YMY Live Chat at Feministe Today

This afternoon at 3 EST, I’ll be participating in a live chat at Feministe to promote Yes Means Yes! Feministe blogger Rachel will moderate, and the other contributors who will be there are Cara Kulwicki, Toni Amato, Hanne Blank, and Heather Corrina. Just show up at Feministe around 3, and it’ll be going. 

You won’t be able to ask questions during the chat, but there’s still time to leave some over there in advance.

6 thoughts on “YMY Live Chat at Feministe Today”

  1. Is there a transcript available? I unfortunately had to miss the live chat due to work, but I really enjoyed the one on Feministing, and would love to read this one.

  2. peggynature: Flying Spaghetti Monster on a pogo stick, that thread’s a trainwreck. I didn’t make it all the way to the end – do the blokes ever stop wrangling noisomely over whether women’s vaginas are more akin to wallets or to banknotes?

    The explicitly pro-rape comments are pretty sickening, also.

  3. This is the most curren post re: Yes Means Yes – I just finished it today, and it was amazing. Lots of material there to chew on, and Kate – thank you so much for your essay! I suspect when KarateMonkey reads it, some things may click for him that haven’t before, as I haven’t articulated things anywhere near that clearly.

    I am also planning on giving a copy to the sexual assault center that I volunteer at, if they don’t already have one – this is a book that needs to be available!

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