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Tuesday Post

Ok, yesterday’s open thread worked pretty well, so I’ll keep it going. This time, I even have a topic. Just got this from Charlotte Cooper via Facebook:

Dear rad fatties around the world,

I am co-organising an event here in London called The Fat of the Land: A Queer Chub Harvest Festival. It’s a mixture of food festival, DIY punk stuff, fat politics, performance, and some silly stuff too. It’s secular but draws on harvest festival traditions.

It would be amazing to see a bunch of you here, but I know that geography and travel and money and everyday hassles make this difficult.

HOWEVER, you can still help out from afar.

Many of the people coming to the Fat of the Land are going to be new to fat stuff, and part of my dream for the event is that it awakens people to the notion that there are a lot of people all over the place already thinking about and organising around this subject.

What I’m looking for are messages of support from rad fatties around the world. Just a paragraph or so, about anything you like, but also expressing support for fat queers in the UK and the fat of the land in particular. Tell us what you think it would be helpful or encouraging to hear. I will publish the messages on the blog and display them at the event.

If you’ve got something to say to Fat of the Land attendees, post it here! And if you are in a geographical position to attend, check out the website!

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  1. We all get one life – just one. Let’s live it up! Good food, good friends, good sex and good humour – what the hell else do ya need?


  2. Ooh la la! Sounds like a fun event! Yay for organizing (I’m going to be proud if I get as far as Ultimate Frisbee for my freshman advisees).

    On another note:
    Direct trade coffee for the office: $15.00/semester per faculty member.

    Handthrown coffee mug: $8.00, purchased when my talented potter friend was still in my price range, therefore now irreplaceable and treasured.

    Drinking coffee from that mug sans rinse after a weekend: a vile experience and therefore priceless, in the sense of worthless, in the sense of, not doing that again. Ick.

  3. AnthroK8, ewwww.

    Having too much of a braindead day to be able to contribute anything good to the Fat of the Land.

    (mostly commenting so I can have comment notification emails and follow the conversation.)

  4. It’s easy to forget, sometimes, that when someone says “we are all different”, that they mean us fat people too. One of the worst by-products of a mass market culture is that millions of people get marginalized for not fitting into the extremely narrow standards that we see on TV, in movies, and even in books and other media.

    It can be very hard to believe in yourself, to accept yourself, when you’re being bombarded with messaging saying that the person you are, the body you have, and all the personal choices you’ve made or ever will make are wrong. That’s why it’s so crucial to do so.

    You have to let your self-love, your experiences, your hopes and dreams, be a beacon for those who can’t find theirs yet. You should accept yourself and all other fatties not just because it’s better for them, but because it’s better for you.

    Every single one of us has the responsibility to light the way for others who are still struggling. Be yourself. Be who you are. Shout loud enough, for long enough, and someone will eventually listen. As the proverb goes, “even a tiny twig can change the course of a stream.” We may be few, but we are growing, and chances like this shouldn’t be passed by.

    I shake you warmly by the hand.

  5. Wow, what a fantastic idea and a fantastic name for a festival. I’m really quite blown away. I’m thinking of all of these theological images “harvest” that have been so misused — to talk about the final judgment, holiness-through-self-denial, and separating the good people from the bad people and the souls from the bodies — and how those are all obliterated by the notion of fat confident queer folks being proudly liminal and proundly embodied and celebrating the bounty of the earth. Dang. Thank you for that image. I needed it this week. I don’t know if that counts as a message of support, but you’ve sure got my support. Woooohoooo!

  6. Wait, now I’m some kind of winking heart bunny with mouth tentacles. I thought I was a squinting pink Christmas tree. Okay, I really need to just set my WordPress gravatar.

  7. Diversity of our food crop species is part of the inheritance of humankind. When we take the time to lavish appreciation on the subtle flavor variations that come from the harvest, we help preserve the treasures of generations of experimentation. What a bland world it would be if all food was grown the same to fit one-size industrial packaging and flavor standards.

    Just as with food, it is vital that we savor the variations of our human bodies. These too are the inheritance of thousands of years, and thankfully our bodies can still can be found in many sizes, shapes, and flavors of juiciness.

    Today you all have a chance to link these radical acts, so take it–celebrate abundance and cherish diversity in the plants and the people!

    So glad this event is happening, and I wish I could cross the ocean to enjoy it with you.

  8. I was soooo excited this morning when I opened my new issue of Chatelaine (Canadian woman’s magazine) to find Kate smiling at me in the “Women We Love” section. Now I don’t have to say I get this mag merely for the recipes :)

  9. Helping the world to become a better place starts with loving yourself, seeing the wonder that is your beautiful body. Love and support to Fat of the Land from an ex-pat Brit!

  10. Hope I’m not too far OT, but that last line from the write up is one of the best descriptions of Kate and this site that I’ve ever seen (and is way better than anything I could have written in support).

    The more we learn from Kate, the more we will free our time and money from trying to change our bodies and turn to rediscovering ourselves.

  11. Oooh, I hope we get to see those epic images, Kate. That’s a lovely write up, and the bios of the women mentioned seem to put you in very good company!

  12. Been lurking here for a while now, and am in the s-l-o-w process of self/body acceptance. I could go on for hours about the topic, but just wanted to say one thing while I’m thinking about it: If can find one, try to get your hands on a copy of Great Shape, by Deb Burgard and Pat Lyons. It’s an awesome book about plus-size (or whatever you want to call it) exercise and fitness. I think it’s out of print, but you may be able to snag one somewhere. Geneen Roth (who, unfortunately, shares the same surname as MeMe Roth) also has wonderful books and audio programs. Happy Friday!

  13. Dude! Anyone in London and wanna go?? Cuz I am in London, and I wanna go!!

    I have an evening class I need to attend first though. I’m just starting to realize how much this MA is gonna get in the way of my social life..

  14. @ Cherielabombe: evening class? The Fat of the Land is in the afternoon, 2-6pm, on Saturday 3rd October.

    I’d come with you, but I’m in Bristol (UK) and I don’t know yet whether I can make it.

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