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Reminder: Philly and Boston appearances this weekend!

In case you missed it or hadn’t heard, Marianne and I will be reading and answering questions in Philly tomorrow at The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St., from 4-5 p.m. (in between performances of “Fat Camp,” the new revue by Big Moves Boston). 

On Sunday, we’ll be in Boston, reading at Lir Irish Pub, 903 Boylston St., starting at 1:30 1 p.m. (doors open at 12:30). That event was organized by the awesome Center for New Words and will also feature Lessons from the Fat-o-Sphere contributors Lesley Kinzel and Julia Starkey. 

Come out and see us! And Chicagoans, don’t forget I’ll be at Vive la Femme next Friday, May 15, from 6-8 p.m.! I’ll put up another reminder next week.

25 thoughts on “Reminder: Philly and Boston appearances this weekend!”

  1. I can’t either, shinobi! Get there at least an hour early and whatnot…Shall we squee together? XD

  2. Aw, say hi to Philly for me!

    I’m excited for VLF, too. I was actually thinking this morning that I wish that event were tonight. (Although I’m doing something fun tonight, too.)

  3. Have a great visit to Philly!! I have to spend the day with the fam, so I can’t make it, but it sounds like lots of people are planning to be there. :)

  4. I will be seeing you on Sunday in Boston, Zod willing and the creek don’t rise.

  5. I’m planning to get to tomorrow’s Philly reading — looking forward to seeing/meeting you two in person! (Tho’ I can already feel the fangirl inarticulateness building. That stammering brunette? Twill be me.)

    One of our local alt-papers is doing an article on fat acceptance/HAES. I am somewhat gobsmacked with myself that I was brave enough to be interviewed for it — and double-gobsmacked at the end of the interview where I found out that Kate had also done an interview with this reporter…. which means I might perhaps just possibly be quoted in the same article as the Queen of the Fat-O-Sphere.

    Folkses, I often still feel like a complete and inept amateur at this whole self-acceptance/HAES stuff. This for me is HUGE. Almost makes me want to start my blog again.

    Apologies for the thread-jack, I just needed to say this out somewhere. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

  6. That’s ok Sherri, I’ll be the blonde with the ‘i’m kate harding’ sticker across my forehead. LOL just kidding. But I’m seriously excited!

  7. I can’t believe you’ll be in Boston and I won’t be able to make it. The Mothership has landed so I can’t get away. UUGHHH!

    I just bought the book last week at Borders in Boston. I even took a picture of it in the bookstore to send but haven’t downloaded it yet (must do that soon).

    Hope sales are through the roof. Come back to Boston soon.

  8. psst. . . anyone coming to the Boston event from the Camberville area by T who’d like to bus it over with some fellow fabulous fatties, a group of us will be meeting in harvard square. check the ning meetups forum thread for details.

  9. Hey Kate! :)

    I just bought the book at Barnes & Noble in Burnsville, MN. The first store I went to in Apple Valley didn’t carry it. The woman I spoke with at the customer service desk there offered to call Burnsville and have them hold it for me.

    She seemed incredulous about the title – she said, “Well, if I read this, will it magically make me skinny.” … Yeah. So I told her about your blog, etc. and that’s when she noticed the rest of the title. Hopefully she’ll be curious enough to check it out, and maybe have a positive revelation about herself.

    I’ll try to stop by when you and Marianne are in Minneapolis. :)

  10. Kate, hope you and Marianne enjoyed yourselves in Philly (bear with me, folks; I’m in CST); I’m sure Boston will be a blast as well! Now for some breaking news:

    Ordered the book from amazon yesterday(free shipping: it’s a good thing<–word to Martha). Also, earlier today my co-parent suggested I go on a d-d-d–i can’t say it!–after I showed him the shapewear I’d bought (for church and dates, I swear!). I countered that d*ing was NOT the main objective/be all-end all of every woman’s existence and health should be the focus! In addition, I reminded him that one cannot spot lose or spot gain. He then asked for my thoughts on joining Jenny, but I exclaimed “Hell naw!” before he could finish the question. I’ll school him for real when the book arrives. Whew.

    We now resume our regular programming…

  11. The BigMoves show and Philly book reading were great! All the things I saw there and all the things we discussed made me realize that although I’ve come a long way, I still have a long way to go towards acceptance.

  12. Ohh how I wish I was in Boston *right now* instead of in 3 months :( Good luck to you guys though, and hope it’s a blast!

  13. Yeah, what Jennifer said! I ended up going to Friday night’s Big Moves show and then came back to W. Philly for the book reading on Saturday — both events were well worth it!

  14. I bought and read ‘Screw Inner Beauty’ (yes, I’m in Australia so I get the cool title) in the Brisbane Borders store. They had 18 copies in stock in that shop alone and they were very prominently featured in the Women’s Health section!

  15. I was a little dismayed that the two copies at the Chapters by my house are in the “nutrition and dieting” section. :S I thought it’d be with all the other “community and culture” books.

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