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Fluff: “Arnold raced out of the door,”

Fans of Murder, She Wrote are often as fascinated by every detail of the opening credit sequence as they are with the actual episodes. In the sequence, Jessica engages in a host of wholesome activities having little to do with staging murders to later solve or writing about those staged murders. The exception is a few scenes providing the audience a glimpse into Jessica’s writing process, which involves a lot of focused keystroking, carriage returning and the shuffling of papers into what looks to be a menu from Red Lobster.

The few flashes of manuscript – thought to be from Fletcher’s first novel, The Corpse Danced at Midnight – only allow viewers seconds to absorb this particular phrase:

I vacillate between sensing there is more to the Arnold story than twelve seasons worth of episodes and two seconds of screen time reveal to believing Arnold – like the second most famous guest star appearing in any episode of Murder, She Wroteis just a red herring. As far as I know neither the producers of the program nor Angela Lansbury have ever publicly addressed the issue. In addition, Arnold has never come forward with his own version of the events.

I should point out one of my favorite Murder, She Wrote related activity is coming up with lyrics for the instrumental theme:

    There is a murder, a murder she wrote…Jessica can kill you by bus, bike or boat… Jessica, get out of there (cello solo) Jessica, get out of there…

It’s Friday and in some areas of the country – though not here – it’s Spring. It’s a fluffy open post, which hopefully will stay fluffy and can encompass any range of topics, AS LONG AS IT IS FLUFFY in nature. If you can cuddle it, water it, read it, write it, hot glue it, dance to it in your undies or bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes it’s all good. You can even dish Murder, She Wrote. Whatever.

In the meantime please enjoy this faithfully rendered send up of the opening sequence.

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92 thoughts on “Fluff: “Arnold raced out of the door,””

  1. I loved Murder She Wrote when I was a wee little child, but I tell you what, if Jessica Fletcher ever came to *MY* town on a seemingly unrelated vacation, I’d high-tail it out, and fast! Murders just y’know, seem to HAPPEN when she’s around.

  2. Last weekend I went to a convention known as CostumeCon (28) in Milwaukee, in the very first official cosplay I’ve ever done, and met up with someone who was also cosplaying the same character, Agatha Heterodyne from Girl Genius.

    Two madgirls are better than one, apparently.

  3. I went to the taping of last night’s Colbert Report. Because I have a friend on the crew I got to hang out in the office and backstage and poke at Stephen Colbert’s birthday cake, and got to sit in the front row. You can see me and Mr.Luci for a moment, I think, at the beginning when the camera pans the crowd. Orange shirt next to dude in blue shirt. It was pretty sweet.

    That’s about as fluffy as I get at the moment, whatwith me being in my Spanish class lab and bored out of my mind and achingly hungry (thanks amazing ADHD meds that allow me to function like a grown-up, with the annoying sideaffect of destroying my appetite. AWESOME).

    Also, I am thinking of auditioning for my college’s musical (Gypsy!), which I would never have considered were it not for Shapely Prose. It took a long time to finally start taking voice lessons, so thanks for that! I’m thinking of just doing it for fun, since I doubt I’ll get cast, but still. Woot.

  4. I went to IKEA with my in-laws the other day while they were visiting, and we intended to buy a new computer chair for my husband (he’s really tall and it’s hard to find chairs he’s comfortable in), but it turns out we only bought a chair seat. So, tomorrow my husband and the kids and I are going back to IKEA to get the swivel part, and I have a bunch of other closet-organizing stuff I want to get. My plan this weekend is to go through my clothes. I don’t have stuff that doesn’t fit, but a ton of stuff I don’t wear, so I’d like to donate all of that, and keep everything else organized. Plus, Swedish meatballs and frozen yogurt…two things I like but almost never get anywhere else. And, we can drop our older kid off in the play area, so it’s almost like a date (with the baby and shopping, but close).

  5. I was a HUGE Murder She Wrote fan when I was younger. Probably because Mom let me stay up on Sunday nights to watch it, rather than making me go to bed. I solved one case, and one alone, because William Atherton was in the episode, and I have NEVER seen him play a good guy. :)

    There have been jokes made in Detective Conan fandom that he’s related to Jessica, because not only does he trip over corpses everywhere he goes, but the supporting cast in the manga NOTICE this. And make jokes about it!

