Also not too shabby

At Amazon, #9 in self-esteem, #11 in gender studies, and #18 in women’s studies




Kidding, kidding. Seriously, though, if you still want to do something to help (without necessarily spending money this time), we’d love it if you’d periodically check up on the reviews, tags, and comments there and on Powell’s — if you have the Sanity Watchers points, that is. Powell’s is especially trolly right now, and I’ve already corresponded with a director there, who said (totally reasonably) that deleting even the worst ones would probably draw more negative attention and cause more trouble than it’s worth. (Not everyone has a brilliant comments policy like ours.)

So the best things you can do for us right now are:

1) Post positive reviews! (Preferably after you’ve read the book, so as not to make our primary objection to a lot of the trolly comments hypocritical.)

2) Mark troll comments “not helpful,” so they get moved down the page.

3) On Amazon, click on the appropriate tags (including “Kneel before Zod,” duh), so tags like “whiny” “crybaby” and “denial” get moved down. (*eyeroll*)

4) Link the phrase “Lessons from the Fat-o-Sphere” — either to your favorite bookstore’s site or our book site — from your blog, to help shore up our Google ranking and keep shitheads who mention the book farther down the list.

5) Let us know in comments about any other ideas for keeping our book pages as clean as possible, without pestering the booksellers to get rid of the nasties. 

Have I already said thank you? ‘Cause OMG, THANK YOU.

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  1. Today is just a big slice of Awesome Cake, with Awesomesauce all over it!

  2. I just wish I could read it RIGHT NOW! I swear I’m gonna hug the UPS guy when he finally brings me the precious!

  3. if i wasn’t planning to a) start the book tonight because i just finished the book i was reading before and oh noes what will i do without something to read?? and b) buy it at a local independent bookstore, i would totally be out there, buying up copies (well, a copy) on amazon and pushing up the rankings. alas, i can only leave nonsensically long comments on your blog and review the book once i finish.
    i’m in a silly mood. perhaps because of international no diet day.

  4. On the Amazon listing, I tagged it to appear in searched for “weight loss” with the following explanatory note:

    This book is aimed at everyone who has ever dieted or felt pressured to diet because of society’s messages about what constitutes an acceptable body. You don’t need to lose weight– you need to learn how to be happy and healthy with the body you already have. This book can help.

    I don’t want to go too tag-happy without checking in here, since it isn’t a diet book, but I was thinking it might be a good idea to tag the books with dieting and weight-loss-related words in addition to HAES-type keywords to increase the chances of the book falling into the hands of someone who might benefit from it but doesn’t know to look for it yet. Obviously we still want to out-tag “crybaby” (which wasn’t showing up anymore when I looked) but stuff like “dieting” might still be worth tagging!

  5. JupiterPluvius – how do you do that? I couldn’t seem to figure it out.

    I also posted a link on my Facebook page to encourage my friends to check it out. It’s kind of ridiculous since I had nothing to do with it, but I feel so invested and so proud of this book. I’m having a blast refreshing and watching the book sail up the bestseller list!

  6. Sticky– as far as I can tell you can just vote up the more appropriate tags. Look for things that already have some votes from people. I got “denial” off the top 25 list by voting up “the rotund,” which was only one point behind it.

    JupiterPluvius– is there an even better way to do this, or is this what you meant?

  7. @sticky: click on the inappropriate tag, and it will take you to that tag’s page. There should be a box on the right that displays the book with the question “Does this belong in the community?” and voting buttons.

  8. Re: people who really don’t get it reading the book…the author of “Ripped” and “Lean for Life” reviewed Rethinking Thin and it’s just totally amazing how he summarizes the research on genetic inheritance and then handwaves it all away.

    So yeah, it’ll happen. Unfortunately.

  9. lol “baby donuts” tag on amazon.

    The product info says that Marianne is a co-mod at Fatshionista, but doesn’t mention The Rotund. Can Cate or Marianne get that changed?

