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Friday Fluff: Open thread, plus The Guild

Happy weekend, Shapelings! Have an open thread. And have a hilarious video from the cast of The Guild, starring Felicia Day (from The Guild, natch, Dr. Horrible, and the last season of Buffy).

If I’m gonna have that in my head all weekend, so will you. Behold the power of blogging!

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  1. That’s soooo hysterical! And even funnier is my 11-year-old who was deeply offended by it! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. ARGH!!! I had *just* managed to get that song out of my mind. *shakes fist at Sweet Machine*

    It’s soooooo weird to see Vork looking non-serious. I’ve watched the video numerous times and it STILL looks weird to me.

    And I really need to fire up the Xbox 360 tonight so I can watch the first ep of S3.

  3. Saw it earlier this week – love it! I can’t waaaaaaaaiiit for the wide release of s3. What happened after the party, for the love of all that’s holy???? I need to know!!!!!

  4. I kind of hate this video, but I think the guild is super funny and I follow it religiously. TBH, I always hate music vids like this.

  5. Hilarious! Honestly, that was the only reason I liked playing Soul Caliber IV with my roommates- making custom characters that were all different versions of Fantasy Lucy. The worst part is that my roommate actually WAS attracted to one of them. I don’t know which was weirder about that- the fact that she was animation, or that she was an aspect of me.

  6. I LOVE this video. Possibly because I have a giant, giant crush on Felicia Day and enjoy repeatedly watching her dance in a corset. Mmmm, Felicia Day. I even bought the mp3 on amazon to support her!

  7. Anyone else bothered that that fat girl is only shown eating and no one else is?Just because this is cool and nerdy doesn’t mean we stop watching for biases.

  8. Completely with you on that, Karen. I have only watched season 1 so far, and I have appreciated that that character is just fat, and that doesn’t seem to be particularly loaded. But I definitely noticed how the video showed her more with the consuming and less with the dancing. (She’s not quite the only one eating, though—several of the others are eating at the banquet table.)

  9. I was annoyed that they showed the fat woman eating so often, but my goodness she is an attractive woman! And I really want her outfit…

  10. Actually, she *EATS* one, single, solitary cherry. The rest of the time she’s drinking. (And given that her character is a total lush, that’s.. well.. appropriate.) Also, pretty much everyone in the video eats something at the banquet table.

    I’m more disappointed that she doesn’t dance with everyone else, but it’s also entirely possible that she doesn’t want to for whatever reason.

  11. I also noticed that Clara didn’t have nearly the face time as the others on the video – every shot of her is a really fast cut, if you noticed, and the others linger for a few seconds. It could be that it was her preference, though, as Shell524 said – she might could stand for a FA intervention. :)

  12. Thanks for the better context on this — I’ve never seen the show. Just from the video, it seems like there’s something fishy going on, but if it make sense with the character, that’s cool.

  13. Hee.

    I’d never heard of The Guild before a friend sent this link to my husband (because I’m a gamer-once-removed), so I have no idea about the characters or story or whatever. And I have to respectfully disagree with Karen, car, et al.

    I didn’t think the fat woman was shown less or for fewer seconds at a time than anyone else (who was essentially in the background, obv). The chair she was sitting in looked like a throne, so I read that as her being in charge – even to the extent of her not dancing because the others were dancing *for* her. And her eating the cherry was an action that’s coded just as sexy (or more so!) than anything the others were doing. So this looked like an FA win to me. :)

    Now I have some watching to catch up on…

  14. I didn’t know about the show (a tv show?); so I thought the fat woman’s avatar *was* the woman in the corset, and either the bald guy or the brown guy was one of the other women. I was getting some sort of menege a trois feeling about the muscly guy and the two other girls in cyberspace, while they were oblivious to the RL people.

    I was getting a whole vibe of how disconnected people were and how removed from reality beauty perceptions were and gender ones too.

    Anyway, it was a cute song; but I thought it was being all subtly critical of online worlds.

  15. *cracks up* Sweet Maude, that’s hilarious! And true. And Felicia Day in blood elf magewear is teh sexay. (MMO character with staff, fancy red-white-gold theme, long red hair = blood elf. Minus the pointy ears.)

    My sister keeps telling me I should watch The Guild. I might just do that now, even though I’m not that into World of Warcraft at the moment. New semester, new school, new medication, RL kitteh health crisis, etc. etc. I can’t imagine why I’m not into raiding right now. :P

    Do you wanna date my a-va-tar… dammit SM, I’ll have that stuck in my head all freaking weekend!

