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  1. I can only imagine that it’s some kind of protest against centaurship being reserved only for half-horse/half-person? The bird folk wanted their say.

    Either that, or someone was VERY BORED and made the world’s biggest pinata.

  2. The foremost explanation is Not Safe For Work.

    I’m just going to say that the guy is really into chickens…

  3. A lesser-known Huguenot tradition is the celebration of Jour du Perdue, where trained dancers and actors re-enact the mythologized life of Frank Perdue as envisioned by Marc Chagall. Here is a representation of Perdue’s most beloved avatar, Tough Man, riding upon his faithful steed, Tender Chicken. This important role is handed down from father to son in Maryland, much like the Swiss Guard in the Vatican.

  4. (o hai Mainia!)

    That is precisely where my unnatural obession with chickens would lead me were I independantly wealthy and less inclined to listen to the sense of Mr Ori.

  5. This is a decoy prototype for the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, to try and distract the bulls so they don’t trample so many people. Kind of like the same concept of the rodeo clown only tastier. Oh and: Sponsored by Chick-Fil-A (EAT MOR CHIK’N!)

  6. This is clearly a costume for the local pride parade in tribute to my dad’s fond relationship with a very special rooster from my childhood, Florence.

    My dad grew up in very, very rural NY, and his Irish Catholic family had a streak of homophobia. Even so, my dad developed a soft spot for Florence, our rooster who was under constant attack from our hens due to his apathy. Florence, you see, was only interested in our other rooster. The hens were so brutal about Florence’s “lifestyle choice,” they pecked poor Florence’s leg clear off. My dad rescued him and removed him from the pen, placing him with our bull, Thunder, and gently nursed him back to health. Bull and rooster became close companions, and my dad’s fondness for the rooster grew, sowing seeds of compassion that also flourished over the decades, until my dad was eventually able to staunchly reject the bigotry he was exposed to in his youth. When you grow up where we did, it’s possible to maintain a very small worldview, but Florence taught my dad a mind and heart-expanding lesson about living what is natural to us, and the nature of love.

    In the costume, man and rooster are represented as being spiritually fused, Florence’s leg restored by acceptance, and the farmer’s wardrobe influenced by the previously unknown world of couture.

    Ok. Obviously that’s not the story with this weird pic. But the rooster story is completely true, and 3 1/2 decades later, my dad still gets choked up remembering what Florence taught him.

  7. “You wear a disguise to look like human guys, but you’re not a man, you’re a chicken, Boo!”

  8. Zie is posing for the inspirational poster: Chicken Dance as if No One is Looking.

    (puffalo, animaniacs FTW! I love Chicken-Boo!)

  9. “You wear a disguise to look like human guys, but you’re not a man, you’re a chicken, Boo!”

    Animaniacs reference FTW!

    Clearly, this is a picture from some type of chicken honoring ritual.

  10. It’s the lead character from that new musical Chicked, based on the Gregory Maguire novel, “Chicked: the Rooster Liberates Oz” I love the Rooster’s showstopping solo Defying Gravy – it’s so inspirational!

  11. A Michael Jackson tribute gone horribly, horribly wrong (or right, depending on your tastes)?

    An instance of rocking out with your cock out taken a little too far?

    All my nightmares manifested into flesh?

    Some kind of bizarre fertility festival (PRAY TO MY GIANT COCK)?

  12. Wait, wait, wait, I’ve got it. Clearly this was taken at an MRA parade, full of floats and performers honoring men and their cocks. Because, dammit, if the gays can have a parade, so can the menz! It’s so UNEQUAL that heterosexual men don’t get a parade, too! >:C >:C >:C

  13. While we hear about the lack of affordable health care for humans in the U.S., the same goes for animals, there is in fact a veterinary health care crisis as well.
    This poor large rooster has a malignant growth on its back it needs removed. It is standing in line for free health care.
    It also needs to wear boots because it has rooster foot fungus, but is ashamed to show its feet.
    The mean people in the background line up to point and laugh at the ailments of the animals.
    For shame, people. For shame. Have you nothing better to do?

    For reals, though, the town of Olympia Washington has an amazing do-it-yourself human-powered parade once a year celebrating the diversity of life on earth called the Procession of the Species. This wouldn’t be seen there, but it made me think of it.

  14. C’mon, I can’t be the only one who puts on her chicken pants when she’s feeling blue. Perks me right up!

  15. “Why did the pervert cross the road?…… cos he couldn’t get his nob out of the chicken”
    (Thanks Rik Mayall, you beyond fabulous sexy genius!!!)

  16. Oh god, Eucritta, I just watched that movie for the first time three days ago. Wonder how the crowd would react if that thing started bleeding.

  17. There’s a scene in the birdcage where Robin Williams is explaining the cultural significance of the dish he’s serving (but didn’t prepare for dinner). Had I found the scene online, I would have shared it. His speech concludes with, “…and a man is judged by he size of his [chicken].” That’s what came to my mind.