  10. Update on voting down tags on Amazon: er, apparently, sometimes that question box for “Does this belong in the community?” *isn’t* there — not on the right or anywhere else that I can find. (??) Anyway, as far as I can tell, if you can find the book anywhere on the inappropriate tag’s page (incl. under the “products” tab at the top), it will usually have the “Do you agree with this tag, yes or no?” buttons above it. Except when it doesn’t. *shrug* Well, I managed to find the book and and vote against all but one of the inappropriate tags!

  11. Oh, and ‘grats on the book. My copy arrived here in the UK on Friday last week, but I haven’t had a chance to do more than dip into it yet. I think I will immerse myself at the weekend whilst sitting on my sofa, surrounded by my dogs, eating baby donuts and sipping melted ice-cream from a gallon jug.

  12. Ha! Someone at Powell called you “snake oil salesmen”. That is so ironic :P

    Congrats on how well the book is doing so far! I’ll encourage my local librarian to get a copy.

  13. Haven’t said it yet, so–congratulations!! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! Not to mention a few extra copies for certain family members with birthdays coming up…

    living400lbs, that Rethinking Thin review is hilarious. The author is so obviously trying to keep up his own dieting optimism, not to mention that of his…clients? Presumably? Way easier to read than the stuff that comes from a place of overt malice and hatred, but still pretty sad.

  14. OK, that’s it. The “fat-o-sphere” tag on my blog is going to be called “kneel before zod” to celebrate the EPICNESS of this.

    It’s not in stock in any of the bookstores near me! I really don’t want to order it off the interwebz if I don’t have to, but it looks like I will. WOE.

  15. Oooh i don’t have anything intelligent to say except to congratulate you guys again on this most awesome achievement!!!

    (And of course I’ve ordered the book!)

    This is soooooooooo fantastic. I should try to get you ladies in my next film (ladies of the book AND ladies of the blog). The caption for Kate and Marianne will be “Author”. How cool is that?!

  16. p.s. i really love the australian book cover. any way i can get that one stateside?

  17. Congratulations again, Kate and Marianne! Whoo! *throwing chocolate flavored confetti* please stand by for my related rant…

    Powell’s must hate me kinda hard right now, because the book is in…wait for it…NONE of the local stores*!! What the French, toast?!
    *emailed the 57th street and Lincoln ave stores (I have to go old school with the downtown location by actually calling, I guess) about this…this…crime against humanity and my Sanity Watchers points. ~end rant.~

  18. I’m really happy the book is doing so well. And it couldn’t be a better time for the book to come out, because look at these titles from the “top” 25 sellers at

    # 1 – Cook Yourself Thin: Skinny Meals You Can Make in Minutes

    # 10 – Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!

    # 14 – Hungry Girl: 200 Under 200: 200 Recipes Under 200 Calories

    # 18 – The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite

    # 21 – Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting (Yeah, and how does a person who is not “naturally” thin do this, by the way?)

    I hope you can make some waves into this madness.

  19. I really want to dive in and start some troll-whacking, but you’re right that we should wait til we’ve read the book first. So I’ll just rant here.

    Do people really think that only “experts” can understand scientific material? This whole OMG THER ONLEE BLOGGERRZ thing that the trolls are going on about sounds like so much hand-waving to me. You don’t need to actually *be* a Ph.D. researcher or an M.D. to understand journal articles, you need an understanding of the scientific method and statistics. Understanding basic biology (like physiology and genetics) would help for this topic, but you can get all that information by reading and not being a dunderheaded trolly fool, you don’t need an advanced degree. I have a B.S. in Biology, but apparently my degree isn’t “expert” enough for them, so I can’t stand in as your Knowledgeable Science Person Seal of Approval. oh well.

    Also lolsob @ the irony of being accused of all the things that diet folks do that this book (if it’s anything like er, ALL of the fatosphere blogs) definitely doesn’t do. I don’t think I need to give anyone here the list.