  6. @Kristin – my brother is convinced that Jessica Fletcher is the most successful serial killer in history – she left dead bodies everywhere she went and always pinned the crimes on someone else!

  7. I have a community chorus concert tomorrow and my younger sister is coming into town for a week on Sunday! Also, I am finally forcing myself to update my own blog a little more regularly, which is a big part of my Quest for Positive Self-Image (sponsored by Shapely Prose).

    I am listening to Old Crow Medicine Show. If you like bluegrass, you should listen to them. I am going to make Zebra Cheesecake (http://www.notquitenigella.com/2010/04/27/zebra-cheesecake) this week with my sister.

    I think that pretty much covers my fluff.

  8. @Kristin – my brother is convinced that Jessica Fletcher is the most successful serial killer in history – she left dead bodies everywhere she went and always pinned the crimes on someone else!

    I think she was a CIA Ghost.

  9. One of the main reasons I like riding my bicycle is so I can go all Angela Landsbury in my mind. Sadly the bike itself is a bit more groovy than hers, so I try to ride it as old fashioned as humanly possible, and pretend I have a basket on the front. I ride it through old villages with my eyes narrowed suspiciously, just incase the Postman is doing a little more than posting letters, and has infact just bumped off that nice Mrs Winterbottom in her cottage, when she was quietly drinking tea and eating a lemon sponge slice.

  10. I am HIGHLY IN SUPPORT of those lyrics. It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking something when I read them (and about poor maligned Arnold) because my monitor would be very, very wet.

    Fluff! Are cookies fluffy? I have figured out how to make (mostly) delicious reverse chocolate chip cookies! Mostly, because while the super-chocolatey cookie part is delicious, the white chocolate chips I bought taste like vanilla-flavored candle scrapings. Blegh. What other add-ins are appropriate? I’ve already had one suggestion of M&Ms. Anyone else have an opinion as to Optimal Cookie Bit Add-Ins?

  11. @ lucizoe – that’s awesome!

    My fluff contribution is rejoicing that it is spring again here in sunny Toronto. We had a bit of a teaser a few weeks ago, but the most absolute dismal weather this past while. I am pleased to let everyone know that I finally feel ready to de-mulch my flower beds and get down to some planting over the weekend.

  12. My fluff is that I’m currently watching She Spies: Season One, and it’s making me majorly happy, smart beautiful women kicking ass and cracking jokes? Uh, yes please! And I’m not the only person who loves that show because for a while there was a short wait for it on Netflix, so it’s good to know I’m not alone.

    Also, also, also Daria the Complete Series is finally out on DVD and I fully intend to do nothing with my short summer break but watch that show.

  13. I’m a total comment lurker so don’t mind me but Alibelle, this has driven me crazy since the moment I started comment lurking. You look JUST like a friend I have except for you come off as a total opposite from her. (I don’t mean any of this in a bad way btw! You’re both delightful!)

    I had to get that off my chest because every time I see you I’m always surprised by the things you say and then I have to remind myself that you’re not the friend I have, you’re someone else who just looks like her!

  14. I think I’d like to hear whatever comes next after “and Arnold.”

    And Arnold raced out the door, desperate to leave the comment box of Shapely Prose so he could see the naked Paintmonkey holding a torch.

    Or whatever y’all think comes next.

  15. @alibelle – OMG!!!!!! You have just made my freaking week! WHY did they wait so very long to do this wondrous thing???

    @Miss Minx – it totally is! And I’m just gonna selfishly assume you meant the auditioning thing (although the Colbert thing is way cooler, in my own mind) and keep talking about it. I’m so scared, and then I just came home and did Rose’s Turn in my living room and I’m all, come on! That would be so kick-ass! And, I’m older than most of the other students, and I’m a mezzo belter with a pretty good range (hey there high-C-if-I-work-at-it). I haven’t let myself be excited about this sort of thing since high school, but I used to want (and still do secretly, in my mushiest mind places) so badly to be a musical theater actor but had no confidence and little support. But now, I think maybe I can handle going to a community college audition (a comm college in NYC, but still), and my voice coach once said that I would not be out of place in a professional audition, so who knows?

