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Want to talk to a reporter about me?

Hey, there’s a reporter for a local paper here doing a story on me/the blog/the book, who would like to talk to some Shapelings about how the blog has affected them. 

If you’d be interested in talking to her, please e-mail me (katesblog at gmail) with “REPORTER” in the subject line before 10 a.m. central time tomorrow. Please include your name, screen name, e-mail address, and a bit about how you found the blog and why you keep reading. I’ll forward the responses to her, and she’ll get in touch with you if she wants to know more or quote you. 

Thanks so much in advance to anyone who takes the time to do this! (Oh, and I should note that this reporter is supernice and seems genuinely open to the concept of fat acceptance — it’s not going to be a “gotcha” piece unless she’s a reeeeeallly good actress.)

9 thoughts on “Want to talk to a reporter about me?”

  1. You are too modest. We should be posting here how this blog has affected us and why we keep reading, too. :)

  2. Ah, i see the comment is awaiting moderation… and i have a different avatar now… probably cuz im logged in now and also updated my email but it’s really me, the same cggirl

  3. Quite all right, A Sarah, but thank you. Got the perfect amount of responses — enough to give her a range of options, not so many as to overwhelm her (I hope) or make me hopelessly arrogant. Moreso than I already am, anyway.

  4. Damn it, I missed the deadline! I was in a rush when I first saw it and meant to do it later, then forgot.

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