  20. you need an understanding of the scientific method and statistics

    As a biology PhD and a medical writer, I’ve noticed that many PhD researchers and MDs have neither of these things. It’s pretty alarming.

  21. This whole OMG THER ONLEE BLOGGERRZ thing that the trolls are going on about sounds like so much hand-waving to me. You don’t need to actually *be* a Ph.D. researcher or an M.D. to understand journal articles, you need an understanding of the scientific method and statistics.

    It’s funny, when someone comes out with something ANTI-fat, they don’t seem to have their antlers bent too much over “credentials.” All you need to write something ANTI-fat is to hate fat enough to go on about it for 300 pages.

  22. Thank you for this opportunity to help out while simultaneously sitting on my couch, eating peanut butter cups. Nice.

  23. Congrats to Kate and Marianne! I am so excited to get the book tomorrow — I will be going to my local Borders, and they better have it. Prominently located and easy to find. Or I may have to do some rearranging. Can’t wait!

  24. WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Climbing!! Sales Rank: #897 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

    Popular in these categories: (What’s this?)
    #4 in Books > Health, Mind & Body > Self-Help > Self-Esteem
    #5 in Books > Nonfiction > Social Sciences > Gender Studies
    #8 in Books > Nonfiction > Women’s Studies

  25. Just wanted to let you know YOU ARE NOW 897 ON THE OVERALL AMAZON LIST YOU ARE IN THE TOP THOUSAND!!!!

  26. I am now enjoying this awesomesauce covered awesome cake slice of a day with a nice mocha stout. Now if only I had something to read . . .
    *gives stupid slow UPS the evil eye*

  27. Hey, y’all, in case no one has mentioned it yet…

    Ask your local library if they’ve got it, or are going to get it, or can inter-library-loan it for you. Probably none have it yet, but asking might encourage them to get it.

  28. Rowmyboat is totally right about the public library thing. I just worked at mine tonight where I put the book suggestion in over a week ago and THEY already have their copy!! *waits eagerly for mine now that I’ve seen and touched a copy*

    Public Libraries are a GREAT way to get this message out too and I can’t wait to see how fast this one gets around ;)

  29. Congratulations on the book & the great sales so far.

    I have to say, my favorite troll at Powell’s is the one who finished her review with something like, “Don’t be surprised if, after reading this book, you end up with diabetes and heart disease.” That’s one powerful book!

  30. I requested it at my local library branch, where the librarian seemed interested, but warned me that they’ve pretty much used up their book buying budget already (!) but she’d be happy to add it to the list in case something else gets canceled or something.

  31. Oh, I am SO thrilled!

    Along the lines of what Monkey’s mentioned, I bought an extra copy and thought I’d donate it to a local women’s organization. ( I was under the free shipping level, and It
    worked out that it’d be like $5- more to get another book.)

    A while back I wrote a letter to a Cdn feminist mag and they offered to give me a free subscription for publication, and I donated it to a women’s centre since I had my own already. I learned that was really helpful.

    I think this would be even more helpful, because hating your body really is a barrier to empowerment.

  32. Bought the book(wouldn’t have dreamed of not buying the book.) Would like to see another book that is more “academic” in the sense that it is more like the blog, essays on what it is like to live fat. (I would even really love a book of the collected essays on here, for example “How it works”/ the attraction essays) Would be awesome if another book was addressed to everyone and not just fat women! I see the potential here for you to do something like what Toni Morrison did in “the bluest eye.” Didn’t realize the book was going to be kind of self helpy from the get go – which still implies that fat women need to change themselves in order to be worth something. (Wondering if this is an editing/marketing imposition) Should have read the subtitle earlier (forgot that wasn’t your title for a minute). I LOVE the blog because of the confidence of it and the way it handles the emotional side of being fat in our society without being too preachy.Anyway, It is late and I am ranting/being critical. Anyway LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and RSPECT are coming your way from texas.

