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So yeah, I was off on the return date by nearly a week. Sorry about that.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve quit writing for Broadsheet — last Friday was my last day. I was a bit burned out on daily ladyblogging, and I want to get working on a new book. (No, I’m not ready to talk about specifics yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I am.) So in theory, I’ve got more time to hang out here again, and I’m planning to. In practice, a whole week’s already gone by, in which I got a lot of writing done but never blogged. So it goes.

Right now, I’m out of town until next Saturday, attending a wedding and visiting family and old friends — so realistically, I probably won’t post much this week, either. But I wanted to say hi.


OK, bye.

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  1. Kate, good luck, good luck, good luck with the book. Thanks for all of your writing.

  2. “So yeah, I was off on the return date by nearly a week. Sorry about that.”

    I’m going to use this on Monday when my students ask where their graded papers are. :-)

  3. Congratulations on having the courage to do what’s right for you re: Broadsheet. I loved your work over there, and I’m glad you’re going to be writing another book!

  4. it sounds like it was the right thing for you, kate. all best and happy writing.

    on a personal level, i am so glad i can read your work without looking at the soul-sucking salon comments ever again.

  5. I’ll be disappointed to not see you at Broadsheet anymore, it was fun having a daily dose of Kate Harding. Nevertheless, good luck with the book! I look forward to it.

  6. Good luck, Kate, in all your endeavors. I, for one, have missed you and your wit and wisdom a lot, but I’m so glad that it’s given you some time to get things organized. And I’m all a-twitter for a Kate book-simply glowing at the prospect! *gives you hugs and pound cake I just baked*

  7. I don’t blame you for quitting Broadsheet– I can’t recall the Shapeling’s name, but someone awesome who frequents here referred to a majority of Salon’s commenters as these neo-Victorian perfectionists who think they’re morally superior to everyone else– they never eat white sugar and flour, hit the gym 5 hours every day even if having a brain hemmorhage, are of course the best parents ever, and must win humanitarian awards for everything they do to make the world a better place. (Ha. hahahaha.)

    But a new book? Victory dance!

  8. Yay new book!

    *waves pom poms of encouragement*

    I’m trying to figure out if I should go all out for a promotion at work or not, and then I keep thinking, “That will eat into your surfing time as well as all that time you’re currently supposed to be writing but instead are sitting around reading Suzanne Brockmann novels as ‘research’ and do we really want that?”

    Life decisions are hard, yo.


  9. Hope your transitions provide you with the space you need to do your amazing thing, Kate.
    I was just reflecting on the debate a few years back about whether blogging alone served as activism.
    The answer, it turns out, is that, in a domino-effect sort of way, yes. But with brave and honest and opinionated and smart and stunning people like you out front and many people who came before and since, as well.
    (old commenter with a new handle)

  10. I’ve just visited Snarkysmachine’s blog for the first time, and was thrilled to read the coffee- spurting-out-through-nose inducing sentence, “For those who didn’t grow up during the reign of terror otherwise known as Philip Michael Thomas”. That will keep me warm and toasty all winter.

    Also – hope you enjoy your break Kate – good luck with the book.

  11. Oh holy shit – I’ve just been looking at the http://www.guardian.co.uk website, where they are running the headline “Elle magazine breaks fashion’s last taboo”. Naturally I assumed this would be about some foul fashion crime such as the re-emergence of double denim (you can sell it to me fashion types, but I ain’t buying), but, no…the article is about fuller figured models appearing in the magazine. Last Taboo? Holy nuts on a ring-tailed lemur.

  12. Good point…or socks with high heeled-sandals. Or those horrendous heeled sandal boots. I’m still trying to come to terms with clogs making a come-back. I hankered after them as a child until I went to Amsterdam and realised the folly of my ways.

  13. I have to admit, I’m glad you’re not on Broadsheet anymore. At some point a while ago, I got really irritated by some of the bloggers, and felt like the quality and focus was going downhill fast. Each post seemed have the same format. “Ladies! They happened in the news today. Some people think ladies are stupid. Others, they feel that’s sexist! A third but significant population wasn’t even paying attention. I am not sure what the answer is; on this opinion site on which I write, I have no opinion! Readers, what do you think?” Readers: SHITFIT TO THE MOON.

    On blogs with multiple authors, I usually end up noting the author of any given piece only if they have a particular identifying style, or if they wrote something really BAD or really GOOD and I scrolled up to the top to check their name. It got to the point at Broadsheet where I checked the author name first, because my list of “this isn’t going to be worth even skimming” was slowly growing. You were one of the exceptions, and when I finally stopped reading, I was all, “But what if Kate writes something AWESOME this week? I am going to MISS IT.” And now I don’t have to worry about that anymore! So, you see, your decision is all about me, and I assure you that it was so totally correct.

