Time for balloons and baby cake!


Y’all, this is our thousandth post! So now, when people show up here all, “But how can you say it’s OK to be fat?” we can say, “You know, we’ve answered that question a thousand fucking times already” and MEAN IT.

A zillion thanks, plus champagne and baby-flavored donuts (or cake) to all the Shapelings whose comments have made the first 1,000 posts far more interesting to read. And to all the lurkers whose numbers have made it seem worthwhile to keep going.

(Image via Cake Wrecks.)

98 thoughts on “Time for balloons and baby cake!”

  1. Oh, Kate, the baby cake is cracking me up. Seriously, I laughed so hard I choked.

    Congrats on the thousand!

  2. Congrats on the 1000th post!

    Now, let’s get a big ol’ butcher knife and get a nice sweet slice of baby! Fava beans and Chianti are optional.

  3. You know what this calls for, right? FREE CONCERT IN THE PARK BY PIGGY MOO!

    (hauls out musical saw and tunes)

    Pass me a baby donut, please.

    Congrats, Kate, Fillyjonk, and Sweet Machine! You guys totally rock my world.

  4. I did not notice on Cake Wrecks that this baby is IN an oven.

    I thought that at first, too, but on further reflection, I think it’s a fridge. A) The racks are white, and B) I also think it’s got to be an ice cream cake, because otherwise, how the hell do you bake a plastic doll without melting it? I suppose you might be able to stick the doll in a pre-baked cake and then decorate around it, but it seems like it still would have been tough to get this result.

  5. Cheers!!! Wooooo!!!

    (I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought “oven?” — I couldn’t figure out how the frosting was going to survive.)

  6. O.M.G.

    That is the most amazing baby cake ever. I laughed until I sputtered.

    Conga rats, Shapely Prose! You’ve given us all so much. I don’t know where I’d be without the one place that says I’m okay, fat, quirks, and all, in a world where everyone wants us all to believe we are unequivocally not good enough.

    *throws confetti, blows bubbles*


    *wanton hugfest*

  7. Oh, I figured they put it into an oven to be funny. But you’re right, it looks more like a fridge or a bakery rack. Not as funny!

    I do not recommend cutting that cake with a knife that is too sharp!

  8. I worked for many years at a bakery that sold (and still sells) “Babycakes.” Had I only known what they were!

    The same bakery sold (and still sells)
    Chocolate Orgasms. They’re nommy, but can you guess whether we female counter clerks got any sexist or racist comments from leering male customers? Can you?

    (Links totally SFW — it’s not an erotic bakery at all, actually.)

  9. Actually, I find that if I re-bake the cake *after* I frost it and put the baby inside, the baby flavor becomes far more evenly diffused, thus giving me a little baby in every bite.

    Happy millennium (to happily misuse the word) from a grateful recent convert!!

  10. Ahem. And, I have a question.

    So, do you all think that baby is supposed to be emerging from the flower-gown covered belly of its mother in a creepy out-of-womb experience, or is it suspended in some kind of weird substance like they did to that guy in Star Wars?

    If I ever have kids I think I’ll opt out of the post-birth suspended-in-a-flowery-goo-orb photo op.


  11. Rebecca, you used to work at Rosie’s Bakery?? That place is amazing!!! Wow, I really want some cake now. Too bad none of my babies are ripe at the moment.

  12. Huzzah! I cannot ever express my gratitude enough, so instead I just point people here at every opportunity.

    I’d also like to go a little o/t and say I want to apologise: at Christmas I made a comment talking about the cacky year I’d had and quite a few of you responded with really kind words. Because of a combination of serious fibro flare, moving house in early January, and having almost no internet connection since then, I never thanked all of the people who were so lovely to me, and I feel shitty about that. Also, I was concussed recently and made a comment on the thin-reporter-in-fat-suit post which I am pretty sure a) made little sense and b) made me look like a bit of an arsehole, so I’m sorry about that too. There’s a reason I usually lurk, it would seem. Even when I’m not concussed, I don’t have awesome-commenting-fu.
    However! CAKE.

