238 thoughts on “Fluffcation: Holiday”

  1. Exhausted from helping my kids get their costumes in order (plus, to be fair, exhausted from committee work from my day job), I opted for something that fit my mood and required little premeditation: zombie face-paint.

    Brains! Or, failing that, fun-sized candy!

  2. I dressed as Jigsaw, pig mask, trenchcoat and all, and went to Rocky Horror Picture show. Watching people’s reactions to a short Jigsaw with boobs was *fun*

  3. I was a Merry Widow: vaguely Sixties-inspired short black dress, high heels, va-va-voom stockings, cloche hat with little veil thingie, scary black dangling earrings, gloves, fake diamond ring, bright red lipstick and a predatory smile.

    Unfortunately, the friend who was to dress up as Death came down with swine flu or something and had to cancel. It didn’t ruin the outfit, but it definitely made it less clever. I ended up taking off the hat and gloves and switching into straight retro clothes for most of the evening–like Jan Brady on a goth kick. There were too many slightly pickled Zorros asking who I was, and (upon getting an answer) looking panicked and saying, “But nobody died for real, right?”

    Serves me right for going to a karaoke bar on Halloween.

  4. I wasn’t really feeling spending a lot of money or putting forth a lot of effort this year. My style is pretty retro anyway, so I threw on one of my fifties-esque dresses and a hostess apron, put on some bright red lipstick, and carried around a whisk. Instant 1950’s TV housewife.

  5. I dressed up as a real person! I looked just like a grad student, but less stressed.

    …yeah, I was too stressed to come up with a costume.

  6. Tyler: I do SUCH an excellent jigsaw voice impression. Education and professional accomplishments included, it is probably THE THING I am most proud of in my life.

  7. Well, that didn’t work – I have no idea what the internal error on Twitpics is! Suffice it to say, he looked very cute.

  8. Flower girl .. white dress, white shoes, pig-tailed hair with sparkly purple bow-ed scrunchies, fancy basket and fake rose petals. Oh, and white footless tights because I couldn’t manage the motivation to shave my legs. It’s getting cold again.. why bother.

  9. No costume for this mama, but my 4 y/o son was a Bakugan Player, and my 2 y/o daughter a Fairy Princess. I tried to talk BellaGrace into being a Zombie Fairy Princess, but that didn’t fly. All in all, Halloween was fun this year.

  10. I went as a bearded lady. Sexy strapless circus-esque dress, gloves, fishnets, lots of makeup, and a big fake goatee! And my roommate went in male drag and looked like one of the Ramones, so together we were a fun gender-bending pair.

  11. I was a pirate. A pretty good one, too…and I wore entirely stuff I had in my closet/wear normally in other combinations/have for non-costume purposes, even though I have various cheesy pirate costume stuff around somewhere. I am not sure what being able to dress convincingly as a pirate by combining my normal clothes and accessories in the right way says about me…
    I need to get the outfit together again and get a picture, because I didn’t last night and I really did like the combination. XD

  12. I took the easy way this year and wore what I wear when I work at the Renaissance Festival: shift, cotehardie, and surcote (even though it’s a couple of centuries early for the Renaissance, I wear it anyway because it’s comfy). A lot of people at work dressed up, and we could even trick or treat between the departments!

    At home to give out candy I wore a variation on the outfit: pants and sweatshirt with surcote over top, wrapped in a cloak (which pretty much hid the sweatshirt).

    I was impressed somebody at work knew what my surcote was. A surcote is basically a long dress with huge armholes (the sides are open down to about waist level) and they used to be nicknamed “gates of hell” because the large side openings let you see the woman’s shape (gasp!)

  13. I was a cat who worked at a diner. So I wore a dress with an apron, cat mask, cat mittens, a bell on a bow, and carried around a plastic fry pan with a rat stuck in it. And a name tag calling myself Fifi.

    I pretty much doomed myself to having to tell people what I was all night, but it was fun.

  14. I made a yummy lentil stew, and watched RHPS with a friend (was supposed to be several friends, but some couldn’t make it). We also had yummy treats he brought back from Hong Kong, and I was regaled with stories of last year, when he worked in a haunted house and proved that a fat, flaming gay zombie will bring the house down! (the demonstration had me literally falling into a chair laughing)

  15. I don’t technically do halloween. But i helped with a group thing at my church. And for comfort sake I wore a puple tank top with sequins across the bust. A pair of jeans. A short sleeved denim shirt/jacket thing. And white ‘nurse’ crocs.

    Halfway to the thing I decided that if anyone asked I was going to say:

    I’m a Trophy Wife, of course!


  16. I was Peppermint Patty, my fiance was Charlie Brown and our beagle was Snoopy with a Woodstock doll pinned to his harness.

    We had quite the successful party and featured Baby Guiness shots: 2/3 Kahlua, 1/3 Bailey’s floated on top. Looks like a Guiness, tastes like candy.

  17. i was a party animal. so, i dressed up in a cat costume with a party hat and noisemaker thingy and cheered a lot.

  18. I was the Other Mother from Coraline:

    the Other Mother

    I really wanted to go out and I ended up just hanging out at our neighbor’s house after going trick or treating with her kids. Hubs is notsomuch for large crowds of drunk people. Then we had to miss out on the Gogol Bordello show today because we’re too broke for tickets. sadface. There’s always next year though, right?

  19. I was a Victorian(ish) vampire slayer. White blouse, corset, circle skirt, boots, and stakes. I went to see my friend’s band do their first show, then downtown for some peoplewatching/attempted bargoing with my brother and his friends, which was very crowded and highly entertaining.

  20. I went to a fantasy murder mystery party which was supposed to be the annual costume ball of the hidden council of the immortals. I started the night as a mortal watcher (protector of the immortals), but was murdered early in the night so I spent most of the night as a vampire trying to solve my own death. So essentially I was a vampire dressed as a ’20s flapper. It was fun!

  21. I didn’t dress up. But this was my first year ever giving out candy. I grew up in a rural area so my parents never handed out candy, and I’ve lived in apartments up until a few months ago.

    However, we only had about 6 kids come by! Each one was adorable, but I was expecting so many more. Now we have tons of candy, but I don’t like store-bought candy too much.

    I guess this means I can afford to give out dollar bills next year…until words gets around and the whole neighborhood shows up at our door.

  22. My partner and I rocked it out in the super cliche couples costume…except we matched entirely….and we went as Ghost Busters. I had an inflatable Ghost Buster’s backpack. There was much singing of the theme song and movie quoting. Also, we rented the movie and watched it…while wearing our costumes. Naturally.

    I wanted to dress up my cat like the stay puft marshmallow man, but apparently they don’t make marshmallow cat costumes. It was quite the let down. Despite that, it was a pretty fabulous halloween.

  23. Even though Halloween is not really celebrated where I am (Aus) I still worked ridiculously hard on my costume – CINNAMON BUNS, BAKERY BASED SUPERHERO. Yeah, nobody got it, but a Hallocompanion was the Red Ranger so most of the drunkards were more set on singing the Power Rangers theme song than wondering what the hell I was. Not sure if the link’ll work but here it is anyway for anyone who wonders what a cinnariffic superhero wears: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2814088&l=612247ed32&id=675184176

  24. I didn’t do anything for Halloween, unfortunately, but since I was lounging around in red pajamas and playing with a pair of plastic katanas* I’m going to tell people I was Deadpool. :P

    *Not because it was Halloween. Just because.

  25. I had to work. So, I went as a lab tech. Hey, my job is plenty scary to most people. All the blood and stuff. Next year, I’ll do something fabulous.

  26. I had to work, as usual; the only reason I even bothered to dress up was because last year I didn’t and my coworkers rode my ass unmercifully about it. So this year I was going to come up with something cheap and clever … but then I remembered I’d bought a clearance costume last year. It was supposed to be a goth Alice in Wonderland, but looked more like a maid. I’ll spruce it up more for next year, when I’ll certainly be working again.

  27. I stayed in, didn’t dress up, and rediscovered Animal Crossing and Maple Story. If it’s still culturally relevant next year, I think I’ll be Joan Holloway from Mad Men, even though my dream costume is Pearl Forrester. Of course, I’m still planning to sew a green lab coat for my hubby, who only has to let his ‘stash grow out to be Clayton Forrester, so it’s going to be a little odd.

    (I wish we still lived in Florida with our friends, B and B, one of whom only needs a platinum blond hair piece to be Frank, and the other of whom would be a perfect Brainguy. That’s really more of a convention cosplay wish, though. I think a group of 4 thirtysomethings trick or treating might be a little off.)

  28. I boiled navy beans and took out the trash.

    Here in Japan “Halloween” is the entire month of October and the 31st specifically doesn’t mean more or less. I went to the mall yesterday and they had put up the Christmas wreaths and were playing the christmas music. As “Christmas” is all of November and December.

    The more you know~~~~~~~~~~~`

  29. I didn’t dress up myself, but my 3-year-old really wanted to be a Christmas tree, so I stitched some tinsel and ornaments to a green shirt, and he was a happy kiddo. I’m also out of the US, so American customs get…filtered a little, and mixed with local events. The big stuffed “Santa climbing up the outside of the building to come in the window and bring you candy” should be going up soon.

  30. I carved pumpkins with my sweetheart and then roasted pumpkin seeds while he shot skanks in Badlands. When the seeds were done I watched the syfy Ghost Hunters Marathon and poked at the online footage because nothing says a night of action like staring at a hall with peeling paint and waiting for something random to happen.

    All I saw was a piece of paint fall and a camera wobble, not all that spooky.

    No trick or treaters came to the house but while we were trying to sleep a young girl was screaming at her boyfriend and I think maybe they had a contest on who could use the “N” word the most in a given breath. I think she won.

  31. I didn’t do Halloween (also out of US), but I spent the entire weekend at pet show with my bunny. Fluffy enough? :)

    While our troupe was driving to our hostel Saturday night, a couple of kids in monster masks were standing roadside and waving at people. The masks looked really impressive in the darkness!

  32. I was Your Mom, and my boyfriend was a sexy bunny. My costume involved a polka dot dress, big hair, an apron with cats and yarn on it, a bottle of booze, a bucket of cleaning supplies, and an awful lot of guilting comments. My boyfriend’s costume was an accident: he asked his housemate if she had any old costumes he could borrow, and she said “yes, you can borrow this rabbit one.” She neglected to mention that it was basically a black fuzzy bikini with a pair of matching ears, so that might have been the most fabulous thing ever. He wore leggings with it to not get arrested.

  33. My husband and I were zombies, I took some old worn out clothes, farther shredded them, took them outside, threw them in the dirt and jumped on them, made fake blood, splattered the clothes with it, then did zombie makeup with eyeshadow, and added more fake blood to our faces. We spent the night shambling in our driveway handing out candy to the kids.

  34. So…. we’re just done having a blog that actually covers issues? I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with this strike or whatever…

  35. I was a female Dread Pirate Roberts. You know Wesley’s man-in-black costume in Princess Bride? That. I figure since there’s a new Roberts every few years or so, it was only a matter of time before Roberts was a woman.

    The costume was great (i thought), but the only problem was, nobody got it. Some people thought I was a muskateer, some thought I was Girl-Zorro. Then my friend showed up dressed like a pregnant ninja, and whenever I walked down the street with her, people saw her (obviously ninja), and me (girl wearing black carrying a sword… never mind that it’s a flippin’ rapier) and they go, “Oh, ninjas! Cool!”

