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Friday fluff: What Super Bowl?

So apparently there is some kind of football game going on this weekend? I know this for two reasons:

1. Feminist bloggers keep posting about Tim Tebow (boo) and Scott Fujita (yay).

2. My friend The Urban Gastronome has been posting mouthwatering “game day” recipes. MMMMMM CUPCAKES

Shapelings, are you watching the game? If so, is it because you follow football or because you like the yearly party? I am hoping that you are at a place with your own eating that you don’t need temporary permission to eat nachos or chili or what have you, because you already have a license to eat that whenever you want, no  matter what’s on the tube.

If you’re not watching, what are you doing this weekend instead? Personally, I’m planning on turning some ancient sheets into a bathmat, because our Ikea bathmat fucking MELTED onto our tiles recently. (Ah, steam heat.) Do you have a weekend project? Does it involve football or bathmats or nachos?

180 thoughts on “Friday fluff: What Super Bowl?”

  1. I follow football as much as I can without having a TV. I loves it. I used to play it. I also love the yearly party. It was always like a holiday in my extended family, with a get-together similar to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or Labor Day. Lots of people, lots of food, everyone stays up kinda late and gets a little sloshed.

  2. Not watching the game. Growing up, the rest of my family was similarly oblivious to sports, so we’d often go out to dinner. Because what seems like the entire rest of the US population is at home watching the game, you never have to wait for a table!

    I would be kind of tempted to go to a party a friend of mine is hosting (he estimates that approximately 1/4 of the attendees will actually know the rules of football or know/care who is playing), but it’s annoying to get to by public transit so I think I’m going to stay home and hibernate. Maybe make more yarn.

  3. Hate watching sport of any kind, and I’ll be painting. The only good thing about being in a room where there is sport is quietly helping yourself to the free snacks while everyone else in the room jumps up shouting.
    Shit…your bath mat MELTED, bad show Sweetmachine. I remember making bath mats from sheets with my grandma – I loved it.

  4. I might actually hunt down a TV to watch IF it was World Cup Soccer (the REAL football, neener neener).

    On my agenda:

    Long hike in river canyon

    Make homemade pumpkin bagels, eat said bagels with my lover slathered with cream cheese (<—demonstration of why we still need to teach punctuation to students)

    Cut out softest ever satin fabric then sew lavender relaxation eye bags on my girlfriend's brand new computerized sewing machine

    Cheer as my son scores the winning goal (or any goal, or just has FUN) at his soccer match YAAAAAYYYY!!!!!

  5. I might watch the Superbowl for the first time in my life. The boyfriend and I were supposed to have a party. But we have both come down with some sort of awful flu thing, so we may end up being the party. Anyone have any suggestions for party food suitable for type-2 diabetics with flu?

  6. I am making braised venison for some friends tonight, and then all weekend I am getting TESOL certified (teaching English to speakers of other languages). Hella better than the superbowl!

  7. I have occasionally watched the Super Bowl commercials, and read a book during the actual game. Won’t be doing that this year, as our TV is hooked up only to a DVD player. I second the “going out on Super Bowl Sunday” thing, because you never have to wait in lines. But I’ll probably be either studying for the exam I’m taking on Thursday or writing the one I’m giving on Friday.

    On a vaguely-sports-related tangent, what do people think of the whole Lindsey-Vonn-Sports Illustrated cover thing? ( to see the cover if you haven’t yet — sorry, I lack html skillz.)

    So, she’s an Olympic downhill skier, considered almost certain to win gold this year, who’s posing as if she’s, well, skiing downhill. Meaning in a tuck position, with her butt sticking up. And there’s hullabaloo about the photo being too provocative. I’m not quite sure what I think about it. I doubt that people would be saying the same thing about a similar photo of a male skier, but a photo of a male skier in the same position would be unlikely to have him smiling at the camera. So what do y’all think? Is this objectification of an amazing athlete because she also happens to be white, slim, blond, and pretty? Or are people reading objectification into it because of the above?

  8. I was all about to give SI the benefit of the doubt, and then I thought to myself, “Wait! This is Sports Illustrated! In February! Whose gratuitous objectification of women in February is an unofficial national tradition!”

    At least she’s wearing skiing clothes, not a swimsuit.

  9. I’m not interested in either team (and in fact still harbor some irrational ill-will towards the Colts) so I will not be watching on Sunday. I will look forward to watching my college basketball team trounce a rival, so it won’t be a completely sport-free Sunday. Also plan on spending the day with my favorite kids and taste-testing delicious cookies.

  10. Not watching the Superbowl. The S.O. is all happy because NASCAR starts this weekend, though, so the television will be on at some point — I just won’t be anywhere near it.

    How do you make a bathmat from sheets? This is the first I’ve never heard of anyone doing that.

  11. Thanks for the reminder; since the hubby and I are totally not sports fans I keep forgetting that a huge event for football lovers is coming up!

    We’re actually heading to an early “Fuck Valentine’s Day” party tomorrow down in CT. I’m looking forward to playing a new board game we got called Quelf!

    And those blondie cupcakes may be what I bring along for the nom-ing. Yum.

  12. I’m going to make beef burgundy and sit back and enjoy the snowmageddon forecasted for D.C. (Trader Joes last night was unbelievable; the line snaked through every aisle in the store. But I did manage to score the last pack of bacon.)

  13. Other Becky, from your description, I was expecting her to be naked or something. Honestly, I can’t get at all worked up about the photo. Recognizing female athletes? Great. Showing them in their athletic duds, in a somewhat realistic and relevant pose? Just about as not-bad as could be. Yeah, from the neck up she’s all prettified, and that probably wouldn’t happen to a male athlete. And yes, they’ve chosen a paragon of conventionally acceptable female beauty to be on the cover, and there aren’t many images of non-conventionally acceptable female beauty on their covers. But, as I said, I can’t get worked up about it — a feamle athlete mostly doing her thing rather than posing in a non-sports-related way is thumbs up in my book.

  14. I’m watching the Super Bowl! I got into watching football as a kid with my mom, who is a huge big sports fan and used to play recreationally. Sadly, my Niners didn’t make it this year, but I like the Saints (and Scott Fujita and Drew Brees!) so at least I have someone to root for instead of the lesser of two evils like recent years. Also, some friends who have a large fancy plasma tv are hosting a party with tacos.

    I’m very happy that these friends (and the other people coming) pretty much never wank about food. In fact, I’ve gotten to know them over weekly lunches out, which are delightfully free of calorie counting, moaning about diets, virtuous, high volume self-denial of food or explanations of exercise programs, and really any discussion of food at all beyond “is yours good? mine too.” Admittedly, more than half the group is male, but the other women who come don’t engage in any of that BS either. Have other Shapelings found that having more men in a group brings down the food/diet talk? None of these people are overtly into fat acceptance or HAES as far as I know, but they seem refreshingly not hung up on food, which seems a rarity in general. Maybe it makes a difference that a bunch of them are athletes or former athletes? Or that there are a few people with food restrictions of the non-diet kind (vegetarian, gluten intolerant)?

  15. adore football. I’ve never played, other than the odd pick-up game with a Nerf football. But I watch football & know the game enough to get the “she knows her football” type comments from all but the worst kind of sports-bar type guys (the ones who, you can tell, wish women weren’t even allowed to watch sporting events). Which is a blessing, because then you can either 1) go on to have an enjoyable sports conversation or 2) be left in peace as the guy in question wanders off to find someone else he can impress with his VAST SPORTS KNOWINGS.

    As it happens, The Superbowl is one of my annual Days of Obligation – due to the football pool I’m in. There’s a big party hosted by one of the pool members, but it includes many friends, sig-o’s, children, pets. There are $2 squares to give interest to the partiers who may not like football, but like maybe winning moneys. There are ridiculous side bets on things football and non-football alike. There is a ton of excellent food, eaten gorgingly over the hours. There are many libations, and now that we have children, there are even non-alcoholic options not intended as mixers. And there is football! Plenty to do for all levels of interest.

