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  1. AWWW!

    I have a cat that loves to have her tummy tickled and she stretches out and gets a similar blissed out look on her face. That’s just so cute!

  2. BTW I was totally sold on getting one of these as a pet (and carrying it around in my handbag!) until I watched one of the other videos by these people, and it turns out the slow loris feeds on live grubs. I have a bit of grubphobia, so my dreams were dashed.

  3. One person does the fake tickling, while the other raises and lowers her arms.

    At last, a dance I can do… probably.

  4. There’s a book called Slow Loris (Alex or Alexis Deacon, can’t remember) that I think is out of print, but lots of used copies out there, for those of you wanting to pass the love on to children you know.

  5. It looks so much like my cat, Jake, when he’s getting a tummy rub. Mr. Twistie and I refer to Jake often as the ‘tummy slut’. I think that’s also an apt description of this adorable slow loris.

    (wibbles over loris cuteness)

  6. I think the Slow Loris also pees everywhere, that’s what it says in the information section of that video or another video I read. (“marks its territory”)

    But it is sooooooooo cute.

  7. Nothing that fucking adorably cute could possibly be poisonous. THAT’S NOT TRUE…THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!

    /luke skywalker in “Empire”

  8. I sent that to my best friend and said “CUTEST VIDEO EVER Y/Y?” and she went “AWWWWWW”. XD

    I think it’s great that fluffcation week coincided with my birthday. X3 SP helped make my birthday really nice this year! The presents and money helped too, of course. ;D

  9. As to the pros/cons: cats are cute as hell (especially ridiculously fluffy ones), bring you toys in their mouth, snuggle with you… meow all night while carrying toys about and insisting on ACTIVE snuggles, hwark up food on the rug, and, if you’re really lucky, also pee everywhere. So maybe slow loris aren’t so different from cats in the balance of things.

    My two felines just put on a great display of frisky toy chasing (cuuuute), followed by noisy fighting (annoying, but kinda cute), then one depisited a hairball at my feet (…liquidy). Fabulous.

  10. Does anyone know if the (cranks-the-Cute-Scale-all the-way- up-to-eleven) loris’s poison-secreting abilities depend on its diet? There’s a tiny wee tree frog known as The Poison Dart Frog, (not to be confused with its equally tiny- wee cousin, The Terrible Poison Dart Frog), which is only poisonous in the wild because it eats poisonous bugs.

  11. I…I just melted. The cuteness of the loris melted me into a puddle of goo.

    Grubs, poison, pee and poaching, however, have convinced me the slow loris is best left in loris-land.

  12. Ashley- Yeah, I can’t believe there isn’t a followup to this video with Fish and Wildlife handing the folks a ticket for posession of an endangered species!

  13. Another reason not to seek a slow loris as a pet: it’s totes illegal in most countries, and the black market is posing a pretty huge conservation problem.


    (Just kidding. I do not endorse slow loris ownership. But still.)

  14. The slow loris is made of ZOMGSQUEEELEVENTY!!!!!, but alas, it violates my one hard and fast rule about pets:

    Nothing may enter my home as a pet that has not been genetically selected for thousands of years to cohabitate with humans.

    Everything else should be visited/observed/sqeed over where it lives, not the other way round.

  15. Awww, the fuzziness!

    Does anyone else think that ferrets are adorable? I always thought they were illegal in CA (where I used to live) but then I saw some guy walking one down the street on a leash out near L.A. They are definitely not, however, illegal in MA…hmm…

  16. @Meems, ferrets are absolutely, unequivocally, illegal in California. It’s an often-broken law and pet shops often openly carry ferret supplies, but now and then some county’s AC&C will get shirty about it and force someone to give up their pets, or take them away and put them down.

    There have been many attempts to have them legalized, but so far Calif Fish & Wildlife holds firm. One bill reached the governor’s desk not long ago, but he vetoed it on the recommendation of Fish & Wildlife … and never mind that many thousands of ferrets live here, have done for decades, and if they were likely to be a problem they already would be.