    There is a dancing aspect to the audition also, and I have not done that for a very long time, and I’m sure I’m going to feel like the awkward old lady, but wev.

    Also – I can never summon the Murder, She Wrote theme into my head without hearing it first. I’m always confusing it with the All Creatures Great and Small theme. Weird.

  16. Also, Pandora is playing a selection of songs based on music I liked as stated in Facebook. I actually only have Solomon Burke listed there, although I like many kinds of music.

    But, oh, boy, some sexy, sexy Solomon Burke is exactly what I need to take it out to the weekend.

    “Since I met you baby/ All I need is you/ Since I met you baby, I’m a happy man…/

    But in his gorgeous voice.

    Makes me shiver.

  17. Does anyone else on here have a giant crush on Janelle Monae? Her music is so addictive and she is so beautiful and fierce.

    Also, we have fresh strawberries and kiwis, and my girlfriend is getting me vanilla icecream so I can make smoothies with them. Nom.

  18. “I’m a total comment lurker so don’t mind me but Alibelle, this has driven me crazy since the moment I started comment lurking. You look JUST like a friend I have except for you come off as a total opposite from her.”

    I actually get this often enough that I’ve begun to wonder if there isn’t an army of Alibelle clones out there. And also, can I use them to do my bidding, go to classes for me etc.

    @Lucizoe, I have no idea what took them so long, thank god I “liked” Daria on facebook or I would have never found out and would still be pining for her teen angst and acidic wit!

  19. Delurking for fluff. I’m taking a course called Food and Power in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, and part of the class entails going to our professor’s house and making and eating delicious Medieval-type food. Tonight there will be cheese souffle, and probably about 18 other things. Excited!


    That is all. :)

  20. Apparently part of what took so long for Daria to come out, as with many other shows, was licensing the music. Which means a lot of it has been changed. SADFACE. I am currently waiting for my DVDs to come anyway though.

    lemonadeandlemoncake, this post from the LJ community Fatshionista is two years old but should still have some good options. And if you hit the “hosiery/tights” tag at the top that should also yield answers.

    I am trying hard to focus on fluff and awesome after almost getting hit by multiple cars on the way home from work. My small town is home to the flagship branch of the state university, and commencement is today and tomorrow, so I’m hunkering down with some beer and some Ben & Jerry’s.

  21. @lemonadeandlemoncake – first of all, LOVE your username. Secondly, have you checked welovecolors.com ? That seems to be a pretty popular one. Also, sockdreams.com, if you search for “plus size” there are a few results. I could have sworn they used to have an actual link on the homepage, but they seem to have revamped. In any case, the first site has a better plus selection.

    Good luck!

  22. Belly dancing!! I love it, but haven’t been for AGES (over 2 years) and when I did go I was a bit crap. But I’m trying to get up the gumption to go back! Does anyone else belly dance? I am writing this because a strange feduppiness came over me and I felt oddly drawn to my ‘Bellydance Superstars Vol II’ cd and what if it’s a sign?!

  23. Oh, I love the lyrics to “Murder, She Wrote.” That’s the kind of thing I do. That you do it too makes me feel better.

    I love making up alternative lyrics to songs of all sorts. I do it better with a writing partner, though. When we’ve had those sorts of threads here at SP, it brings me all kinds of joy.

    So, there’s a sort-of-but-not-really fluffy post at my newish blog (quantumacceptance.wordpress.com) about a fight with my mentally ill* and very lovable partner over a piece of chocolate given to our daughter before breakfast. When food issues and fat acceptance meet bipolar disorder early in the morning in the presence of a 5-year-old, hilarity ensues. Or it would, if we were a sitcom. But we aren’t. Yet I’m kind of able to laugh about it.

    Also, I’ve started a local blog for people with and without kids about goings on in my neck of the woods called “EverRain” (guess where I live!). Fun, so far. And my friends who know me as a mom and public health person are all, like, wow, you know how to write!

    And, I’m giving a few presentations in the next few weeks that are exciting. I’ll be leading an adult education workshop at my local synagogue (where I’m a member and Sunday School teacher) on beauty, bodies and Judaism. I’m excited, and nervous, and can’t wait.