    The only part I will studiously NOT WATCH, are the f’n ads. Except the Budweiser Clydesdales, because – HORSIES!!! (I’ve seen them in person, they are sooo beautiful. And Clydesdales are wonderful beasties, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to know one.)

    I’m bringing ready-bought pigs-in-a-blanket, and will be making a baked ratatouille with mozzarella cheese on top.

    PS – I’m finding it very funny that my spell-check knows how to spell Budweiser, but wants to make it Superb owl.

  16. My poor boyfriend suddenly realized he has no Super Bowl plans yet and is scrambling to find some. I’ve only watched one football game – last year’s Super Bowl. His uncle and aunt whom I adore were living in the area for a few months while his uncle was on a fellowship at Harvard (they usually live in the Bay Area) and I couldn’t turn down their party invite – and I was actually interested in the game, which I was told was unsurprising, because it was a good one. Other than that, I couldn’t even really follow the one Patriots game his family dragged me to. By and large, I really hate football. I suppose it’s unfair to single it out, since I’m mad about baseball and enjoy basketball as well – not anti-pro sports by any means. But football is so damn *violent* and I just hate the culture around it.

    I told John to dispatch to a Super Bowl party post-haste on Sunday and I’d have my friends over. Two years ago I was just getting to know this amazing group of women who have become my rock in Boston. The Patriots were going for their big perfect season Super Bowl and John was having a huge party and my friends and I bonded over a “football? what’s that?” day. We cooked an amazing brunch, played board games, shopped for sex toys, and tried not to laugh when we got heartbroken texts from John. We’ve been slack in planning, but I bet we come up with something good.

  17. We shall be in Edinburgh for a long weekend, so on Sunday I might watch a different sort of football-with-a-funny-shaped-ball and catch the Scotland/France rugby match.

    I intend to eat Haggis while we’re there, possibly even deep-fried haggis. And black pudding for breakfast. And grapefruit, because I’m no longer taking meds for which it’s contra-indicated. Yay!

  18. Well, as I’m in the UK, its not on ‘normal’ TV. My uni is having a SuperBowl night type thing, they have a special license to open til 3am etc. But I’m not a American football fan. I, shall be watching the start of the 6 nations (rugby) with home made pizzas, popcorn and Guinness (the latter will not be home made :P )

  19. @Starling,

    I don’t know it’s effects on diabetics, but one of my favorites when I have the flu is some variation on chicken broth with lemon in it.

    Variation one:

    Can chicken broth
    lemon zest
    Can coconut milk
    tsp cumin
    1/2 tsp ground coriander
    diced raw chicken
    1-2 cups cooked rice
    salt to taste

    mix everything together except the chicken and heat to a simmer, then add chicken until it’s all cooked. Eat. I like it with brown jasmine rice.

    Variation two:

    Can chicken broth
    lemon zest
    dribble tobasco sauce
    orzo or other small noodle
    two eggs at room temperature
    salt to taste

    This is a bit more complicated. Reserve about a quarter of the chicken broth, heat the rest with the lemon zest and tobasco until simmering, add the noodles and cook. Heat the reserved broth to simmering. Put the eggs in a medium non-conductive bowl and mix until lemony colored, then pour in the newly heated reserved broth slowly while continuing to whisk, then slowly pour this mix into the simmering noodle broth while whisking the noodle broth around. You should get a nicely thickened egg/noodle broth with a bit of a kick to help with the stuffiness.

    I also have variations with onions, garlic, green onions, quinoa and so forth. You can mix and match lots of ways. I’m not the world’s most accurate cook, as you can tell from my amounts.

    Anyway, I’ll be reading, cleaning, and pestering my kids; no-one here watches football.

  20. That SM is a Superb Owl. Maybe you could make a Superb Owl Bathmat in its honour. Gauntlet down!

    @EleanorBlair- go flat out crazy in Edinburgh, and have a deep fried Mars Bar too! They exist and apparently are bizarrely nice.

  21. I love football. I will be watching with one of best friends (she likes the commercials). We will really just gossip about celebrities thru most of the actual play.

    I am so sad and embarrassed to say that lately I feel I don’t deserve to eat whatever I want. It sorta snuck up on me. Damn. I am going to read some archives right now. I don’t know what I would do about the Shapely Prose archives. It’s my medicine.

    On topic: now I must have Super Bowl nachos.

  22. I find even normal mars bars give me toothache, just too much sugar sticking too well to the teeth. But I might manage to share one. They’re not so exciting as deep-fried haggis (which I’ve had before) because they’re the one oddity that’s actually made it south of the border – we used to get them in the chippy in Oxford when I was a student. I can’t recall every actually trying one mind!

    Excuse me while I suddenly change identity slightly.

  23. I’ve been invited to a Puppy Bowl party, but I don’t think I’m going to go because of snOMG.

    So I’m going to spend the weekend mostly staying inside and I guess cleaning. Woo.

  24. I may watch this Superbowl, though I may forget as I’m not an American football fan. This year though, I’m rooting for the Saints all the way.
    Other than that, I will be working on a very fun paper, can’t wait to write it (that’s not sarcastic), hopefully fixing my blog which went AWOL last week, and (blech) working from home for my day job. All the yummy things people are making makes me want to join in too, so maybe I’ll make some cream puffs – I just got a pastry bag set and want to try it out.

  25. Piffle–
    Oh bless you! I’m particularly excited about the brown jasmine rice variation–brown rice is a better bet than the white stuff for diabetics, and there’s nothing like illness to do a number on blood sugar.

  26. I wish I could watch the superbowl (go Saints!) but I will be on the last leg of a 18 hour flight to Bangkok (go vacation!)

  27. @Fillyjonk. Why not try cleaning in the style of someone else? A World War Two French Spy perhaps, or a Mongolian Yak Herder? You could dress up too and stare into the middle distance giving off an otherworldy quality so you can be mysterious. I havent tried this myself, but it might make it more interesting. I’d go for the yak Herder personally because I’ve got shitloads of yogurt past its date in the fridge, so I could “method eat”. How’s that for a handy yet practical cleaning tip?

  28. It’s possible that I’ll be going nowhere, with up to 28 inches of snow bearing down on my part of the world. But my plan, as one who does not enjoy football, is to go see Colin Firth in “A Single Man”. We’ll see how well the snowplows do…

  29. Mayitaazul, that sounds amazing. If you would like, I offer to shout Whooo DAT? for you, as I am totes rooting for the Saints.

  30. I’ll be watching for sure (go Saints!!). I thought I wasn’t going to be able to, though — one of my professors scheduled an impromptu Sunday night class meeting that would take place during the game. Apparently there’s not a lot of crossover between Victorian lit grad students and football fans. Fortunately, enough people had (non-football) conflicts that she rescheduled.
    As for food, the limiting factor is that I could only convince one other friend to watch with me (see above re: lit grad students), and it seems kind of ridiculous to make spinach dip AND pigs in blankets AND pizza AND brownies for just the two of us. Alas.

  31. Wait, your bath mat MELTED?!?!?! Oy!

    I will also be watching the puppy bowl. As well as the halftime kitty bowl.

  32. Not watching Super Bowl this year; haven’t seen it in at least five years. I’ve nothing against football, but I’m not much into watching team sports. Maybe I’l catch some part of the Olympics.

  33. I’m deep in the February blahs, so I’m going to turn up the heat, make White Russians, paint my toenails, and play Mass Effect 2 while drunk and en déshabillé. And when I get drunk enough, I’m going to watch A Very Potter Musical and sing along. It’s going to be totally awesome.

    And I’m totally making Piffle’s soup Sunday night, if I get sober by then. (Or maybe I should make it before I drink, and then can drink it as a hangover cure . . .)
    Otherwise, it’s homemade corn tortillas with honey or beans and rice, since my normal food bill is going to be paying for heating next month.

  34. @paintmonkey — Mongolian yak herding! Yaay! I think I even have some leftover yak down sitting around somewhere…

    @starling — From the last thread, you might find this article interesting: (Two warnings: formatting is kind of weird for some reason, making it a little hard to read, and the comments have some impressive male-chest-beating.)

