Vigils and rallies for Dr. Tiller: Chicago/DC/Boston

Shapeling Epiphenomena, who is a member of Medical Students for Choice, passes along info about events planned for today.

Chicago: Monday, June 1st, 4 pm rally and march at the State of Illinois Building (Thompson Center – Corner of Clark and Randolph).

DC: A vigil to honor the life of Dr George Tiller, an American Hero, will be taking place from 6:30pm at the White House (LaFayette Park side) on Monday, June 1st. We will honor Dr Tiller and all that he has done providing safe, legal abortion for thousands of women.

Boston: Monday, June 1st, 6 pm, St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, 38 Tremont St., Boston, Across from the Park St. T stop

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  1. Stupid Work. I wish they accepted political activism as a reason to leave early. I am literally 2 blocks from the Thompson Center.

  2. Memorial Vigil for Dr. TIller in St. Louis:
    A memorial vigil in honor of Dr. George Tiller will be held at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Tower Grove on June 1 at 6:30 pm. We hope you can join us.

    If you encounter protesters, please do not engage them physically or verbally.

  3. Pro-Choice & Peaceful Vigil for Dr. George Tiller

    Join us in Ottawa to honour Dr. Tiller and to support women’s freedom

    Tuesday, June 2, 2009
    8:00pm – 9:00pm
    Human Rights Monument
    Elgin & Lisgar, Ottawa, ON

    On Sunday May 31st at around 10:00am Dr. George Tiller was murdered. He was shot to death in the vestibule of the church he belonged to in Wichita, Kansas.

    Dr. Tiller was an abortion provider. He was one of the only doctors providing late-term abortions, and since 1973 he provided these services to women despite many threats against his life.

    His murder was an act of violence that not only takes his life, hurting his family and loved ones, but one that threatens the entire pro-choice community and beyond.

    This vigil will be a chance to gather to honour Dr. Tiller, and to gather together offering support to one another. Many of us are deeply shaken by what happened, and this event will allow us be together in solidarity, showing support for his family, his staff, for the women and families he has served, and for the abortion community.

    Please join us in a peaceful gathering.
    Bring candles, flowers, whatever you like.

    This is an accessible event for people of all faiths and genders, open to anyone that would like to join us in solidarity.

  4. Feministing has a fairly extensive list for several cities up right now. Plus different funds and ways to help.

  5. Or I suppose I could just copy and paste it here:

    # Wichita, KS: Meet at 8pm on Sunday in Old Town Square.
    # Lawrence, KS: Meet at 8pm on Sunday at the South Park Gazebo
    # Washington, D.C.: Meet at 9pm on Sunday at the fountain at Dupont Circle. Also at 6:30pm on Monday at the White House.
    # Boston, MA: Meet at 6pm on Monday at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral.
    # Seattle: Meet at 6pm on Monday, Details TBA. (Follow @ProChoiceWA on Twitter for details.)
    # Portland, OR: Meet at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Monday at 8:00pm
    # Ottawa, ON: Meet at 8:00pm on Tuesday, June 2 at the Human Rights Monument @ Elgin & Lisgar
    # Kansas City, MO:Meet on Monday at 8pm at the JC Nichols Fountain (near the Plaza).
    # Yakima, WA: Meet at 6pm on Monday at Millennium Arts Plaza
    # St. Louis, MO: Meet at 6:30pm on Monday at St Johns Episcopal Church
    # New York, NY: Meet at 6pm on Monday, location TBA.
    # Dallas, TX: Meet at 6:30pm Monday at Robert E. Lee Park (corner of Turtle Creek and Hall)
    # Chicago, IL: Meet at 4pm on Monday at the State of Illinois Building (Thompson Center)
    # Atlanta, GA: Meet at 7pm on Tuesday at Woodruff Park
    # Columbia, MO: Meet at 6:30pm Tuesday in Peace Park

  6. Seattle Vigil
    June 1, 6:00PM
    Cal Anderson Park – South End of the Reflecting Pool
    1635 11th Ave, Seattle (map)

    Please bring a lighter to help light candles
    Dr. Tiller provided abortion care to women in Kansas, and his clinic is one of the few in the country that provide late-term abortions. Because of his commitment to women’s health, Dr. Tiller suffered constant threats, serious injuries, malicious protesters, vandalism to his clinic, and relentless political and legal attacks. Through it all, he was a tireless advocate for his patients and for women’s rights. He was shot and killed at his church Sunday morning.

    Our hearts go out to Dr. Tiller’s family. We want everyone who provides reproductive health care to know that they have our support in the aftermath of this heartbreaking tragedy. Health care providers, and the women who receive their services, should never be the targets of violence. I hope you will be able to join us this evening. If you have any questions, please contact Sasha Cousineau at (206) 624-1990 or sashacousineau@prochoicewashington.org.

  7. I’ll do my best to make DC. It’s sick. The idea that he got killed at church too. Hypocritical, it’s not what church is about.

  8. I can’t find any info for any events in the LA area. Does anyone else know about anything?

    In the meantime, I wrote to the White House as Feministing suggested. Here’s what I wrote:

    Like many Americans I am shocked and disturbed by the assassination of Dr. George Tiller at his church in Wichita KS yesterday. I agree with President Obama’s stand, articulated in his speech at Notre Dame, that pro-life and pro-choice Americans can find common ground in working on the root causes behind the US abortion rate even while the debate goes on. However, we can’t let the debate be stifled by fear-mongering tactics that seek to limit access to abortions de facto by assassinating and terrorizing medical staff and patients. This kind of violent circumvention of legal and legislative process to fulfill a perceived religious aim is, quite simply, terrorism.

    Women have a legal right to abortions, and doctors have a legal right to carry them out. Please don’t let the fear of violence make a mockery of that right. I believe we must support clinic workers and doctors like Dr. Tiller who face violence, vandalism, and death threats in response to the work they do. I am writing today to beg President Obama to enforce the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act which Congress passed in 1993, and to take Dr. Tiller’s death as seriously as a domestic terrorist attack. We have been lucky that Dr. Tiller’s death is the first of its kind in 10 years. Please help make it the last.

  9. Ottawa, Canada:

    June 2, 8pm. At the Human Rights monument (corner of Elgin and Lisgar).

  10. Chicago again – this one’s a vigil and it’s not downtown.

    Hosted by Illinois Choice Action Team (a NARAL group)
    Friday, June 5
    8:15-9:15 p.m.
    Churchill Field Playlot Park
    1825 N Damen Ave
    (Wicker Park-ish)

    Candles will be provided. Please no bullhorts. For info email outreach@ilchoiceactionteam.org

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