  33. I couldn’t find it in either of the city Dymocks stores in Melbourne (Australia) today. Nor in Angus & Robertson. Waaah!

  34. My favorite troll comment: “just because you have a blog doesn’t make you an expert!” Written in all caps, of course. Because *that* makes you an expert, by gosh.

    Some novelists write crap. Some write like a dream. Some ‘journalists’ are fox news anchors and some are Sy Hersh. Some bloggers write crap and some are like Kate and Marianne.

    Not such a hard concept, you’d think.

  35. I couldn’t find it in either of the city Dymocks stores in Melbourne (Australia) today. Nor in Angus & Robertson. Waaah!

    Waaaah, indeed! (On the plus side for us, I specifically heard of a sighting at a Dymocks in Melbourne city a couple of days ago, so that must mean it’s sold out! Sucks for you, yay for us!) Ahem. Dymocks does have it online, and you can also order from our publisher. And here’s hoping they’ll restock the real-world stores soon!

    Oh, hey, to U.S. and U.K. readers interested in an Australian copy, Dymocks definitely ships internationally. The bad news is, shipping costs more than the book itself.

  36. The precious will be here today. Tracking says it’s in the county! So excited. There’s a Girls Night Out event I’m thinking of going to tonight. I might just have to carry the precious around with me there!

  37. Well, I looked it up in the library system where I live (just outside Boston) but didn’t find it, so I recommended they buy it. I also looked it up in the BPL and they don’t have it either. I haven’t used my BPL card in years and you need it to request a book. I hope some other kind Massachusetts person can request they buy it.

    Meanwhile, I got halfway through the book last night after I came home from work at 10pm. I think I am not practicing HAES by not getting enough sleep due to reading this book late at night. :)

  38. I should have looked at this before I clicked “Submit” but I am happy to report that Harvard U. has ordered a copy.

  39. I’m so excited! It is now in a neighboring town so I might have it on my doorstep when I get home today :D Now I need to look getting a copy of Fat Poet’s Society too that I see just came out! So much self-acceptance reading going on I can’t contain my happy despite the dreary Edgar Allen Poe-esque weather this past week!

  40. I aim to please! Besides, the title is a little long to type out every time I post a comment (which is a lot lately LOL). Living in the Savannah area means The Book, in my mind, refers to Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Plus, I’ve been waiting for this damn thing forevah, so it has taken on mythic proportions in my mind.

  41. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s like Christmas (insert any more preferable holiday here…birthday perhaps?) for many days in a row.

    I’m just all anxiousy, in an awesome way and really looking foreward to celebrating on Sunday. Woo hoo!

    Rock it ladies, keep on rockin it.
    Off to powells to do my part to move the trolls back underground…

  42. I got The Book from my preorder on Tuesday and am about halfway through. I want to buy a hundred more copies and give them to every woman I know!

    Anybody got some money they can give me so I can buy a hundred more copies? LOL

  43. I have to say, my favorite troll at Powell’s is the one who finished her review with something like, “Don’t be surprised if, after reading this book, you end up with diabetes and heart disease.” That’s one powerful book!

    Well, they are a nurse and they’ve also asked all the doctors who work in the hospital that they work at (which is in a really big city you guys) how they feel about the book and they already said it wasn’t a good thing. Maybe they’re doing research, right this very moment, that will help us understand how reading blogs and books that empower women or encourage people to love themselves contribute to hereditary diseases. They’ll let us all know how we should have spent the hours we ‘wasted’ reading all this ‘garbage’ on exercise and then maybe we could be as ‘healthy’ (read -skinny) as they are.

  44. Congrats on everything, Kate–this is an amazing accomplishment! I’m going to run down to the local bookstore and see if they’re carrying it.

  45. > Well, they are a nurse and they’ve also asked all the doctors who work in the hospital that they work at (which is in a really big city you guys) how they feel about the book and they already said it wasn’t a good thing.