  35. My boyfriend is watching the Super Bowl alone for the first time in his entire life this year so I guess I’ll probably pity watch it with him. But I’m totally buying a pizza and curling up with a nice game of Pokemon while I play. (I have a hard time growing up sometimes.)

  36. My plan–if the yarn comes in (*hopes hopes hopes*)–is to swatch up and do some serious planning on a cable knit sweater I’m making for my dad, inspired by the awesome bark of a tree in my neighborhood. Maybe I’ve just been knitting too long, but I walk past that tree and all I see are knitted cables :)

    (a picture if you’re interested:

  37. I’m playing board games! I think that “Dominion” is on the table, and I’m hoping for some “Smallworld.” There may be snacks. I keep forgetting about the Super Bowl, even though I am technically rooting for the Saints.

  38. But I’m totally buying a pizza and curling up with a nice game of Pokemon while I play. (I have a hard time growing up sometimes.)

    I have this weird fascination with Pokemon (the cartoon – I’ve never tried any of the games). Like, it’s this world where kids are sent out at the age of, like, 10 to essentially go on the cockfighting circuit, except with all different kinds of animals, most of which seem to be somewhat sentient. And what about that last part, anyway? Do they eat pokemon? Do pokemon eat each other? I don’t know, but I want to find out.

  39. Ooo, Shena, I played Small World for the first time a couple weeks ago, and it’s my new favorite game.

  40. Puppy Bowl FTW.

    I sometimes try to pick a particularly feminist or woman-positive book and read it on Superbowl Sunday as an act of mini-protest. This year I may watch a DVD or something. Or still be digging my way out of the snow to get back to civilization. :\

    I am rooting for the Saints, because the Colts beat Mama Bear’s Jets and thus must be crushed. Also, go Scott Fujita for being pro-choice!

    Also I’m assuming y’all saw Planned Parenthood’s response video to the Tebow ad? “Trust Women”:

    And I did buy supplies to make Chex mix because that’s what we always ate on Superbowl Sunday and I’m in a very mid-winter OMG MUST HAVE CARBS OM NOM NOM mode these days.


  41. I will be watching soccer, what can I say, I live with a British man, he doesn’t like American football and since I don’t like it either, it’s soccer for us. We will have all kinds of yummy things like cream cheese, jam and fruit in filo cups, to snack on and hopefully watch Arsenal go down.

  42. I won’t be watching the game, because the only cable outlet is in my basement and it’s very very cold down there right now. I’ve never been into football (or really, team sports) anyway. I’m planning a Red vs. Blue marathon instead. I will hopefully be selling my car this weekend, and getting some of the papers I need to finish up my visa process, and packing the non-clothing I’ll be taking when I move. I will also spend a great deal of time obsessing over where my papers are and how much longer they’ll take.

    Paintmonkey, since I have to clean my house, I’m totally trying out your brilliant idea. I’m thinking a ninja-style cleaning. I have to be sneaky for the living room anyway, because if the dogs notice I’m putting away all their toys, they try that much harder to keep them all out at once.

    I’ll be enjoying a weekend of squash risotto, since I’m trying to use up all my frozen roasted squash before I move. I know my husband won’t cook with it.

  43. Working on an article about The Damned, transcribing hilarious interview with drummer. Also making a giant pot of Japanese beef and potato stew, and possibly also some chilli, since I won’t have time to cook much next week, so I’m stocking up over the weekend (does anyone else do this?). Won’t be watching the Superbowl since I don’t like American football, but the Puppy Bowl sounds tempting. Especially the kitty half-time show.

  44. I literally did not know until reading this entry that there was a football game this weekend. In spite of the fact that I have no interest in football, I am not proud of this fact and am a little startled to find how deep my February isolation has become. Maybe I need to get out more. Or at least turn on the TV now and then to see what’s happening out there in the world…

    I won’t be watching the Super Bowl this weekend or doing anything football-related, even now that I know it’s happening – I’ll be making that bathmat out of some old fitted sheets that have de-elasticized but I can’t throw away due to excessive Yankee-tude. Thanks for the link, that’s a great project!

  45. I will be celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary with my non-sports watching gay husband and working on some hats. So, crafting it is!

  46. Being British, I plead exemption. Although, given that I work with Americans, no doubt they’ll be staggering into the office bleary-eyed on Monday morning. I have on occasion been known to affect a sort of nominal Seahawks fanship, but that doesn’t mean I understand how the game works, and it doesn’t apply this time anyway. I’m not a rugby fan either, so studiously trying to avoid the Six Nations.

    So, I have an art journal to finish up in time for Chinese New Year when I’m starting the new one (because I correctly estimated I wouldn’t be ready to start another one on January 1st), and a bunch of comedy DVDs in case, as per usual, there’s nothing else much on TV. JD may well be involved at some point.

    eleanorblair – deep fried haggis rocks. I’ve only had it the once, some years ago at the Edinburgh Fringe; I was acting, one of our company went AWOL and the director (a real slavedriver who’d forbidden us from after-show drinking all week) went looking for him (it later transpired he’d gone off, tried to chat up a reporter, failed miserably and gotten badly stoned instead)… so her husband took the rest of us out to an improv show followed by the chippy. For best results, said delicacy must be eaten out of a newspaper at 2am. Nom.

  47. What’s a Superbowl?


    Nope, no Superbowl in our house. The Budweiser Shootout is this weekend and we’ll be recording it, then curling up to watch cars speed around a circle and eat snausage rolls and other race day munchies and having a nice time.

  48. @Emaloo – OOhh, nice. Ninja cleaning, that’s an excellent idea! I hope you’ll dress up and not just feel Ninja-like. If you are really good at it, the dogs won’t even see you, you’ll just sneak and in throw some ninja moves and they’ll be vaguely aware of a shadow in their peripheral vision, and then their toys will gone. “Who WAS that masked stranger?” they might query.
    I might clean this weekend in a style now too. I’m limping at the moment due to a dodgy ankle, so I might clean Pirate style. I’ll “Arr-harrr!” while vacuuming.

  49. I prefer college football to NFL, but I’ll be watching and mildly rooting for the Saints. And eating guacamole. Hooray for guacamole!

  50. I’m not sure if I’ll be watching the Super Bowl. I’m going to a 3 year old’s birthday party tomorrow which should be fun as I’m her honorary aunt and I love kids. I’ll also be grading which is what I should be doing right now and editing a report.

    I’ll also be playing with the puppy my husband just brought home yesterday. A dachshund female, she’s so cute! It’s been a while since we had a puppy. Our older dog is not too happy. He’s currently giving her about ten feet of space and scrambling to get away every time she comes near, which is kind of funny since he outweighs her by over a hundred pounds. I hope he’ll get used to her eventually.

    I guess I’ll be having my own Puppy Bowl, though with only one participant.

  51. I won’t be watching. I’m only going for the food!

    Gotta say, though, with the $2.5 million Focus on the Family spent on that Tebow advertisement, a whole lot of hungry people could have been fed or provided with clean drinking water or medical care around the world… Of course they have the right to spend their money how they please, but lives could literally have been saved. What a shame.

  52. I’m definitely not going to be watching the Super Bowl this weekend. I was actually thinking about it and TBH I don’t think I don’t know know anyone who’s actually really into sports, apart from my sort-of-ex-boyfriend, who is a hockey nut.

    Instead I will probably continue looking for a place to “WWOOF” ( and hopefully make some travel arrangements for the next month or two. And of course I’ll cuddle with my puppy and take him for walks and tackle a bit more of his dreadfully matted coat. (He’s a Shih Tzu/Poodle/Dachshund mix, so his fur mats very easily and I haven’t been able to find a good groomer who won’t scare him, so I’m doing it all myself.)

  53. I am going to watch the game because I enjoy football and so does my family. BUT I will probably also continue to conversate with this girl I met on okcupid because could we be any better matched! I’m super excited about meeting her eventually (although if it goes the way I want it to, there’s the problem of not being out to my family… I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it.)

