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  1. Go Kate and Marianne! I just bought 4 on Amazon (spreading body love on a budget) and your sales rank went from low 3000s to 2,500.

  2. That’s awesome! I just ordered two copies of it. One for me and one for a dear friend who needs to hear this message.

  3. *feels smug that she bought at Powell’s so she could be in the first #1 list the book will be on*

  4. I am somewhat amused by the “How to eat, move and be healthy” further down on the list … but YAY!

    Gaaaaaahh, I wish I were in an English-speaking country! I’d so give this book to everyone I know.

  5. BTW, Kate, I tagged it “diet book” on Amazon, hoping it might sneak into some searches from women who need to hear this message. I can change that if it’s not OK.

  6. OMG, that’s great! I ordered my copy this morning. Yes, from Powells. I can’t wait to get it. Congratulations.

    *resumes lurking*

  7. K&M’s book could also have been called “How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy,” oddly enough.

  8. So, I was over at amazon, and Kate & Marianne’s book is #91 on the list of non-fiction “hot new releases.” Not bad, for amazon.

  9. Not only that, but it’s moved up 2000 places in the overall amazon sales rankings since this morning.

  10. *dances like everyone’s watching and going “Wow, she’s an awesome dancer”!*

    (I never did like that “Dance like no one’s watching” bull.)

  11. So, I was over at amazon, and Kate & Marianne’s book is #91 on the list of non-fiction “hot new releases.” Not bad, for amazon.

    I just looked, and it’s moved up to #74 on the same list.

  12. Sadly, the #1 book in the overall hot-new-releases category was a book called “Cook Yourself Thin: Skinny Meals You Can Make in Minutes.” Sigh. And #3 and #4 were diet books, too.

    Although this annoys me, I think it’s great for K&M and the FA movement generally. There is a huge appetite (no pun intended) for diet/weight loss/eating-related books. I think this will tap into some of that market, which means 1) mega $$$ and 2) getting the word out.

  13. I just keep thinking “no wonder you’re fucking hungry, you’re only eating 200 calories.” It’s almost funny, but then it’s sad.

    Amazon.com Sales Rank: #1,879 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)
    Popular in these categories: (What’s this?)
    #9 in Books > Health, Mind & Body > Self-Help > Self-Esteem
    #11 in Books > Nonfiction > Social Sciences > Gender Studies
    #18 in Books > Nonfiction > Women’s Studies

  15. Along the lines of marking the uninformed and stupid reviews as “not helpful,” there are couple of douche-y tags on Amazon, and you can mark them as “inaccurate.”

    Congrats again btw! So exciting!!

  16. And still climbing! Up to 1789 on amazon’s full list. First thing this morning it was 4779.

  17. Amazon.com Sales Rank: #1,135 in Kindle Store

    Popular in these categories:
    #3 in Kindle Store > Kindle Books > Advice & How-to > Self-Help > Self-Esteem
    #5 in Kindle Store > Kindle Books > Nonfiction > Women’s Studies
    #12 in Kindle Store > Kindle Books > Advice & How-to > Health, Mind & Body > Personal Health > Women’s Health

  18. Yay! Just found the book at The Harvard Coop in Cambridge, MA. Unfortunately it was in the diet section! Can’t wait to start reading it.

  19. Unfortunately it was in the diet section!
    I sort of think that might be okay. Preaching to the choir is great, but wouldn’t we love to leave several copies at WW meetings, too?

  20. I sort of think that might be okay.

    Yeah, I basically agree. I mean, it’s annoying for people who are already on board with FA to have to go to the diet section — but really, who needs it more than somebody who’s browsing there?

  21. I just want to take this moment to say that Kate (and Fillyjonk and Sweetmachine, and well, *EVERYONE HERE*), I actually think I might love you. I have only been reading this blog since about maybe Feb/March, but now it’s the first thing I go to after my email, and it’s really, really, really been helping me. A Big Lot. Yaaay!

  22. Congratulations!

    Now will someone please send copies to Oprah and Kirstie Alley??

    I’m a poor student and can’t even afford my own copy! Thank dog for libraries.

  23. I just had to add the minute I saw the book was kindlized, I bought and downloaded it to my Kindle. I am about half way through it and catch myself nodding along in agreement.

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