    Damn it, I’m NOT A NINJA!

    Anyway, I ended up going to the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA and watching a scary double feature (Evil Dead 2 and Trick or Treat, which gave me nightmares). Taking the subway on Halloween has to be the next best thing to real trick-or-treating. Almost EVERYONE is in costume on their way somewhere interesting.

  36. I went as a working model of a womb – pink and red outfit with balloons attached to each arm for fallopian tubes and ovaries.

  37. Adam D and I went as LaLa Orange and Red Butler: two of the color kids from Rainbow Brite. Sadly almost no-one recognized us and Adam kept getting called a super hero or a power ranger! :D (To his dismay!) We’re here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aprilduclos/4067225272/sizes/l/in/set-72157622412307355/ Would have been better if our friends had maybe gone as some of the other color kids. Maybe next year! This year my friend went as Jem and she was totally “OutRAAAgeous!” ;)

    Handing out candy was a blast though because like someone up thread I’ve never before given out candy in a busy neighborhood. Over 300 kids showed up and we were helping friends hand stuff out. So much fun!!! :D

  38. Well, I went as lady-in-orange-shirt-and-black-pants. Since I have like 40 pairs of black pants and like 20 orange shirts, I truly celebrate the one time of year that I can actually where those two colors together and not feel like an ass.

    … I really have to stop buying so many orange shirts…

  39. I just dressed in my regular clothes, but given recent reports I have read about the health care system, had an answer at the ready in case anyone asked about my costume, given that I’m a) fat and b) a woman:

    Apparently, I was (am!) a living, breathing Pre-Existing Condition!

    (Now give me some candy?)

  40. Everyone with pics looks great, and y’all are so creative, pics or no. Very nice! I forgot to say that I was Nancy Drew (secretary blouse, tweed skirt, cardigan, knee socks, pumps, trenchcoat, magnifying glass, and strawberry blonde wig) and Mr Machine was in a glam rock entourage (bright blue skintight pants, white fur vest, tall blue hat, zebra print belt, lots of glittery makeup).

  41. @Jessikanesis I’m also in Boston and being on the T was so much fun! We went downtown to Gypsy Bar, which, as it turns out, is having an event with Kim Kardashian as the host this month, so there were pictures of “me” everywhere.

  42. Halloween was fab! I dressed as Elizabeth Bennett (from Pride and Prejudice) as a zombie. I haven’t read the book yet (I’m reading the original first) but it was too good an idea to pass up!

  43. So…. we’re just done having a blog that actually covers issues? I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with this strike or whatever…

    Kelly, given that this is your first comment ever on this blog, I’m not sure which “we” you think you’re talking about.

    Look, those four people on the “about” page? Who write all the content here? We’re busy. We get tired. We’re taking a break from writing for free here (especially given that every single one of us writes for a living in some capacity), and we told you what was going on, and our little holiday will be over soon. If you don’t want to talk lemurs or socks or Halloween, there are plenty of fantastically interesting blogs that you can read in the meantime, and feel free to check back in with us later in the week.

  44. Husband and I went as Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. Here’s my beef. Measured myself. Made a gown from a pattern. Made it at least two sizes too big because the pattern was off. I worked it out but weird… Anyway. We had an awesome Halloween as always!!!

  45. I was Darth Vader. I borrowed my son’s Talking Vader Helmet, wore a black turtleneck, black pants, stompy black boots and black gloves, and off I went. I spent the evening quoting the movie, telling random people that I found their lack of faith disturbing and they were part of the rebel alliance and traitor, take ’em away! One little girl looked me straight in the eyeholes when I said that and shouted, “No!” Very cute. I did have to carry a green lightsaber, since I couldn’t find the red one, and told everyone I was Alternate Ending Vader, who killed Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi and stole his lightsaber.

    The costume was a big hit, too, though I did get a couple of weird looks when I raised the mask to let the eyeholes unfog (couldn’t see a damned thing most of the night) and people saw that Darth Vader was a woman. Much fun.

    Beyond that, I carved a pumpkin, roasted pumpkin seeds, went trick-or-treating with a huge crowd of kith and kin, then everyone came back to the house, drank beer and ate pizza. We had a blast, and it was especially sweet since I didn’t think I would get a Halloween this year, since we were broke. My awesome brother lent us money, and I pawned some jewelry, though, so we pulled it off. Yay!

    This was the first year we ran completely out of candy, though.

    Bast Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith.

  46. I will have to post a second comment to negate Kelly’s sole comment.

    One of our zombie friends ended up on Rosie O’Donell’s blog (we live one town away). Our leader was dressed in his zombie regalia eating meat from a bone (it was a lamb’s leg). He stayed in character the whole time. Since it was the weekend, he shambled about in pjs, a tattered robe and slippers. One hand held the leg of lamb and the other a bloody NY Times. He made some little kids cry just by walking on the sidewalk in front of his house.

    A stock photo of this friend was also used as a featured pic on Colbert last year for a zombie apocalypse piece. We don’t fuck around when we zombie.

  47. Here’s mine… I was a garden, I crocheted the costume myself (lots of freeform crochet with stash-busting flowers and tendrils and whatnot).
    Garden Costume back
    Garden Costume front
    The Garden and the Snail
    Garden Costume back (detail)

  48. I went to work as the Devil With A Blue Dress On (horns, blue dress). The horns started pinching so I took them off and then I was the Devil In Disguise.

    On actual Halloween, I painted furniture and went appliance shopping, because I’m moving next month (hooray!). I went home that evening by BART. It was jammed like morning commute, but with costumes.

    By the way, anyone in the SF area want two bagsful of clothes, sizes 16-24, styles late 80s to mid 00s? There’s a bunch of nice, professional-looking skirts in 20/22, and the rest is pretty random.

  49. Shapeling Rosemary gave me the idea for my costume.
    I went as Rosie the Riveter. I had everything but the red head scarf and black lunch pail. I borrowed some red fabric, and went pin-up style with the make-up.
    The Norman Rockwell interpretation gave me the full body layout.

    I didn’t win any prizes at the party I attended, but I was recognizable as everyone referred to me as the ‘poster lady’ all evening. Plus I was comfortable and maneuverable, unlike some costumes. That’s a win to me.

  50. I took my 3 kids (two little witchies and a spider dude) and I went in pajamas with curlers in my hair, a robe on, and loads of make up. In other words I was a stay-at-home mom. It was last minute. I really would have loved to stick a box of chocolates in one pocket and a romance book in the other but since I didn’t own either I didn’t get a chance.

  51. oooh oooh I would like to show off the pumpkin I carved – the first one in say, 10ish years :) :)

    One side of her face is EVIL PUMPKIN (see the jagged teeth?):

    The other side is nice pumpkin (with a smile!):

    whole pumpkin:

    okay time to go read the other comments. i hope people posted lots of costume pictures!

  52. “Kelly, given that this is your first comment ever on this blog, I’m not sure which “we” you think you’re talking about. Look, those four people on the “about” page? Who write all the content here? We’re busy. We get tired. We’re taking a break from writing for free here (especially given that every single one of us writes for a living in some capacity), and we told you what was going on, and our little holiday will be over soon. If you don’t want to talk lemurs or socks or Halloween, there are plenty of fantastically interesting blogs that you can read in the meantime, and feel free to check back in with us later in the week.”

    I’ve been a loyal reader for a long time, I check the site almost daily. All I saw was some announcement that there would be nothing but fluff for no clearly defined period of time. So no, I don’t feel like I was told what is going on. I thought the blog was put on hiatus because of trolling. My impression, from your response is that I was supposed to somehow glean “needing a break for a week or two because we’re exhausted” from “Y’all, we are on fluffcation till further notice. We are posting nothing thought-provoking, drama-inducing, or troll-tempting for the immediate future. Anyone who says anything remotely controversial in comments will be thoroughly scolded.” That is not clear to me, all I know is that the blog is now only talking about lemurs.

    I can definitely “hear” the snark in your response, which is disappointing to me, since all I want is the kickass blog I’ve been watching intently for a long time. If you want people to understand what is going on, a clear post would go a long way. I am not, in anyway, implying anyone should work for free if they don’t wish to. But it’s not terribly fair to post an vague message, saying that all content is on hold for no disclosed reason with no sense of when it’s to return and then get annoyed at a loyal reader who wants clarification.

    If you all need help, I think folks would love to submit articles for review and possible publication.

  53. ” DW: I will have to post a second comment to negate Kelly’s sole comment.”

    Why does my comment need to be negated? All I wanted to know is – when will the lemur posts be done? I am, of course, supportive of the writers taking a break, it just wasn’t clear to me that’s what was going on – it sounded to me more like the blog was on hiatus because of trolls.

    Anyway, post your own thoughts, I’ll post mine, and please don’t patronize me by “negating” what I have to say.

  54. I am getting so many awesome costume ideas for next year! I posted pics of the pumpkin I carved, but there are multiple links in the comment, so it’s in moderation, I’m sure one of the lovely mods will free it up when they get a chance.

    iiii, LOVE the devil in disguise idea.

    and someday i’m totally going as rosie the riveter (i think two different comments mentioned her).

  55. Kelly, there’s no way to know that you’ve been a “loyal reader” if you’ve never posted, so the comment did seem to come out of the blue. And it’s only been, what? A week? If you’re as loyal a reader as you say you are, you know how heated things have gotten here over the last month or so. A break and cool down period from that seem perfectly reasonable to me.

    Also, if you’re a loyal reader, the snark shouldn’t really come as a surprise…

  56. I was a Captain Hammer groupie. So simple. Only a few people got it, but those who did really appreciated it.

  57. I was a zombie bride. I wore my wedding dress & my husband did my makeup. I thought I looked darn good!

  58. “Kelly, there’s no way to know that you’ve been a “loyal reader” if you’ve never posted, so the comment did seem to come out of the blue. And it’s only been, what? A week? If you’re as loyal a reader as you say you are, you know how heated things have gotten here over the last month or so. A break and cool down period from that seem perfectly reasonable to me.

    Also, if you’re a loyal reader, the snark shouldn’t really come as a surprise…”

    The point is, assumptions or privileging shouldn’t be made based on post count. That’s like a novel writer telling a fan I don’t care what you think because they didn’t send a slew of fan mail.

    I don’t have a problem with a break – it wasn’t clear to me that’s what was happening. Because of the trolling and the way the notice was worded, it seemed to me the blog was shut down because of trolls. If it’s for a rest that is, of course, reasonable. I will also reiterate that I’m certain there are a slew of folks here who could write amazing articles to be reviewed by the writers to ease their workload.

  59. But it’s not terribly fair to post an vague message, saying that all content is on hold for no disclosed reason with no sense of when it’s to return and then get annoyed at a loyal reader who wants clarification.

    I’m sorry, it’s not fair? Could you spell out how our providing you with regular content for no compensation somehow creates an obligation to keep you abreast of our thought processes and plans at all times? Even if we had any way of knowing that you were a “loyal reader” and not some random drive-by — given that you have literally never participated in the community here except to complain that we’re not doing enough — that would be out of line.