  54. Our friends are having a Superbowl party. Husband wants to go; my response is “meh”. It will be fun to see the friends, but I couldn’t care less about the football. I don’t even know which team is up against the Saints (so I guess by default I’m cheering for the Saints). I wonder if I can rig those amazing-looking blondie cupcakes to be gluten-free and then take them to the party. Hmm. That might be tomorrow’s task.

  55. I love football! (I got an invitation to a Super Bowl party that said “Hey guys, let’s order pizza and drink beer and the rest of us can make fun of each other because Meg knows more about football than any of us.” Needless to say, I am totally going.) Tasty foods! Best plan ever.

    Also being a nerdtastic nerd and playing in a Vampire LARP, but y’know, par for the course.

  56. I’m not much interested in sports, apart from certain bits of the Olympics (especially men’s figure skating), but I like the idea of a Superbowl party, because I love anything that involves party food + hanging out. And it’s fun to be around people who are excited about the game and enjoying it. I’d consider hosting one, but my TV is hilariously tiny. And I don’t have cable, but surely it’s being shown on network TV…?

    Until a few years ago, the Superbowl invariably fell on the weekend I planned to celebrate my birthday, but it wasn’t too much of a problem since few of my friends are interested in spectator sports. Now it’s a week or so later than it used to be so there’s no conflict at all, but ironically I don’t celebrate much with parties these days because my gang of old friends has scattered to the four winds.

    I always know when there’s a big sports event going on—I can hear the crowd cheering from the bar down the block.

  57. Dudette, are you kidding? I’m still recovering my circadian rhythms from the Australian Open.

    I hear, though, that the Saints QB is actually both cute and progressive. So I may actually be forced to try and pay attention for, like, a second.

  58. @littlem RE cute and progressive football dude – go Cal! Not my alma mater, but local, and I love that they actually encourage the students who’re on athletic scholarships to, you know, study.

  59. I know that there’s something big happening because The Who are performing a concert medley on Sunday that’ll be available on Rock Band shortly thereafter.
    I suspected that it was the Super Bowl because of comments on a couple of blogs I read. Aside from that, I don’t care about any pro sports so why would I care about that?

  60. I love football! (Indoor football–RIP, my beloved Arena Football League, RIP–is my preferred version, but the NFL is pretty okay too.) So, hopefully, I’ll be watching the game with my s.o. and maybe hir roomies.

    But I suspect that they’ll veto the game in favor of a movie or board game or something, as none of them are football fans. So we’ll see. Either way, there should be lots of beer and grub, so yay. :)

    And that Fujita profile is just all kinds of awesome.

  61. A friend is giving a concert of his compositions during the game, so that’s where I’ll be. The project for this weekend is starting some seeds for a window box herb garden, while I fantsize about the day I have enough room for a proper garden plot and a small flock of laying chickens.

  62. I care about the Superbowl when the Steelers are playing – spending most of my formative years in the Pittsburgh area wasn’t quite enough to get me to care about football as a thing, but it was enough for me to care about the Steelers (and love how insane Steelers fans are). I know an awful lot about this year’s Superbowl despite the Steelers’ disappointing season because I am living in Colts country, but it’s not enough to get me to want them to win. I’ll learn about the important bits from the people I follow on twitter, anyway.

    Speaking of following sporting events via twitter, last night was the IU vs. Purdue basketball game, so it’s a real big sports weekend around here. Again, don’t care much about basketball, but my parents are both IU alumni, so I have a genetic obligation to be sad the Hoosiers lost.

    Anyway, my plan this weekend is to try my hand at using double-pointed needles to knit [|electronics] [|components.] Possibly also [|handwarmer creatures] if it goes well.

    Or perhaps I will try to knit myself a superb owl.

  63. Yesssss, sports! I don’t think I’ll be doing anything else this weekend. I’m going to sit by myself, and watch the opening weekend of the Six Nations – Rugby is back! I’m so happy I could cry!

    I’m also massively looking forward to the Olympics, speed skating in particular. (I think my Dutch is showing there.)

    But as a european, the Super Bowl will pass me by – American Football is one of the few sports I have absolutely no interest in, I think it has something to do with liking rugby. Cricket is another. I just don’t get it.

  64. “I understand the way the spell-check feels- I’d far rather watch a Superb Owl.” You and me both paintmonkey!

    I’m soo not a sports fan and don’t see why the SuperBowl has become some sort of uber-rah rah USA-rock band status-military planes flying over-flag waving patriotic-symbol of all that is “great” in America. Or at least that’s how I view Superbowl madness. To me it’s just a lot of men in padding running around smashing into each other with a bunch of t&A on the side.

    However, I will be supporting the Official Unofficial England World Cup Anthem— NOBLE ENGLAND by Rik Mayall!!! (I am just still soo over the moon for him–always have been.)

  65. I just can’t get worked up about professional football (college football’s a different story — Hook ’em Horns!), but I’ll be watching for the commercials and for my new imaginary boyfriend Scott Fujita. And I’ll be knitting, too. I’m trying to finish up as many of my unfinished knitting projects as possible and I’m really close to being done with a sweater that’s been languishing for nearly 2 1/2 years.
    I usually do most of my cooking for the week on Sunday anyhow, so I’ll probably make a big pot of chili. It seems weather- and football-appropriate, plus I’ll have plenty left over for lunches.

    Interfacings, double pointed needles are a breeze if you can get past the first row or so. Just be very careful not to twist the stitches before you join them. (as I learned from multiple, painful experience) And once you get good at it, not only can you make numerous adorable creatures and/or socks, you can freak out non-knitters who are super impressed by the multiple needles.

  66. The first I realized the Super Bowl was this weekend (and instead of Superb Owl, I wrote Super Bowel there), was from reading this post. heh. And I’m still not sure if it’s on Saturday or Sunday.

    I’m not an organized sports person, neither is my partner. We’re going to a Penny Poker night on Saturday night (even getting a baby sitter! Yowza!), I have to catch up on some work from the office, and if we’re lucky, we’ll host a potluck vegan brunch on one of those days. It should be a relatively low-key weekend!

  67. I always know it’s Superbowl season because when I go through the supermarket check-out line with stuff I buy all the time I get, “Oh, I see you’re stocking up for The Big Game.” or “I guess everybody must be watching at your house.”

  68. heh, Alexandra Erin, even if I didn’t know a lot of people talking about the Superbowl, the giant inflatable Colts helmet surrounded by nacho and chili supplies at the grocery store probably would have tipped me off.

    Erin, thanks! My desire to make adorable knitted toys has long warred with my fear of dpns, and I appreciate the advice.

  69. I’m really fairly indifferent about pro football, but am theoretically going to a friend’s house to watch and partake in various tasty sports-viewing dips. As long as the snOMG (lmao, FJ!) is adequately cleared from the roads before then, of course. Until then, I will probably be at least moderately snowed in and really should clean and do homework; I’d much rather drink and sew.

  70. paintmonkey: “I understand the way the spell-check feels- I’d far rather watch a Superb Owl.”

    Ha ha, awesome!

    I only learned Sunday was Superb Owl a couple days ago, and it made me even more pleased that I’m going to see the Vagina Monologues that day.

  71. I randomly read the newspaper today and saw the thing about Pete Townsend and child porn and people not wanting the Who at the Superbowl. Literally the only reason I knew it was this weekend. I’m extremely isolated from other people so a ton of stuff like that passes me by.

    I’m going to watch movies, paint my nails (I’m pretty un-girly, but once my nails start getting really chipped I have to have a fresh coat, I’m thinking glow in the dark pink this time around) maybe try and read a book, that’s about it. I have to work on sketches for a wood carving (I’m so excited about starting it I’m about to pee my pants every time I think about it, never worked with wood before) sketches for my drawing class, sketches for some “for fun” drawings. Basically lot’s of sketching.

    Also, I too am curious about how you make a bath mat with sheets, anyone have an educational link? (It’s possible I missed one upthread) It will stop me from buying the thinkgeek one with the bloody footprints to match my “Psycho” themed bathroom if I could just make one.