  16. I know there’s a link right there in the fatosphere feed, but I wrote something that I’m really interested in other people’s feedback about. It’s entirely possible that other people have covered this much better than I have, but it’s about the expectation of not being hated.
    In other news, SuperHeroPrincess is starting a new preschool next week and I’ve been a wreck. I’m sure it will go well, but I think these transitions are much harder on me than on anyone else in our family. It doesn’t help that my supervisor’s boss met with our group and basically told us he doesn’t understand our worth to the unit we’ve been recently assigned to. Frustrating, destabilizing and demoralizing.
    Hoping the generic tylenol pm kicks in soon… It’s been a very long week.

  17. @Piffle the people in the video are all the “real life” people behind the MMO characters they’re dressed as. Clara (the fat gal) is dressed as her character(whose name is also Clara. She has a hilarious line about how she had a character named “Momanatrix” but her kids heard her guildmates call her that in voice chat and started using it and her husband got upset), Felecia Day’s character is dressed as her MMO character, Codex.

    The show is called The Guild and it’s an online show also available on the xbox 360 to download it’s about members of a guild in a MMO like World of Warcraft, and is FREAKING hilarious! (well if you’re a gamer, which, I am).

    Personally I was intrigued by the camera work and depiction of Clara in the video. I noticed that everyone is eating at some point in the video too, it’s odd how I notice things like that consciously instead of subconsciously now. I also enjoyed the not-so-subtle send up of MMO in general.

    And just cuz I too have a crush on her: Felecia Day is a SUPER nice person. She was a guest at a convention I’m on the volunteer staff for and she was lovely to everyone on our crew. Really ups her attractiveness in my eyes!

  18. I adore that video, but cannot watch it anymore as the song haunts my dreams. Also, I would have Felicia Day’s XX babies.

  19. I actually play the game spoofed in the video–and I can say, the whole Guild series is pretty brilliant. I followed the discussion about Clara eating and drinking–if you look at the end of the video, some of the others are pretending to eat the “feast” so…Clara’s drinking wine or water and eating a cherry are kind of mild.

    Also, just to dork out here, the characters in the actual game, World of Warcraft, are pretty much forced to constantly eat and drink, prompting jokes from NPC’s (made at everyone) “How do you eat and drink so much and not get fat?” I think the main target of the spoof is the fact that avatars in this game are pretty much forced to “eat” a “feast” (which has the icon of a giant pig or a giant fish) before they fight some big internet dragon. Anyway, I’d put Clara in a list of positive depictions of fat women, because in the series she’s kind of a sexpot, and we’re supposed to see her as that as opposed to a stereotypical unattractive fatty. After all, she’s the only married member of the Guild.

  20. Oh, and just to add…Clara’s a mage, and anyone who’s played WoW has realized that mages are constantly having to drink water in the game to restore their powers. I think that’s the joke. Felicia Day has said that she conceived of the Guild for a really tiny audience, and now it’s gotten bigger, so some of the stuff takes on different meanings as different people view it. That’s pretty cool actually.

  21. Oh my gosh- I’ve just started watching The Guild, and I know where I recognized Felicia Day from:

    I loved that commercial because I totally do stuff like that, depending on how angry I really am and how low my blood sugar is.

  22. Lucy, that commercial was especially hilarious to us Joss Whedon fans because of the role Felicia played in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog where she’s the adorable girl at the laundromat.

  23. I’d also like to note that I do not condone the way Dr. Horrible says “special needs” in that song. It’s always bugged me (I think it’s in character for that particular character, who’s very flawed, but it’s still always bugged me).

  24. Love the video. Love how they look so good in their character outfits, and love how they look happy and confident as they dance around.

    I was rather surprised at The Guild, though, especially given the number of people at this site that love it. I’ve watched the first four episodes of the first season and the first episode of the second season, and so far the plot seems to be the typical “It’s OK to be a stalker” plot. This guy decides he’s in love with a girl, and tries to move in and take over her whole life. He doesn’t listen to her when she says no, he doesn’t seem to listen to her at all or to even notice that she has boundaries he’s failing to respect. And when she tries to get some help for it, her “friends” tell her she’s wrong. Sorry to the people who like it, but I found it unwatchable.

  25. Dangit, I thought I had escaped having the song in my head, but then it started playing in my head during post-coital cuddles. SO WRONG.

  26. Ironically enough, my husband (who plays WoW) was just telling me about The Guild earlier today. Too funny! And it just made my “weird internet friends” connected to *his* weird internet friends! Because of course up to this point it was TOTALLY different, since his are doing something that could only be done online, and I just talk to people, which I could do IRL :p

  27. @ Chickfactor: That’s the third place I’ve seen that Dmitri idea. The first place it appeared was Jezebel, over a year ago. I’m pretty sure that the recording is faked; I mean, it’s word-for-word what’s in the Jez piece, and they even keep the Chekov-inspired fake names.