    And, I am tired from a really fucking hard week, but I am also feeling good because I just came from a parent-child dance class that is very, very fun. Galloping and skipping and twirling scarves and kid music and it’s taught by a very kind and calm instructor who I am growing to love more and more each time I see her.

    And, the rhodedendrons are blooming like there’s no tomorrow. They look like fireworks in slow motion. They are everywhere, and they are still great**. Even though I live in “EverRain” it’s been a gorgeous sunny day and we have at least one more tomorrow.

    And, TGIS*** I am so in need of some shalom right now. Shalom bayit****, in particular, which we are working on, and I’m using some unilateral de-escalation tactics

    * He’s adding another medication that should means that the frequency of these sorts of fights will happen less often.

    ** Can anyone identify where they may have heard that before?

    *** Thank God It’s Shabbat (or, if you are in Brooklyn, probably Shabbes)

    **** translated, means “Peace in the Home.”

  24. I just watched the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy with my partner and confused him by all the cursing I was doing at the screen.

    “I thought you liked this show.”

    “Omg, I love this show. I yell because I care.”

  25. I planted some seeds I saved from the last pomegranate I bought, and three of them have sprouted so far.

    It’ll be three or four years before I can even find out if they’ll bear fruit, but I am deliriously happy about my seedlings.

  26. @ Claire – I have a crush on Janelle Monae!!!! I also want to hang out with her while we wear awesomely tailored tuxedos with colorblock wingtips.

    @ Snarky’s – My husband says the same thing to me when I tell him to stop watching The Mentalist if it makes him so mad.

    Making progress with literary agents! I got one to look at my Big Historical Novel! And one to look at my Little Erotica, which I never thought would happen. In real life, I might be a wholesome little chubby lady who cooks a lot and teaches maths, but my erotica is NASTY.

  27. @ lemonadeandlemoncake – Oh BellyWashers, yeah, I’ve seen those. Batman and Spiderman and all those guys. I mostly just like the name :)
    But now I’m so curious… so yours is nasty and mine is nasty, but whose is nastier?

  28. You want fluff? I gotcher fluff right here:

    In case that doesn’t work, it’s meant to be a vid. of a litter of orphaned bobcats being taken care of by a domestic momma cat, at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL.

    P.S. They are doing a streaming kitten-cam, too.

  29. @ lemonadeandlemoncakes – I promise you, it can’t possibly be as pervy as mine. I NEVER shared until someone dragged it out of me (using a $20 cigar). “Bukowskian” was the word…

    @ WindSparrow – Bobkitties!!!

  30. My fluff is Top Gear. Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear. I don’t think I’ve fallen in love with a tv show so hard before. I’ve caught some of it sporadically in the past, but after seeing the South America special on the telly a couple of weeks ago I downloaded a couple of seasons and :DDDDDDDDDD

    It’s got some problematic aspects but holy hells it is a funny. And I find James May kind of ridiculously attractive, haha.

    Tangentially related: Best cure for insomnia I’ve found is listening to James May reading his own book, Car Fever. Not because it’s boring, but because he has just about one of the most soothing voices on the planet.

  31. I just spent an hour and a half redesigning my customization on a website I never use (Twitter) and yet I’m so proud of myself I’m actually linking it in my name. Because it’s pretty.

    I realize that I’m ridiculous. :P

  32. @AnthroK8 “And Arnold raced out the door, desperate to leave the comment box of Shapely Prose so he could see the naked Paintmonkey holding a torch.”

    OOO! I had a dreadful torch related injury as a young child, which forced me to stop sucking my thumb for about 2 grumpy weeks.
    Incidentally, the injury was caused by me poking my thumb through the glass to see if it was Tinkerbell in there making the light. It wasnt.

  33. @Windsparrow

    Tiny bobcats!

    I’m hopefully bringing a kitten home soon (depending on how well negotiations with my landlady go) so seeing baby animals right now makes me melt even more than usual.

  34. @ Claire, good luck with the kitten acquisition. Kittenhood is such a precious thing. Every time I have a kitten around, I think it’s a pity there isn’t a pet-friendly, non-toxic form of End Dust, that one could spray on the kitten, and then chase the little thing around the house. It would clean nooks and crannies that haven’t been cleaned since the last move. And the kitten would have a blast.