  72. not watching ’cause I don’t watch live tv. I don’t have cable and I decided not to buy one of those digital converter things. I’ll probably be doing homework or playing Rock Band with my kids or watching a movie.

  73. I shall be watching the Puppy Bowl (thank you Animal Planet) and cleaning for upcoming visitors. The only reason I won’t partake in traditional Super Bowl fare is because cleaning gives me heartburn and football food doesn’t help. But a good homemade chili is nutritious! Maybe I’ll make one and freeze portions for next week’s lunches. Thank you crockpot!

  74. Also, I too am curious about how you make a bath mat with sheets, anyone have an educational link? (It’s possible I missed one upthread)

    Or in the post itself. ;-)

  75. After waiting in line at the grocery store for more than an hour (thank you snOMG) to buy the ingredients, I’m going to be braising beef, finishing up a big section of my current project at work, folding laundry, knitting a hat, and training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this weekend.

    This last will be a particular challenge in the snow (too much trudging) or on a treadmill (too much boredom). The rest I’m quite looking forward to, even the work.

  76. I normally watch because I know other people who watch and sometimes I enjoy being a social person. This year, however, I’m in Istanbul!! (SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT BY THE WAY)

    So instead of watching football I’m going to get some of those french fries from a street vendor with all the stuff on them (another example of why we need to teach punctuation) and wander up and down the extremely steep hill my apartment is on making friends with the stray kitties.

  77. I love the superbowl but would surely enjoy watching it a lot more if I had a party to go to. I’ll be at home watching it on my little TV and eating game day food stuffs with the kid.

    We’ll enjoy it, though.

  78. My weekend plans involve simultaneous Football AND a Bathmat AND Nachos.

    They are clearly not safe for work plans.

    Actually, I am not watching the game and am not anti-watching it either. I wish I could think of some errand to do that would be made easier by all the people watching the game where my errand isn’t. Maybe something to do with going to a buffalo wing sauce emporium and hitting the Post-Bowl sales?

    That IS a Superb Owl.

  79. Not watching the game (for some reason I can only work up interest in college football); staying in the studio and drawing comics all the live-long day while the husband is off constructing small buildings for the local RenFaire. I’ll probably tune in to find out who won, though.

  80. Love football, we’ll be watching and rooting for the Saints. Mainly because I am really over Peyton Manning and have been for some time. There’s a Penguins hockey game on earlier in the day so we’ll be watching that too. Sports galore!
    I got sick last night-was up all night puking my guts out. It was not fun. So I hope I’m recovered enough by Sunday that I can make the baby back ribs I planned on. Tonight is going to be pasta fagiole, probably. If I have the right kind of beans.

    Snowpocalypse hasn’t happened yet here in Pittsburgh but it’s starting. Glad we got everything we needed last night.

  81. “Or in the post itself. ;-)”

    Hahaha, oh shit. Right you are. *Blushes while running off to read about bath mats*

  82. @Annepersand – or is it Constantinople? ;->
    Now, I have They Might Be Giants playing in my head. Which is not the worst thing MentalDJ has picked this week, by any means.

    “And that Fujita profile is just all kinds of awesome.”

    Yar! And the article isn’t bad, either, HAR ;>

    OMFG, I am positively punchy today.

  83. I may watch the England-Wales game, despite being outraged it’s the first game of the 6 nations. Other projects (some of which may even be realised) include:
    *winding a skein of Camelspin into a ball from which I may create something
    *continuing with my pink hairy scarf
    *attempting the first few rows of a tank top on circular needles
    ( having finally finished the hellscarf I promised a friend three years ago, I want to make something for myself again)
    going to the aquarium to see the fishes (I ♥ aquaria)
    sorting out the books, and actually taking all the ones we don’t want to the charity shop
    going to the haberdashers and getting some ribbon to fix the top I bought on Tuesday
    Sorting out the musical instrument/sewing/computer corner of horror

  84. Wow, I totally forgot that there are places where “WHO DAT” isn’t an acceptable greeting for the cashier at the grocery store. At least the school districts around here aren’t actually planning to cancel school, like the ones in NO are.

    The Saints at the Super Bowl is a legitimately big emotional deal for people down here, in a way that it wouldn’t have been five years ago. You might THINK your Steelers/Cowboys/Packers fans are rabid, but none of them got a hurricane dropped on them in recent memory, and it changes things. Even a lot of people who don’t much care about pro football (me) are really hoping the Saints can pull it out.

    Crafting-wise, I’m smocking Easter dresses and piecing a prayer quilt.

  85. My partner will be at home watching the Super Bowl (it’s on Monday for us time-forward Kiwis) but sadly this year I haven’t managed to get the day off. I only know it’s on because he is a *massive* fan, there’s literally no reporting or hype because NZers in general do not understand American football (except to derogatorily compare it to rugby, around which we DO get a huge amount of hype and expectations of patriotic fandom).

  86. @Anita apparently you live nowhere near us if you need to turn up the heat (because we in the Greater Seattle Area are having an unusually warm winter), or we would invite you over for drunken video games sometime X) You sound like you would fit right in at Chez Morte.

    I knew the “big game” (oh how that cracks me up in ads, because you know, it could only possibly ever be referring to ONE game) was approaching but was unsure of its date until reading this. We spend most Sundays at my parents’ house for family dinner, I imagine that is what we’re doing this week too. With a side of studying French for an exam Tuesday.

  87. Not having lived in the US for very long, I remain unconvinced of the validity of “football” that leaves half the team on the sidelines and requires a lot of padding. However I shall hope that non-homophobic/pro-choice dude’s team wins. (He is playing, right?)

    I do, however, have all the ingredients for nachos, so I probably will incorporate those into my weekend plans at some point.

  88. I will be knitting a bunch (I am making bloomers! they are silly and excellent and I’m almost done, and then I’m going to make some fingerless gloves for my sweetie), putting up my aunt’s curtains and setting up her computer, possibly trying to run if the almost pleasant weather holds, and going through all my old clothes in an attempt to get ready to move again. No football at all.

    This is an ambitious weekend, but my sweetie is AT SEA (literally) and I miss her terribly, so I’m trying to keep busy… her six-week-overdue Christmas present seems a good place to start (ahem Valentine’s day?).

  89. I lurves me some football. (College more than pro, but this girl will take what she can get.) I’m only sad that this is the last game until August. I don’t think we have any party plans this year, but I will be watching the game.

    We are celebrating friends birthdays tonight with nummy Indian food. (Nom, nom, nom.) We have opera tickets for Saturday (Pirates of Penzance)! And I’m getting my haircut. So, all in all, a pretty busy weekend for this introvert.

    Go Colts!

  90. I will probably be watching the Puppy Bowl as someone else mentioned. The puppies are so cute and I especially love the kitten halftime show.

  91. Snarky’s Machine, may the deity be with you. While I love the fact that I can afford furniture from Ikea (for the most part), putting it together makes me want to curl up in a ball and hide in the corner.

  92. Not so interested in football myself (though I do like watching baseball and tennis occasionally).

    We are going to an art show with similarly non-footbally friends.

  93. It was either at SP or Shakesville that I learned the term dyscalculia-basically math dyslexia/learning disability-and when I looked it up there was a photo of me next to the definition (or should have been). One of its other symptoms is an greater or lesser inability to play or understand sports. For that I was bullied by teachers and students alike (it wasn’t named until I was out of school). So, no Superbowl for me please. Some friends are playing wonderful middle eastern music at a nearby coffee shop so I’ll be there.

  94. Mickey – I’m going to go see that soon too! I wonder if we live in the same city or something, or if there are two separate opera companies doing it at around the same time.

  95. According the post at sociological images, a typical game only has about 11 minutes of actual play time and since I find any amount of watching sports boring as hell, I think I’ll pass. Also, since New Orleans is one of the teams there certain to be a huge dose of Katrina related glurge, which will make it even more unwatchable than usual.

  96. @LilahMorgan: I know! I’ve never cared for the cartoons but in the game the NPC’s are always saying things like “Everyone in the world can agree on Pokemon!” but we have animals and people in our world don’t agree about animals. It must be the magic powers that makes the difference.