    That said, I’ve totally met people like this douche.

  28. Oh, how I wish that the internet came with an undo button for when I make myself sound like a fool.

    I totally missed that Jezebel cited a different site that has the same recording posted as Chickfactor’s link. But I still think it’s fake. I guess I have to rethink sending my resume into Snopes. ;)

  29. Living400lbs, I saw those articles, and I think it’s a reaction against the cover story time did a couple of weeks ago.

    I have seen a few episodes of the guild and think it’s Hilarious. Any other WoW players on here? What servers, and Alliance or Horde?

  30. BTW, I’m playing on Zuljin, as a horde character, although I have mostly played alliance elsewhere.

  31. Oh, I have such a crush on Felicia Day its scary!

    Even more so after I found out she has a maths degree!

    She’s totally a more famous American version of me, only she has my dream job. I need to be friends with her.

  32. So, now I’ve watched all the episodes of The Guild, because it’s really good, and I have to say, I’m actually really impressed by Clara (the fat woman). Not because she’s good, or honorable, or likeable, but because she’s kind of a shitty person, but that has nothing to do with her body at all. She’s a shitty person who happens to be fat, not someone who’s horrible because she’s fat, or fat because she’s terrible. The size of her body is just sort of incidental. I love that.

  33. Those who’ve watched The Guild: does it get better (i.e. less offensive and more actually funny) after the first season?
    I love this video and find Felicia Day charming (well, yes, and attractive ;), so I tried to start watching the show, expecting to find it amusing geeky entertainment and just found myself more and more disgusted by the ridiculous stereotypes, offensive and totally not funny jokes, above-mentioned stalking issue, bordering-on-child-abuse, etc. I got through 6 or 7 episodes and couldn’t take it anymore.

    Frankly, I was rather shocked. Partially because I would have expected better from Felicia Day (although I don’t know why, it’s not like Dr. Horrible didn’t have some of the same problems, frex: “special needs” jokes, honestly I really don’t care if this kind of stuff is “in character” I still don’t need to hear it).

    But mostly because I expected something different from something posted here. rape jokes? stalking not taken seriously? “retarded cousin” jokes? woman gets blamed for man’s inappropriate (and criminal?) actions? other things I won’t detail b/c they might be triggery and/or spoilery . . .

    I kinda felt like I was being repeatedly punched in the gut.
    Am I missing something?
    Does it get drastically better? Should I just start from Season 2? Will I feel any differently about the rest of the show if I had these problems with the first season?
    I’m perfectly willing to accept that this just isn’t the show for me, if that’s the case. I’d just like to know what’s up, since I didn’t expect this from something people here like.

  34. Mishmash, I had the same reaction. Being a masochist, I’ve kept watching through about 5 episodes of season 2. It gets a little better in that once the characters are established there’s time to do something with them, but they don’t get any _better_. Best bit so far is Bladezz’s little sister. “I don’t participate in shoddy craftsmanship. Use the template!” Other than that, if you liked the video, stop watching the show and just make up your own story about the characters.

  35. A lot of the funny is “in-jokes” about the game. I think it is hysterical and not offensive at all. If you play an MMO, I can see how you might take some of the stuff that is meant as satire of the genre and see it as negative.

    …but what do I know, I’m play a gnome!

    (Feathermoon server)

  36. I don’t think the humor’s for everybody – they’re all cartoonishly dysfunctional people who are shown in very exaggerated situations, for all that some of them are very likable. But Felicia Day (Codex)’s character arc is about learning how to assert herself in real life, which I liked.

    I think the characters can seem much more crass if you’re not aware of the gamer stereotypes they’re acting out. Zonk is my favorite – one of my best friends spent about a year as the guildmaster of a very well-reputed Hoarde guild, and he really did stop leaving the house entirely except to go to work to keep the internet paid and then come home and game for ten hours. (He’s in recovery now as a casual gamer, hah)

  37. But mostly because I expected something different from something posted here

    I’m sorry you feel that way. I find The Guild smart and funny, but I have no interest in getting into an argument about it.

  38. I was wondering what people here would be thinking about Clara! When first watching the video, I rolled my eyes and went “great, they show the fat woman eating.” But I went and watched the series, re-watched the video, and cracked up realizing it was all a reference to Clara being a huge lush.

    Yeah, I was rather bugged by the icky-stalking-is-the-woman’s-fault angle and some of the other poor behavior on the part of the characters… but I could find it funny after a while because pretty much all the characters are lousy people, and anything that they claim to support or endorse or believe in is highly suspect. These are not very sympathetic people. Codex is the most sympathetic of them all, and she’s got a spine like a wet noodle. The stuff they do and say IS offensive, but I think that’s supposed to be the joke.

