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Because fatties love to eat, AM I RIGHT?

  • Megan McArdle, usually the cause of much eyebrow raising and weary sighing in the feminist blogosphere, actually does a good interview with Kate’s fantasy boyfriend, Paul Campos. There are also several followup posts in which McArdle sometimes fights the good fight and sometimes says weird shit (she seems to think that fat people are hungry All The Time) — but she does take on her fat-hating commenters, for which I give her some props.
  • Jon Stewart on a lot of things, but most pertinently, the difference between beliefs and facts.
  • The Angry Black Woman posts Rules for Beneficial Discourse at Alas — a must read. These rules come out of what seems to be a never-ending RaceFail in the SF/F online community, which I admit I have not been following too closely (but I bet some of you have).
  • Kate has a great post on the marketing of a drug for “inadequate or not enough lashes” on that other blog she’s doing. ;-)
  • And people wonder why gaming culture doesn’t feel woman-friendly…
  • Also via our blogcrush Sociological Images, mannequins at Barneys New York were set up wearing fashionable clothing — and being violently murdered.

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  1. I plugged “Obesity Police’s Shaky Science” in The Baltimore Sun this week, about Dr Benjamin’s nomination. The writers cite studies showing that “overweight” people live longer than “normal weight” folks, and that even studies that show death risks for fatties is greater than normal-weight folks (which it is — if you’re MY size) it’s still low.

    [W]hereas the reported lung cancer risks for smokers are typically 10 to 20 times higher than for nonsmokers, the death risks for those who are overweight and obese are often closer to only 0.5 above those of normal weight.

    Not to say “pile on the smokers”, but daymn that does put the “I stopped smoking and my doctor is unhappy I gained weight” complaints into a different focus, doesn’t it?

  2. Good gods, that pic on Sociological Images… I have no words. What was their marketing department smoking?

    If you folks haven’t watched Kate’s TV appearance up there on the Twitter feed, I recommend it. The interviewer actually seemed to be taking both sides seriously, rather than “Defend yourself, crazy fat activist! I have brought an Expert to show the audience the error of your ways!” Kate, I am in awe of your ability to keep cool when confronted with a two-faced slimeball. (Although I did catch a few “Must… restrain… FIST OF DEATH” looks.)

  3. RE: Evony. I see this ad all the time when I am reading articles at alternet.org. I Googled it and Evony is run by a gold farming company… well anyway, it’s run by a company who earned their money to make Evony by doing RMTs (real-money transactions) in games such as WoW. I read the comments section, and yes, a lot of them are “where’s the hot chick” and “who IS that gorgeous woman they used as a model.” Is it really not obvious that she is CGI and doesn’t exist? Anyway, I play a game called City of Heroes, and while there are a few ladies on there, most of them are men. Usually the girl characters in-game wearing the sluttiest costumes are men. :/

  4. Silly me, I hadn’t even realized that not having full, long eyelashes was a medical condition. I’m so grateful for commercials.

  5. Here I thought the Night Elf titty bounce was bad. It’s no wonder, when a game advertises itself as a space where women’s bodies are for consumption, that any members of the female player base get harassed. After all, the game company promised them that women would be there to be consumed. Then we get treated with hostility by the male player base when we don’t deliver on a game company’s promise by being grateful for the “attention” we’re getting.

    One of the purportedly better free online games, Sharia, has two scantily clad goddesses in their art. I keep wondering what I’m supposed to get from them if I play. Or perhaps if I’m supposed to identify with them… all I know is I found leveling up a noob character to be incredibly dull. Even cuteness based games like Maple Story, Mabinogi, and Fly For Fun are reaching for the “hawt boobies” ads now to drive up their player base. There are no boobies, hawt or otherwise, in these games.

    On the other topic, I saw that commercial for the eyelash medicine on tv! I’m waiting for them to pathologize thick eyebrows so I don’t have to wax anymore, ooh, and short fingernails, surely there’s a miracle drug that will help me ditch the acrylic nails for good. And why am I not poreless, surely having pores is a disease I need treatment for! Why doesn’t my body conform naturally to these unreal beauty standards? I must be deathly ill.

  6. Hooray! I used to just use mascara when I wanted to lengthen and Pump Up my eyelashes, but now I can use that glaucoma drug! I probably would’ve gotten glaucoma anyway since I’m fat… so thanks, science. Thanks.

