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Friday Fluff: BYOFF

Let’s face it: we need some fluff this week. It’s Friday, we’re more than halfway through 2009, and a lot of people are trying to make the world more miserable, as if it needed any help. I suggest a Bring Your Own Friday Fluff thread.

Here are some things that make me laugh.

Maru the Cat:

Jenny Owen Youngs’ cover of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre”:

The legendary ’90s sketch comedy show The State just came out on DVD, and I can once again see The Laupin Variety Programme.

Let’s have it, Shapelings. Bring out your fluff!

99 thoughts on “Friday Fluff: BYOFF”

  1. I adore Jenny Owens’s cover!

    Here’s a Jim Gaffigan sketch about bacon. While I don’t love bacon (vegetarian, here), I still love this piece. And I LOVE Jim Gaffigan like whoa.

  2. I’d like to share that when a coworker approached me and started a story with ‘so you know the whole childhood obesity epidemic…’ I spontaneously replied ‘booga booga booga’ with scare fingers and everything. She gave me a weird look, but it was nice to forget for a second that some people aren’t on board with FA.

    Thanks for the maru the cat link SM – its a new fav for me

  3. Never seen Jenny Owens before, thanks for sharing! I love the polar bear. :D Nor have I ever tried code in this sort of comment box, so forgive me if my Fluff turns out to be strings of nonsense…

    The Engineer’s Guide To Cats

    Weird Al Yankovic’s “Hardware Store”, WoW style! I have to admit, a large part of my fondness for this piece comes from the facts that A) my dad is an awesome handyman who spends large amounts of time at hardware stores and B) I am an unapologetic WoWhead.

    The parts of the brain, as sung by Pinky and the Brain! A perennial favorite on epilepsy forums. ^_^

  4. I was told at 18 that if I could conceive at all, it would be VERY difficult–especially if I stayed (size 12 at the time) so fat.

    I’m 30, “an obese” and to Mr. H and my’s complete delighted shock, I’m growin’ a baby! And we weren’t even trying! At all! The universe just said “Screw it. You need a kid.”

    Anyway, the fluffy part. My friend’s four year old came up to me, kissed my not-showing-yet-but-flabby belly and whispered “Bye, little baby.” Then she looked at me very earnestly and said “She’s sleeping because you’re belly’s so soft.” Looooooove!

  5. I spontaneously replied ‘booga booga booga’ with scare fingers and everything.

    BWAH! Wonderful.

  6. I had Manhattans with JoCo one time!

    Any JoCo fans who haven’t seen sweetafton23, this is for you:

    More State:

    A Python sketch that SM and I quote incessantly:

    And just in case everyone hasn’t seen the slow loris, this cheers me up every time:

  7. I don’t know how to do those fancy embedding tricks, but here is a link to a song I heard for the first time this morning – “Star Star” by The Frames. It’s really cheesy, but I am having a really hard time right now, and it kinda fits.

    And congrats, Miz H.

  8. Wow, congratulations Miz H!

    “Anyway, the fluffy part. My friend’s four year old came up to me, kissed my not-showing-yet-but-flabby belly and whispered ‘Bye, little baby.’ Then she looked at me very earnestly and said ‘She’s sleeping because your belly’s so soft.'”

    Awww! *melts at the cuteness*

  9. Maru makes my day. I need to include Daily Maru in my breakfast – I think he would single-pawed-ly cure my depression.

    In other news, three separate doctors have now told me my job is (literally) killing me, so I went out to the Soundless Void That Is the Michigan Job Market to see what there was. And lo and behold, one of my dream jobs is hiring! OMFG! Fingers crossed!

  10. It occurs to me that that video has a non-zero amount in common with the Jenny Owen Youngs video. I guess SM and I are just a soft touch for winter clothes and whimsical animal costumes.

  11. Thanks for the link to Maru, Kate. I thought nothing could be cuter than Regular Maru (whose name means “Round” in Japanese), until I was introduced to Maru with a Square Head Encased in Plastic :) :)

    I love Maru, with his sturdiness, playfulness, and fat tail. He looks very, very clean and self-possessed.

  12. I have no fluff today, myself. I got a LOT blood drawn this morning for tests to start trying to figure out why my fatigue is back, and I’ve been sleeping/dizzy the whole day.

  13. i love maru so very, very much.

    i know it’s old and it’s been around, but i still howl at this one.

    SPROING! (kathunkathunk).

  14. I don’t have much to bring in the ways of fluff, except the news that my birthday is tomorrow! *dances*
    I’m painting my nails purple (my favorite color) in honor of the occasion.

  15. Hi, I am a long time lurker and I thought I saw on the last open thread that there was a Swedish website with animation where the cups fell over and the toaster popped and it was really cute and I forgot to bookmark it and I went back and looked and I couldn’t find it and (deep breath) does anyone know what the heck that site is??

    FA FTW!


  17. Am I the only one who when they watched the Maru video got an ad that came up for “big fat woman pictures,” I feel slightly like it targeted me personally…

    Just a little weird, but it made me laugh that it happened on this site, rather than upset, so I guess that’s my friday fluff.