    As a gamer myself, I think the humor in the show is that yes… I’ve known these people. Or people like them. I’ve occasionally been one of those people. Gamers are not, for the most part, awesome cool folk with great hair and glamorous lives that go around making the world a better place. They’re… pretty much like anyone else, with just as large a capacity for EPIC FAIL. And as many of us know, watching the EPIC FAIL of others can be funny.

  39. As a WoW player, I love The Guild. Yeah, there is some problematic stuff, but that’s because it’s immersed in gamer culture, which is very often problematic, and is about people who are maladjusted on a pretty basic level.

    On the whole, I find it to be a fun series with lots of ‘in jokes’ for MMO fans. And I’ve been singing the song for a week now, it’s so catchy!

    I love the character of Clara, and I wanted to see more of her in the video, but I think what they did show of her was true to her character (being sexy, drinking). And her frost mage outfit is totally cute. ;)

  40. SM, that’s totally fine. I really did want to know what people see in it, or whether it changes or whatever, was not trying to start an argument. When I said “I expected something different” it really, really was not meant in that “I expect better from you young lady” sort of scolding/condescending tone. I really meant that I had certain expectations and I felt shocked that what I was seeing did not seem to be consistent with the expectations I had.

    The information I was looking for (what is it that people here are seeing in this, and is that something that applies to me?) is basically what Lampdevil said:
    “but I could find it funny after a while because pretty much all the characters are lousy people, and anything that they claim to support or endorse or believe in is highly suspect.”
    Because basically, I am not able to do that.
    So knowing that that’s what’s going on I can understand the disconnect and just say, okay, this is just not for me.
    Which is fine. I’m all about not everybody has to like the same things. I just wanted to know what was up.

    So thank you to those who offered explanations/elaborations, it was very helpful (I wish I’d thought to ask before watching any episodes!).
    I’ll just go back to watching the music video over and over ;)

  41. mishmish, I think you have hit on something. Some of us (me) are interested/amused/intrigued by media portrayals of people behaving really inappropriately, especially when it seems like the overall context is problematizing and spotlighting that this behavior is Not Good.

    Other people (my husband and perhaps you) just don’t want to see asshats acting like asshats, regardless of whether that behavior is excoriated or celebrated.

    Like others on the thread, I don’t think the message of The Guild is that any of these people are behaving appropriately (unlike, say, the dudebro comedies that suggest that treating women like crap is awesome). But not everyone finds a parade of inappropriate behavior funny, no matter what the satiric thrust is.

  42. Just saw the welcome post on Jezebel…Awesome!! So looking forward to reading your contributions over there. And congrats, esp. if that’s the job thing you were hoping would pan out back during Jelly-gate.

  43. ^^just realized “your” probably doesn’t cut it on a blog with multiple contributors…that was aimed at Kate.

  44. I hate to troll for product recommendations, but…

    I wear a 38DDD bra. I’ve been wearing too-small sports bras and/or a regular bra under a not-supportive-enough sports bra for basically my entire life.

    now that I have enough money to get a good sports bra…any recommendations?

    Required: fits, holds the tits still when I run./skate AND doesn’t let them fall out if I bend over.

    Wanted: separation instead of monoboob, racerback.

    Would be super cool: fair trade or union-made, organic cotton.

  45. JupiterPluvius, yes, this.
    That is actually a very useful distinction and explains a lot.

    Rosa: try Enell ( It doesn’t separate, but I have yet to be convinced that a proper sports bra that actually works for the larger busted can.
    It has a very different feel than other sports bras, but it really does work.
    Do not go by your current bra size. Take your measurements and go by the measurements on their website (this might match up with your bra size being listed, but it might not and the measurements are a more reliable way to choose a size). You can order from Bare Necessities or some other sites that I think have better shipping/returns/coupons. (I have a custom one, so I got mine directly from Enell, but I ordered some from BN to try sizes first.)

  46. I hate to be a complainy complainer, but I wish I had never heard of We are the REAL deal. Every time I go there I feel worse about myself and there’s no one to talk to about it and the people who feel the same way were run off in a rather public fashion. :(

  47. I wish I hadn’t read the comments on the most recent Kate post on Jezebel on childhood obesity. Why are people so determined not to get the point?

  48. Urgh. I clicked over to watrd out of curiosity what Sweet Machine was talking about (I really, really don’t read it) and was just…… ugh. Rather disgusting, really.

    (Also, wtf at being able to RUN up two flights of stairs being their ideal indicator of fitness.)

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