  7. It seems like most of the negative comments on the Paul Campos piece boil down to “Nuh uh! Because I don’t want to believe it, that’s why!”

  8. Snarky comments aside, I would seriously consider that eyelash drug, if it was cheaper and didn’t have bad side effects. Medical hair loss isn’t funny.

  9. Electrogirl, I was glad to see a CALM discussion of the actual issues on TV. Kudos to Kate for sticking with the facts (we don’t know how to make most fat people thin), that diet failures are always ascribed to “user failure” and not with the diets, and that yes, many of the changes he’s talking about (being active, good nutrition, and so forth) might improve health but don’t make people thin.

  10. Ugh. I have tried to post a link to that dang Campos interview on Facebook and I keep getting comments like, “Well I didn’t read the whole thing, but my personal belief is that we’re getting fatter because we’re lazier.” Which is why Fillyjonk dug up that Jon Stewart link for me! (Thanks again, FJ!)

  11. If anyone was following the “Realms of Fantasy” cover!fail wanking, vito_excalibur did an awesome cartoon of K. Tempest Bradford taking on cover!fail and the previous Harlan Ellison being a racist ass issue (Ellison called her an NWA. I wish I was making that up):


    Please note nothing in the cartoons is a direct quote from anyone and it wasn’t created by anyone involved. There are links with further explanations in the post.


  12. Medical hair loss isn’t funny

    No, but that’s not what they’re talking about. They’re talking about the horror of naturally short eyelashes. I doubt if that drug does anything for actual alopecia.

  13. If anyone hasn’t read Lesley’s recap of More to Love’s first episode over at Fatshionista, do it. I guarantee you’ll laugh out loud:


    The Zaftig Chicks, as well as yours truly, blogged about the ridiculousness of Kevin Federline now being called fat. Yahoo OMG! (hate, hate, HATE that title) has a sideshow of guys who, in their opinion, went from “hunk to chunk,” when in reality, all they did was have the nerve to get older.

  14. Yeah, if you’ve seen the Latrisse commercials, they definitely are NOT talking about medical hair loss. They’re talking about having insufficiently thick and/or long lashes, as measured by whether or not they are as long and thick as those of Brooke Shields.

  15. I’m so thrilled to posting this link, even tho almost no one will understand what it says :D. I’m a long time reader from Brazil and, as a translator, have often wondered whether a country that places so much importance on the “bikini body” (though our definition of it is a lot more voluptuous than yours seems to be) would be ready for some Lessons from the Fatosphere. Imagine my surprise when i found this little video, which is a clip from the main lunchtime news prog in the country, certainly watched by millions of people everyday: http://video.globo.com/Videos/Player/Noticias/0,,GIM1094225-7823-GORDAS+SIM+MAS+COM+MUITO+ORGULHO,00.html

    Anyone here understands Portuguese? The title of the video says “Fat, yes. But with lots of pride!”, and it features Gaby from Young, Fat and Fabulous, Joy Nash and Debbie (Is that right? Sorry, I’m not so familiar with her!) and it also shows the cover of LftF, but no Kate or Marianne. There’s no option for comments on the page, so i have no idea how the public responded, and the the reporter can’t help noting that “fat = probably unhealthy, but as long as they’re happy…”, but trust me when i say FA is pretty much unheard of in mainstream Brazilian culture, so this surely cunts as an awesome introduction.

    Just thought you’d like to know :)

  16. OMG I just realized that amongst a few other typos and omissions, I wrote “this surely cunts” instead of “counts”! Please forgive me!

    I’m gonna go die of embarrassment now :(

  17. These rules come out of what seems to be a never-ending RaceFail in the SF/F online community, which I admit I have not been following too closely (but I bet some of you have).

    You. Do. NOT. Want. To. Know.

    But if you’ve ever wondered about TNH — yes, really — or Will Shetterley, or someone close to you needs to know, check it out.

    Things that really terrify:
    1) That some version of this thing has been going on, over and over and over, practically since … well, the inception of LJ. It’s like a remix writing challenge, or something.
    (*snarks so as to “watch her tone” and not seem bitter*)
    (*insert violent eyeroll here*)

    2) The scary — and I really mean scary — similarities to some of the startling ignorance thrown around – even right in the comments of this mighty blog, ladies and gentlemen! – in Gates/CaPoFail.

