1 thought on “Live Blogging the Golden Globes”

  1. I agree, and feel the same way about commercials, magazine covers, t.v. shows, movies, everything is a connotation to “Sexual Exploits.” In the ad, she has her butt up in the air, like that’s a natural position. It is unfortunate, as women growing up in this environment seek this type of validation. To expose themselves so uncomfortably, for the sake of selling themselves. That is what fashion represents, is a “statement” we make about ourselves. “Yeah, I look hot.” I can hear the minds of women wearing their stilleto’s, and tight mini dresses, as they walk that walk.

    I have noticed so much more lately, women wearing serious stilleto’s during the day, at work, in the office, going to the post office, wearning sweat pants! You can see how uncomfortable they look for these women to wear them. There was actually two people wearing the stilleto’s at the post office, and they had this unatural bend in thier knee. I imagine that they must be difficult to walk in, when the heel is so skinny and long, you notice the instability. Oh, but those shoes “Scream Sex.”

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