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Hey, remember this?

Are you a newish reader who’s not a douchehound? Do you wish you could talk to other Shapelings without our annoying requests that you “stay on topic” and “quit threadjacking” already? Do you want to organize a baby donut party in your town? Do you have a boring office job and need even more ways to waste time? Check out the¬†Shapely Prose community on Ning!

25 thoughts on “Hey, remember this?”

  1. I’m always looking for ways to waste time at work especially since they blocked all IM programs and deleted solitare from the computers. So I work on crosswords , listen to the radio and make my office mate laugh all day.

    Already a member of the community and thanks for setting this up.

  2. Have you ever considered putting a permanent link into the sidebar, perhaps below upcoming events? I think that it would bring a lot of people to the forum.

  3. I know a new banner with an A Sarah picture is in the works. It would be great if the site update also included a permanent home page link to the Ning community as well.

  4. Is there a ning link on the SP main page? There very well could be and I’m just not seeing it. My middle age eyes…..le sigh
    Thanks for posting the link again!

  5. Hah I’m setting up a profile now and it’s pretty (with corny colors to boot!)

    I have a question though, I’m totally ignorant to some of these social websites. What’s the point of this? How does it connect us to Shapely Prose? :o

  6. Ack please ignore my question, I feel so dumb now. I looked around (after making my profile) and found the answer. ^_^;

  7. Were there not plans to make an FAQ at some stage? Other than decrypting some of the acronyms and in-jokes that might fox newbies, and pointing to some of the iconic posts, like TFoBT and some by you and Fillyjonk, a link to the Ning site would be great in the site FAQ.

    Oops, I typo’d FAT first off – perhaps the FAQ could be labelled FAcTS?

    Alas, I can’t waste time with Ning at work. Damn net nanny!

  8. OK, this is off-topic but since there are limited responses that could be on-topic to this post I figure it’s reasonably safe. Also, important because this article on obesity is just plain worth the read. It isn’t perfect but it is farther along the HAES/FA path than anything I’ve read in the mainstream media for quite some time:-

    It’s the right message given the audience. Clever writing, brilliant quotes from some very brave fat folks so the article has heart — rare that these sorts of articles do!

    Hopefully I’m not making an arse of myself by putting up a link others have already noted. Even if I am, heck, it’s worth it ;)

  9. Ok, this is an innocent question so don’t jump down my throat if I’m misunderstanding this…

    At least in my neck of the woods, a “douche hound” is someone who settles for the “skankiest” gal at the bar (one who needs a good douching), because he doesn’t have what it takes to land one of the good looking ones. Urban dictionary confirms that definition. So “douche hound” has always been, to me at least, an implicit commodification of women – you’re insulting someone by what they can afford. Obviously saying “Hey Jimmy, get a haircut and some new clothes, and you won’t have to date fat chicks any more” is offensive not only to Jimmy.

    So is this a term we should be using casually? I know I definitely would feel uncomfortable if someone said “Hey, if you’re not a hogger, join us on this site”.

  10. I was going to suggest a permalink to the forum on the main page of SP but I’ve been beaten to the punch. :) Also, is A Sarah going in the masthead soon? Or is she just your imaginary friend? :)

  11. I am relatively new to commenting and I do love the idea of interacting and connecting with Shapelings. However, the thought of joining one more social networking site makes me want to gnash my teeth and rend my garments. Sorries.

  12. *thumbs up*

    I haven’t been in awhile (I blame the fact that I got a new computer and it’s no longer in my bookmarks toolbar). I need to get back into it. :)

  13. Rantonimo, it’s a little funny that you looked everywhere for the meaning of “douchehound” except in this blog, the readers of which were being enjoined in this post to take part in a community meant exclusively for them.

    It is vaguely interesting that that’s what it seems to have meant in 2004 and apparently still in some areas, though.

  14. Sorry, fillyjonk, I must have missed the insider definition. Most people use “douche bag” which is a general insult, I don’t hear “douche hound” used very much except by frat boys. But every single person I’ve ever heard use it meant it in the sense of the urban dictionary definition. It might be good to clarify for newcomers, how would you feel if you visited a website and the pejorative term of choice was “hoggers”?

  15. I’m making way too much of this. It’s probably one of those words like “gypped” or “scumbag” that offends some people who know the etymology – but the vast majority just take for granted. More important things to worry about, I guess.

  16. Yeah, secretly I’m just mad that douchehound also means something else, not upset that you brought it up.

  17. I just joined. I have 2 other social network sites, okay three, but 2 main ones, but neither has a lively discussion forum for FA or HEAS, so I signed up! It’s hard enough walking this path of great resistance without being able to vent and get advice sometimes. Thanks for reposting the link!

  18. P.S. I don’t believe I am any sort of douche, or even an ass hat. May father (in the hospital recovering from heart surgery) told me a good joke though, about the first woman.

    The first woman was actually made with 3 breasts, because the other animals had 6, so God thought the woman should have 3. She said the third one just got in the way and was uncomfortable, so God removed the middle one and tossed it under his desk. Some time after this, the woman began noticing other animals with mates and she told God she was lonely and needed companionship. God agreed and said he’d make her a mate. He said, “Now where did I put that useless boob?”

    My dad told the long version, but you get the idea.

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