    If you’re starved for free reading, not only are there a lot of other blogs but there are three years worth of archives and a social networking site. But getting shitty with us (guess what, we can also “hear the snark” in “I guess we’re done writing a blog that actually covers issues”) because you’re unhappy with the amount of writing we’re doing, or the level of backstage access you’re getting, is just really unnecessary.

  60. My dog was a skunk (sooo cute, I will post pictures later) but I didn’t really dress up. I wore cat ears and some facepaint at work, but that doesn’t really count as a costume.

    I am, however, thrilled for next year as I just bought the most hilarious “Sexy Ghostbusters” costume on clearance yesterday. Oh man, it is incredible. Of course, I will have to wear it with thick leggings, which will sort of negate the sexiness, but ah well. (This year was the first year I can remember not having huge snowdrifts on Halloween – it only rained a little, and it never got below -5C!)

  61. “Just as I heard it in your initial comment.”

    I said quite a bit more in my response…. What about the idea of being clear re: vacations so readers know what the heck is going on and what about the idea of opening up for submissions to ease your load?

    I will not deny it’s annoying to check every day, sometimes more than once, and only see lemurs with an understanding that there will be no content because of trolls – that is what I took from the notice that was given. I will not deny that I felt frustrated seeing more about lemurs this morning. All that said, I believe I have a legitimate point with the lack of clarity and a potentially helpful idea of thinking of new ways to ease the workload on writers, while maintaining an awesome blog.

  62. That’s like a novel writer telling a fan I don’t care what you think because they didn’t send a slew of fan mail.

    Actually, it’s like a novel writer telling a fan that they are not in charge of when the next novel in the series comes out, no matter how pissed they are that it’s taking so long. And you can find plenty of blogs where novelists do just that. And those fans actually pay money, so they might have a tiny leg to stand on when trumping up an obligation.

  63. Also, please be warned that I will happily ban you right now. We said we’re not dealing with this shit until further notice, and that is because WE DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH THIS SHIT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. The stabby pain comes easy right now, WHICH IS WHY THE FUCK WE ARE ON VACATION, and you are pushing it. If you can’t have respect, have some fucking compassion, and if you can’t have compassion, have a ban warning.

    I love that you think “hey, publish some guest posts” is a helpful idea we’d never have thought of. Christ. Go start your own blog.

  64. “I’m sorry, it’s not fair?”
    That was part of a longer thought – ie: it’s not fair to get annoyed at me for not understanding a vague message. I’m not saying it’s not fair to have no content. Once it was clear this was about a break and not about giving in to trolls, I got it. The original post sounded like the purpose of the hiatus was because of trolls, not because of a need for rest.

    “Could you spell out how our providing you with regular content for no compensation somehow creates an obligation to keep you abreast of our thought processes and plans at all times?”

    Well, considering I didn’t say anything to that effect, I don’t even know how to respond. I don’t have any interest in “all thought processes and plans”. All I wanted was a clear sense of what is going on. It is incredibly odd to go from great content to lemurs with no clear sense of what the heck was going on.

    “Even if we had any way of knowing that you were a “loyal reader” and not some random drive-by — given that you have literally never participated in the community here except to complain that we’re not doing enough — that would be out of line.”

    I don’t see how wanting clarity is out of line. If I worded my original post poorly in my frustration, fine, but I didn’t say any of the things you seem to think I did. I don’t think I am “owed” content. I don’t think people should work for free. Etc etc. I have no interest in all thought processes and plans.

    However, I also don’t think trolls should dictate what folks do – I get annoyed when I think “they” are winning – because, frankly, trolls WANT to shut people up. The original post sounded like the hiatus was due directly to trolls. This morning, getting on and seeing the blog is still on (what I thought was) troll-strike, I got frustrated.

    I have read the archival stuff, I have linked it to friends, sent it to colleagues, enjoyed it throughly.

  65. This morning, getting on and seeing the blog is still on (what I thought was) troll-strike, I got frustrated.

    Then it’s particularly weird that you decided to act like a troll by posting your very first comment as a one-liner criticism.

    Your dissatisfaction is now noted. Please stop elaborating on it.

  66. I’m sorry you feel I’m lacking compassion and respect, I am not intending to do so. I fully understand the need for a break, I misunderstood the original post and thought the hiatus was about trolls, not a need for rest. My suggestion about guest writers was given in good faith, trying to address the burnout that was disclosed. I wasn’t trying to be clever. I’m sorry I made a suggestion and I’m sorry I posted my confusion and frustration in a poorly worded way. That said, I still think the original message wasn’t clear and I still am missing the blog. Anyway, ban if you wish, I’m a reader, not a writer anyway.

  67. Ooohh I was, of course, Joan from Mad Men :)

    I had a pencil skirt, a joan-ish top in a beautiful shade of green, a redheaded wig, some button earrings, a brooch and of COURSE a pen necklace :) It was awesome!

  68. I don’t know if this is going to work, but I went as a zebra, and here’s the picture a friend snapped of my makeup, of which I am rather proud…


    Did it myself, with white cake makeup and kid-friendly face-paint black stick. Ears are sharpie-decorated posterboard threaded onto craft wire headband, dress was $10 at savers (and I will be wearing it again), tail was black and white fabric scraps braided and pinned to my dress, and I wore white fishnets and black cowboy boots. Nobody else was a zebra. Hee.

  69. Sweet? Dog? That is Zoethor, the Fierce. She’s a Wild Thing, and if you can’t read the comments I built her as part of my costume, out of pipe cleaners, cursed Aztec gold and dog hair I scraped out of the rug. Oh, the trick-or-treaters upon which we feasted!

  70. Kelly, for fuck’s sake. We all miss the articles and commentary this blog is known for, but these people aren’t our employees. We don’t get to tell them when to write, or what to write. Just be patient, enjoy the lemurs, and it will be back when they’re ready.

    In the meantime, you know Kate is also writing stuff for Broadsheet and Jezebel, right? Marianne’s been updating at The Rotund again, there’s a ton of good stuff on the Fatosphere Feed.

    Shutting up now, because this subject needs to get dropped.

  71. Just a very quick final comment, though FJ more or less covered it: blogs are interactive – novels are not. It’s not a reasonable comparison.

    On another note, I love the Mad Men costumes. I didn’t see a lot out (probably because clubs attract more of a hyper-sexualized crowd), but it’s such a perfect costume.

  72. I went as a ’70s chick in such a pretty dress, and the boy went as a ’70s dude complete with fantastic corduroy suit. That was Wednesday.

    Friday and Sunday I went as a fabulous nerdy girl, which wasn’t much of a stretch for me. Nerd=awesome pants.

    And I didn’t dress up for Halloween. Which is funny considering I dressed up more this year than I ever have.

  73. I had three costumes over the course of the day. I started with a faceful of zombie makeup and wore my street clothes — black jeans, converse, a band t-shirt from the ’70s — and went as “Punk is Dead.” Then, hanging out with some similarly minded literature friends, the same costume transformed into The Lacanian Real (because the Real is death! … okay, I’ll go geek quietly in a corner now). For the big finale, I threw on a black dress and white blouse and went as Wednesday Addams for my house’s group costume (the Addams family, natch.) Sadly, my cat would not allow himself to be dragged along as Thing.

  74. Gee, I’m a loyal reader and I got it that you were on a fluffcation ’cause I READ IT. ‘Cause I, like, ya know, READ THE BLOG. And it’s not about MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    You ladies rule my fat-o-sphere. Lemur away.

  75. Aleks, I think your Max costume is great.

    And Penny, your garden is lovely and your daughter’s snail costume might take teh Cute cake. I noticed she was a suffragette for a school project. At first all I could see on the screen was her hat and sash… so I was all “please please, let that be a suffragette costume!” And lo and behold, that’s what it was! Yay!

    I had the good fortune to go to a high school where the girl’s uniform is a black pleated jumper. So I wore that with a plain black sweater over it (so as to cover the Christian Brothers’ cross insignia), with a white shirt. AND my Ravenclaw scarf and Ravenclaw knee socks. I was a Prefect. It’s not really the season for Harry Potter, it being not around the time a film is coming out. But I don’t care. I love being Ravenclaw-ish in my life, so any chance to wear the scarf is fine by me.

  76. I didn’t dress up (was tempted to copy some adorable and simple deer costumes people on some craft websites have been making but didn’t have time due to brain fuzz) but I made little witchy shelf-dolls, ate goat curry and winter squash and attempted to make some ancestor trees and leaf wreaths… with little success, but lots of fun!

    Now I have loads of leftover chestnuts from the curry and squash (mmmm wintery curry) and am wondering whether to roast them or save them for soups.

  77. I’m not going to try putting it as a nice looking link because I’m pretty sure I’d just mess it up, but I went as a Yip Yip, aka a Sesame Street Martian.

    apparently my friend Ann is terrifying

  78. Also, re: Mad Men…

    I just bought a fantastic purple sheath dress that is 1 part Michelle Obama to 1 part Joan from Mad Men. And I have red hair. The temptation to Joan it up was mighty, except I don’t have cable, don’t watch the show, and don’t know anyone who does. I just hang around the kinds of blogs where other people watch the show and like the character. So I’d just be all “uh… Joan? From Mad… oh… never mind. Pass the Junior Mints.”

    Speaking of Junior Mints, we had one, count ’em one trick or treater. We shoveled half the candy we had into her bag, because we were so thrilled to see her.

    This induced in me a Back In My Day moment, when I was all “when I was a kid, we would walk around for HOURS blahblahblah just with us kids and no parents blahblahblah and WE never got razorbladed or kidnapped blahblahblah.” This says to me:

    1) Times have changed.

    2) Which is probably fine.

    3) And being a kid living in military housing has advantages. One was, lots of other kids. Another was that no one really thought of military families as being especially stranger like since SOMEONE would know the people you were out meeting and, critically, their commanding officer. Thus we ran around in packs. It was great.

    4) I am glad my dad and mom live in a neighborhood with lots of kids and families that know one another, since my dad loves Halloween and is very grandfatherly. He would be sad if he didn’t get to hand out candy and have admirers of his Jack O’ Lanterns. See here:


  79. I went as Stevie Nicks, which only required the purchase of a blonde wig. The rest of the stuff came from my closet or my windows (I used one panel of our bedroom curtains). Here is the only picture I have of myself, taken late into the night. I’m trying to make the semi-vacant, wide-eyed Stevie Nicks face, but I’m also drrrrrrrrunk so I don’t think it comes across:

    To adjust for fatness, I told everybody I was klonopin-addiction era Stevie.

  80. AnthroK8, please give my compliments to AnthroK7 on the Jacks. I can’t believe using the stem as nose never occurred to me.

  81. Glad to see a few people discovered the wonders of a comfy, feminist Rosie the Riveter costume! It’s my permanent backup, especially since I usually go by Rosie.

    Husband & I had big plans to go to the local goth club night, as a bride & groom (ballgown skirt, corset & black veil for me, black kilt, lacey tuxedo shirt & top hat for him, lots of eyeliner & dark red lipstick for both of us) but we were so pooped from going to LA for the U2 concert last weekend (squee), and staying up late on Wednesday buying a new car (it’s a mini – double squee)…we skipped dressing up and just went out for dinner then watched a couple of episodes of Dr Who. The sexy goth outfits will have to wait till the next goth night we can muster the energy for. We live in a small condo complex with a security gate, in a slightly sketchy area, so no Guisers come to our door.