    It occurred to me that, while we know about the epic levels of fat hatred that exist in the medical community, it’s also unlikely that this writer asked the doctors “Do you think it’s a good idea for people to focus on eating healthfully and exercising, no matter what they weigh?” and MUCH more likely that he or she asked the doctors “Do you think it’s a good idea for people to DELIBERATELY EAT THE WORLD SO THEY CAN GET AS FAT AS THEY POSSIBLY CAN?” It’s hard to imagine a positive answer to the latter question from anybody.

    Anyway, MY mom’s got a PhD in nursing and *she* thinks HAES is a good idea. And if a doctor told her otherwise, she’d kick his ass out the door and find a better one. (She’s the sort of person that certain kinds of doctors are very uncomfortable with because she knows way too much about science/health/medicine for them to deal with.)

  46. @liberal and proud: I used to live in Savannah around the time “the book” came out. Never did I get so tired of hearing about a book, (although I loved it like everyone else!) I’m so jealous, I loved living there.

  47. Alternatively, for the Shapelings out there with a little extra money on hand, you could buy another copy and give it to your local public library.

  48. Well, sticky, you needn’t be too jealous. I’m an hour south of Savannah, in lovely little Brunswick.

  49. Congratulations!

    This is so very awesome. I love seeing people promoting love for your body AS IT IS. I struggle with that, between the major disability and the weight gain due to my thyroid randomly dropping off the map, but I know it’s something that I need to work on – for my own good!

    And even better than seeing you guys promoting love for your body is seeing you do it and be successful!


  50. *wants to buy copy of book badly, but is a broke student*

    Kate, you know totally I support you and Marianne and your awesome writing skills. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to support you in a monetary way. :)

    Can wait to get my hands on it! And then I’ll pass around to some of my friends.

  51. …also, where can we get details of where you’re appearing? I just saw on that BUST blog posted above my comment that you’ll be in Philly, and I’d love to meet you!

  52. The copy I asked the library to get is here (I love being an employee and having them buy books I recommend hehehehe) and I am anxiously awaiting them to give it a quick cataloging so I can have it right away (otherwise I will have to wait a month for them to get the correct level of record for it).

    So hopefully I will have it in my hot little hands by tomorrow.

  53. I bought the last two copies on the *WEIGHT LOSS AND DIETING* shelf at the Borders on Wall St, in NYC. I did mention maybe it should be on the front table with all the other new books (especially considering there were at least two “GET THIN NOW, FATTY!” books on the new tables), but there was a significant empty spot and I am going to suspect that most of them were out there and purchased already.

    Seems like either a really brilliant or really ignorant place to shelve them, though.

    Yay June 5th at Re/Dress!!! I demand stick figure drawings with huge heads in place of signatures!

  54. *waves at Eve*
    well, that makes two of us requesting it :) Maybe if they get enough requests they’ll bump it up the list!
    (see my comment up thread about requesting and book budget, don’t know though if that was just the branch’s budget or the whole city)

    I really hope we can get this book in lots of libraries because I can imagine that would be one place it could do tons of good in terms of people just coming across it.

  55. Thanks, Liza!

    …also, where can we get details of where you’re appearing?

    There’s an upcoming events page at, which will always have the latest updates. I’ll also be replugging this weekend’s events here soon. Short answer: Saturday, The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut, 4-5 p.m.

  56. Just bought my copy at a Barnes and Noble near Ohio State University in Columbus. Last copy on the shelf! More are already on order there; I checked.

  57. @Liza: Okay, awesome! Plus, how does one become a blogger for BUST? I have wanted to know this for some time.