  18. Thanks, Sara, though I suppose it ultimately goes to prove those conservative politicians right–“tolerate” Florence’s “choices” and you might save his life, but it’s a slippery slope. . .before you know it, he’s shackin’ up with bull! Not only a different species, but 1000-lb fattie, to boot! The horror!

  19. I had a little red rooster
    Too lazy to crow ‘fore day
    I had a little red rooster
    Too lazy to crow ‘fore day
    He kept ev’rything in the barnyard
    Eager settin’ a-ready to lay
    You know the dogs begin to bark
    And the, the hounds
    They begin to howl
    You know the dogs they begin to bark
    And the, the hounds
    They begin to howl
    You know my little red rooster’s gone
    Know the little red rooster’s on the prowl

  20. I don’t know, but it seems awfully rude of all those people to stare like that.

    aliciamaud74’s story made me very happy, and I am giggling at shinobi’s “I for one welcome our new chicken riding overlords.” Perfect for a Friday.

  21. Thanks, Mel. Just send it to P.O. Box OfficeBedinHarlem.

    Aliciamaud74, that is just about the most lovely story ever! Props to your young dad appreciating the needs of animals without resorting to heteronormative stereotypes! I was so happy to hear that it was true as well, instead of your typical “cock and bull” story.

  22. Here’s the soundtrack for that picture:

    If that link doesn’t come through, search Youtube for Sam Cooke and Little Red Rooster.

    Thanks for the musical direction, deeleigh!

  23. Are you guys making fun of my dad? He’s been raising that chicken from a chick and his ultimate goal was to win a giant chicken rodeo. He only wears those fancy clothes when he competes on Sundays. He hasn’t won yet, but fingers crossed!

  24. Peter Griffin from Family Guy slept with the Angry Chicken’s wife (which is why he is angry) and this was their offspring

  25. “If the radiance of a chicken man
    were to burst into the sky,
    that would be like
    the splendor of the Mighty One—
    I am become Death, the shatterer of Worlds.”

  26. Are you guys making fun of my dad? He’s been raising that chicken from a chick and his ultimate goal was to win a giant chicken rodeo. He only wears those fancy clothes when he competes on Sundays. He hasn’t won yet, but fingers crossed!

    SarahB FTW!

    *resumes snorting*

  27. This is the unfortunate mutant form that the bombings of Bikini Atoll produced on neighboring islands when the blast was underestimated. Humans melded with chickens, and continued to reproduce. This is a rare photo of the Marshallese Bao M’m’ahan (Bird Man).

    Yes, that’s in Marshellese.

  28. “Sarah B
    Are you guys making fun of my dad? He’s been raising that chicken from a chick and his ultimate goal was to win a giant chicken rodeo. He only wears those fancy clothes when he competes on Sundays. He hasn’t won yet, but fingers crossed!”

    Epic. Win.

  29. I liked little red rooster but if I had to pick a soundtrack it would be this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHBGCTFEDW4

    Honestly though everyone knows this is just how chicken-shearing season goes at Generic Grocery Brand Free Range Giant Cock farms. If you don’t hold those bastards tight between your legs they just try to escape when those shears come at their molting plumage.

  30. Long ago, the zombies realized they could never catch the ambulatories on their own two feet, so they bred giant chickens to ride; said chickens also pecked the heads of the ambulatories they ran down, giving the zombies easier access to the bra-a-a-i-i-ins.

    This is a reenactment of the Battle of Puhlkepper Mountain, in 1601 – similar to Guy Fawkes day, but without the fireworks – when a small band of ambulatories fought fiercely and managed to rout a larger group of chicken-riding zombies, thereby saving their families and homes.

    (PS – ‘ambulatories’ is accepted as a word by Firefox’s spellchecker. HUH!?)

  31. Clearly, the French know something about Napoleon’s military transportation when he invaded Russia that we didn’t.

  32. The main reason the photo doesnt explain itself well is due to the angle it’s been taken. If you were able to see the back, it would become immediately obvious that this was a photo taken at the renowned Bavarian festival “Anushollen Schleep-Rectumstretchen”, which celebrates the elasticity of the rectum. If you were able to see the back view, you would spot the collossal egg lodged half in and half out of the hen’s arse. They parade around a market square (bedecked with sugar coated donuts which represent aresholes and are for the children to eat) and everyone cheers the hen on until it eventually forces out an egg roughly the size of a spacehopper. When it falls to the ground, everyone shouts “Anus Ja! Das ist eine grosse Krapphallen!” and dance on into the evening. The people in the background are looking a bit anxious because the photo has been taken at the hen’s full stretch as it were. Inside the egg is a very small man dressed in leather hotpants who represents human angst.
    I went to this festival once, but the souvenirs were shit.

    I may have told a few lies in the above passage…apologies to any Bavarian readers.

  33. Well, the perspective of the picture makes it hard to tell at first glance, but this is the annual Pixie, Gnome, Fairy, Elf and Associated Tiny Mythical Peoples Parade. They tried having a rat calvalry last year, but the bloody things kept trying to eat their riders. So, tiny bantam chickens it is!