  35. @ lucizoe – You assume correctly! I love “Gypsy.” But the Colbert Report does sound like it was fun, too:) Break a leg with/for your audition!

  36. I’m spending the weekend in Middle-Earth. Well, at the Middle-Earth weekend here in the UK, anyway! We’ve finally had some sunshine and warm weather after a fairly cool (for here) May, which is great! I dressed up and entered the costume competition, Gandalf won and a Nazgul came second but I had loads of people tell me how great I looked all day! I saw Viking re-enactors, and a dramatisation of Tolkien’s life, and Morris dancers, and I got my portrait painted and made a wand and coloured in some pictures and tomorrow I’m going to get a henna tattoo and try archery and listen to some poetry. Also I’m staying with a friend for the weekend and he has a new black and white kitten called Captain Fang who is totally adorable and spends loads of time doing the wide-eyed kitten expression.

  37. This weekend has totally involved something terribly difficult for me – doing NOTHING. Blame it on my fear of being a bad brown person – being seen as lazy – or ADD, but just doing nothing other than eating, watching sitcoms and just being is painful for me. I always want to be writing, consuming media, deconstructing shit, reading, thinking about shit and making screencaps.

  38. I haven’t watched Murder, She Wrote. I’m a huge fan of its spiritual successor, Castle. Where Nathan Fillion plays a mystery writer assisting the cops in New York. It’s New York city, so the endless string of crimes to solve is at least plausible. (Though I think the various CSI spinoffs have killed off waaaay more prostitutes per capita than could plausibly exist in their setting cities.)

    In the “wow, that’s a lot of dead people in a small town” category, I prefer the Brits. Has anyone else watched Midsomer Murders? It’s a series of murder mysteries set in a collection of sleepy English villages. And there’s a lotta dying going on. They even make fun of it in the series. Great stuff!

  39. Mildly Fluffy:

    I am rediscovering how much I have to Fuck Myself Up to get Serious Writin’ ™ done. I haven’t been out on a run, or to yoga, all week, and I’m chain drinking iced mochas on 4 hours of sleep like there ain’t no tomorrow. I’ve had a mild headache for three days and my chronic shoulder pain is back, but I’m rocking the creativity.

    I don’t know, its my process. Why can’t the writing process be freaking HEALTHY?

    But! But. Iced mochas are really good. Even if they are EMPTY CALORIES.

  40. @snarkysmachine – I hear you on the “doing nothing” thing. I feel a strange guilt about it as though I should be doing SOMETHING. Even if I’m watching TV, in my mind something is buzzing round saying “You could ALSO be doing…etc.” And doing nothing creative really makes me really freaky after a while, as though I’ll just fly off in a puff of smoke if I don’t “earn my keep” in the world in some bizarre way. Silly. Creates huge tension headaches too – how handy!

  41. Snarky’s, you had me at Arnold. Right now, in my head, are the beginnings of another verse to append to what you’ve got already. It’s to be sung by Grady. “I’m Grady Fletcher, You betcher sweet ass. Jail me? You can’t. JB’s my aunt. That murder’s all she wrote…”

  42. I haven’t watched Murder, She Wrote. I’m a huge fan of its spiritual successor, Castle. Where Nathan Fillion


    “I haven’t watched A Sarah’s Favorite Show. I’m a huge fan of its spiritual successor, Show A Sarah’s Never Heard Of. Where Man A Sarah finds rein-twistingly attractive…” THAT IS WHAT YOU SAID.

    Of course I’m going to google Castle that RIGHT NOW, just after I sever all the so-called friendships with people who knew of the existence of such a show but NEVER TOLD ME.

    elizabethwillse, I thank you.

  43. @ lemonadeandlemoncakes – Malcom McDowell pervy?!??!?!!? Oh, you tease me!

    @ chava – Yeah, my best writing gets done at 4:30 am, especially if I haven’t worn proper clothes for several days or been outside. Oh, and smoking, that always leads to fantastic writing.