  13. Now maybe I will write more than 1/10 of our 1000 posts. :-)

    Well to be fair Kate had like a two year head start on us. :)

  14. I seriously thought that was a real baby. Seriously. I knew it couldn’t have been baked if it were, but I was all too ready to believe that someone would actually do that. I didn’t stop to think that if it were a real baby, the cake would have already been ruined (from any one of a large number causes, primarily movement). Funny how your mind and eyes can jump so quickly to conclusions.

    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks for being here, Lovely Ladies of Shapely Prose.

  15. CONGRATS on number 1,000!! I don’t comment much, but I can’t express in words how much this site has meant to me. So loads of chocolate confetti and cookies for everyone!

  16. My mom baked me a doll cake once with a doll in the middle of a Bundt cake acting as her skirt, and yes, I’m almost sure the doll went on after baking, during the decorating process. It was awesome to my small self though.

    I went to middle school round hte cormer from a Rosie’s. I knew exactly what you were talking about the moment I laid eyes on your post, Rebecca, and now I want all those cakes.

    Anyway. I’m not here or on forum enough but want to thank you again for the blog. It’s made a significant difference in my mental health.

  17. Someone missed the point of King Cake it looks like. The baby is supposed to be hidden.

  18. @Jenny1144: Yep! I started working at Rosie’s after school when I was young enough to need “working papers” from the courthouse (hee – maybe I was fourteen?) and continued at least through high school. I think beginning of college too, full time over Christmas breaks.

    Everyone always said, “I could never work there, I’d eat cake all day.” But none of us who worked there had any desire to eat cake all day. Yet another unfounded fear about devouring the world. I knew something was misguided about the fuckton of people who said that to me over the years, but I didn’t quite have the words for it. I just said to them, “It’s not like that. The cake is always around, you smell it all day and have casual access… but none of us eat it all day.”

  19. Longtime lurker, first-time commenter.

    Yay for 1000 posts!

    This site is really wonderful, especially for introducing me to HAES and the “Notes from the Fatosphere” RSS.

    Thanks for all you do!

  20. I’m having baby cake and baby donuts! AND GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! From the way people in my office bitch and moan over eating ‘just one’, I’m sure they’re made from real Girl Scouts.

  21. Oh, I figured they put it into an oven to be funny. But you’re right, it looks more like a fridge or a bakery rack. Not as funny!

    Ah, I see. You are correct that that would have been much funnier. And I am dumb because, in all my analysis, it didn’t even occur to me that you wouldn’t put a frosted cake in an oven, baby or no baby.

  22. Like Sue said, this site has changed my attitude…maybe I’m a little saltier now, but in a good way. I don’t put up with people’s body degrading shit. Btw. I think I’ve been reading for around a year now. Perfect timing! Thank you Kate, FJ and SM.

  23. Dear lord I love cakewrecks. It’s one of my recent additions to the list of favorite sites.

    Congrats on the 1000th post!

  24. As if we didn’t already know, you guys are obviously doing something VERY right!

    If nothing else, we are at least doing something very numerous.

    Someone missed the point of King Cake it looks like. The baby is supposed to be hidden.


  25. Ok, thousand posts celebration=time to delurk!
    Congratulations, ladies! Though I have not commented here until now, I have evangelized about the site among my acquaintance.

  26. Another Sara, maybe it’s your first comment but you have been noticed. :) From last December:

    SM: hey wow, this woman who wrote a YA novel about CTY has us on her blogroll
    FJ: WHAT
    SM: i know!

  27. While baby donuts has a better ring, that cake is just … well, it nearly defies description. Awesome find! And congratulations on the 1000th post – you three do an awesome job, and are VERY appreciated.

  28. I second what Sue said. This blog has changed the way I think about myself and about a whole lot of things.

    I don’t feel like hiding when I go out any more, and I don’t walk along the street with my head down.

    Thanks for that. :)

  29. This reminds me of my college rugby team, because before every game we would all chant ‘ruck, maul, pillage, and burn, ruck maul pillage and burn (eat the babies)’

    And happy 1,000 posts! I’m so glad I was introduced to this blog.