  34. You know how when celebrities get caught for drug related offenses, their sentences often involve community service in the form of making Public Service Announcements about the evils of drug use? Well, this picture is a creation of lesser-known pop-artist Andy Peaceroom. It was inspired by visions had while under the influence. It later served to also inspire his famous anti-drug message, “This is your brain; This is your brain on drugs”.

    Having gotten three wisdom teeth removed this week, I’m gratified to note I am not the only person riding the vicodin train.

  35. Chicken Little was right but evidently the sky is made up of creepy puppet men in boas.

    I just scared myself…

  36. Sweetmachine…it pains me to say it but I’m highly immature and attention of any kind will make me worse.

  37. paintmonkey, you have just given me a new, excellent “true story” to tell my nieces. It will go well with the tale of wild haggis, the true story of the origin of the sporran and the tale of the bird that flies in increasingly smaller circles until it disappears up its own arse.

    I love adding a dash of surrealism to childhood.

  38. >So that’s why Judy stayed with Punch for all those years; I’ve often wondered.<

    Ha! My favorite comment.

  39. The mascot or inspiration* for the band Goblin Cock?

    The Cock and His Kobold?

    Can Haz Chocobo?

    *term used lightly.

  40. Medically: This is obviously a serious complication of the rooster flu.
    Psychologically: This is clearly a very bad case of overcompensating.

  41. interfacings
    real-life chocobo racing.

    I know it looks like a rooster and not really a chocobo, but hey, best they could do on short notice, ok?

    Marry me, interfacings.

    Have you seen Pixar’s Up? The second best of many glorious features of the movie is a chocobo.

  42. Baba Yaga’s architect, obviously. Or maybe just them what built her house: after getting all those giant chickens and taking their legs for a particularly unusual mobile home, the poor birds needed taking care of!

    So they were. In the taxidermical sense.

  43. I assume everyone else thought of this and I’m missing the joke by actually saying it, but the dude looks like one of those obscene “Indian” sports mascots, so I assume this is some sort of shitacular Thanksgiving thing.

  44. “I was on the way to Austin. . . saw a dead deer on the highway. . .”

    NOW realize two days of haunting this site is responsible for that Indigo Girls song showing up in the background of several dreams last night. Chickenman, chickenman, chickenman, hold my hand . . .

  45. De-lurking to say that…

    CLEARLY this is a still from the music video…

    He’s got a chicken to ride
    He’s got a chicken to ri-i-ide!
    He’s got a chicken to ride
    And he don’t care!

  46. I assume everyone else thought of this and I’m missing the joke by actually saying it, but the dude looks like one of those obscene “Indian” sports mascots, so I assume this is some sort of shitacular Thanksgiving thing.

    No, it’s not. I’m not going to break the rules by saying what it actually is, but rest assured that it’s something else entirely. Though paintmonkey up there was so close to the truth, it’s scary.

  47. Em…..I (shiver) don’t want to be close to the (tremble) truth. I was being silly and showing off…oh no – am I able to predict hen facts? I dont want to be able to predict hen facts…I’m just an innocent. I’ll be being asked to locate lost hens and will have to become a psychic hen detective and I’m afraid of such forces. Help meeeeeee

  48. In the spirit of paintmonkey’s above post about the “renowned Bavarian festival ‘Anushollen Schleep-Rectumstretchen’, which celebrates the elasticity of the rectum”, as well as in yet another tribute to “Animaniacs”:

    Ist das nicht eine Krapphallen?
    Ja, das ist eine Krapphallen!
    Ist das nicht ein gross Kuken?
    Ja, das ist ein gross Kuken!
    Krapphallen, gross Kuken,
    Oh du schone, oh du schone, oh du schone Schnitzelbank!

  49. Now I really, really, REALLY wish I knew what it was!!! Please SP, allow Em to post it!!!! Maybe a separate post in a few days? I MUST know!!!!

  50. 2010 JANUARY 11
    everstar PERMALINK
    Understand, women do not revere the papier-mache cock as men do.


    We’ve obviously observed very different bachelorette parties, you and I.

    Also, third Annitspurple’s quest for knowledge and understanding.

  51. It’s part of the grand Greater Wibbling re-enactment of extracts from The Canterbury Tales. They perform a different tale each year (so each generation has plenty of time to forget the tackiness of the costumes, all of which have been handed down in various families since the sixteenth century, and none of which are able to be altered because of Tradition) and this year it’s the turn of the Nun’s Priest’s Tale. Here we see the player of the cockerel, Chauntecleer, in his full traditional outfit, participating in the ceremonial performance of Pocket Billiards prior to the grand entry of the players onto the Village Green of Lesser Wibbling.

    Unfortunately, the person playing the role is the last of his family to remain in Greater Wibbling (for various reasons, the vast majority of families associated with the Tales have emigrated, generally to the Americas or the Commonwealth) and as a result he is unattended by his flock of hens, who were traditionally played by the womenfolk of this family.

    It’s so sad to see the old folkways falling out of use…

  52. For those of us (like me!) who are insanely curious about what this really is, following the link for the picture yields a possible answer… but it’s in German, and I don’t know what it says.

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