  82. My eldest daughter and son were Mario and Luigi, and the baby was a duck. My husband wore a brown sweatshirt and said he was Donkey Kong. :) I wore my pumpkin earrings for the twelfth year in a row. So festive!

  83. I was slightly sad that Halloween was on a Saturday this year, so I didn’t get to wear my perfect-for-work costume: last year I went as the Golem of Prague, which required writing EMET on my forehead in Hebrew with a Sharpie. :-) That word is on the Brandeis seal (I work at the university library) so I had an ideal concentration of people who would actually get what I was.

  84. I attend “Weekend Grad School” at a women’s university in St Paul. So I came in Saturday morning, and let me tell you Max, King of the Wild Things got a lot fewer stares than Aleks, Boy usually does.

  85. I was Marie Antoinette! I got a blond wig and glued a little model ship into it, and made most of my costume out of super discount brocade and clothes from the thrift store. I also managed to get my hands on a hoop skirt to go under, so I got the experience of taking up even more space than usual. It was lots of fun :)

    My girlfriend was a fall fairie. It was her first halloween, because her parents are that kind of religious and she just moved out. We made her huge dragonfly wings (they came to her knees) and a tattered red and orange skirt and dyed her skin green. We were going to go to a party, but decided to go out to eat instead, and then gave out candy and watched buffy.

  86. Zen, right now I’m living in Jamestown NY (where Lucy grew up) and the entire city is like a shrine to her. Her face is plastered on the sides of buildings, on billboards, everywhere. it’s bizarre.

  87. @Kelly
    If you’re jonezing for a FA hit (which I can empathize with), I just read a great article in Slate, titled ‘The Fat Premium’. http://www.slate.com/id/2234003?nav=wp

    The author does a pretty awesome job of covering all the FA 101 reasons that a Fat Premium for health insurance is illogical. Apparently he’s doing an entire series on obesity and health care reform. I plan to go back and read the rest of his articles.

  88. I already posted my costume, but I wanted to note some of the best costumes I saw that night in Harvard Square:

    Homemade Jack & Sally couples theme costumes from Nightmare Before Christmas
    Green Lantern
    Meg White (from the band: The White Stripes)
    Ghost on a Bicycle
    Peg from “Married With Children”
    Christian Rocker
    Artie: The Strongest Man In The World (from “Adventures of Pete and Pete”)

  89. I was a sort of retro suicidal starlet with zombie-ish face and slashed wrists, full length evening gown, red wig etc. It was fun to put together and I was pretty happy with the results, but my “wrists” started to peel, which drove me crazy so I had to take them off. Also, I was surprised at how quickly my make-up faded. I guess I’m oilier than I thought.

    My favorite costumes from the night were an excellent homemade Beaker (from the Muppets) and a bottle of Sriacha hot sauce.

  90. I was a pirate, I know that it’s not original, but for me it was since I’ve never been a pirate before!!
    My son was a dragon (dinosaur)

  91. I just threw on one of my (many) gothy/halloweeny t-shirts to hand out candy it glows in the dark has a skull, spiders and says “Good Girl Gone Bad” I kind of love it, a lot. Not very a different from every day for me though, although I don’t wear that particular shirt to work X)

    Our social circle’s big Halloween party is this weekend and the theme is “Wild West” IF i go (ridiculous social anxiety issues are making this a maybe) I’m going to go as an Extreme Temperance Movement member complete with ax 8)

  92. My sister’s Welsh Corgi is named Indiana. Our last name is Jones. Naturally, this is what she did for Indy’s first Halloween.

    We didn’t really dress up in costumes. A friend of the family was getting married on Halloween, but she called it off at the last minute. The venue, catering, etc. were all paid for and it was too late to get the deposit back, so they made the reception into a party, costumes optional. It was fun, but a little sad. I couldn’t come up with a costume in time, so I just wore the dress I’d originally intended to wear to the wedding.

  93. My html skills failed. Let’s try something simpler. In case this still doesn’t work, it’s a Welsh Corgi in a tiny brown hat, Indiana Jones-style.

  94. I was a cat because my daughter wanted to be a firefighter and we wanted my costume to go with hers. She spent the whole evening pretending to rescue me from a tree. Several people thought she was a boy despite her long hair and pink pants. But she piped right up with, “and some GIRLS are firefighters.” That’s right, my little 3-yr-old feminist, some girls ARE firefighters!

  95. I wasn’t all that motivated costume-wise this year, because I had just put in a lot of effort getting all costumed up for a dance performance the weekend before. But I did put on a skirt so cute that it felt like a costume at the Halloween party I attended! And I am very impressed by many of your costumes, Shapelings.

    Also, to the blogmistresses: You are not hopping on the correct foot for me. And certainly not fast enough. I have been horribly misled and you should have told me you weren’t going to hop correctly or well enough, so that at least I’d have known what to expect. You should at least get some guest hoppers, and then put in all the work to moderate all of the crazy-making comments you’ll receive in response.

  96. I was sadly not in a position to have a real costume, but since it meant being able to not wear my work uniform for one day, I sort of half-assed a gypsy costume (my manager said I looked more like a hippie, though). I know that was terribly unenlightened of me, but I didn’t have anything else. x.x

    However, as a result I had one of the coolest encounters ever. Some of y’all know I’m an opera singer in training, right now I’m applying to graduate school at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. Well, one lady came through my line while I was wearing my half-assed costume and said “oh, you look a little like Carmen” and I responded “oh, I love Carmen, I’ve always wanted to sing the Habanera but haven’t had a chance yet, I’m a mezzo” and she said “really? I’m the president of the Cincinnati Opera.” And I went “OMG NICE TO MEET YOU YOU’RE AWESOME MY NAME IS CHELSEA!!!” Then she told me I definitely have to do their yearly competition next year (I didn’t know about it until too late this year) and wished me luck in getting into grad school.

    So that pretty much made my entire month. XD

  97. Because it’s been that sort of day and there aren’t many rotten days that can’t be improved by a cute picture of a dachsie, I hijack this thread for just such a one, courtesy of ‘Who’s Your Dachshund’ blog:

    & Penny? The garden costume is made of win.

  98. @Rosemary Riveter, aka Actual Rosemary: next year, I think I have to be a riveter or some other kind of Iconic Lady. The best/worst part of my boyfriend’s Sexy Bunny costume was that he had to wear my leggings under it, because otherwise he was like a pendulum. It was hilarious.

  99. Oooh, Eucritta, that reminds me of one of my favorite dog moments. Both my dogs are pit mixes, so they’re big and rambunctious and playful. This can alarm other dog owners. I had Dog 1 at a dog park one day while on a long-distance drive, and there was a dachshund who wanted to play but whose owner wasn’t sure it was a good idea. So my dog flopped over on his back and put his belly in the air, and the little dachshund got on top of him and posed, proudly, like a mountaineer on top of Everest. Exactly like your photo, but with the two of them reversed, and my Jasper lying there with the huge pit bull grin on his face.

    That was a threadjack, but one completely appropriate to the larger theme of Aww Cute.

  100. That’s a great story, Starling! And to continue the threadjack, it reminded me of one of my favorite photos on the Web:

  101. OMG HiddenTohru that is beyond cool! Nice connection to have. :D

    If you don’t mind my asking, where did you do your bachelor’s?

  102. Annie: Appalachian State University, in Boone, NC. Dr. Julia Pedigo was my teacher there. It’s a relatively small program, but the teachers were all very good, just not a lot of performing opportunities.

  103. OTM, I went as Stevie Nicks too! Well, here’s the thing- I started to dress as Stevie Nicks, because she’d probably wear most of my clothes anyway. I started layering and layering and layering (I had on this white lace dress with a black vest over it and a thick brown corset and a velvet scarf over my head), and just as I was about to go really nuts with the layering, it occurred to me that I could be Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? AND in Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte, since she essentially plays the same character. So I took off all the layers, kept on the white lace dress, put on a pair of white lace tights and my character shoes, curled my hair, and heaped on tons of unflattering stage make-up without any concealer or foundation, so I looked pretty haggard. Looking at myself in the mirror, I thought, “Stevie Nicks would look like this if she had gone the Grace Slick route. Come to think of it, this will probably be what I’ll look like when I’m old.”

    So that’s essentially what I was- old Stevie Nicks + old Bette Davis = Lucy’s Ghost of Christmas Future. It was really opaque. But I wasn’t alone- my friend went as a fallen angel, wearing wings and a halo and devil horns, and tons of liberal-cause pins, because “Sarah Palin kicked me out of heaven.” She had to explain her costume a lot too.

  104. I went to two parties this year, so I had two costumes. Friday night I was a goth/punk rock princess, and Saturday night I was Tina Turner. I had a blast this weekend!

  105. I was a gypsy this year. My husband got all the attention, though, because he was a bumblebee. He was so big and squishy and adorable that he got all the hugs and lovin’.

    (By the way, I like the lemurs. Enjoy your break! It always amazes me how people on the internet get all demandy about free things.)

  106. Different Kelly here than the earlier Kelly. I’m super-proud of my costumes this year, which got a mention in our local paper – my son and I did anyway:

    The Boy & I, my “Max”).

    I also made my husband a Wonder Woman costume (he got a lot of attention for that one, at 6′ 1″ and in 4″ heels) and a vampiress costume for my 7 year old daughter (who is, , in California with my mum and my family).

    I have to say, I credit SP and the FA community at large for even making a costume for myself. I’ve been sewing my own family’s costumes for years; I’ve always felt too self-conscious to make myself something. I appreciate this group for helping me come out of my shell, re-invest in the fun of Halloween, & make my own costume a priority (with all the other family stuff we have going on).

  107. I spent the weekend at http://www.cadhay.org.uk/ with 17 other friends, all of us being Harry Potter freaks. In the morning of hallowe’en (and for most of the weekend) I was Hermione in a school-uniform type look and had Harry and Ron to run around with, as well as loads of others when we went to an awesome place with a maze, otters and falconry.

    On Saturday evening though we had a formal dinner and I was Andromeda Tonks and it was totally the family reunion from hell. We had Narcissa, Lucius and Draco Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius Black and her dear daughter Nymphadora Tonks there, as well as people being other characters, it was awesome fun! I made that costume all by my self, including a corset (seriously, Narcissa, Bellatrix and I were totally the boob sisters for this, all in corsets!).

    Lol, that probably means very little for non-Harry Potter fans, but oh well. It was amazing! Even my wardrobe was 400 years old.

  108. I wore one of my favourite vintage dresses – a ’50s pink tea-length prom-style dress with an awesome new vintage ruffled petticoat I got last month completely by chance, a black lace goth coat, and a great ’20s hair comb. And I handed out candy at a friend’s house, because I live most of the time in an apartment where no kids trick or treat.

    I had a great time.

  109. Not a long time reader, but I found this blog via stumble upon a couple weeks ago and read through most of it quickly. Thank you muchly for the blogs.

    As an introduction, I’m an inbetweeny, I guess, being between a size 10 and 14, and with very Rubinesque curves no matter what size I’m at. It makes finding pants a beast.

    Anyway, I’m a US citizen living in Norway, and Punkin day isn’t huge over here. However, Scottish boyfriend and I managed to find a party to go to and went as human versions of Wall.E and EVE.