    Hmm? What’s that roar coming for me? The Angry Righteous Horsemen of the “Post Racial” Society?

    *vanishes back into lurkdom in puff of smoke, having, like Michael Stipe, already said too much*


    Was any one else aware that it’s available only by prescription because it’s actually off label administered glaucoma medication?

    And you too can have discolored eyelids as a result.

    Great Jumping Jeebus. For your own safety, not to mention your sanity, Resist the Kyriarchy, people.


  19. If you want to be amused/uplifted/blown away by some of the smart, funny people out there, I’m revisiting the Fat Princess troll thread on Shakesville just now, and fuck it is awesome. [Trigger warning: there is a lot of fat hate and misogyny in the (unmoderated) comments. But seeing them hilariously blown to pieces is the most cathartic thing imaginable.]

    @JupiterPluvius (on the off-chance you see this) ~ I CANNOT EXPRESS how funny and wonderful you are on that thread. I had forgotten about jellied eels and I am SO HAPPY they’ve re-entered my life. I’m also particularly fond of “You seem to be confusing “debate and discussion” with “mockery”. Betty is mocking, not debating. Nobody here wants to debate you, because we can’t be bothered.” I think someone should remind me that just laughing at bigots is an option, every day. Well played.

    Also, @Heather#2(on the off-chance you see this too) ~ I meant to say before, your patience and ability to calmly keep going 101 over on WATRD with people who either don’t get or completely reject FA is amazing. Thank you for representing.

  20. littlem, not being a part of SF/F fandom myself, it’s like I keep tuning in every couple months and it’s the same conversation… except it featuring different white people being complete racist jackasses! And it is usually the same awesome people of color and allies fighting the good fight. It seems utterly exhausting.

  21. Seriously, SM. When I read what Harlan Ellison had actually said about K. Tempest Bradford and tried to justify it by invoking Octavia E. Butler, I literally almost threw up. I’m amazed Octavia E. Butler didn’t come back from the dead and eviscerate him for that.

    Honestly, who needs to read SF/F when there is so much horribly fucked-up shit like this in the world AS IT IS?

  22. *loves on littlem for using the word “kyriarchy”*

    Thanks for the link round up, the Paul Campos interview in particular is delightful.

  23. A very typical OMGWTF article on The Obesity Crisis came out yesterday on the BBC website, explaining that fat teenagers make their friends fat, too. They wrote pretty much the same article a year ago, so no points for originality.

    What is interesting about this article is that it cites a study from the University of Hawaii (which it then ignores in favor of ‘obesity experts’ from the UK). If everybody’s already seen this, I apologize (this is also my first time commenting, so I hope this is not a huge COMMENT FAIL for me!) – but there were some pretty interesting observations in the study. (UH Manoa blurbs the study here, but I’m accessing it on a university network, so I’m betting the full text isn’t available without a subscription.)

    Basically, the authors check through self-reported (i.e. 100% accurate) BMI information from beaucoup teenagers to see what correlation exists between BMI and peer group. They say:

    “We nonetheless see a strong tendency of overweight students to associate with overweight peers. This effect is robust to using different definitions of weight as the dependent variable and also holds for male and female sub-samples. We show kernel regression estimates of own BMI on average peer group BMI (Fig. 4). The figures show a strong positive correlation between own and peer BMI for both girls and boys. Furthermore, the estimates for girls are stronger than for boys. This indicates that either overweight girls are more likely to choose overweight peers than boys are (either because they are ostracized by thinner girls or for other reasons), or girls are more likely than boys to become overweight as a result of having overweight friends. The correlations between own BMI and average peer BMI are consistent with either explanation (Table 4). We see these correlations disappear for underweight peers indicating that underweight adolescents do not associate with primarily underweight friends (Table 4). The contagion effects of eating disorders such as anorexia (if they do indeed exist) appear to occur through channels other than friendship networks.”