  97. @ Nina – I wish it were the case that my male companions were less likely to talk about exercise regimens/ restrictive diets, but that is not the case. I think you are fortunate!

    @ Sweet Machine – I have seen that superb owl before, and here is the extended video, where he does another pose! Go Popochan!

    @ homitsu – I, (in spite of being a maths teacher) too, find it impossible to understand sports, in spite of REALLY TRYING VERY HARD. For quite a few years I followed NHL hockey (to avoid bullying, like yourself), and I never figured out what was happening. I think it might be the case that inability to process sport visually or kinetically is a necessary term – it need not be paired with dyscalculia in order to occur independently. Football is simply beyond me. Plus, Middle Eastern music is FUN. Can I come?

    So, no, I won’t be watching the Super Bowl. Neither will Mr. Krishna, because the only sport he follows is elections. I might peek in on that Puppy Bowl everybody’s talking about…

    And actually, Super Bowl Sunday is kinda sad for me, because most weekends, no matter the weather, the neighborhood kids come out and play football in the street, and the neighbors come out and chat and smoke and have an overall lovely time. Super Bowl Sunday? Lonely, empty block. Boo.

  98. After a great deal of patient explanation I finally vaguely understood what was going on with football.

    Of course, having grown up in central IN, I am by birthright a basketball fan. Not that I watch but I think I imbibed understanding the game with my mother’s milk or something.

    We are going to a friend’s house to watch the game as my house does not have cable, and I will unashamedly take a book on medieval epidemiology or something like that and enjoy the pulled pork that is currently making the house smell really good. I may make some cupcakes or a cake or cookies or something tomorrow, because that way I can eat them. I can’t if they are commercial stuff.

  99. haha I didn’t know about this being Super Bowl Sunday until I read this post! I am sports illiterate… This weekend I am in South GA getting trained to facilitate NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) support groups. Supposedly, tomorrow will be less boring than today was…

  100. Yeah, at our house it is Puppy Bowl and excuse to eat junk food. And it’s not like I don’t eat what I want in general, but we do have jalapeno poppers. Which are delicious but definitely a special-occasion food because otherwise my intestines would pack up and leave. Also pigs in blankets. Shit, I have to make piecrust. (Dough in a can frightens me, what can I say.)

    We’re also watching because my brother keeps living in cities/states with Super Bowl champions. Worked for the Patriots and the Steelers, but not for the Giants. We’ll see if it works for the Saints.

  101. We’ll be Super Bowlin’ it, despite the fact that the Saints kicked out our local team a couple weeks ago and the city is studiously pretending that the Super Bowl isn’t happening.

    Whatever. I like cheese dip. Also beer. And we have a spiffy television so it’ll be awesome. :-D

  102. I’ll be watching the game, probably with a very confused boyfriend in tow. Much unlike myself, sports aren’t really his thing. I fully plan on rooting for the Saints (gotta love the feel-good bandwagon, and Scott Fujita really is dreamy) and eating lots of tasty junk food if the snow lets me make it to the store tomorrow.

  103. Nomie: please invite your brother to move to Minneapolis. I will get him a purple hat with yellow yarn braids attached if he does. Not because I really care how the Vikings do, mind. It would just make all my friends and relatives happy, and I like it when people are happy.

    We have skyways in winter. He won’t have to go outside.

  104. I’ll be watching my first-ever Super Bowl in my 37 years, because it’s the SAINTS!!11! I’ve never cared one whit about football, but you can’t live in this city and not get caught up with Who Dat fever. It’s infectious – as I just wrote over at Shakesville it’s like this city has just woken up from a 5-year nap. The Saints represent the rebirth of this city. Everyone’s optimistic and excited like they haven’t been since the big storm. When the Saints won 2 weeks ago, this city went crazy – ultra-macho-men crying and hugging one another in the street, fireworks, dancing, parading – and it’s been all anyone can talk about ever since. It’s Mardi Gras every day.

    So yep, you bet I’ll be watching! I won’t even be in town, I’m flying to the W coast for a conference Sunday morning, but I still wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  105. Stephanie: A purple cheese hat sounds like some kind of horrifying Packers-Vikings mind-meld. But if it will bring Nomie’s brother here to make my friends and loved ones happy, then I’ll chip in for that and all the beer koozys he can handle.

  106. I was planning to loyally root against the Colts, but now I’ll be even happier to cheer for Scott Fujita, who is totally awesome. But… I don’t actually care enough to turn it on. I might look at the Puppy Bowl for as long as I can handle the cuteness.

  107. I am going to be sleeping in and spending the day in my comfy sweats. I can’t wait to finish painting my handmade ceramic beads. They just came out of the kiln and I am looking forward to making them into finished jewelry pieces.

    I think for eats I want to have some chicken alfredo pizza to gorge myself on…depends on if I feel like exerting any energy because I have to make it from scratch. I make it with cauliflower crust as I have an allergy to gluten. It takes a little while to make the crust but totally worth it because I love pizza!!! If no energy..loaded nachos sounds like a really good idea!!

    Sweet Machine..have you ever checked out this crafting site?
    It is one of my favorites. You’ve probably seen it already but I thought I would send it your way.
    Have fun with your looks like a great project!

  108. Sweet Machine..have you ever checked out this crafting site?

    Oh dude, you have no idea. FJ and I were famous on craftster (under different names) loooooooooooooooooooong before the existence of SP. I was on Craftster when there were only 500 members! ;-) There is amazing stuff on there but I haven’t been able to keep up in so long. I bet they have great rag knitting tutorials, though!

  109. I am probably going to watch part of the game; a friend with ties to NOLA has got me rooting for the Saints even though I generally do not give two shits about American football. (Not that I really follow what the rest of the world calls football, either, but I like it more.) We splurged on the good kosher hot dogs and made what will probably turn out to be our semi-yearly (please tell me I’m using that right; it’s getting late, but I mean twice a year) alcohol purchase. There will be homemade mac and cheese, oven fries, maybe some salad if we don’t eat it all before then. Chips, salsa. Just general deliciousness.

    The time I spend not watching the game, I’ll be playing World of Warcraft. My server’s fishing contest will probably be during the game and I intend to take advantage of the possibility that many players will choose to watch the game instead of participating.

  110. My partner and I will definitely be watching Puppy Bowl. We watch animal planet most of the time anyways because the cats like it.

    Plus this year there are hamsters in blimps. Hamsters in blimps!!!!!…and bunny cheerleaders.

    It’s just too good.

  111. I now have a giant crush on Scott Fujita.

    I’ve never really cared about sports much; growing up, my dad always called it the “Stupor Bowl.” I did watch last year, and might this year because one of my roommates is a huge sports fan and is from Indiana, but I have no vested interest aside from booing Tim Tebow’s ad.

  112. That Scott Fujita article at Jezebel has be feeling a touch depressed, because we don’t have an equivalent player in the AFL. No Aussie Rules footy players would be caught dead supporting LGBTQIA and women’s rights.

  113. The game will probably be on the telly (grandma gets a square in a betting pool for her birthday every year), but I’ll probably be crocheting. I’ve procured the yarn to make Hubby and new belt for his garb, and I’m hoping to have it done in time for Val Day on the 13th. But the pattern is boring as hell, so I’ll be changing it up with some various snoods. My goal for is to have enough stock and necessary stuff to vend at our local event in May.

  114. Plus this year there are hamsters in blimps. Hamsters in blimps!!!!!…and bunny cheerleaders.

    OMFG are you serious?! I definitely gotta watch the Puppy Bowl.

  115. @Krishji or anyone in Portland OR is plenty welcome at the Marino Adriatic Cafe for tasty live middle eastern music 2-4pm on Superb Owl Sunday

  116. I’ll be watching the Super Bowl at a bar somewhere in Florida. My guy’s band is playing a few shows down there this weekend, so I get to spend the majority of today and tomorrow trapped in a van with a bunch of smelly dudes. But they’re my smelly dudes, I guess…

    I’ll be rooting for the Colts (although I’m totally ok if the Saints win… I don’t dislike them, I just like the Colts more) due to family tradition, although *my* team would probably be the Steelers. Really, I’m more of a college football gal, but my first love in full-contact-team-sport-involving-dudes-and-balls would have to be Aussie Rules. I grew up in South GA, and when I was 12 or so, one of the cable channels we got started showing Australian football, and… yeah. I loved it.