  110. Goldfinch79 I think you’ve just inspired me to be Miss Piggy next year and get the hubs to be Kermit! (Should be pretty awesome since Adam D actually does the Kermit voice eerily well!!) I need to practice my “Hi-YAH!” karate chops to be ready for Miss Piggy-dom in a year! ;)

  111. I did myself up a pretty good pirate costume this year. All the components were things that were already in my wardrobe, along with this awesome frilly-sleeved shirt that I… well… DON’T wear every day, because it makes me look like a pirate. So! I picked up a hat at the dollar store, put it on, and went “Well if they can’t tell that you’re a pirate NOW, Captain Obvious…” then went “…hey!” so there was my pirate name for the day. Woot!

    Only had the chance to wear the costume to work, alas. I had to rush home that day, strip, then toss off my fancy dressup outfit and boot it on over to my friend’s wedding! (It was a very warm cozy goth affair. The bride’s dress was in black and red, with lace and a PVC corset thing and EEEE it was GREAT.)

  112. @queen of nuffink – Thanks!

    Last night I went through these comments and linked to the pictures… Zombie Juliet and the box of wine stuck out as memorable! A very creative set we have here!

  113. Sizeoftheocean, that t-shirt is so great! And Hiddentohru, thank you for linking the bunny comic – I lost my link to it. Today’s one is very cool

  114. While I had an uneventful Halloween, I just wanted to leave a comment. I recently found this blog and find it one of the most inspiring and sanity-inducing reads in a while! Thank you.

  115. I wanted to be the ghost of Pina Bausch, and then decided it was too obscure/that I didn’t want to spend my whole evening explaining who Pina Bausch was. So I did what I always do, which is just put on things until it feels like a costume. This year involved a gold sequined minidress, rainbow bob wig, a silver glittery bowler hat, silver necktie, sport jacket, shitkicker boots, and tinselly false eyelashes. I don’t know what it was, but I looked great. I got one Kirk (saw a lot of Kirks this year!) say charmingly “What are *you* supposed to be?” as he passed me on the street. My answer, though he didn’t stick around to hear it, is, “Confident enough to wear this without Spock and Scotty backing me up, and humane enough not to talk down to strangers on the street.”

    In other news: I still, today, have glue on my eyelids from the falsies. Should I be concerned? Any tips for eyelash-glue removal? I’ve used lots of oil, soap, and water.

    Also: As a new reader, I personally am pleased to troll the archives until such time as content returns. In the meantime, lemur up!

  116. Dear Team at Shapely Prose,

    I apologize in advance that this is not a post about my Halloween costume, something I neither celebrate nor know much about. This is really about the back and forth that you guys have been having with a certain Kelly. Even as I write this I know, it might never actually see the light of a computer screen given the strict commenting policy that you so proudly maintain. But I felt compelled to say something, so here goes.

    I stumbled upon your blog a month ago, and grew very interested in the debates and writings that you guys were doing. Although not completely convinced about a lot of it, I do enjoy reading your content. I find your politics very refreshing, even though I have my own reservations with the FA movement which I still think is awesome. By any standards, I am not your standard reader i.e. I am not fat, I am not Western and I actually do think cookies are evil :)

    So, my opinion might not be relevant or important to you and if it isn’t I am sure you guys will find a very sarcastic, dry way of letting me know that. But I think your readers deserve a little more consideration than keyboard screaming at them and threatening to ban them , especially when they haven’t really done anything except maybe ask you a question, for which you mock them, take their phrases out of context and provide your own spin on it.

    I think you have a serious problem. If you can sense any snark in it, I assure you there is none. I just don’t know any other way to put it. But I do take issue with your very defensive rebuttal to Kelly’s posts. I can’t tell you how to think, or how to express yourself or when or any of those things. It is completely your perogative if you want to post about lemurs or sea lions or body politics. You’re right, you don’t owe anybody anything. You don’t owe your readers an apology, you don’t owe them a justification. You don’t even owe them an explantion. But they do deserve your consideration and respect.If somebody wants to know when you’re back to making serious posts: answer them or don’t answer them. But how does attacking them for simply asking that and then accusing them of bumming free content of you make a viable option?

    Maybe I am misunderstanding but are you implying that you dained to grace the world with your free writings, so we should all be oh so greatful? That’s really what I am getting from some of the stuff you’re saying. If Kelly was being rude or incoherent or irrational which she wasn’t, I could understand your reactions. But I really couldn’t see the point in your berating an articulate, apparently loyal reader who was only trying to voice her frustration.

    I get that you’re all busy with personal & proffesional lives and your activism and just years of having to take god knows what crap from everybody. I understand because its a hard, hard job to stand apart from the crowd and begin questioning the flaws within the system. But please bear in mind that that is not an excuse for everything . Your prided snarkiness amd take no shit attitude is what it is and each to her own I guess. But your readers, team Shapely Prose are not your enemy so consider not being so dismissive or ‘screw you you’re not important’ with them. They do form the other half of the circle. Again, I am not telling you what to do, just suggesting what you needn’t do and still make your point.

    Oh.. btw. I am not a troll. I won’t be nit-picking with you or adverstising for diet or whatever. So save yourself the trouble: don’t ban me coz I most probably won’t be writing in again. Will continue to read though.

  117. I was handing out candy at home. The neighborhood has more or less grown up (yours truly is trying to), so we only got one visit, 3 siblings who were told to take as much as they wanted. I wasn’t wearing a costume, but if they had asked I would have told them I was a Young Earth Creationist. Or a Republican. Boo.

  118. Oh oh oh oh oh! My First comment Evah! (on this site.) I was so a straw feminist! I wore ugly (but comfy) “practical” shoes, brown pants, a gray boy’s tank top undershirt with no bra and an old plaid flannel shirt, no make-up thick rimmed glasses, and did my hair in a really severe braid. Then I shoved straw in my clothes (sticking out like a scare crow, I also wore under armor to help with the itching.) Then I glared at everyone and kept saying, “I hate teh menz and teh babiez.”

  119. @Arwen, Bunny Mazonas – I know, it’s clearly taken straight from SP (copyright, anyone?), but I wonder how the meaning translates out of the context of the fat-o-sphere? And the implications of it being a halloween costume?

    Still, good to see it’s available up to a 6X (at extra cost).

  120. I went as Imhotep from the Mummy movie. Foolishly, I decided if I would bronze myself, I should shave off all my upper body hair.

    It is a few days later and I realize what an amazingly dumb idea that was. ^_^

  121. p.s.- it’s been days already, and I only just noticed now that you have managed to include yet another picture of a lemur, even though this post is not explicitly about lemurs. I guess the lemurs are becoming so subliminally entrenched that I’m not even noticing them at first sight anymore. Brava- I now take lemurs for granted with my FA. :)

  122. Deepti, I am letting your comment in because I want to say that, despite the fact that I disagree with you about much of it, you made a point to situate your complaint and give context of how long you’ve been reading, which are two things Kelly did not do.

    If Kelly was being rude or incoherent or irrational which she wasn’t, I could understand your reactions. But I really couldn’t see the point in your berating an articulate, apparently loyal reader who was only trying to voice her frustration.

    Here’s where we disagree: in her initial comment, Kelly was indeed rude and was not “apparently loyal” — it was her very first comment here. I don’t know if maybe this isn’t common knowledge, but if you don’t comment, we have no way of knowing whether you’ve been here before. All first-time commenters are sent to the mod queue so we can delete trolling or just plain irksomeness. If you are commenting for the first time and you don’t say something like “I’ve been lurking for a month but now I have to pipe up,” we have no way of knowing that you didn’t just find us today. So no, we don’t give newbies the benefit of the doubt, most of the time; for loyal readers, we do. The only way we know if you’re a loyal reader is if you’ve commented before or if you self-identify as one. Kelly did neither, and her first comment was patronizing. Thus she got some snark in return. If you’re new, maybe you haven’t read this post — please do. Meanwhile, a refresher:

    Realistically, this means that we have probably, on occasion, banned or berated a perfectly decent person who might have eventually blossomed into the kind of commenter we can’t wait to hear from. And you know what? We’re okay with that. We’re not proud of it, and we certainly don’t set out to exclude bright, interesting people from the conversation here. But if it happens every now and again, oh well — because overall, our being hardasses helps keep this blog readable and only rarely crazymaking.

    Most of our moderation work goes on behind the scenes — every first-time comment has to be approved, which is why you almost never see a drive-by fat-hater here anymore — but when an approved commenter starts driving us batshit, it’s out there for everyone to see. And we’re okay with that, too. We think about our responses, and we own them. But they’re not up for negotiation. We only get bitchy after we’ve perceived a consistent pattern of disrespect for the comments policy and/or the spirit of the blog. If you don’t perceive the same pattern, then one of two things is happening: you haven’t read all the same comments we have, or you have different standards than we do. Either way, it’s our call, and arguing with us about those calls is far more likely to get you on the shit list than change our minds.

  123. Yes, I’m extremely impressed with whoever managed to Google up a single picture containing a lemur with a jack o’lantern. I am now interested in seeing if other such unlikely juxtapositions can be found:

    a lemur in a gingerbread house
    a lemur with a hurdy-gurdy
    a lemur reading Auden

    Just some suggestions. I’ll be here waiting, refreshing the page.

  124. I haven’t had much luck on the gingerbread front, but I did find this artist’s impression of a holiday-themed lemur:

  125. I see your lemur-and-pumpkin and raise you THREE lemurs and a pumpkin:

    Plus, Amy Winehouse & lemurs at madame Tussaud’s

    And finally: obesity epicemic booga booga lemur (drunking Duff beer)

  126. I posted three ringtailed lemur links, so I’m stuck in mod que. I must now STOP googling for “thanksgiving lemur” and “christmas lemur” before my fingers forget how to type anything other than lemurlemurlemur.

  127. OK, this has all been well covered, but still…

    If you all need help, I think folks would love to submit articles for review and possible publication.

    This is going to come off bitchier than it is, because I have neither the time nor the energy to sugarcoat it. So here you go: You know what that sounds like? More work, which is exactly what none of us need. All four of us spend our days reading and writing, some of it for pay, and some of it not. An open call for guest posts would result in an onslaught of stuff to read. That would not help with the problem. I appreciate the thought — I really do, even if it doesn’t sound like it — but curating other people’s work can be even more time-consuming than writing.

    Maybe I am misunderstanding but are you implying that you dained to grace the world with your free writings, so we should all be oh so greatful?

    You know what? Yeah, that kind of is it. Except it’s not so arrogant as you imply, just realistic. Like most bloggers, we do this for zero compensation. Like most bloggers, we all have jobs outside the blog. But unlike many hobbyist bloggers, we get half a million page views a month and hundreds of comments per post, which we moderate closely. IT IS FUCKING TIRING. We decided to take a rest. Seeing as how we are not being compensated, no matter how much we appreciate our loyal readers (and fickle readers, for that matter), we do not, in fact, owe anyone anything more than a post that says, “We’re taking a rest. Have some lemurs.”

    At this writing, we have published 1,176 posts and moderated over 90,000 comments. Less than a week ago, we posted that we are taking a break until further notice — i.e., there is no specific time limit, because we don’t know when we’ll be up to posting more yet — and that we do not want to deal with any fucking drama right now. Then someone who has never commented here before comes along and says, “Waaaah, I want fresh content!” and you know what that creates? FUCKING DRAMA.