  30. Congrats! WooOooOOoo!

    This blog has changed my life and was the final push I needed to end my 5 year struggle with bulimia. There are no words that could possibly express how grateful I am for this space. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.

  31. Twistie, on March 16th, 2009 at 3:56 pm Said:

    You know what this calls for, right? FREE CONCERT IN THE PARK BY PIGGY MOO!

    I’m a tunin’ my accordion!

  32. FJ & SM: Flattered! Now you won’t be able to shut me up. (Also, FJ, since I’m a diehard Tove Jansson fan, your username was one of the things that got me reading here in the first place…)

  33. 1000! Wow! Congratulations to you, but really, congratulations to ME. SP is not only the Website That Changed My Life (not to be weird or anything but it’s pretty true), but is still a reliable source for my recommended daily dose of sanity. There are so many little ways that my thinking about my body and food and society have changed for the better that I owe to the writing and analysis on SP – just, Thanks A Whole Lot.

  34. Another lurker coming out of the woodwork to thank you, Kate, FJ, and SM. You have made a big difference in my life, and I can’t properly express how much the site and your words have meant to me. Congrats, and I look forward to the next 1000 posts!

  35. Congrats on the 1000! This is one of my favourite sites, and I have passed on the link to many friends in hopes that they will follow my lead and give up on the whole treadmill of body hatred, etc. Thanks for all the wonderful posts so far, and I am looking forward to many thousand more!

  36. First, yaaaaay for 1000!

    Second, with all the talk of CTY, I will be very freaked out if any of y’all know my bestest high school friend. :)

  37. Congrats! I’ll also chime in with the “This blog has educated/helped/etc. me” because it really has.

    Also, that cake is kind of creepy. Funny. But creepy. :P

  38. killedbyllamas, can’t speak for TBS but for SM or I to have known hir, zie would have had to go to LAN, 92-95.

    My bestest high school friend went to CTY too! AND SHE NEVER WENT AWAY

  39. Babycakes! Babycakes! I’ll have a corner slice, please, with extra roses.

    And my many thanks for all your contributions to the general improvement of the human condition!

  40. Woot! Thanks for all you do! I need you ladies and this community badly now. Been hearing the diet monkeys the last couple of weeks, and I haven’t been reading as much.

    I’ve fallen off the Shapely Wagon, but I’m getting back on.

    Thanks a 1000!

  41. A couple of years of CTY overlap there, but she was in Carlisle. And I was always desperately envious because my parents wouldn’t let me go.

  42. fillyjonk: i did go to smith! and i don’t know of any other team who does that chant, but perhaps there are others.
    and another sara: i read your book a few years ago and liked it a lot!

  43. TBS, I suppose it’s possible! I wasn’t there until LAN 94… what did you take? (And just as a test… what would you say if I said that cows are freaky when they look at you?)

    gillis, ha, I knew it! Fencing team tried to steal that cheer but it never really took, although the “eat babies” thing stuck around for a while.

    Man it’s like a big old reunion up in here.

  44. I am a shy lurker, but I still have to come out and sing the praises here.

    You all are my green, sarcastic and doughnuty oasis in a
    desert of nutso-insanity! Thank you Kate, Fillyjonk and Sweet Machine for being awesome and writing posts that, you know, have logic and make sense and preserve sanity and help fight worldwide douchebaggery. This place always is a great place to come and relax and agree with people. So thanks. :)

  45. Ouyang Dan, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SAYING? Because I KNOW that I made it up!

    Congrats to one of the shiniest blogs around!

  46. FJ: I took Etymology in 94, but I had friends all over the place in terms of classes. And I had inside jokes about cows, but I suspect they’re different ones to yours…

  47. SM: No way! That was the year I couldn’t afford to go (my father’s family paid for the first two years and then cut off all funds; I used my life savings to pay for ’94). Were you at LAN other years, too?

    Hm. maybe I should stop derailing the thread. Y’all can email me about this, instead!

  48. Haha I took ETYM in ’95.

    Our jokes about cows are now everybody’s jokes about cows, actually, having passed into LAN tradition, but back in the day they were just ours.

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