    What really nominates the BBC for the Worst Science Reporting Pulitzer Prize, though, is the conclusion the study reaches, namely:

    “We conclude that there is a tendency for students with high levels of BMI to cluster within peer networks. The correlations between own and peer BMI are strong among both males and females in our sample. They are especially strong among overweight females (0.13) relative to overweight males (0.08)…

    We also find significant clustering of peers by height… The effect is particularly strong among males relative to females with point estimates of 0.08 versus 0.02. Because within-school clustering of students by height is likely the result of selection and not causal peer effects, the significant correlations between own height and peer height indicate that taller students (especially male ones) tend to select taller peers. We interpret this to be evidence that there is likely to be significant selection of peers by BMI. Despite the importance of selection as an explanation for the documented correlations between own and peer BMI, we are unable to adequately account for omitted correlated effects and the endogeneity problem. Thus, we cannot definitively rule out positive causal peer effects.

    Given the inability to satisfactorily solve the omitted correlated effects and the endogeneity problem, the results suggest the following two possibilities: first, overweight adolescents sort themselves into networks with other overweight friends and second, overweight adolescents influence their friends to also become overweight. The significant correlations between own and peer height indicate that selection explains a significant portion of the correlation. Our study documents these correlations in a nationally representative sample of adolescents. However, neither our study nor the three that precede ours can differentiate between these two explanations.”

    In other words, high school boys like to make friends with tall boys, and high school girls like to make friends with skinny girls. SCIENCE!

    It is astonishing that nowhere does the study seriously engage with the idea that cultural norms might be a stronger determining factor than getting fat because you hang out with your fat friends, especially given their final admission that neither their data nor the data of any other similar studies provide more evidence for the latter than for the former.

  24. Although I did catch a few “Must… restrain… FIST OF DEATH” looks

    Heh. No comment.

    The title of the video says “Fat, yes. But with lots of pride!”, and it features Gaby from Young, Fat and Fabulous, Joy Nash and Debbie (Is that right? Sorry, I’m not so familiar with her!) and it also shows the cover of LftF, but no Kate or Marianne.

    They did approach us, but it was short notice, as these things often are, and neither one of us could do it. So glad they got such awesome people to interview AND showed the book!

  25. (she seems to think that fat people are hungry All The Time)

    She seems to confuse “fat people” with “people who are dieting,” most of whom are hungry all the time.

  26. And isn’t it interesting that in all the shown submissions for that “Queen of Evony” competition, NONE of the women have bodies that are anything like the animation but have still taken excellent photos. Some reality check!

  27. @living400lbs: Yeah, no shit. My dear old BFF has been forthcoming with a lot of alarm and hand-wringing over my weight gain of lo these past 7 months since I gave up the cigarettes. I’ve been adhering to body-positive reasoning when I talk with her about it just because I want to support her in working through some of her own body, which is what she is doing in a very round-about way. I finally lost it, though, and was like, “Look, dude, I know how I could start losing some of this weight tomorrow. And frankly, you’re kind of acting like that’s a better option for me. Which I decided it wasn’t about 7 months ago and I stand by.”

    This is not the only person in my life who has made it clear to me that he or she does not consider overcoming an addiction to be a totally fine trade-off for overcoming a potentially damaging addiction. People cut you no slack for failing to conform your body to their expectations for any reason whatsoever.

    Thanks for not “piling on” the smokers, too. Back when I smoked, I the surest way to chase off the stench of sanctimony was to spark up a fine-smelling cigarette. Seeing a pile-on still triggers me and I still find sanctimony about smoking to be more odious than anything besides maybe a tire fire or a pig farm.

  28. Caitlin, thanks for the thanks!

    Though, I admit that most of the time when I go to comment I notice you or one of the other Shapelings has already said what I wanted to say but so much better!

  29. Though, I admit that most of the time when I go to comment I notice you or one of the other Shapelings has already said what I wanted to say but so much better!

    Aye, bollocks. :P Your comments there are awesome.

  30. Seriously, SM. When I read what Harlan Ellison had actually said about K. Tempest Bradford and tried to justify it by invoking Octavia E. Butler, I literally almost threw up.

    Isn’t Harlan Ellison the one who sexually harassed Connie Willis at the Hugos? Or am I misremembering that incident entirely. Anyway, I know I have bad associations with him from somewhere.

  31. I just want to point out the hilarity that is two people banned from SP commiserating on WATRD. It’s in the “Is it Wrong to Want to Lose Weight” thread. If SP doesn’t like me, I’ll just find other people that SP doesn’t like also and we’ll be BFF!

    Sanity Watcher’s Points for that thread, btw.