    As far as food goes, I’m gonna eat whatever the hell I want. If I were home, I would make homemade spinach artichoke dip, salsa, and probably enchiritos (which is technically a Taco Bell food, but I make it better… you know, edible?). As it is, I made mint chocolate brownies last night to take on the trip today.

  117. @naturegrrl: I make it with cauliflower crust as I have an allergy to gluten. It takes a little while to make the crust but totally worth it Oo! Recipe? Please? (or citation for recipe in book?) My system adores gluten, but I always run out of things to do with the cauliflower from our farmshare.

  118. AnthroK8: A purple cheese hat sounds like some kind of horrifying Packers-Vikings mind-meld.

    It is; I’m pretty sure it’s simultaneously a “Pfft!” at the Packers because we have Favre and a “Yay!” to the Vikings because we have Favre. And I’ve determined that there are significantly more Favre fans in the world than Vikings fans, so I was attempting to cover all possibilities.

  119. I am supporting the Saints in spirit because I practically live in LA (deep east TX). However, I am NOT a football fan, so I probably won’t actually be watching.

    Today I’m celebrating by driving an hour just to go to a craft store.

    Tomorrow, I will be writing a paper, but I might score some nachos or otherwise “party” food so I don’t get all homicidal about it. ;)

    And Superb Owl is hilarious.

  120. I’ve never cared for football, so no Superb Owl for me.

    I also seem to have a cold coming on and Mr. Twistie is working all weekend (the non-profit he works for is a theater company and they have a new show on, so he has to be there for all the performances this weekend), so I shall probably sit on the sofa, make bobbin lace, and watch USA’s Law&Order:SVU Manathon. Yes, they called it a manathon. I’m guessing because Christopher Meloni will get his shirt off in every episode. Me? I’m watching in case there’s an episode I missed where Dann Florek and Richard Belzer are running around in posing pouches, because I’m just perverse like that.

    So, bobbin lace and horrific sex crimes, FTW!

    Oh, and I second the call for the cauliflower crust recipe. I love cauliflower.

  121. Perhaps I should quickly add that it was Twistie’s comment that made me think of “Horrific Cauliflower Sex crimes” as a possible TV show, not some deep seated urge to see vegetables hiding in dark alleyways and leaping out at innocent people.
    If I was thinking like that, I would have gone for a vegetable more cunning and calculated than a Cauliflower because they are notoriously unsubtle yet harmless enough.

  122. @naturegrrl: I make it with cauliflower crust as I have an allergy to gluten. It takes a little while to make the crust but totally worth it Oo! Recipe? Please? (or citation for recipe in book?) My system adores gluten, but I always run out of things to do with the cauliflower from our farmshare.

    OMG I second this. Sounds amazing.

  123. My friend invited me to a Superbowl “party,” but I’m not going because I’m 99.9% percent sure it’ll just be me, her, and her boyfriend. That’s what happened last time she had a Superbowl “party.” I’ve actually been turning down a lot of social invitations recently because they all seem to involve me being some kind of third, fifth, seventh, or ninth wheel. Seriously, it’s way less effort to just say, “HAHA LUCY I HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND YOU DON’T” if that’s what you really want to do than to go to the trouble of making all the food and whatnot.

    I have to write a neurobiology paper anyway. But nachos sounds like a good idea.

  124. I probably won’t be watching because I am not interested in the teams, and I have stuff to do. So I will be spending most of my weekend making a five kingdoms classification chart.

  125. I’ll be watching tomorrow with my bff and his sister at her place. I really really like football, and I usually watch with him every Sunday that I don’t work. He’s a Cowboys fan, and I’m a Lions fan (because they can never disappoint me)(i keep my standards low). We’re all going to be cheering for the Saints even without knowing how awesome Scott Fujita is just because it’s NOLA and they deserve something good to happen.

    Tonight I’m going to MONSTER TRUCKS. It is going to be so fantastic.

  126. Cauliflower Crust

    Preheat oven to 450

    1 cup cooked, riced cauliflower (I nuke it, then blend it down in my magic bullet)
    (If I have a head of cauliflower I cook it and then rice it in a grater)
    1 egg
    1 Cup shredded mozzarella cheese
    1/2 tsp fennel
    1 tsp oregano
    2 tsp parsley.

    Mix everything together and press evenly on GREASED pan (I did this today and forgot to grease and now I am sad because it is stuck!)

    Bake @ 450 for 12-15 minutes

    Take out pan and put on toppings, put back in oven until everything is brown and bubbly. (My favorite is chicken alfredo pizza toppings!! I LOVE FETA!!)

    (You can make this with shredded zucchini too)

    :) Enjoy!

    You can make cauliflower rice, cauliflower mash (like mashed potatoes), cauliflower fried rice..just type into your favorite search engine, “cauliflower recipes” and you’ll find a goldmine! That is how I found the pizza crust recipe!

  127. I love football and I spend the whole post-season mourning for the regular season but watching the playoffs. Then I spend the whole off season wishing it was football season. Someday, once again, the Dolphins will make it more than 1 game into the playoffs and I’ll be excited about Sundays after December. Since I’m supposed to work tomorrow, but have snow up past the bumper of a Ford Escape, I’ll be rooting for the Saints. Hopefully they’ll have plowed by Monday morning. I have discussed with the sky the fact that I officially live in the South, but it has told me to just enjoy the game.

  128. @Lucy

    A “party” of 3 isn’t exactly a party. :) I get what you’re saying.

    But, I want to add, as an anti-romantic, pro-single member of a couple … I can now say first-hand that long-term couples really do get bored and crave company besides themselves. ‘Course, not everyone’s cool, and un-cool couples mistakenly think being grown up means couple-cliques. But cool people think like individuals and look at their friends as individuals, not based on single or couple status.

    I hope that doesn’t sound know-it-all-like … I only put it out there because when I was younger and single, I could get really allergic to couple-ridden scenes … now that I’m older in a long-term couple, I wish there were more single people around!

  129. I will not be watching the game. I never do. I think I’ll actually go out for a turkey burger tomorrow and see Crazy Heart at the movies.

    The only time I ever watched the Super Bowl was because I wanted to see Prince at the half-time show, which was a few years ago now. I’d been invited to a Super Bowl party at a work friend’s house and, not wanting to sit alone in my apartment and slog through the drudgery of professional sports on my own just to watch a half-time show, I took the friend up on her offer. I hung out for the day at her place, sort of half watching the game and half listening to and joining in other conversations going on around her house, but I made sure everyone shut the hell up when His Purpleness took the stage at the half-time show and watched him do his thing.

  130. Scott Fujita sounds like a lovely guy, what a graceful counter to the unpleasantness that sometimes comes out of sports that have a large following.

  131. @Lucy – I can’t speak for your friend, but I have a pretty good mix of single and coupled friends, and as a married person I often go to events as a singlet and do things with my single friends all the time (sometimes with hubby present). I hope your friend is inviting you because she likes you, and not to make you feel bad. A lot of single people find that they stop getting invited to things altogether when their friends couple up. And that totally sucks

  132. Seriously, it’s way less effort to just say, “HAHA LUCY I HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND YOU DON’T” if that’s what you really want to do than to go to the trouble of making all the food and whatnot.

    I should no longer be surprised at how toxic people can be, but… do members of couples actually normally think this sort of thing when they invite a single friend to hang out?? I swear I never have thought anything so petty when I’ve belonged to a couple, and it would never have crossed my mind that my coupled-up friends are thinking this way about me.

    I mean, with the obvious exception of Sweet Machine and Mr Machine, of course. (<– joke!)