  17. I am the loris, who speaks for the trees?


    /luke skywalker in “Empire”}

    Mm, looks like we’d be better off kissing a wookie.

  18. Okay, so having a slow Loris is probably not in the cards, but I tried tickling my dog this way with mixed results. She put her little paws up to her ears, but also started licking my hand and wriggling around. Oh the plus side, she is non-toxic and paper trained.

  19. slow loris are my favorite animal in the nocturnal section of the zoo.

    this is incredibly cute!

    BUT at first I was a little concerned (as in staring aghast at the monitor) b/c they secrete the poison iirc in THEIR ELBOWS.

    I also wonder if there is a fast loris….

  20. The wee little fists! OK, that was cute, but my 14 month old does the tickle game look at you with giant brown eyes when you stop, too, and while he does pee everywhere and requires 24 hour intensive caretaking, he is legal. Hmmm…maybe the loris is the way to go…

  21. thanks for posting this, i have watched it about six times today (not in it’s entirety :P) and it makes me smile every time!

  22. Almost unbearably cute, yes, but I have to agree with those who have pointed out that this is a WILD animal and should remain so. The demand for these kinds of animals as pets is incredibly destructive to both the animals and their environments.

    I’m torn between melting over this video and being horrified at its repercussions.

  23. @ Grafton: This is why I want to be reincarnated as a pampered housecat. You get to lay around all day acting put upon, groom yourself only when you feel like it, get affection on your terms and be surly to those who want your attention.

  24. Dour Feminist Vegetarian Moment:

    I think context is all. When I clicked on the video I thought its origin was the Duke Primate Center or a refuge that provides a habitat for animals kept as pets who can no longer live in the wild. If I had known that the slow loris was someone’s pet, I would never have watched the clip. Truthfully, now I feel a bit sickened and sad. Obviously the intent here was not to promote wild animal ownership, but I agree with double about the negative repercussions of these videos.

  25. umm absolutely adorable!! ….

    questions for the authors of this website….

    1. can i post your work other places… snatches of what you have said, and or referring others to this blog.. and

    2. if i can post something any of you have said on this site on another site , how would i cite you as saying it??

  26. Count me in as an angry-vegetarian type who is torn between finding this the most adorable thing ever, and also being frusterated with people who keep wild animals as pets.

    *goes to snuggle her fat lazy cats* equally adorable, non judgemental, and less ethically problematic!

    Seriously though. Loris tickling = adorable.

  27. I showed this video to my coworkers, and we were all “awwwwwww.” Great way to start a Monday morning.

  28. @meems: I’m not an expert at all, but I live in CA and have a friend who is moving from MA to here with a ferret. She says that the illegal part is transporting them across state lines, but once you’re past that and you actually have the ferret here, it’s legal. You can’t however, purchase one legally here either, but if you make it past the sneaking-in part, you’re golden. At least, that’s what she figured out through internet-research.

    Re: The cutest animal ever: There is an endangered relative of the slow loris, called the Slender Loris. In my graphic design class, I had to make a poster about a cause and mine was “Beef Up The Slender Loris Population.” They are so cute!!

  29. You all can have your adorable venomous, constantly urinating creature. For some reason, further internet-based research into the world of adorable animals has led me to desire this little guy–the pygmy jerboa.

    Awwwwwww! Can’t. Stop. Giggling.

  30. A really bad topic for Fluf. The exotic pet trade is nothing short of abusive. And people who own exotic animals are participating in animal abuse.

    Sorry SW. I know you said to take it to Ning. This is a very serious issue for public health and for animal activists and it shouldn’t be brushed off as a manner of ‘opinion’. Its a matter of ethics and standing up for what is right.

    Thanks to the other SP folks who said something about this issue.

  31. “Yeah, I did. What about this did you think you should ignore?”

    You posted something supposedly for humor that not everybody thinks is funny. Usually dissent is allowed in the comments section. It feels like you’re minimizing the issue because its about animals by telling people to go to Ning.

    But this is the last thing I’ll say about the matter because it is your blog.

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