    I am actually working on a big State of the Prose post, which will go into more detail about the fluffcation, among other things. Unfortunately, I do not know when it will be finished. Over the next 24 hours, I need to do a bunch of writing I do get paid for, work up a bunch of pitches for writing I might get paid for, and put one of my beloved dogs to sleep, among other distractions. I will probably be at the computer for about 14 hours tomorrow, as usual. And the writing I don’t get paid for? Is not high on the list at the moment.

    When I started this blog, I had a LOT more free time, but now I don’t, and none of my co-bloggers ever did. Things have changed. But as many people have pointed out, there are a ZILLION other fat blogs, anyone looking for new work by me can find it elsewhere, the Ning site exists for community members to have more varied discussions than they have in comments here, and like we said, we are taking a break.

    If checking back here for new content is really so onerous, put us in an RSS reader and you’ll see new posts the second they arrive.

  128. Okay, I don’t want to add to the controversy, but I have to say in response to the Prosers’ responses to the critics above. I think that Kelly and Depti have a point.

    You keep saying that there are other Fat Acceptance blogs out there, but maybe you don’t understand that this one is special to us. Because of the number of highly linkable 101 posts, it’s a lot of people’s first FA blog and it remains a lot of people’s favorite. You folks have spent years providing entertaining, thought provoking, outrageous, and insightful commentary on fat issues, women’s health, feminism, intersectionality, and other matters beside, all the while engaging in all the tedious and energy-draining tasks that go with keeping a major website with public interaction running, all for no compensation, and now…

    Hmmmm, you know, I’m trying to figure out a way to finish that paragraph by concluding that you owe us something, and I can’t figure out a way of doing so that doesn’t make me sound horribly self-entitled.


    Do you want your gratitude dipped in gold or chocolate?

  129. Oh, hey, speaking of FA blogs, does anyone know a HAES space or blog that’s specifically about exercise/diet (as in, healthy eating) without being about weight loss or having constant BMI calculators or “How to lose ten pounds in a week” or the rest of that crap? A community for those inclined to improve exercise or eating habits can go without a big fluffy side helping of judgment and pseudo-science?

  130. Sorry to hear about your dog, Kate, it’s an awful decision to have to make. I hope you get some sweet paid gigs as karmic ‘payback’ for all the wonderful work you’ve been doing here.

    *proffers gratitude, dipped in chocolate with gold leaf*

  131. I’ve spent the last couple days thinking that another leading voice in the FA movement has stopped being a useful news source or an interesting blog to follow.

    The claim that there are other blogs of equal quality to read is a lie. There are many good blogs, yes, and many of them I follow. But shapely prose has made a career for its bloggers BECAUSE it was a leader.

    And you attack of your followers for questioning the sudden lack of posts is disheartening. You guys know how the Internet works. Every day you don’t post interesting content, your loosing readers. But you loose even more readers by getting angry because some of us are so eager for you to post that we’re asking why one of our favorite blogs has gone into “fluffication.”

    The thing I don’t get is why those of us in comments can’t talk about anything serious? It’s not only that you all are too burnt out to post but you’re also telling the community you’ve built to shut up?

    And why no guest bloggers? If the real reason is burnout, why not invite other people to fill in?

    Is this a break or a breakup? Cause the whole “no one talk serious” and “no guest bloggers” sure feels more like a breakup.

    You guys are role models. Like it or not, the blog blew up and you all became leaders in a movement that is desperate for one. I understand the desire to eschew that responsibility. And it’s your right to kill what you built.

    This is a problem in the FA movement. Our groups implode. Our leaders burn out. It’s just really frustrating to watch it happen once again.

  132. The thing I don’t get is why those of us in comments can’t talk about anything serious?

    Because moderating is tiring, and we are tired.

    Is this a break or a breakup? Cause the whole “no one talk serious” and “no guest bloggers” sure feels more like a breakup.

    And this is one of the reasons why. We are on vacay. We pay for a community where you can talk about all the serious stuff you want, for free. Kate just said she’s going to do a State of the Prose post this week. A little patience, maybe?

    And seriously? And you attack of your followers is not what’s happening here. We had one lurker say something snotty, and another lurker agree with her, with which I disagreed respectfully. Who’s being attacked? And why on earth do you think that stirring more drama in comments on this thread is going to make us *more* likely to shorten our little fluffcation?

    We’re not asking you to genuflect. We are asking you to use this space a bit differently for a week or two.

  133. The claim that there are other blogs of equal quality to read is a lie.

    Also, if this is your opinion, it sounds like your problem is with other bloggers, not with us.

  134. Sweet Machine –

    Your right. By stating my opinion I was stiring drama.

    I didn’t feel like the other people asking why the blog was on flufflication were being unreasonable. I was thinking the same thing, so I said so.

    I stick to what I said. It sure seems like you guys are attacking anyone that disagrees or dares question about this issue. But that’s is your right as the moderators of this blog.

    It’s your right to not post. It’s reasonable that you might get tired. It’s even understandable that you may be tired of the drama of being an online community.

    It’s my right to feel sad that something I valued is no longer providing me with news and information. I’m sorry if my stating that bothers you.

  135. Love and hugs to the mods. Drama is so not fun, and you guys deserve a vacation. I would just like to chime in here and say that I appreciate it because after all the blowups before Fluffcation I was feeling pretty depressed about the FA movement in general. SP is a great blog, and normally a safe place, but some of the trolls and WATM commenters were making it not so great, and I think a fluffcation was a great way to get back to feeling good about things. Not that I think FA is fluffy happy funtimes all the time (it’s hard effing work, for all of us), but having a safe place to discuss and commiserate is important, and some of the comments were making SP not so safe feeling, at least to me.

    Anyway, have a hedgehog in a costume. http://i.imgur.com/puu2Z.jpg Also, if I ever get to meet you guys in person, I am bringing you chocolate-dipped oatmeal butterscotch cookies.

  136. No, because this place (MN not SP) is going to hell. We’ve been lacking the real, results based leadership that brings and retains quality cheese shops.

  137. For fuck’s sake, folks, I love it here too, but it’s a *blog,* not the effing Grail.

    THANK YOU, Eucritta.

    Also, Elizabeth, Shapely Prose “has made a career for” one of its bloggers. Sort of. It became a platform that caught the attention of a few editors, which has worked out very well for me, and was always part of my plan — but you know, I still have to actually do new writing for those editors. I can’t just point here and say “give me money.” So it would be more accurate to say this is where I launched my career, which is still in its very early stages and quite far from “made.” The making of it depends on me doing a hell of a lot of work that keeps me away from the blog.

    And I don’t know if you noticed this, but my co-bloggers here all use pseudonyms, which is in part because this blog would be more likely to harm their careers than help them. They’re not only not getting squat for doing this, but they can’t even leverage the thousands of hours’ worth of work and stellar writing they’ve done here to get paid by someone else.

    This is a problem in the FA movement. Our groups implode. Our leaders burn out. It’s just really frustrating to watch it happen once again.

    Then that is a problem for the FA movement to solve, and one of the things that will come up in the post I’m writing is that we are not the movement. We are four bloggers, writing one blog. And I can’t speak for past leaders of a movement I’ve only been involved in for a few years, but if you want to know why leaders burn out, it’s probably because a bunch of people A) declare them leaders without consulting them, and B) demand not only leadership but innumerable other things from them (take on this topic, don’t take on that topic, contribute more, contribute less, handle things exactly the way I would, no, the way I would, no, the way I would, referee this fight, respond to that accusation, take up my cause, promote my product, etc.), even if they make it clear repeatedly that they are not qualified to lead a movement and never had any intention of doing so.

  138. Perhaps those dissatisfied with the turn the blog has taken could get a partial refund on their subscription fees if they’re not getting what they meant to pay for?

  139. Not that I think FA is fluffy happy funtimes all the time (it’s hard effing work, for all of us), but having a safe place to discuss and commiserate is important, and some of the comments were making SP not so safe feeling, at least to me.

    You and me both!

  140. Sweet Machine – I was not being sarcastic. I completely agree that me stating my opinion is drama.

    Kate – I’m sad that you’ve been put into a role that you don’t want.

    I respect you both. I’m sorry your angry or tired or overwhelmed.

    I can’t stop you from making choices for your own lives. I can’t convince you to keep up this blog. All I can do is put my two cents in and hope that you hear that this place was valued for what it provided to a movement that I care greatly about.

  141. Kate, I am so sorry to hear about your dog, that alone is enough reason for taking an indefinite break. If some of the commenters can’t see that, then I’d say they’re pretty much without compassion. I’ll be here when you guys start writing the in your face stuff, take as much time as you need.

  142. Maybe one of the ways we as readers can make this whole blogging experience less overwhelming/prone to burnout/etc. is to stop loading the SP bloggers with responsibility for All Fat People Everywhere. Or even The Fat Acceptance Movement. Because I love SP, and I am a huge fan of all its bloggers, but if it were to be closed down tomorrow, the movement would not end.

    Even more important, my responsibility in this matter would not end. We’re here, many of us, because we recognize the moral imperative to treat all people like human beings, and to stop loading moral judgment onto people who are outside society’s narrow aesthetic standards. We’re here because we recognize that it’s wrong for women to be treated like objects for others to view, and judged on the appearance of their bodies rather than the content of their characters. We’re here to break the chains that bind us and bind others to a diseased social standard.

    Community is great. The Ning site is up for it, and so is this space. But why not enjoy the lemurs and jokes for the time being, and focus some serious FA energies on the places we ourselves can help the movement, or change the movement, or change society? Why not shoot a real letter to some elected officials? Why not send that “Stop it with the headless fatties” e-mail to the local news stations? Why not start a blog on an aspect of FA that you find underdeveloped?

    The bloggers here–SM, FJ, A Sarah, and most of all Kate–have gone above and beyond what I’ve done for the FA movement, and probably what most of us have done. Why not leave them in peace on their well-deserved vacation (even paid people get more than a week), and look at this as a chance to do some of the heavy lifting ourselves? Because Kate is right. They are not The Movement. We are.

  143. OMG. May the goddess of annoyance and irritation visit those (on their next vacation) who just cannot back the fuck off the mods. Perhaps this is WHY they need to refresh? Hmmmmmmmmm?


  144. Nicely put, Starling.

    And to Kate, I am so sorry about your dog. I send chocolate covered hugs to you and Al.

  145. Even though I just found y’all a few weeks ago I’m very happy for the fluff stuff and a break from what was going on. Even the fluff is awesome. Bring on the dancing lemurs and costume talk-I’m happily anticipating the next fun thing.

  146. DW–Her name is Anoia, the Goddess of Things That Get Stuck in Drawers. From Wikipedia:

    Anoia–Goddess of Things That Get Stuck in Drawers, a minor goddess on the Discworld. When someone rattles a drawer and cries “How can it close on the damned thing but not open with it? Who bought this? Do we ever use it?”, even though the person might be genuinely irritated or even exasperated, it is as praise unto Anoia. Faithful Anoians (worshippers of Anoia) purposefully rattle their drawers and complain every day. Anoia also finds missing corkscrews, objects that roll under other objects, and things stuck in sofa cushions, and is considering handling stuck zippers.