  14. @Kate-blessings on your new book. May the muses be with you.
    I’ve never been to Broadsheet, and don’t think that I ever will based on what’s been said here. I don’t go to Huff Post anymore because the comments were geared at one-upmanship and bashing some celebrities and not towards any kind of reasonable discourse. There were so many ads that it was taking two minutes or so to load, even with DSL and the latest version of Safari.
    I have time to be well informed. I have time to read thoughtful opinions and join in the discussions. That, my dears, is why I will always have time for Shapely Prose.

  15. Not to run down anyone else at Broadsheet, but you were THE B*E*S*T WR*I*T*E*R there, and now that you aren’t there, I have no reason to go there anymore.

    IN FACT, I used to read it, then stopped, and WENT BACK when you started there. You really did so some GREAT writing there! But your analysis was SO much better thought out, so much better expressed! Plus depthier.

    THe schedule seemed pretty grueling, though. In my Perfect Reality, writers such as yourself (and Fugitivus) get paid like fifty grand a year for writing ONE well thought out and well written piece on any topic of your desiring, ONCE A WEEK.

    Plus, when you start, you are allowed to recycle old blog posts.

  16. I can’t recall the Shapeling’s name, but someone awesome who frequents here referred to a majority of Salon’s commenters as these neo-Victorian perfectionists

    That was me! And thank you!

    And yeah, I can imagine you, Kate, had to take your daily dosage of Vitamin DRTC (Don’t Read the Comments) in order to keep going over there. I too have one less reason to read that site.

  17. You used a Vonnegut reference, and for that you get cookies and a pass on the deadline thing. Actually, the cookies part is a lie. Sorry. Unless you want browser cookies. I don’t think you can eat that kind, though.

  18. Ah, so it was Meowser! Well, glad to give credit where it is due. :) I read your blog sometimes, I think I commented there before. You had some good posts up about healthcare I believe. (It’s late and I’m tired.)

    A majority of those Salon readers just leave me incredulous. They just think they’re sooooo much better than everyone one else and that their opinions just top the whole totality of existence. I try not to read the comments because they just piss me off way too much; these are people who make as though they give a shit about the bad things that go on in this world but really only care about personal upward mobility and do the said pretending to give a shit just to impress their other morally superior friends.

    With that said, I laugh my ass off every time some moron on there complains about Kate’s articulate swearing. Dude, that’s why we love her. And saying “fuck” a few times is not that severe. (Kids hear worse in study hall these days! Hell, they did back in our days too!) It’s not like we’re watching an episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd. But I can’t help but think that it goes hand in hand with the neo-Victorian thing…like it’s unladylike to curse. Because I somehow get the feeling that if it was a male blogger, no one would complain about it.

  19. I was sad to hear about you leaving Broadsheet but I’m happy I’ll eventually get another book on my shelf. :)

  20. I guess there is no reason to look at Broadsheet any more. Won’t you miss some of the delightful posters though? It is so civil over there!

  21. Congratulations on the new book! I’ll miss you over at Broadsheet (although, I won’t miss reading the comments your–or really any posts at Broadsheet–get from the roving bands of trolls at Salon).

    Since you’re still keeping the key details closely guarded, I suggest your readers engage in wild-speculation and perhaps even try to name your book prior to its publication/writing thereof.

    So, I’ll go first:

    Title Suggestion: How Baby Donuts Saved Civilization, A Memoir of Perspective

  22. Hi Kate!

    I’m sad about you not blogging at Broadsheet anymore; you were a voice of sanity over there. But I’m excited that you’re working on a new book. Thanks for being awesome! :)

  23. I can’t thank you enough for your open letter to Michelle Obama. As a teacher, I suddenly am seeing this whole local and whole foods movement hit the schools big time (Jaime Oliver, anyone?), which is mostly GREAT (as you wrote), but I just cringe when I think of bringing food education into many different parts of the curriculum, which is part of this movement. I worry that we’ll also import sanctioned fat shaming into all sorts of parts of the curriculum. I mean, I thought that the government having my teachers pinch the fat on my back in the late 80’s and early 90’s so that I could get an official letter about my obese self was bad: I worry kids are soon in for a whole heightened level of that.

    Anyway… you’re open letter to the First Lady was fabulous, and I have already and plan to continue to share it with many, many people. Thank you.

  24. Can’t blame you for getting burned out on daily ladyblogging. So to you, I sing some Carole King: where you lead, I will follow. Looking forward to the book!

  25. Oooh, book-title-guessing time! Raising Social Consciousness by Judicious Use of the Word “Fuck.”

  26. While I’ll miss the chance to see daily posts, I won’t miss the stabby-making comments. It really did seem like a grueling schedule. And one of the worst parts is that even if commenters tried to disagree thoughtfully, it didn’t really matter – the haters were really just there to foul the post with their unpleasantness, they weren’t interested in actual discussion.
    Congrats on the upcoming book!

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