Hey, Aussies!

Forgot to plug this farther in advance — I’ll be talking to Melinda James on ABC radio’s “Hair of the Blog” in about an hour! Which I think is like 10 a.m. over there, even though it’s still Saturday night here, and I’m going out to dinner after I do a live morning show interview. 

Also, Screw Inner Beauty (the Australian publisher let us keep our original title) will be available on May 4! Please buy it! That is all.

Update: It’s over! Welcome, anyone who’s dropping by after hearing me. Thanks a million to Melinda and Melanie. Off to dinner now!

22 thoughts on “Hey, Aussies!”

  1. For anyone reading, as of 0044 UTC (1014 Darwin time) the segment has been announced but Kate hasn’t appeared yet, so there’s still time to tune in. The streaming access seems to be accessible from New Zealand at least so you may be able to tune in internationally.

  2. Wait, that’s the original title? And the original subtitle? Those are way more awesome than the US ones. Almost makes me want to order the Australian copy instead of the US one. :o

  3. Wait, that’s the original title? And the original subtitle?

    Original title, not the original subtitle — the publisher wrote the sub. And my advice would be to order BOTH copies!

    Thanks, Mary, for the updates! It’s over now, and I’m heading out to dinner.

  4. Damn! I missed it!

    Maybe the show is downloadable.

    But excellent news on the book – I cannot wait. I’m going to check out which shops’ll have it! And maybe buy a copy for some friends…of the skeptical kind :)

  5. Oh I just checked and my preferred online retailer has it available to pre-order…Instead of a book cover, though, they have a picture of you, Kate and I want your dress!!!

  6. I’ll keep an eye out for the book (although it’s going to be a while before I’ll have the money to pay for it). Ah, the joys of unemployment – I have all this free time, and nothing to damn well do in it.

  7. Is the content essentially the same in the Australian edition as it is in the US edition?

    And I, too, like the Aussie title a lot more.

  8. Ahem. Speaking of blogging –



    (I’m shouting ’cause she doesn’t brag much.)

  9. Is it exactly the same as the one on sale on the website currently?

    It is exactly the same as the U.S. version, except for the title and, presumably, some spelling adjustments.

  10. I love the Australian title! Shame I missed hearing you on the radio – but congratulations on going international! Soon the Shapelings will take over the world mwahahahah *evil laugh*

    Also Robz, that advertising campaign annoys the crap out of me too, it is seriously EVERYWHERE. The only slightly good thing I see in it is that it’s not focused on BMI or weight, but I’m not convinced that waist-measurement is really any better!

    Why oh why couldn’t they have a HAES ad campaign instead?

  11. A HAES ad campaign is a great idea RandomQuorum!

    So do we know if the book will be available in-store or if I’m going to have to order it?

  12. Robz, it will definitely be available in stores, though of course it all depends on which stores ordered it. (If you don’t find it at your local store, you might encourage them to order it from Allen & Unwin.) But it should be out there tomorrow (technically today already for you, I think). I got a sweet e-mail from someone who works in a bookshop in Brisbane the other day, who said the book had come in and she was already reading it. So it’s been shipped to the stores that ordered it… fingers crossed.

  13. To the bookstore! I’ll have to make sure to request a copy at my library too and help spread a bit of self loving :)

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