Shuttering the store

So we opened a CafePress store a while ago in response to overwhelming demand for T-shirts to display one’s Shapelinghood. We’ve never made any money off of it, but for a while it was managing to pay for itself. Now, however, it is just costing money, so we’re going to shut it down at the end of the month. If you want baby donut T-shirts, “I am Kate Harding” bumper stickers, or any other merch, get it now, because soon it will be rare and presumably valuable!

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  1. Also, man, the Aunt Fattie merch makes me feel terrible that I haven’t been writing her. I promise she is coming back.

  2. Darn, and I forgot to ever make my awesome argument for “this is my goal weight” shirts for the non-fat (because there are plenty of gyms / running trails / malls where such a message would blow plenty of minds, viewed on me). Yay for the return of Aunt Fattie though!

  3. Sandy, yeah, but it’s a little hard to figure out what design people would want us to keep if nobody’s buying anything. :)

  4. Too bad “This is My Goal Weight” isn’t available on men’s shirts.

    Yeah, that is too bad. I can add one if people would buy one. A lot of what’s in the store are products people requested specifically.

  5. Can you change the one design in the free store? Because then you could just rotate (using the ones already designed, so hopefully that wouldn’t make it more work) and switch out designs every few months or something.

  6. or have more than one store…

    It’s presumptuous enough for a blog to have a store. If we had multiple ones I don’t think I could live with myself. :)

  7. I’d love it if you guys looked into an alternate place for your storefront, because I’ve certainly wanted to buy Shapely Prose merch, but I hate CafePress and their copyright-thieving TOS with the fire of a thousand suns. I seem to remember that you guys went with CafePress for sizing reasons; I’d certainly be willing to at least keep an eye out for alternatives. Perhaps other Shakers might be up for more serious research?

  8. I’d be supporting a LOT of things I love (charities, SP merch, and buying hella lots more books because really, there’s never enough of those… one of these days I’m gonna make my house into a library like that lady in Because of Winn-Dixie did) if I wasn’t so stinking broke right now.

    But, if I REALLY want a particular slogan on a shirt, and you guys have shut down (because, frankly, I totally understand about minimizing hassles and only keeping things around that are pulling their financial weight), I’ll just wait ’till I have some disposable income, and get me a shirt I like, and make an iron-on with the computer and that iron-on printer paper. And I suggest anybody else who misses out do the same, because it’s totally easy and a lot of fun, and then SP won’t have to feel bad that they needed to shut down the store!


    (bumper stickers though, can’t help ya there)

  9. On a quick look,’s User Agreement seems tolerable, though not ideal:

    “You retain all ownership rights to your Content submitted to the Site. By submitting Content to Zazzle, you grant Zazzle a nonexclusive, worldwide, transferable license to use, copy, reproduce, modify, publicly display, and distribute your Content. ”

    Their women’s Ts only appear to go as high as 2XL, but a couple of the “basic” t-shirt types (listed under Men’s Shirts) go up to 6XL and 4XL, respectively.

    Also, their free store appears to be unlimited. Anyone know more about them?

  10. I would say multiple stores…but then there are actually a lot of site out there that do the same thing…though I can’t find the stupid links now. Dangit…but…that is only people are willing to buy the stuff.


  11. Changing stores would actually require there to be a continuing demand for product, which there apparently is not. :)

    But I do encourage everyone to steal designs in the way that SugarLeigh has described. We haven’t made any money off the store so you’re not taking anything out of our pockets, and as the maker of all the designs I say Shapelings can do what they like with them.

  12. I nabbed a scarlet F shirt. W00t.

    Maybe stuff wasn’t selling because a lot of it wasn’t in plus sizes? I think the biggest I found on (most of the merch) there was 2X, which is my size… and I still qualify as an in-betweenie. The one-item store might work if they let you do bigger sizes. Just a thought. :)

  13. Actually, I might just have made an ass out of myself — I’m presuming these sizes are misses rather than women’s; if they’re women’s sizes, 2X is bigger than I thought (though still not quite wide-rangey).

    In sum, if I was a moron, all smackdowns are welcome. :P

  14. Has anyone else found that the sizing information they provide is inconsistent? I was looking specifically at the Tiny Pants tank top (which is awesome!) and found a different values for bust and for length when I looked at the general Women’s Tank sizing chart vs. the one linked to the shirt. Any idea if either listing is accurate?

  15. MissPrism that looks so fun! Yet another craft I can beat myself up about not doing. :)

    (It used to be that when SM and I visited each other we would make tons of crafts, and otherwise I made nothing. But it didn’t happen last time! Next time I’m in Chicago, SM, we’re making stencils.)

  16. sarawr, with any luck someone else won’t have noticed, and thus your error will serve an important purpose. :)

  17. I totally love the shirts, and would really like a black “scarlet F” shirt. But I can’t afford $25.99 + $5.25 (shipping) for a t-shirt. That’s seriously expensive!

  18. Riight, I’ve just ordered some freezer paper! (I had to get it from an online craft store, because they don’t stock it in UK supermarkets.) I plan to go on a stencilling frenzy this weekend while my chap’s away birdwatching, and drip paint all over the house. YAY.

  19. While you’re in a buying mode, there’s a tank suit (made for lap swimming, not just lounging, cuz that’s all we do [eyeroll}) on sale at junonia for 15 dollars plus shipping. Comes in black and red, link to follow. If there’s another place to post this, let me know, I’m still new :)

  20. Just so you know, FJ, I totally didn’t mean stealing your design, I meant making my own with the slogan I like! ;)

    BUT, thank you for permission to design-snatch if we wanna.

    And that freezer-paper stencil idea is totally fabulous. Maybe I’ll do that with sandwich fish… (I have promised my friend for ages that I’ll make him a sandwich fish shirt… sandwich fish is a strange little joke between us).

  21. a while back i bought a fat club shirt, a scarlet f tank, and a button. i can only wear the fat club on the weekends (fucking doesn’t translate well at a public school) but I love the confused stares I get when i do wear it! Thanks for some great merch!

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