  44. LampDevil: Might I suggest cinnamon chips? (I don’t know where one finds them, but I know they exist.)

    I once read a fanfic that was billed as a Buffy/(unnamed) crossover — a first person piece, giving the thoughts of a character who is relieved to be moving. The town zie is leaving seemed like such a cozy, safe, picturesque small town, but there were so many mysterious deaths, and this petite blond woman was always somehow wrapped up in it. The narrator had the feeling that the Mystery Blond was probably helping, rather than hurting, but it was all still far too unsettling, and boy oh boy was zie glad to be leaving Cabot Cove, Maine for peaceful Sunnydale, California.

    A Sarah, I’m with you on the Nathan Fillion attraction. Haven’t watched Castle yet — hell, I’m only halfway through the first season of Leverage, and I still haven’t finished Battlestar Galactica — but I do plan to. Probably after I’m done with my current gig, in which I am a grad student with a full time job. I’m currently in my one-week summer break between the end of spring semester and the beginning of summer school. It’s been lovely — I’ve planted most of my seedlings, watched Dress to Kill, watched the commentary for Dress to Kill, and read actual books. Like, the non-textbook variety. Oh, and I’ve been sleeping a lot, too. Gotta love sleep.

    Speaking of which… (*yawn*)

  45. I was just horribly tempted to click on a Yahoo article that claimed to know “Three Ways to Lose Weight besides diet and exercise” out of sheer curiousity. I mean, what, maybe bariatric surgery, some illnesses and what? Moving to a zero gravity environment? “Forget dieting, push for increased funding for space colonization, so you can move to the Moon and the pounds will magically drop away!” There you go, weight loss that works.
    I resisted reading it, though, because I do not want to know what it really said.

  46. Feeling curmudgeonly.
    Oh boy it just started raining which means I don’t have to share the outdoors with all the sparkly sun fairy people and their vague happiness. Bah! I don’t want to put away my dark clothes and boots yet-nooooo!
    I started running last week because of a dream I had months ago. I’m not wearing those weird runner clothes, just jeans and tshirts but did get professionally fitted shoes, also a good sports bra so my rack doesn’t whack me in the jaw and knock me out. I also decided I’d greet people I passed unlike most of the other runners I see. They’re not looking like they’re having fun. I am and when the little kid in my head stops squealing “Whee!” as I’m rolling along I’ll quit.

  47. @a-sarah — there’s currently a facebook group dedicated to getting fillion to host snl. because if anyone can ham it up and make fun of the nerdy projects he’s done, it’s fillion.

  48. @ lemonadeandlemoncake – If we compare, there should be some ground rules: No saying “Ew! Gross!” No saying “You need mental help.”

    I promise to hold up my end!

  49. @ chava – Yeah, my best writing gets done at 4:30 am, especially if I haven’t worn proper clothes for several days or been outside. Oh, and smoking, that always leads to fantastic writing.

    I find that to be very true in my experience as well.

  50. People who watch Castle:

    What is the tone of the show? Is it more Monk-ish or CSI-ish? I prefer the former to the latter. I am a bit tired of geewhizatron police investigations and long for the “quaintness” of someone cracking a case enabled by use of a telephone and the ability to read people.

  51. @cutselvage, I looove Top Gear too! I just watched the episode the other night where the guys have to get cars that are good for 17 yr olds, it was hilarious!!! I totally agree about James’ voice, it’s lovely to listen to in the voice overs on the show so I can imagine how smooth and soothing it would be on an audio book!

    @Lampdevil, have you tried mint chips? I’ve used them before in brownies and they were mmm, mmm. Or if you want to try white chips again, you could maybe try looking up some different brands online to see which ones have a better taste, hopefully someone out there makes ones that leave out candle wax :)

    Okay seriously, how many of us SPers live in the Pacific Northwest??? It seems like an awful lot of us, has anyone thought of meeting up IRL for some fun and frivolity?

  52. I LOVE Castle! The tone is very much like the In Death series of books by JD Robb. Basic plot of pilot episode is: Murder occurs that looks like the one in a book by Castle. He gets involved in the investigation. He then convinces his friend the Mayor to let him ride along with Kate Beckett, the police detective, upon whom he is going to base his next character. Hijinks ensue (TM tvtropes).

    Filion snarks his way through the whole thing, but so does Stana Katic as Beckett and they do the old fashioned police work – phone logs, interviews, etc but there is some intuitive leaping. The first few episodes are clunky as the cast finds their rhythm but it gets soooo much better.

