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Happy International No Diet Day!

Happy International No Diet Day!

Book news: As of early this morning, we are the number two bestseller on Powell’s. HOLY CRAP.




Thanks to Meowser for first pointing out that we were on the list (at #3, last night) and The Bald Soprano for catching the move to #2!

And a huge damn THANK YOU to everyone who’s bought it! 

Listen, y’all. It looks like the #1 book there is a suspense novel Powell’s is heavily promoting, so knocking it out of that spot is probably impossible. But if anyone wants to give it a try? I kinda think it’s a great project for today, don’t you? Make Lessons from the Fat-o-Sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body Powell’s #1 bestseller for International No Diet Day? It has a nice ring to it, I think. 

I mean, it’s possible I’m slightly biased when it comes to the awesomeness of this idea. But you might want to pass it on anyway.

Update: HOLY CRAP x2, WE DID IT!

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  1. I put a link on my facebook status! Not that I have a lot of friends who would buy a book today, but still.

    I have nothing important to say, I just want to hang around here awhile and bask in all the happiness. :)

  2. I’m going to the beach the end of next month and I think I’ve found my reading material, hehehehe!

  3. Aw, I bought mine at B&N last night. I was so happy to see it – right out there on display. My daughter told me I should buy two. (if I’d had the extra cash I would have) because she – my very very slim daughter – said, “this sounds like something everyone should read. We need a home copy and a pass around copy.” She may have a point there…

  4. There wouldn’t happen to be an, um, full-sized decent resolution image of the Aussie cover out there on the internet anywhere, is there? Not for any particular reason or anything…
    *grabs glue stick, whistles innocently*

  5. Aw, Tammy, thanks for buying the book and passing along your daughter’s comments!

    And seriously, A MILLION, BILLION THANKS to everyone who’s already bought the book, or talked it up to your friends, or requested it at your library, or thought kindly about the existence of the book for a moment. We don’t want people to break the bank buying extra copies here — just, to anyone who was going to buy it anyway, getting it from Powell’s today would be awesome!

  6. I just ordered it from Powell’s! I went to my local independent bookstore to order it yesterday, but they’re going out of business, so they weren’t taking any new orders (bummer!) I can’t wait to get it (and get it signed at ReDress!!)

  7. I already preordered it from Amazon, and I know I plan to get at least one other copy; probably from a Borders… but I’m still considering signing up with Powell’s to buy a copy today.

    I mean, I have to at least loan it to my mother and sister.

  8. Comments over at Powell’s are kinda rough. I wasn’t sure if I should do something about it, or what that something would be. Thoughts?

  9. Hey, Kate, what are your thoughts on dealing with the comments section on the Powell’s page? Part of me thinks that seeing all the douche-y comments might reinforce why this book is needed, but… man, they’re just so douche-y.

  10. Lume, there’s not really anything we can do about it except post more positive reviews and mark all the trolls as “not helpful.” But the latter is really pretty satisfying — and the former would be much appreciated!

  11. Woohoo! That is awesome. Congratulations to you and Marianne. My copy is making its way to me from Powells even as I write this. Can’t wait!

  12. I was just about to suggest that it might be a good idea, if you can afford to, buy an extra copy and leave it in a place where someone can find it – I can’t remember what the website is but isn’t there a movement for passing books along with little notes in the cover – you register it and can watch where it goes! Just a thought :-)

  13. I just ordered it and I should have it next week. Thanks for this kick in the butt to buy it instead of just thinking about it for a month before shelling out the cash.

  14. Twittered and Facebook’d, and likely LiveJournal’d/DreamWidth’d later tonight.

  15. Oh, and more on trolls… There is a “report” option, which I would really encourage people NOT to abuse — but for instance, I just reported the comment that said, “There isn’t one fact.” Trolls are to be expected, and I absolutely don’t think we should report everyone who says something negative about the book or fat acceptance or us. But when people make claims about the book that are simply not factual, I think it’s fair to report those.

  16. I was planning on getting it at B&N tonight, but I ordered it from Powell’s instead. For anyone thinking of going that route, I found a coupon code for free economy shipping ECOMETRO2009. Let’s make this happen!

  17. Oh, drat, I wish I’d seen the free shipping code earlier! Oh well, I’ll consider it a contribution toward economic stimulus. :-)

  18. zenoodle: are you thinking of Book Crossing? (

    I’m ordering a copy from Powell’s today for my mother, as a International No Diet Day present (with her knowledge, not a surprise). She’ll almost certainly put it on the shelf in her office where lots and lots and lots of college students will see it (after she’s done reading it, of course).

  19. Yay!

    (I just threw my boss out of my cubicle with the words, “No discussing diet or food restriction in my cube!” The fact I had the balls to do such a thing is thanks to the Shapelings)

    zenoodle, the site you want is BookCrossing.

  20. And now it’s #1! (Kate, I got a screencap if you need it, but I’m hoping it stays #1 for more than an hour.)

    Yay! Maybe I should just order it from Powell’s. Has anyone spotted it at somewhere like a Target yet?

  21. Hey, #1! #1! In addition to being proud of you guys, I”m proud of my hometown bookstore. :-)

  22. @Lume: You can’t do much about the trolls, but you can say yes or no about whether their review was “helpful” which changes the order you see them in.

  23. I totes just stood up from my desk and did a goofy happy dance when I clicked over to the bestsellers list at Powell’s website and saw Kate and Marianne’s book at number frickin’ ONE! W00T! Take that, suspense novel!

  24. Kate, yeah, I don’t want to make Powell’s clean up every negative review or anything, but the two most recent ones are clearly responding to the subject of the book, not its content. I.e. they didn’t read it, so those reviews are useless for Powell’s customers, who can presumably tell what the book is ABOUT and want the reviews to tell them whether it’s GOOD. So I reported them.

  25. Ha FJ, I also reported the woman who said she didn’t read the book. How is that a review?

  26. Yay at the number oneness! I just found out I could get a copy in the UK via Amazon, so I’ve ordered mine! I’ve also joined the site!

  27. Seriously. “I looked at this book in the store and I think the cover is UGLY! No stars!”

  28. Also, I just bought it from B&N because, well, my dad’s membership card and my 15% off coupon made it a pretty sweet deal. :)

  29. Seriously. “I looked at this book in the store and I think the cover is UGLY! No stars!”

    Hmm, I believe there might be some sort of saying about book covers, and why you shouldn’t judge by them… :D

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