blog. I promise I’m not a troll. I lurk here all the damn time, and occasionally comment.

    I’d email you this request with my email showing my real name, but I don’t know where your email is. I looked on the “about” page, but it’s not there. Of course, it may have been mentioned above, and I just missed it.

  85. Oh, shit, sorry, I removed contact info for all the bloggers emeriti the other day. Sarah is teenageradiostar at gmail dot com.

    Other Becky, thanks so much!

  86. I am sad to see everyone go but happy that Kate will still be writing. This blog (along with lots of other stuff including grad school) has renewed my feminist voice.

    I have to admit that when I started reading this post I kind of imagined that Kate was going to have a contest for new co-bloggers. I was both disappointed and relieved that this was not the case.

  87. Also “weed my pants” was my favorite typo of today.

    I don’t think it was a typo — I think the idea was that she went wee as opposed to pee — but I did imagine her weeding her pants for a moment before I realized that, and I was amused.

  88. I just wanted to say: I love Shapely Prose and I am looking forward to its new incarnation.

    I thoroughly enjoyed all of the co-bloggers, but I can understand the need for a hiatus or departure because we all have evolving lives. Snarky’s Machine made a good point: the writers you enjoyed here can be enjoyed at their new homes, so click over and…enjoy! It’s not a funeral. It’s a “Congratulation you got a great new job/Bon voyage have a great vacation” party. :)

  89. P.S. The new layout is all kinds of fabulous. I want some strawberry sorbet like right now.

  90. Heh, yeah, “weed my pants” was a nudge-nudge to FJ. I was chatting with her one night, and POSSIBLY I a little bit buzzed. She was referring to a character who “always had weed.” I misunderstood and thought it was the past participle of “wee.” As in, he had always just gone wee wee. Once I realized my error I nearly wee’d myself laughing.

  91. Aw man! I didn’t realize FillyJonk and SweetMachine were pretty much done. I’ll miss you guys (and A Sarah).

    I’ll miss you too Snarky but I’m a quiet follower on your blog already so it won’t entirely be the same but I’ll still be getting my fill of Snarky.

    I love the new layout and I’ll still be a regular checker-inner!

  92. Okay now that I’ve read all the other comments I have more I need to say!

    I found this blog March 2009. When I found it I realized there was SO much that I didn’t know but was interested in learning. I spent 30 minutes (I’m not very good with technology mind you!) finding the very first post so I could start reading the blog from the very beginning. I guess it’s a habit I have from reading webcomics for years.

    I hope this doesn’t sound creepy but I had tons of time on my hands so every day for 2 weeks I spent hours reading the blog, trying to catch up. When SweetMachine and FillyJonk joined the team I became very frantic. You guys were posting more than once a day! How would I ever catch up to current events?!

    Anyway, up to this point, dieting had sped up some pretty awful depression. I was going to reach that “crash point” eventually but dieting totally sped up the process. I was miserable and I hated myself. I remember my second therapy session in February (of that same year) my therapist asked me to write down goals and I wrote “Lose X pounds”. Then he told me to read them outloud and I was ashamed to admit that goal. I’m really glad I didn’t!

    This blog introduced me to FA, HAES, AND feminism (as well as the concept of privilege and other isms as well)I’m not sure if/when I would have ever had the opportunity to learn more about these concepts and issues if I hadn’t found this blog when I had. (And seriously, FA and HAES pretty much went hand-in-hand in saving me with therapy.)

    So I’ll quit sob storying it up all over here. This probably seems pretty silly since I rarely commented here. I’m a lurker by heart! Afraid to comment! But I’ve been reading and I’ve enjoyed it, thank you ladies!

  93. I will follow you, follow you wherever you may go (ooh ohh ohh — sopranos on my right, altos to the left).

    This is primarily because I am pretty much incapable of leaving at this stage. You’ll have to kick me out after closing time. I’ll probably be on the floor with a bottle of vodka trying to get people to play Twister.

    Looking forward to whatever this becomes.

  94. Apropos of nothing…you might be surprised (and/or amused) to discover that your website is blocked in Uzbekistan.

    I travelled there a couple of weeks ago, and was I ever surprised to find that I couldn’t get to your site. The country has a lot of censorship issues. Many sites that don’t seem controversial AT ALL are blocked, such as the Wikitravel guide to Uzbekistan. Don’t know why they would feel the need to censor Kate Harding, but maybe they don’t like feminism? I doubt it’s a fat acceptance thing. Uzbek women aren’t that thin. I was watching a popular TV show over there (and not understanding a single word) and one of their most popular entertainers is a very fat man. His wife is a singer and she’s fat, too. I never got any anti-fat looks or comments, but they don’t like it if you show your arms or legs. Two people in Uz told (fat) me that I was beautiful…something I never hear in this part of the world.

    I’ll try to find a link to them, though I don’t know what their names are.

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