  18. A cat story: recently, my husband came home to find our long-haired boy kitty wandering about with a 2’x4′ furniture label firmly attached to his belly. We had no idea where it came from, neither of us recognized the label, it was as though our cat had sponteneously been fire-safety tested and deemed mostly fire-proof according to California code blahblah.

    The next day I found an identical label on the underside of a kitchen chair, kitty-boy must have been playing with the tempting paper patch and got more than he bargained for. Now he knows how it feels to get a bellywax.

  19. Best of luck, Dani! They have to hire someone, why shouldn’t it be you? {{vibes}}

    In bring-your-own-fluff news, Stonewall UK did a national survey of lesbian and bi women’s experience of healthcare last year and I’m (pseudonymously) quoted in the final report!! Being reasonably hilarious (if I do say so myself) about the medical profession’s ignorance of health risks for lesbian/bi women. I enjoy so much that my snark is going to be required reading for a number of national healthcare assocations, I can’t even tell you. :D

    I also went to see an LGBTI art exhibition today, which was very good, and had rage in the response section about how apparently queer people don’t exist and it’s fine to disappear them in an exhibition that is ABOUT the disappearing of peopel based on sexual orientation. Dude.

    So it has been quite a fun day for me.

  20. The Loris getting scratched makes my damn day. The critter’s stoned on scratching. I love how, when the woman stops scratching, his/her little head comes down as if to say “Wha? More, please.”

  21. @Elizabeth –

    Did you see the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Edward Cullen” mash-up? Jezebel has it, among others, but it does a FANTASTIC job of showing just how stalker-creepy Edward was.

    And yes, Buffy stakes Edward.

  22. lol @ hardware store where they start singing in guild chat! I’d forgotten about that video. I wish they hadn’t taken the usable broom out of the game, it was the best staff weapon evar! Ragnaros in line for the store is priceless too. (What else is he going to do now, nobody comes to visit him.)

  23. @ Elizabeth – Thank you!! That was awesome!

    Have you seen the series pointing out the similarities between the Twilight books and Mormonism? It’s awesomely hilarious!

    The Secrets of the Sparkle

    @living400lbs – OMG, the Buffy/Edward mashup movie is fantastic!

  24. yaaay so much good stuff. I LOVE SLOW LORIS!

    Yesterday I was cheering myself up with Keepon videos:

    Also, anyone who missed the Twilight v. Buffy video should watch it immediately here:

  25. I love the Buffy vs. Edward video! When I watched it for the first time, I was sitting there chanting “Stake him! Stake him! Stake him!”.

    Also, I adore the Simon’s Cat clips. So true.

  26. Ooo sorry for repost, I suck. To make up for it I bring you other fluff:

    I also like their song “Pregnant Women are Smug” more than I probably should.

  27. I maaaaay have teared up at the Miz H story (I’m blaming the same hormones that have given me crazy acne, but that’s just misdirection).

    And I was reacquainted with Weebl’Stuff’s Kenya song recently, and fell in love all over again:

    In Kenya they’ve got lions and tigers (forget Norway!).

  28. Fake film trailers! (I have no idea how to embed, bear with me).

    If The Ten Commandments were a high-school movie:

    Titanic 2: The Surface. Not gonna lie, I’d watch this:

  29. Nellie McKay, who I’ve been listening to a lot recently –

    In terms of good news type fluff, my anti-depressants are finally working. Happiness rocks.
    Winston the cat –

  30. Shinobi, I love Pregnant Women Are Smug! Garfunkel and Oates are great. Also: Maru is the best, and Winston is also pretty great. Now I’m off the play the grand piano!

  31. I don’t need Friday Fluff this week because my husband is taking my two kids up to visit the GPs this weekend, which means I’LL GET TWO WHOLE NIGHTS ALONE!! I haven’t had A night to myself in almost 2 years. 2. Freaking. Years. No, I’m not kidding! That’s how it works sometimes, yeah? You have a kid, you get busy, next thing you know you look up and you haven’t had a night by yourself in 2 years.

    I do love that Keepon video though.

  32. Also! I will take this opportunity to present two songs I think we should adopt as FA anthems.

    a) Defying Gravity from Wicked (which works on about 47 levels)

    and I cannot find a sodding video of b) Big, Blonde and Beautiful from Hairspray, but I encourage you all to listen to it at the earliest possible opportunity. Yes.

  33. Ahhhhhh!

    My mother- and sister-in-law are in town this weekend, and like most of our visitors I’m confused as to how much time I need to spend with them, because we live in a giant tourist town, so I spent the morning with them in the high population density areas of the city. I am currently hiding out while Mr. Luci escorts them about town. I’m in the middle of a project and interrupting my work flow is disastrous (ADD ftw), which is why I’ve been home for over 2 hours and have yet to re-start.

    So, OMG LORIS!!!! Man, her eyes are huuuuuuuuuuuuge and she is a ridiculous puppet of fluffitude and love. Like a mogwai. I should have stuck with primatology; I could be scratching a loris right this second. Sigh. Where’s my cat?