    @Everyone: Bought my copy at the Borders closest to my work. I found it in the Diet Weight Loss section, which specifically notes that titles are alphabetized by the author’s last name. It was not in the H’s or the K’s. Both of those shelves were directly at eye-level, BTW. It was down on the bottom shelf in the farthest corner. Coincidence? I wonder. Anyway I snagged my copy and moved the other copies to the H’s between Han and Hat. :P

  58. LOL, I love our cataloging people. I had it in my hot little hands before I went to lunch :D I can’t wait to finish reading it, I am loving it already :)

  59. Got my copy at the Borders in the mall yesterday. It was the only copy on the shelf, which I hope means all the others had already been sold. I had to hunt a little, though, because it was hiding between two much larger books. It kind of sucked having to dig through all the diet books, but I love the book enough that it’s worth it.

  60. In Austin’s Arboretum Barnes and Noble LFOS was on the new non fiction table facing the aisle right as you walked in the main door. I literally took 5 steps and found it. It was even faced!!!! I took a pic on my phone but couldn’t figure out how to email it. YAY!

  61. So, I got mine in the mail last night and stayed up most of the night reading it.

    When I get my paycheck next week I’m buying four more copies of this. One for my mother. One for my RA friend who has to help people out with body issues all day, and two to just leave around. Maybe one on a bus and the other in the diet foods aisle (yeah, we have one) of the grocery store.

    I want to be like that old guy who bought up tons of copies of Atlas Shrugged and donated them to schools. Only instead of creating an army of people who are bad at sharing and have trouble reading books that don’t beat you in the face with their message, I’d help normalize body image!

    Aaaahhh, to be an eccentric billionaire*.

    *adjusted for inflation

  62. I want to be like that old guy who bought up tons of copies of Atlas Shrugged and donated them to schools. Only instead of creating an army of people who are bad at sharing and have trouble reading books that don’t beat you in the face with their message, I’d help normalize body image!

    LOL! Thank you, Keeks!

  63. So I went to the indigo in my city to find your book. Guess what section it’s in? “Dieting and Weight-Loss” of course! I thought that was a little strange.

  64. Kate, you’ll laugh. I have a friend coming to visit from out of town, and when I found out you were going to be here over the weekend, I went omg! Must go!

    So I rather hesitantly presented the idea to my friend.

    I think she may be even more excited than I am!


  65. Hi, Kate! I work at a Barnes&Noble in the DC metro-area, and I was totally pumped to put your book out on display yesterday. It’s got at least two weeks on a special promo table, and up to three months in a new release space, so rest assured that I will be making sure it gets every minute and the sweet-ass placement it deserves :D After having to import Skinny Bitch by the truckload, it’s the least I can do.

  66. The Borders I was at yesterday didn’t have it. I was very sad. Must go nag Powell’s to make sure they have in-store copies. (Or, since I hear others have, go be the lazy bum all fatties are and pick one up without any extra work. :p )

    Anyone know if/how one can gift a Kindle copy? My mom just got a Kindle, and I still owe her a birthday present…

  67. The local, somewhat famous independent bookstore chain of 3 The Tattered Cover didn’t have it. They even had trouble looking it up. I would have thought this book was right up their alley.

    So on the way home we stopped at Barnes and Noble 10 minutes before closing. They had it. On a table up front. I found it in about 90 seconds. And bought it.

    I was going to say something is wrong with this picture, but The Tat hasn’t been what it was since their buyer retired. But I found the book!

  68. I had the same experience as TropicalChrome. I couldn’t find it at our local independent seller, “BookPeople” so I headed over to BN Friday afternoon and picked it up. I’ve been devouring it ever since, but due to a very busy Mother’s Day weekend, am only about halfway through. I love it so much. I love it so much that I was practically in tears. I don’t post much around here, but I just had to comment on the book. I’m something of an inbetweenie, but have gone up and down size-wise. I think I’m right about where I’m supposed to be now (about a regular size 14). Can I just say how much I love this book? I’ve been recommending it to everyone.

  69. Bought, read, and review posted on Amazon (as Joel Handloff, my husband and I merged accounts).

    Wonderful book, I’m buying copies for all my fat-hating friends.

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