Yes Means Yes Reading in Cambridge, MA Tomorrow

yesmeanscover1Boston-area Shapelings, I’m going to be doing a reading to promote Yes Means Yes in Cambridge tomorrow night.

That is, if I can actually get to Boston today, what with the crazy snow both here and there, and the fact that American Airlines has already canceled one of the flights I was supposed to be on. Fingers crossed. 

Deets are below. Hope to see you there!

Jan. 29, 2009 @ 6PM – Reading hosted by Center for New Words, at Cambridge YMCA Theater, 820 Mass. Ave. in Cambridge, MA

Jan. 29, 2009 @ 8PM – Launch party hosted by Center for New Words, at OM Lounge, 92 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MA (YOU MUST RSVP TO to get on the list for this event!)

35 thoughts on “Yes Means Yes Reading in Cambridge, MA Tomorrow”

  1. Good luck getting here! The snow here has actually been pretty disappointing so far (no snow day for me) but it might be getting a little worse later in the day. It’s more likely to be a problem on the departure side, though, I think.

    Now I’m just hoping I can manage to get out of work in time to get there, tomorrow!

  2. dude! thank you for posting this reminder! I had planned to go when it was mentioned a few months ago, but totally forgot! Good luck with your flights!

  3. Kate’s stuck on the runway at O’Hare, FYI, but everyone should still go to the reading even if she can’t come! (If it’s possible for them to land at Logan they’ll be taking off right about now.)

    ETA, 6:45 ET: Haven’t heard anything more so hopefully they got to take off. If not, maybe it will be better tomorrow morning…

  4. I’d never make it to Cambridge in time unfortunately for the 6pm thing and the party is fun but I’ll be thinking of ya while I swims around at the gym pool instead! Rock on with positive and uplifting messages!

    And good luck with that travel *as I watch out my 1 hour West of Boston home window and watch the ice coating my car* and stay safe!

  5. Good luck! I’ll be there. (I’ve been a lurker, but I have been reading SP for a long time and I’m excited!)

  6. I will certainly be at the reading, though it seems the post-reading party is full up. Which sucks mightily because I am going to have to kill time in Cambridge until 10pm.

    I guess it’s Rodney’s Bookstore and then a hunt for a cup of tea for me.

  7. ooh! We could have a Shapelings and friends meet-up/hang-out afterwards (coffee shop or something?) for those of us who couldn’t get on the list for the party! Anyone?

  8. I’m really jealous of those who can be there! All of you have fun! Kate, travel safe and knock their sox off! :D

    YOU CAN DO IT! *Rosie the Riveter pose!*

  9. I will be at the reading but was also too late to get into the party, and heartily agree with monkey that we should all chill out in an auxilliary afterparty for those who couldn’t get into the official one.

    To any Shapelings reading this who fit into that category, look for me & monkey at the end of the reading! I’m a short fat brunette with a pretty hard to miss bright red down coat, and am wearing several different shades of gray today. Monkey is less short and does not have a red coat, and I have no idea what she will be wearing, but heck :D.

  10. I’m pretty sure I’ll be there too, though circumstances might change. If I’m there, I’ll be the one… um. medium height. medium build. brown hair. nondescript clothing. Or did you want some actual useful identifiers? OK, I’ll be the one knitting on either a weird stripey hat thing (that won’t look anything like a hat) or a big blue shawl.

    Yay for Shapeling meetup!

  11. I’ll be there too, but late, so I’d love to meet up! I will be knitting Laminaria in dark green and wearing bright red sweater.

    (I usually lurk here because I can’t follow the comment threads but I would love to meet local Shapelings.)

  12. Sweet Machine: I will! I’m cmeckhardt on Rav. :) (But I get a friend to help me with the photos, so there will be a delay. On the other hand, I am on THE LAST CHART. Celebration! It’s an awesome pattern and I am so pleased with how it’s turning out.)

