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FYI: Clothing swap on Ning

If you haven’t been over to the SP Ning community in a while, you might be interested in the clothing swap thread Angie G just started. She noted the number of people who commented on Snarky’s recent post on wanting to get rid of clothes that don’t fit and thought that a swap might be the perfect solution. If you’re interested, pop on over to that thread (and please, everyone, abide by the honor system!). And if you are new to the Ning community, click here to register (you might have to wait a few hours for one of us to approve your membership, so please be patient).

7 thoughts on “FYI: Clothing swap on Ning”

  1. perfect timing.! I was just taking a break from cleaning my closet in anticipation of a cross country move;-)

  2. I’m doing a spring swap with some friends. Interesting how there is always
    someone in my circle who currently is the size I was.

    Of course, there are always leftovers due to personal preference, so I may
    head to ning with them.

    Also, I’m very excited. I followed some fatshionista advice and had a dress that didn’t
    fit properly altered. I’m picking it up this weekend. Yeah!
    Nothing quite like clothes that are literally made for you.

  3. This is a great idea! I have a lot of clothes that are either too big or too small and I keep hanging on to them “just in case”.

  4. brilliant. I posted. I’m traveling a ton this month so I won’t have a yard sale any time soon myself.

  5. Tam, where it says “click here to register” in the post should take you to an invite link. One of us still has to approve you after you register (just to make sure you’re not obviously a troll or spam account), but I will just do that en masse as I get the chance.

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