    Gawd, I love Terry Pratchett. I am going to be Susan Sto Helit for Halloween next year.

  147. OMG. Starling, I read the first 29 books in the first year I was introduced to the series. I received Good Omens as a bday gift and I fell in love with both Pratchett and Gaiman. I have read almost everything they have written – even Sandman (which I don’t even like!). Kids stuff, too.

    You just got awesomer, btw.

  148. AprilD, I went out dancing earlier in the week, and someone came as Rainbow Brite, and hardly anyone recognised her! Michelle, your costume is fantastic. TwitchyHug, that’s a fun idea, but I don’t think I would have figured it out without asking, either. Penny, that must have taken *hours* to make! Brittany, I love the Muppet From Outer Space costume. Sherunslunatic, I can see why you won! Closetalker, that’s hilarious! Did you have an actual “wine in a box” inside the bigger one? Claire, we had a “Marie Antoinette” show up at the club we went to, and she won $100 in the costume contest. I dressed up for the club as a butterfly, but don’t have photos. I do have a couple from the costume class the previous weekend, for my gymnastics. Our team did a Hawaiian theme, but we had to remove the leis for the active part, so we didn’t risk choking ourselves. The horse had leis in his mane and tail, and wore a coconut bra and Hawaiian print stockings. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2801/4044470449_6b40c3a63e.jpg http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2615/4044470521_388c28aafe.jpg

    Elizabeth, having a guest blogger wouldn’t really make less work for them, since they’d still have to moderate comments (which is why they asked people not to post anything controversial in the first place).

    Starling, our GSD/Collie mix babysat our cat’s litter of kittens every day, and they’d climb on top of him (either with him on his back, or up on his head), pounce on his tail, play tug-of-war with his ears, etc. The Pitties I’ve met have all had great temperaments. I’ve seen some individual threads on more general-topic boards that focus on eating healthy food and exercise but not weight loss, but haven’t come across anything specifically directed that way. I’d be interested in one, since I’m working on some of my eating habits, and am very interested in fitness, but don’t want to lose weight (and prefer not to get bogged down in a lot of focus on it). For me, FA is mostly about accepting our bodies the way they are, becoming more confident in our own skins, and not attacking other people over their weight. :) I’m not doing as well (toward myself) in that respect as I’d like, but it’s a work in progress.

  149. DW–
    So you were thinking of Anoia! Yay!

    I just finished Unseen Academicals, which was highly entertaining, particularly as I firmly believe that soccer should come with riots. My ex is a soccer fan, and every time he mentions a game (e.g. Manchester United against Manchester City), I ask if there will be a riot. And he rolls his eyes in disgust and tells me, yet again, that soccer does not cause riots in the UK. I know this to be true, and still I ask because I am a brat. It is a tradition.

  150. I confess, I’ve been a bit sad that SP has gone into Fluff Hiatus from the world, especially in the last couple weeks when several things came up that had me raging and needing the catharsis of shared anger. This is usually where I come to do that (Shakesville stopped being comfortable for me a while ago and it’s no longer my go-to space). And that outlet was gone, which was a bit of a downer.

    OK that and lemurs are creepy.

    That feeling of disappointment had nothing to do with the rational side of my brain that knows good & damn well the 4 mods are exhausted and have been living with a siege mentality for the last several weeks as the blog has gotten immense amounts of traffic, including lots of less-than-friendly traffic. Nice and friendly people exhaust me on a good day. I don’t even want to imagine what this has been like for them recently. Also I seem to recall a couple of warning posts from Kate and others just before everything went ‘splodey saying “We’re reeeeally busy and may not be around much.”

    My disappointment is, in the end, about ME. And hey, I don’t run this place! I’m here by the grace of the hostesses. So I didn’t say anything because, guess what, it’s not my space! So I’m not going to harsh the squee of other people to demand they cater to my unique wishes at all times. Maybe it’s not what I need right now, but my needs are not actually the center of the universe, or the SP’verse for that matter.

    So I didn’t comment, didn’t bother to read until tonight (I’m stressed from watching election results and needed distraction) so I didn’t even know other people were being even more classless than me! I just had the stray “bummer” thought and then clicked away to the rest of the Internet.

    (I mean, seriously? Guilt-tripping the mods about their “position” and “leadership” in a movement that existed long before any of them found it, and their “responsibility” to you, the person who has been gobbling up their freely offered and unpaid content for X amount of time? That’s one great impression of my Mom you’re pulling off there.)

    Listen, folks. Maybe you don’t need them, but apparently, a lot of people just really need some lemurs right now. They may not be what you need, and they may creep me all the fuck out, but it’s a biiiiiiiig Internet. I know for a fact there are totally lemur-free spaces out there. Go find one to hang out in for a while.

    No, it won’t be like SP. Welcome to life. This place isn’t the same as it was 6 weeks ago, and in 6 more weeks or months it may change again. Life is transient and the Internet is life at the speed of doggie years. Embrace the now and move on. Nothing on the internet will ever cater to your likes and dislikes perfectly forever. Get over it.

    As for me, I will be in the lurking area, shielding my eyes from the creepy-ass lemurs.

    PS – *hugs* to Kate about her dog. :(

  151. @Elizabeth Turnquist:

    You know, if my goal were to convince someone that their efforts to run and moderate a blog were just plain not worth it, I’d be doing exactly what you’re doing. No, I’m not saying that’s what you’re doing. I’m saying that if your goal were to persuade them to keep the blog alive (or to return to it sooner rather than later, then you’re going about it in a terrible fashion.

    Have you ever maintained a website with regular updates? Have you ever moderated a rowdy and contentious commentariat, or one that deals with controversial subject matter? It’s fucking draining. It eats time and energy and spoons up like a lemur eats whatever it is that lemurs eat quite a lot of. The blatant trolls aren’t even the worst of it. Every time you as a mod have to think “Is it worth it to let this through, is it worth it to engage with this person?”, that’s processor cycles used up… and you’re already predicting the wank and aggravation that’s coming to come and you’re thinking about how to address it, and that’s more cycles, and you get these damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t posts that say “This will probably never be let through because…”

    Maybe I’m projecting too much of my own experience here, and maybe I’m being a hypocrite by throwing more fuel on the drama fire, but seriously, they say “No controversy for a while.” I thought it was just a joke at first, but I respected it because it’s their site. If you suspect it’s not a joke… well, you either accept that it’s their site or you don’t. There’s really no middle ground here, any more than there’s any middle ground when it comes to to any other form of autonomy.

    Jesus Fucking Christ, you’re talking to people who owe us nothing. If they disappeared without warning never to update again, we would still be coming out ahead because they gave us hundreds of posts for free.

    I’m going to be a giant hypocrite and alter my username on this comment so that it will get caught in moderation and somebody will have to make a decision on whether it helps or hurts. :P Whether it gets through or not, no more Srs Bzns comments from me.

  152. I could use a good batch of lemurs right now (lemur-flavored donuts??), I’m all tense from trying to find the right words to explain to a highly-respected regular on another of the blogs I read that his joke about a baseball bat being nonconsensually inserted into someone’s ass is EXTREMELY problematic. He is now trying to claim that a) he doesn’t see the problem and b) he meant something different anyway, and I’m aghast at his lack of understanding of the point, ownership of his own words, etc. And did I mention I’m tense? ARGH.

    Sorry to vent. (But not sorry enough to delete that paragraph, somehow.) So, more lemurs etc?

    Re Kate’s comment about the other three bloggers here using pseudonyms: And here I thought SM just had hippie parents and A Sarah was going by initial and last name. And Fillyjonk was such a big Moomin fan she got her name legally changed, of course. /end facetiousness

    I don’t have any lemurs, but I’ll close with cute cats: this afternoon my boyfriend took a nap and woke up with one of our cats between his feet, one cozied up to his crotch, and one curled up on his chest. Aww!

  153. First of all, Kate, I am so sorry about your doggeh. Internet hugs/helpful beverages if you’d like them.

    Second, add my gold-plated, chocolate-covered gratitude to the pile; the past couple of weeks around here have been utterly exhausting (though interesting, of course) to keep up with as a mostly-lurker, so I can only imagine that it was 1000 times so in terms of writing and moderating! I seriously yawned just now from thinking about it.

    Third, yay Sterling and DW for the Anoia reference! I have been waiting for the appropriate venue to be Agnes Nitt as Perdita X for Halloween.

  154. Alexandra, I haven’t been to the MOA since I last had a Japanese girlfriend. I’m just desperate to import some talent for the DFL because we haven’t had a Democratic governor in 19 years or a not-cartoonishly-bad-governor in 11.

  155. @aleks: Well, no wonder all the good stores are closing. Haven’t you ever heard the saying that people get the government that they deserve? If you want leadership, support your local gigantic mall.

  156. wow… I stop reading the comments for a few days because I assume it’s all lemur related and look what happens. There I go taking instructions from my overlords again (joke…)

    ANYWAYS… I guess I don’t have much else to say. For the record, this loyal reader (2+ years I think?) just goes with the flow and reads when there’s new content and moves on down the internet road when there is not.

  157. PS to my last comment: I think I’m having troubles expressing myself clearly tonight, so I will try to clarify that I’m not poking fun at Kate but playing along with her point. Or trying to.

  158. Kate, I am very sorry to hear about your dog. That’s really sucky.

    Aleks, I am all for Alexandra Erin running Minnesota, because the DFL is ineffectual, and I still have my “Governor Pawlenty Laid Me Off” bumper sticker from the time the FIRST round of Republican budget cuts downsized a state program and I lost my job.

    Alexandra Erin: I believe there is still a Rainforest Cafe at MOA. I have no idea about cheese in the Mall, but I can name three good cheese shops in the Not-Mall, and one of them is within easy strolling distance of the governor’s mansion. Just sayin’. Be the Party of Saving Us From Our Ineffectual Left.

    Starling: hear, hear. (Or is it here, here?). Either way, I am with you there, there.

  159. AK8, you’re a Twin Cities person? Would it be a violation of SP decorum or otherwise dumb of me to inquire as to whether you prefer beer or coffee?

    And I think the DFL has some strong contenders, we just never run them for governor. Kloubacher and Franken unite to rock my socks, Ryback and Chris Coleman are good, etc. THIS TIME LET’S NOT RUN AN OLD WHITE GUY WHO EVERYONE IS ALREADY SICK OF FOR GOVERNOR!

  160. Kate, I’m so sorry about your dog.

    And, THANK YOU, Shapely Prosodists, for sticking around and hosting Prosimian Chat Week instead of saying “can’t deal – gotta bail” and disappearing until Thanksgiving, which is what I totally would have done if I’d had the month you all just did.

    Gratitude, happy thoughts, and a silly video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj-x9ygQEGA),

  161. AnthroK8 & aleks, can I invite myself along for beercoffee in the Twin Cities?

    I think the hot sauce store that used to be in the MOA is gone too. I’m not hugely into spicy foods, but they did have a hot sauce I really liked. Nice and flavorful, and spicy without overwhelming me.