    DVD of season one available on Amazon and at least some episodes on ABC’s website, and I think on Hulu as well.

  53. @ A Sarah: Your reply made me grin. I’m all squee-ful that I’ve managed to tip one of the awesome SP bloggers to a show you might like.
    jmd’s synopsis of it above is exactly right on. Will be interested to know what you think.

  54. Snarky’s Machine:

    Watch Foyle’s War. They break cases with telephones while on rations, and are suspicious of super-zoomy technology.

    And I will happily send you the Foyle Sadness Index, so you can do something while watching (calculate how sad Foyle is!). It’s something silly, mind you, but nonetheless, it is doing something.

  55. So thanks to this post and thread, I think Murder, She Wrote found another fan! It was a bit before my time, so I’d never really seen it before. Turns out it’s awesome! I’m sure I’ll get a bit old with the procedural set up after time, but still, exciting! Plus Angela Lansbury might be my favorite person ever.

  56. Castle is definitely more Monk than CSI. In fact, there was a recent ep where the FBI got involved and brought in all sorts of high tech equipment and it felt really bizarre. I’ll admit that only started watching it, and then held on through those rough first episodes because I will watch anything with Nathan Fillion in it! People, I watched Drive. I’m not proud.

    I had a group of friends in college who made up theme songs lyrics and changed song lyrics all the time. The only one I remember now is to I Dream of Jeannie:

    She lives, lives in a bottle,
    He is a Major in the Airforce,
    Their friend real is a idiot

  57. I missed Friday Fluff on Friday because I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

    I finished my Master’s in History, and I graduated this weekend! I turned in my last paper on Tuesday, graded my last exam on Wednesday, convocated on Thursday, cleaned on Friday, commenced on Saturday, and then PARTIED Saturday evening and today!

    I start my Phd coursework in August. I’m gonna be a Doctor! :D

    Once more with feeling: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. FUCK YES, SHADOW BOXER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And in history no less, a woman after my own heart.

  59. @AnthroK8: Oh, hell yeah, thumbs up on Foyle’s War! I’d be very interested to see the Foyle Sadness Index, too–if any character ever needed such a thing, he does. Michael Kitchen For The Win!

  60. @ Congrats, Shadow Boxer!!! Awesome!!!

    @ lemonadeandlemoncake – Be checking your email, memsaab. (I want a Rag, btw)

  61. I was thinking of you all today because, while I’ve never had a baby-flavored donut, I apparently have a donut-scented baby. I brought the baby over to see some neighbors, and one of them sniffed her head and declared she smelled like donuts, then the others smelled her and concurred. I hadn’t given her a rub-down with donuts lately, and I haven’t even eaten a donut in a couple of months, so I’m not sure why she’d smell that way, but I figure I’ll just take it as a compliment, since donuts smell good.

  62. OMG MURDER SHE WROTE. I was just thinking about Angela Lansbury this weekend while yoinking Fantasia 2000 (on VHS!) from my parents’ house. I’m terrified she’s going to die soon. I’m so morbid. I used to watch the show EVERY morning, two episodes.

    Since my weekend was a roller coaster (drinking too much due to a manic episode = A+, you know *eyeroll*), I present MY FLUFFLIES:

    1) IKEA. I love. Ikea. So. Much. I just love looking at stuff there. We went on Saturday. It was so fun. The Swede at work loves that I love it.

    2) La Roux. Seriously. So 80’s, so electropop, Elly (the lead) is so incredibly beautiful and is a wonderful singer. I had never heard of them, but then I heard “Bulletproof” on local radio, and we’ve (my husband and I) been playing it NON-STOP all weekend. LOVE. Gosh, her outfits…

    3) My niece’s first birthday! Okay, so allow me a squishy aunt moment (I don’t typically like kids, so it’s a rare thing):
    She was SO WELL BEHAVED. The whole party! Even when gifts were taken so she could unwrap more, when the cake was taken away, everything, she was a perfect angel. It was just so wonderful. AND! She got awesome gifts.
    While she did get princessy stuff like a tea set and puzzles with Disney princesses and dresses, she ALSO got a BB gun (just like the one from A Christmas Story, from her grandparents on her mothers’ side), a toy chainsaw (it revs and everything!), a trike, and the awesome wooden crane that we got her from Ikea. AWESOME.
    It was just great. All of the other kids spent most of their time on the playground, so it was pretty quiet as well, which was great for us without kids.