  32. Lilah- Yeah, that’s Harlan Ellison all right. He thought he was doing the more noble thing by saying, “Yeah, I grabbed her breast in front of everyone while we were both onstage. So what? It was funny.” instead of vehemently denying it or making excuses. What a prince.

    Heather #2- Seriously, major Sanity Watcher’s Points on the WATRD thread. In a nutshell:

    “I lost a lot of weight on a diet!”

    “Me too!”

    “Congratulations on your weight loss!”

    “Congratulations on YOUR weight loss!”

    “No, YOURS!”


    REALLY?! That’s ALL you’ve got?

  33. Very accurate Lucy.

    Add in the new twist: You hate SP!

    OMG I hate SP!

    Clearly that means SP is wrong!

    Thank goodness we found a place where we could share our views because we were so ostracized before!

  34. Hey ya’ll I am a long long time mostly lurker, I have commented once I think :P.

    Anyway I have a link which if you click on and vote for me I could win $5000 I am the second one done and all you have to do is click vote for Gaayathri


    The context is this is a “young achiever” award. My achievement so to speak is being the youth worker for an eating difficulties organisation that promotes health at every size and intuitive eating in the community. I go into schools and do presentations on that and also about how images in the media are manipulated.

    If you want more information on what you are indirectly supporting my organisations website is

    http:// http://www.eden.org.nz

    Thanks in advance. I do apologise if this kind of self promotion is inappropriate on this thread.

  35. Thank goodness we found a place where we could share our views because we were so ostracized before!

    “This one site in the entire world wouldn’t let ME bore on about MY diet! I was so OPPRESSED!”

    “Me too!”

    “ME TOO!”

    “Man, SP is OPPRESSIVE. And EVIL. Thank god we and our PRIVILEGE are free to be judgemental douchehounds over here!”

    They, are literally, freaks of nature. They are statistical anamolies. Scientific fact. And I love how they are all “Oh, I was called all these nasty names for my attitude! I weep!” as if that’s somehow worse than the widespread discrimination fat people face every day over EVERY ASPECT of their bodies and (imagined) characteristics, due to the wrong and damaging belief WHICH THEY ARE PROPOGATING that people are fat because they just didn’t “try” hard enough. Their lack of self-awareness would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

  36. “that fat teenagers make their friends fat, too.”

    So the reason MeMe Roth hasn’t cured The Obesity Crisis is that no one wants to be her friend?

  37. Thank goodness we found a place where we could share our views because we were so ostracized before!

    Good grief. I will not be checkout out that other blog again. Maybe I’m just old and cranky, but I’m no longer interested in hearing people have the same arguments I went through 20+ years ago.

    Contemplates living off the grid.

  38. I’m glad someone else has been noticing the Evony ads getting worse and worse. I didn’t pay them much mind at first… and then, when they became so apallingly “HEY HERE’S A HOT CHICK” blatant that I couldn’t help but notice them? That made me much LESS willing to go play. All this business about it being a spam-o-rama? I’m not too surprised.

    Crap like this drives me nuts. I’m a gamer. I’m a girl. I’ve always been a Nintendo-playing, computer-hacking geek from the moment I was old enough to be granted access to gamepads and keyboards. It’s a boy’s world, and I always tried to not let it bother me… but I’m getting older. I’m getting wiser. It it STARTING TO BOTHER ME that every gaming forum I used to like is a seething mass of homophobia, sexism, and even racism. And female gamers only seem to be “respected” in as much as they present themselves as traditionally attractive. Girls can game, sure! Assuming they’re extremely sexy at the same time. Otherwise, GTFO you hambeast. UGH. (Yes. I remember the Fat Princess debacle. As much as I’d like to forget.)

    And on the OTHER END of the spectrum comes all the criticism from the feminist camp. Gaming is sexist! And bad! And for stupid antisocial people! Gamers suck! Which… no. No we don’t. Despite my tooth-gnashing irritation at all the sexist knuckle-draggers, there ARE perfectly decent folk that game. I know plenty of them IRL and online. There are a few good gaming blogs run by women that do try and tackle issues of this sort. I’d like it if more women wanted to come play MMORPGs or console stuff or whatever else, but between the defensive gaming boys shouting “TITS OR GTFO” and the progressive ladies of the Interwebs shouting “IT’S SO SEXIST AND STUPID”, what sane woman would want to set foot in the hobby? It’s CERTAINLY not something for HER, is it? UGH UGH UGH.