  162. Yeah, I think the fact that you guys have Franken balances out Pawlenty maybe at least a little bit? I’m in Fargo, so roughly 20 feet from MN. But I guess at least one congressman of mine has been on the Colbert Report twice. (Really though, what is up with both of our states and the gubernatorial position? I actually like my congressmen)

    (also I kind of like fluffcation. it was draining enough for me to read the comments and ridiculous surrounding the monster threads before, so i can safely assume it was at least 300x more draining for you four having to also read at least parts of tons of other first time commenters including lots of ones that didn’t go through and/or were banned. yuck! so yeah, take as long as you want, i have my rss and in the meantime i will enjoy lemurs and costumes!) :)

  163. @Jessikanesis

    I did that this year too! Only not for Halloween (Australia, and all) but for a Pirate Banquet Fundraiser for a community orchestra (where nobody got it) and then at a convention (where everybody said – love your costume, it looks terribly comfortable)!

    I am getting on a kick for costumes-which-might-not-really-be-costumes, like the Dread Pirate Roberts. I’m thinking of going to Worldcon next year as Fox, the World Tree Library librarian from Kelly Link’s short story “Magic for Beginners”, who is played by a different actor every episode.

  164. I’m really sorry about your dog, Kate.

    I also cannot believe that people think they have the right to be angry/disappointed/annoyed that they aren’t getting new content RIGHT NOW. I had a whole ranty comment about boundaries (remember those?) and how thinking you have a right to a woman (or 4 women’s) unpaid labour for your convenience is profoundly anti-women, but this is fluffcation, so I will not.

    Thanks for all you do, mods.

    I went to work dressed up as a zombie on Halloween. Since my work started at 10:30 this startled several early-morning subway riders. I also kept popping up from behind the pastry case to go “what can I get for you?” and being surprised when little old ldies in hats gazed at me in terror instead of answering. Good times.

  165. Kate I am so sorry about your dog! *hugs*

    On a happier note has anyone tried the mint with dark chocolate 3 musketeers? My boss is diabetic and has been bringing me in the candy from his house….and…I may be eating it for breakfast….but anyway THEY ARE AWESOME!

    You must try. The only way they could be better is if they were being held by a lemur.

  166. Going back a bit, but Hidden Tohru – where did you find that hedgie pic? When I get home, I’m getting out the sewing machine to run up a cape for my hog. :)

  167. queen of nuffink – OMJ those things are like crack. Every time I go to the Kroger I have to battle with myself about whether to buy one**. (Or the Nestle Crunch Crisp bars, which are also highly addictive.)

    (** – this is because of my hypoglycemia which is easier to control when I do not eat lots of store-bought sugary stuff, not about it being bad or wrong to buy candy bars. Cause, as my sister says, Chocolate is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.)


  168. So sorry about your dog, Kate.

    To my mind, this blog belongs to the four moderators. They pay for it and run it. We don’t. This is exactly like being invited to visit them in their house: if they offer us hospitality, they get to set the rules. In the real world, I have friends whose houses I often visit. Sometimes they have one type of party or event; sometimes another. They get to choose what sort of event they host and who they invite, because it’s their house. If they are good friends, I’ll usually go to things I’m invited to, because I expect to have a good time, but if they decide to have a party and don’t invite me, or not to have guests over at all for a while, or host something I don’t expect to enjoy – say a football-watching party – then I have the right to not go. I do not have the right to tell them they should have hosted something else or run their social life differently. It’s their house, not mine. If I don’t want to go to the football party, I can do something else with my evening and go next time they invite me over instead. It would be both rude and ungrateful for me to whine that I don’t like football so they should go back to their usual parties because I like them more.

    This blog is just like that, except that the relationship is even more one-sided than that. If I value my friends, I’m going to invite them to our house in my turn, both to be fair and because I also enjoy their company. But the mods here aren’t getting anything out of the visitors except our comments, which obviously are sometimes interesting and worthwhile for them (or they wouldn’t be doing this) but which they have clearly said are sometimes tiring and draining to deal with. If they say they feel drained, we owe them the respect to believe they feel drained and give them a break. It’s precisely because of the strict moderating policy that this blog is a valuable place to be, because it keeps the general quality of posts so high that all of us can learn something every time we visit.

    But as Eucretia said – it’s a blog. It’s a great blog, and I hope it lasts a long time, but great blogs come and go – anyone who’s ever been involved in reading infertility blogs will know that getupgrrl’s “Chez Miscarriage” blog has been mourned publicly for YEARS since she closed it – and if the bloggers decide to stop blogging, be it for a week or forever, none of us can do anything but be sorry. And it’s not graduate level psychology to know that passive aggressive attempts to induce guilt in people for decisions they have a perfect right to make tend just to make the recipients feel more entrenched in their decision.

    Enough of that. Bring on the Halloween prosimians!

  169. Penny, that must have taken *hours* to make!

    It was maybe just a month of TV watching and messing around with it. Some of the parts were already made–there’s a scarf in there that I made last summer, and the back piece was from a friend’s box of unfinished knitting. The good thing about freeform crochet is that you don’t have to pay that much attention, or plan it out in advance, and when you get bored doing one stitch you just start doing another for a while. Perfect for my attention span. The time was worth it to know I would have a comfortable and wonderful costume that didn’t cost any money. And it entertained my daughter, to watch it take shape.

    Also thanks Eucritta and Kelly for kind comments.

  170. Earwig: My best friend sent it to me, I have no idea where she found it. XD For all I know she googled “hedgehogs in clothes” or something. Or maybe a friend of hers shared it with her.

  171. This is not fluffy, but I wanted to share it. October 30th or so marked my ONE YEAR anniversary of FA. Awwww!

    But seriously, this last year has been that much more amazing for me because of the ideas and experiences that people have shared on this blog. I’ve been going back through the older entries just to refresh myself on all the basics that were so mindblowing and new this time last year.

    Thanks Kate, SM, FJ, and AS for writing the blog, and thanks everybody who contributes in the comments. You’ve all been a great influence for me!

  172. It’s reasonable that you might get tired. [Emphasis mine.]

    Hi all, fairly new reader, wasn’t planning on jumping into this thread until wow.

    The situation at hand is not a question of “might be.” The moderators have repeatedly stated that they *are* exhausted. The use of the word “reasonable” implies that there is room for debate about that fact. There isn’t.

    I’ve got a blog of my own, with a small but devoted readership and no trolls. (Which is kind of weird, because all I ever talk about is homosexuality and witchcraft. So, y’know, you’d think that’d piss somebody off.) I can’t imagine to sift through hundreds or comments a week, or having to face the wrath of angry fans demanding that I disregard my own well-being in favor of their desire for new material. Honestly, that would drive me right off Teh Interwebs, never to blog again.

    Yes, the moderators of Shapely Prose are pioneers and role models. But they’re also human, and humans sometimes need to get away, regroup and recharge. So they want to discuss lemurs right now. Big effin’ deal. The fact that they’re posting at all suggests that there will be other, less lemurly discourse in the future.

    For now, maybe we all just sit back, enjoy the lemurs, and give the mods both a break and the benefit of the doubt. ‘Kay?

  173. DRST! I am sooooo stealing your sisters quote! “Chocolate is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” Hell, I might get it tattooed on me someplace!

    I am getting excited about Thanksgiving now, going to be celebrating it with my significant other and my best friend since I was 12 along with her hubby and daughters aged 7 and 5.

    >.> I may be begging for fun recipes soon if the fluff holds out…oh that is an idea recipes including fluff! Nom!

  174. Aleks and millefolia: You Uptowners with your hipster coffee establishments… by which I mean a Satellite SP Summit in the Cities sounds lovely to me.

  175. Okay, I get that people do want to talk about stuff other than lemurs and that we all love SP and the community here – I have never been part of such a funny, clever and well-educated internet community before – so we want to talk about it with this particular group of people. But that’s why the Ning site exists. So, here’s a Ning thread for all our serious stuff:
    I would loooove it if people came there to talk about non-lemur topics – the Ning could do with more action. I have ‘flu, but I promise to check back tomorrow and give you the outpourings of my fever-addled brain if you post something on the thread. So you will get at least one reply.

    Seriously, guys, I think most “Wait, where’s the FA content?” comments are coming from a good faith place, but it’s not fair to expect the bloggers to spend their whole lives on this when they’ve said they’re exhausted. They don’t get paid for this. It’s not a job – it’s a labour of love. I was burnt out from just reading the harassment threads, let alone writing the posts and moderating the comments. No wonder people are getting short shrift.

    Thanks, Sweet Machine, Fillyjonk, Kate and A Sarah, for all your hard work in putting this blog together and keeping it running. Take all the fluffcation time you need. And, Kate, I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. That must be dreadful. ((Hugs))

    P.S. I’m going to post this on the most recent post too in the hope of attracting people to the Ning – hope that’s okay.

  176. Jesus Christ, just caught up on this thread. Kate, I am so sorry about your dog.

    To others: if you’re tired of refreshing the page looking for new posts, may I suggest RSS feeds such as Google Reader which, shockingly, will send new updates in your direction without so much as a mouse click on your part.

  177. I’d been ignoring this thread (skipped costuming up for Hallowe’en this year so had nothing much to report), and just finally caught up.

    I am so sorry to hear about your dog, Kate. We had to put our dog down two years ago and I still get teary about it. Lots of internet hugs and virtual casseroles directed towards Chicago from my little corner of Philly!

    And, I would invite any complainers to think about the links between the word “fluffcation” and “vacation” — as in a temporary fucking BREAK for some good women who more than deserve one. Where’s all this escalation about “killing the blog” and “breaking up” coming from? (I’m not exactly sure where this further explanation that’s been clamored for would do much good, considering how willfully misinterpreted the existing communication has been…..)

  178. millefolia and AnthroK8,
    I had surgery today, and I’m fine, but the damage is on a location that won’t let me bike for awhile now, so either we’ll have to do it on a weekend when I can borrow a car or wait awhile. Yes, I’m proceeding on the assumption that we’re not joking.

  179. aleks: No biking? Bummer! I hope you heal well from the surgery.

    Weekends are probably better for me anyway, though–and if the weather is good I may show up on a bike myself. (And yeah, I’ve been at least half serious all along, so let’s go ahead.) Should we take this discussion off of Shapely Prose at some point, though, or keep planning here? Side benefit if we do keep planning here is that any other Twin Cities SP’ers could join us.

    So aleks and AnthroK8, what are y’all doing a week from Sunday, in the afternoon?

  180. A week from Sunday works for me. As close to St Louis Park works even better! Is this planning okay on a fluff thread, or do we have to take it elsewhere? If the latter, how do we exchange contact information without making it available to the universe?

  181. I basically stayed at home, not dressed up, and relaxed in my room, taking a break to eat large quantities of vegan ice cream. We rarely get very many trick-or-treaters. We got 4. One alone, and the other three in a group. They all got ridiculous amounts of candy.

  182. I was Gambit. As he appeared in his 2004-2005 limited series (except for being female and fat, that is), though, not as his original comic book appearance, his appearance in any of the cartoons, or his appearance in the Wolverine movie.

  183. Aleks and millefolia: Why don’t you lot drop by my LJ (click my username here) and leave a comment in the current post? I’ll put one up and screen comments, so you can leave an e-mail address safely. I’ll jet you both a note from there.

  184. OK I’m pretty sure the new Discovery Channel Boom De Yada ad includes a lemur (though overall I don’t think is as good as the first one):


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