    Basically, good niece is awesome. :D

  63. @ lemonadeandlemoncake – Do be checking your email again, memsaab! You should have two from me now. Harlem in the house.

  64. ““Omg, I love this show. I yell because I care.””

    That’s EXACTLY what I was doing when I finally got a chance to watch the 2nd season of Murphy’s Law. (James Nesbitt and his yummy accent!) I was soo enjoying that show too! Okay, so during the 1st season his boss is a young attractive woman, who is shown not to be as competent as he is. They’re attracted to each other and by the end of the season finale it’s strongly hinted that they’ll get together. Now I was never particulary fond of this woman character on the show but I certainly didn’t want her to die such a violent horrible death after having sex with the leading man! Why must woman who have sex always wind up dead or punished?!?! WTF!!!!!

    Season two begins with her brutal death and the whole episode shows one woman after another being slashed and stabbed violently and repeatedly… then the foray into a strip club, followed by the killer being a woman (junkie and whore) who thought she was “helping” the cult leader she was in “love” with clense their souls or something. But even the woman killer winds up being shot dead. In another episode about cops on the take–Murphy sleeps with the only woman in this team of corrupt cops he’s undercover investigating. He winds up arresting her.. well, at least she didn’t die–just has to spend the rest of her life in jail. And of course that episode had a visit to a brothel. In another episode Murphy sleeps with a woman who also will wind up being arrested, and there was one episode about nuns. This had a voyeur looking in while they shower, and in that show Murphy doesn’t get to the killer in time, who killed two nuns, and the show ends with the killer finishing off the third nun who was repeatedly raped and mentally damaged from it, which we learned in exposition.

    So it’s the typical shit of using sex and violence against women!! It Fucking SUCKS!!! And Murphy’s partner is now the other male officer who in the first season when Murphy’s “partner” was his woman boss. Now the two men work together and there’s another woman with much less screen time, not really a central part of each episode, but non-the-less fits the bill for there having a woman in a “leading” capacity in the show. This really pissed me off!! I was soo disappointed!!! I don’t know if there’s a season three and nor do I know if I’ll watch it.

    I also was very disappointed in Pie In The Sky with Richard Griffiths. In season two they replaced the pretty but average looking brown haired girl, who had a serious relationship going on with the other chef in the kitchen, with a very attrative blond girl, who all the guys are hot for… or who think she’s hot. Very disappointing, but I still love the show enough to continue watching when the region 1 season 3 comes out. See, all this bullshit is why I love French and Saunders!!!! And they cancelled Jam and Jerusalem/Clatterford after only 3 seasons! Shame.

  65. I lost internet for a week, but I’m back!

    I’ve got the first 5 pages of my Dragon Age fanfic cycle hammered into a roughly smutty shape to commemorate 1. getting into Alistair’s shiny metal pants and 2. defeating the lag boss so I could take down the Archdemon*. I’ll have video up of my dwarf putting the final hurt on the bad guy as soon as my husband relinquishes the computer.

    My usual slapdash approach to spelling, grammar, and punctuation means the fanfic won’t be fit for human consumption for quite a while yet, but I’m glad I stopped postcrastinating and started working on it. Watching a season of Crossing Jordan so I could drool over the real Steve Valentine must have given me the juice I needed.

    *First time I took out the Archdemon I watched the cut scene and thought “That’s effing awesome! Oh dammit, I’m not taping it!” Then DAO crashed right after and I had to do it all over again so I booted up Xfire. Seriously EA, try making a stable product for a change.

  66. As promised, the final cut scene of my Grey Warden putting the hurt on some Archdemon ass.


    Sorry the quality isn’t really there, they compress those damn videos into nothingness. There’s a little battling before it goes to the scene.

    Taping cut scenes and conversations always gives me the mental image of my dwarf running around Ferelden with a camcorder held up to her face. I mean to go back and re-enact the scene where she tells Alistair about Morrigan’s ritual. The conversation was priceless.

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