  34. Okay, Caitlin brought up FA anthems – this is more of a feminist anthem. You know how so many fantasy heroines end up needing to be saved by someone else, and/orgoing back to “normal” after their adventures? Dorothy goes back to Kansas, Wendy leaves Neverland?

    This song is by Seanan McGuire, and it’s about learning how to save ourselves instead. Lyrics are at

    This is a performance by Seanan with Vixy Dockrey, Tony Fabris, SJ Tucker & Amy McNally.

  35. Friday Fluff: if you have a Baskin Robbins near you, and you like ice cream and specifically chocolate ice cream, I highly recommend the Oreo Outrageous. It is so dense and dark and chocolate it’s incredible – it screams to be eaten slowly so you taste every bit of chocolate.

    That’s what I’m looking forward to this weekend. It’s a little too dense to be considered fluff, but oh, my, it is good.

  36. I wanted to post here, since I don’t have the Sanity Watchers points for Salon comment threads that Kate’s Broadsheet post on George Sodini is pure gold, the best thing I’ve read on the internet all week.

  37. Holy crap, if that’s the same cat I’m thinking of, have you seen the video where he jumps in and out of the cardboard box?

    Also, it’s not particularly hilarious, but I do have a video of an adorable acoustic cover of Hey Ya.

    Also, this:

  38. I sadly, do not have a friday fluff. i do however, know that our beloved ‘journalist’ Amanda Platell has written another article on how much she hates fat people in the Daily Fail and it is… just don’t read it if you care about sanity watchers. you will lose all your points for the year about 3 lines in. Theres no comments as of yet, but please for the love of god, let no one respond. She’s a bully, and bullies don’t like to be ignored so its the best thing we can do, right?

  39. Eddie Izzard on snowboarding, chiropractors and Heimlich manoeuver. This might just be his best bit :) I don’t like stand-up at all, but I love him :)

  40. Last week’s fluff (or was it the week before?) was SO SO awesome. I found lots of fun links and things to explore. Notable highlights were Gunnerkrig court (addictive), and the Hamlet text adventure (hilarious). Y’all are. just. <3.

    My fluff: a really cool webcomic/bloggy thing called Indexed. Its funny venn diagrams, graphs, charts etc all that fit on a postcard. is the link!

  41. I spy a couple of ukes, and I have a husband learning said instrument, and this lot never fail to make me smile. Even when I am, as now, ridiculously hung over.

  42. I don’t mean to rain on this particular parade, but that cat video isn’t all that funny. I know someone whose dog suffocated when its head got stuck in a bag of potato chips, and a similar thing could easily have happened with this cat.

  43. Thanks for making me laugh a little bit today. Today is the 7 month anniversary of my brother’s death (only sibling) and I’m having a really, really hard day. Anyone who says it gets easier through time is full of crap, it just get worst.

  44. I love to see that Slow Loris is making rounds still but have to share the awesomeness of Dierdre Flint singing “The Boob Fairy”

    Priceless :)

    And I think seeing Maru jump in and out of the big box has made my weekend! :D

  45. Speaking of theme songs, there is none more appropriate than Mika’s “Big Girl, You Are Beautiful!”
    The video was so happy that I actually got teary, which may sound odd, but I’ve been really struggling with depression and anger towards men and to see a man sing so positively about big womyn and to see him dancing with all of them, was just too good. And it wasn’t I’m going to sexualize big womyn now, but I just going to say they’re awesome and we’re gonna make a really low budget video showing me and a bunch of fat womyn wearing super sparkly dresses dance around with balloons down a main street.

    Unfortunately, I can’t embed, because it’s his official video, so here’s the link! Go now, and be ridiculously happy!

  46. “Lollipop” by Mika. I got the CD a couple of years ago and I still haven’t stopped playing it! This is undoubtedly, his most popular and catchy song-with the second being Big Girl!

  47. This will most likely be my last Mika video, but man, this dude is happy! And cute! (I am officially announcing that I have a major crush on this guy!!!)

  48. I thought of Shapelings when someone sent me this earlier. Apparently, Craig Ferguson has figured out why everything sucks.

  49. Wow! I never thought of Craig Fergusen as being a great philosopher, but I think he’s onto something! And I was laughing at the same, so double plus.

  50. I agree that fluff is important this week! Those last two threads, I avoided completely, even though I have really been needing to talk about them… those two posts and related comments and posts (which are all over, which is good but also bad) and something that happened with me personally this week all came together and resulted in some serious discord for me and I probably need to quit avoiding it and actually get into some dialogue over it. But I just haven’t been able to muster the sanity points yet.

    Fluff fluff fluff! Thankfully I have fluff about as well. Let’s see.

    Here’s one for the Twilight non-fans, can’t remember if I shared it here before or not:

    Me being silly. Slightly less horrifying than a coconut crab:

    And finally, just some RLY GOOD NEWZ:

    Also, massive timesink for spook fans!

  51. So, heres something for Monday fluff (I know I need some on Mondays too!), because I was away all weekend.

    As we are on the topic of song covers:

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