  133. Regarding coupled friends: I have some close friends who are/were in long-term relationships, and I used to feel occasionally awkward about hanging with them until I had a firm talk with myself along the lines of, ‘ok, self, your friends are not toxic assholes. Therefore, if they didn’t want you there, they wouldn’t have invited you. The end. ‘
    It was a very helpful talk. YMMV, of course, in the case of frenemies.

  134. I mean, with the obvious exception of Sweet Machine and Mr Machine, of course. (<– joke!)


    Lucy, do whatever you feel is best for you, obviously. If you don’t enjoy hanging out with a friend’s SO, then you don’t have to. But I think a lot of people who are coupled (especially for the long term) wouldn’t think of an individual friend as a third wheel in a non-romantic situation — they’d just think of it as a thing they enjoy doing with a person they enjoy seeing. You know your friends, so if there’s weird stuff going on already this is an unnecessary comment, but if not they are probably not trying to be malicious.

  135. I ought to mention that the last time this friend had a Superbowl event that included me and her and her boyfriend, it was a different boyfriend than the one she has now, whom she only just started dating relatively recently. There has been no other party in between. So that makes me wonder a little. She also knows I don’t really like the boyfriend she has now.

    It feels a little IN YOUR FACE to me because I haven’t been in a really serious relationship in quite a long time, and whenever I have been interested in someone or vaguely seeing someone since then, she’s never been interested or cared that much. But now- like I went on one date with someone that I thought went really well last week and she was like, “I thought you might have been on a date! That’s SO wonderful!” when before she would have been like, “Meh, look at this lolcats picture.” (FWIW, guy hasn’t contacted me since said clearly not really successful date, big surprise.) It’s like she knows that she’s going to start drifting away from me if I stay by myself, so all of a sudden it’s become really important that I get into a relationship so that we can OMG go on double dates!!! And so that I won’t be skeeved out or annoyed when she won’t STFU about her boyfriend and how good their sex is. Blech.

    I guess I wouldn’t feel so bad about hanging out with couples if people in my life wouldn’t anxiously shake their legs and grit their teeth while I talk about school, about my writing, about the research I’m helping with, and then finally cut me off and go, “Yeah yeah yeah- but are you seeing anyone?”

  136. @naturegrrrl –

    That cauliflower crust sounds awesome and amazing.
    Can I ask what size pan you use for the first bake? Flat? 9 x 12, or larger?
    Aluminum, glass, or some newfangled bakey thing I don’t know about?

    And about how many does your recipe serve?

  137. Since we’re sharing alternative crust recipes, you can make a nice quiche crust with rice – mix cooked rice with an egg and press it into a greased pan, parbake for about 10 minutes, then fill and bake as usual. I prefer brown rice but white also works.

    I went to a Super Bowl party when my city was in it, a few years ago, but didn’t enjoy it all that much. Tomorrow (eep, today, actually) I’m either going to hole up in a coffee shop and work on my novel or go mountain biking. Or maybe both if I get up and through the comics early enough.

    The Puppy Bowl is the only thing I have heard of so far, ever, that has made me wish I had cable. Hmmm … maybe Plan C for tomorrow is to impose on a cable-having, animal-loving friend for Puppy Bowl viewing.

  138. Lucy–
    Those sorts of friends; gotcha. I’ve had a few like that, and I do hate it. I’m still in New Mexico, or we could totes do something cupcake-Super Bowl-not date related.

  139. naturegrrl — thanks! I have one baking now :-) Though an important first step that you neglected to mention is remove the silicone baking sheet from the oven because you put it there to dry when the dishwasher was full ;-) mmm…silicone-smoked pizza!

  140. So apparently there is some kind of football game going on this weekend?

    That is my family’s general approach to the Superbowl. Which is a whole lot more awareness than in year’s past, when we were out doing things and going, “where are all the people? why is it so quiet?” and had to be informed that it was Superbowl Sunday. Sports-aware, we are not.

    So I’m going to a family dinner tonight, but I doubt it has occurred to anyone that there will be any sort of football game on. Though I think maybe the game is in the afternoon here, since I’m on the west coast?

  141. @littlem

    I use an aluminum cookie sheet. I’d say for one batch a 9X12 would be sufficient. I keep it on the same cookie sheet when I add the toppings.
    I really can’t tell with confidence how much it serves. I get a lot of slices out because I cut small but conservatively I would say 6.

    @Sarah….I’m sorry I forgot to tell you about taking out the silicone sheet in the oven… However I heard that silicone smoked pizza is all the rage this time of year! ;) Hope you enjoyed it anyways.

    Lastly, can I just say mmmmm quiche! That sounds like a good idea too!

    Everyone have a nice rest of your weekend no matter what your plans! :)

  142. Not that I would be watching the Superbowl anyway (I would rather do just about anything else that I can think of), but, for the record, I’m at work! Not only that, I’m working a double shift due to the snowpocalypse here in the DC area. Sometimes being a nurse REALLY sucks.

    That being said, I’m quite sure that most or all of my patients are going to be watching it tonight so I’ll have the misfortune of seeing bits and pieces. The last time I made a point of watching anything Superbowl-related was to watch Janet Jackson perform during the halftime show…and we all know how well that went :P

  143. thirtiesgirl— I love your photo!!

    Ama–I’m not sure if I find Scott so much lovely as his Script Writer for the ad. : )

    Lucy–If you get a 3rd/5th wheel vibe then do whatever will make you happy and rubish to the rest! I do understand some of the other’s response that couples and single friends can mix well and I’ve been on the receiving end of both. Just in a differnt way—kids. I was asked to babysit and another friend said to me that they were doing out of “pity” for “spinster me”. I mentioned this to the others and they damn near fell off their chairs as it was soo not their intent–but I knew it wasn’t, and I was happy to mind the kids.

  144. I plan on watching the Super Bowl, though for once I don’t know who to root for. I traditionally root for the underdog team, but I’ve always had a passing fondness for the Colts. Lots of yummy chow will be consumed, and I’ll probably be beading jewelry sets when I’m not eating delicious food. :-)

  145. Well, I hadn’t intended to watch any sports, but I happened to be eating a late pub lunch as the France-Scotland match started. There was a minute’s silence for a recently deceased sports broadcaster, then the stirring opening bars of “La Marseillaise” (which always reminds me of that amazing scene in Casablanca), followed by “Flower of Scotland,” which has to be one of the most beautiful national anthems I know. (Most are dirges.) At that stage I actually started to care about the game. And it’s a good sport, certainly better than American Football, which is just boring: in rugby, at least they actually spend most of the time playing.

    So I watched about half the match and then continued my stroll down the Galway seafront. I like Galway. I’m here for the weekend.


  146. Marin Cilic defended his Zagreb championship, Feli Lopez upset the Johannesburg defending champion Monfils and went on to take his first championship there, and Thomaz Bellucci upset both the defending champion (and home country hero!) Gonzalez and Juan Monaco in Santiago to win the Movistar Open (yes, they really call it that!), if anyone cares.

  147. My SO watched the game while I watched a movie on my laptop and knitted. We had snacks and beer. It was a very enjoyable evening.

  148. Mr. Canuck and I watched it on our new flatscreen in HD – the best part was seeing all the US commercials when they air! (Normally they are replaced by Canadian commericals in simulcasts)

    We had chips and cheeseburgers and fries….nummy!

    Aside from Mr. Canuck yelling at the tv (he’s half-convinced they can hear him, lol) it was a great evening. :)

  149. Football? What’s that? This weekend was about the Saints, and of course, New Orleans. As for eating, well, I’m hoping for a lot of folks chowing down on their words. Not so much those connected to sports-smack, but rather smack rested in hate, superiority, misinformation, and ignorance.

  150. Thank goodness there’s a fluff thread here, because I have to note/celebrate/wonder at something: I’ve been a devoted Shapeling for many moons and thought I was driving my bf crazy with it, until yesterday he offhandedly mentioned that he has a friend at work who makes with the constant body hatred/food judgment and that he kept going on about how great Shapely Prose was until she promised to check it out.

    It freaked me out briefly in an “eep my activism is infringing on strangers” way, but, assuming he pestered her respectfully and appropriately in the context of their work and personal relationships, it’s terribly exciting!

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