  39. Lampdevil: Augh. It’s like the 1990s all over again, but with widespread Internet access giving the screaming *-ist twits (fan and game makers alike) an even bigger voice.

    I don’t play many games anymore outside of Sims 2–lack of money for subsciptions and lack of interest in most of the current lineup is part of it, but a big part of it is being even more painfully aware that as a fat, queer female, I am NOT going to see anyone like me in most of those games–or a female, period.

    Even Sims 2 gets a lot of BS. Because it has a high proportion of female and queer male fans, it gets sneered at by a lot of the traditional gaming community. Some non-queer male fans feel like they have to claim they bought the game for a girlfriend to the outside world and participate in the community under female psuedonyms, even though the women and queer guys sure don’t care what they have in their pants. Eyeroll all over the goddamned place.

  40. Oh man, Lampdevil, I’m glad I don’t regularly read anywhere on the web that’s feminist and anti-gaming, because I have managed to avoid that so far. Maybe it’s because I prefer feminist nerds. :)

    I have been turned off to gaming in the past because the types of games I genuinely like tend to be the ones that are looked down on as not legitimate enough because they aren’t manly enough. (Now I just don’t tend to remember games exist and that I could spend money to buy them. Game companies and their marketing totally shot themselves in the foot with me as a potential customer.)

  41. @Retanus – Arr, yes. I get all het up about the perception that “girly games don’t count” when it comes to being a gamer. The Sims isn’t a real game! Bejeweled isn’t a real game! Nintendogs isn’t a real game! Dance Dance Revolution isn’t a real game! YES IT IS, SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UUUUUUP.

    Things are better than they were in some respects. There’s at least the acknowledgement that girls like to game, and the marketing folk seem cool with it to a degree. But all the dudez from the Old Gamer Boys Club seem determined to barricade the doors and not count anything other than your standard First Person Shooters or Real Time Strategy games as “real games”, and it makes me want to kick ’em all in the face.

    @volcanista – After a fast dig through my browser history, I found my way back to this pretty good thread asking for female gamers to come out and vent. In the comments, I found this post at Feministing where there’s a tinge to the commentary that video games are immature and sexist and why would any self respecting woman want to go to all the bother when they can just play some free Tetris and call it a day.

    None of my female co-workers understand why I game. They think I’m a weirdo, but they do call me over for asstance when Christmas comes around and it’s time to buy their son (Never their daughter!) some new piece of expensive software or hardware. My male co-workers actually play a lot of the same stuff I do, and we have nice conversations about ’em. I’m special and different, but it doesn’t always feel like a positive thing.

  42. I’ve always thought it was the most ridiculous thing, how guys in online games (at least back when I was playing them heavily, when Quake II and Half-Life were biggies) constantly pester girl gamers to “prove” that they’re female. They’re always like “OMG girls don’t game you must actually be a guy so you’d better send me a naked pic or have TeamSpeak sex with me or I won’t believe you”. As if we actually care if they know “what’s in our pants” like Renatus said.

  43. Lampdevil, I’m a gamer, too – but I play tabletop RPGs and console RPGs instead of MMORPGs. You’re not alone.

    (PS I love Bejeweled.)

  44. KC,

    first, overweight adolescents sort themselves into networks with other overweight friends and second, overweight adolescents influence their friends to also become overweight.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel that if you replace ‘o/w’ with, ‘witch/es’, it brings out more of the underlying feeling.

  45. Wriggles, that’s fantastic. I saw Goody Proctor with the donuts!

    If only the Inquisition could arrange for the printing of an edition of the Malleus Maleficarum Malleus Obesitatis (Hammer of teh Fatz).

  46. “Malleus Obesitatis (Hammer of teh Fatz)”

    To misquote the Joker – “Arthur Miller … terrorizes …? Wait till they get a load of you two.”

  47. Actually Caitlin, re: That Other Blog, they aren’t even statistical anomalies. Many of them are complaining about how they went on a diet 5 years ago, lost lots of weight, and now *poof*, they’ve gained it all back and then some! However could that happen? We’ve never heard of that happening before! Damn those lazy fatties, eating food. It’s all their fault.

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