  13. I just came back from the reading. It was really great! Kate is awesome in person. I didn’t get to meet her one-on-one but took pictures of her and other authors on stage. It was great to be in a room full of feminists :-)

    I didn’t spot any local shapelings though, I waited for a little while outside the theater. Hope you all enjoy each other’s company…. And hope to see some boston shapelings soon… (there’s a thread on the ning community about boston meetup in feb or march)

  14. Hi Kate! (if you read comments!)
    I just wanted to say that I loved your reading tonight! It was inspiring (and really really entertaining), especially as I just assumed a sort-of leadership role in starting up a feminist student organization at my college. The three of you going up there and kicking ass was so awesome, and I am definitely going to incorporate excerpts from the book in an upcoming meeting.


  15. Excellent reading tonight! My fiance and I had a great conversation in the car on the way home about the readings. Thanks for spurring such an interesting discussion, both here at home and there at the reading.

  16. Yes, indeed! Tonight was such inspiration. Thank you Kate for coming all the way to Cambridge to read. It was amazing to hear your words in person. Deep gratitude to you for all you do.

  17. Rain H- so sorry we missed you! There were only four of us in the end, so we didn’t look like a big identifiable crowd when leaving. We should try to meet up again, though! Can you (are you interested) in going to Feminism and Dessert this coming Tuesday, also hosted by CNW? I am planning to be there.

  18. I made it there too (and it was awesome! Kate rocks! not that that’s news to anyone here… and she signed my book with: “Fuck!!!”), and I looked for that red down coat but didn’t see it… I went dancing afterwards anyway, so I guess it worked out. The Feminism and Dessert thing sounds great, though – we should totally have a maybe-a-little-more-organized Shapeling meetup there!

  19. Cornflake: Let’s! I’ll wear my button from Big Moves that says “fat ass”. Also I will be knitting. :) I’ll try to be organized enough to have a sign I can hold up afterwards saying “SHAPELINGS HERE”.

  20. SO SO SO glad I went. Jaclyn was amazing, Toni moved me to tears, and even if it was only for about 90 seconds it was really wonderful to meet Kate. Thank you everyone for the sweet compliments on my dress :) And I’m really glad I got to go out with some folks and actually hang out with Shapelings in person. Everyone was SO nice to me and very encouraging. I’m hoping I can slowly stop being such a lurker now. I was so glad to meet such lovely people.

  21. The reading was fantastic! It was great to meet Kate. She was fantastic and inspirational and funny and friendly. I was a little star-struck. Toni’s essay was one of the ones that I re-read, and e-mailed around to friends and family, so to hear it read aloud was incredible. Jaclyn is a very close friend, and it’s always wonderful to see friends celebrated on such a grand scale. What a great night. I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet other Shapelings! I was so wrapped up in the Big Moves ‘verse, catching up with those folks, that I didn’t search the room for other fans. Next time!

  22. Kate, I just want to say – I got my copy of this book in the mail a few days ago and I am an inspired woman. (I am, in fact, putting together a syllabus on the eroticization of rape in text and film, in the hopes that students will learn to logic and deconstruct some artifacts of rape culture.) But I just finished your essay and ran immediately to the computer to tell you that it was beautiful and sad. Obviously I enjoy your casual blogwriting – I’ve been a reader for years – but your essay (cursing and all) was a more polished, literary kind of piece. Kudos.

  23. I’m really sorry we weren’t able to connect with the folks who missed the auxilliary afterparty! At one point I waved the red down coat around, but there were (happily) just so many people there, that it’s not surprising we didn’t all manage to connect. I think there’s critical mass for more in-person Shapeling gatherings in the Boston area soon, though.

    Kate, it was so great to meet you! I can’t wait to get my own copy of the book (guys, it sold out at the reading, it’s that good!), and one for my mom, and…. :) And ditto for when yours comes out.

    Also, look for pics Opn is going to be posting to Fatshionista on LJ with a bunch of Shapelings in snazzy clothes for the reading.

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