26 thoughts on “Inauguration open thread”

  1. I wish I could post here the pictures of the graffiti and wheatpasted posters around the city of the farewell to bush. I just got one, Best one today: “Adios, douchebag” with the classic W smirch.

    This nation can breath a sigh of relief, it can only get better from here!

  2. We spent the day walking around DC and it was incredible. Like many I am not braving the crowds tomorrow. But I really wanted to soak up some of the atmosphere. There was such a great vibe in the city. People were chatting with strangers, helpful to each other and generally in a celebratory mood. It felt terrific to be there.

    We cheered in front of the MSNBC portable studio, took pictures in front of the Capitol and bought chessey souvenirs. Also all reports that have been published are true; there are more Porta-Potties in DC then can be counted. Here’s hoping for a smooth event tomorrow.

  3. I heard the “I Have a Dream” speech in a whole new way today. Brought tears to my eyes. Although I won’t be in D.C. I’m having a special celebratory dinner in my home tomorrow night :)

  4. I will be up all night watching the broadcast from Australia with my friends, cheering. Ya did good, America. Now you just gotta keep it up for the next eight years. xD <3

  5. Shhh! Don’t jinx it. (says the one who might not watch live tomorrow lest she turn into a blubbering idiot like she did on election night- except tomorrow she’ll be at work)

  6. I’m still not entirely believing it myself. Bush is really leaving. For real. For good. I honestly wasn’t sure it would ever end.

    Mortally terrified something bad will happen tomorrow. :(

    And also tearing up intermittently today. I’m going to be one big soggy mess by noon tomorrow, I just know it.

    (And this is the mindset in which I’m going to have to grade comprehensive exams for a bunch of seniors!!! Yikes.)

    Also I still want a donut and have not gotten one yet! *grumbles* Where’s my Freedom of Choice Donut?!?

    Free Hungry!

  7. Well done, you crazy bunch of northeners. Whatever my trepidations that Mr. Obama won’t reach expectations, I’m comforted by the fact that he could never, ever, possibly be worse than his precedent.

    *waves to Ego from sunny sunny Brisbane*

  8. And on my birthday, too! Bush was inaugurated for the first time on my 18th birthday. I wasn’t allowed to vote against him the first time around, yet he has been president for, literally, my entire adult life. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s going to feel like to be free of him.

  9. As a dyed-in-the-wool local, I have fucked off out of DC for the weekend. But even if I fucked off out of the country (which I may before his term is up), it wouldn’t change how elated I feel about having a chance to feel proud of us, finally, for the choices we’ve made.

    Remember the website with Americans saying “we’re sorry” to the world after reelecting Bush? Dear world: look, we’re really trying now.

  10. Our long national Bush nightmare is over. May our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity* begin again. (*A reference to this piece by the Onion.)

    Remember the website with Americans saying “we’re sorry” to the world after reelecting Bush? Dear world: look, we’re really trying now.

    They revamped it to say “Hello Everybody.” :) http://www.sorryeverybody.com

  11. I’ll be doing happy dances all day over here in Brit-land! Your country deserves a change for the better so much. And I’m also rather pleased about the resultant lower chance of fiery death for all the rest of us.

  12. I am going to stay up late to watch, even though I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow morning. (Noon = 1AM for me.)

  13. Just got back from work. They were playing a speech from Obama’s inauguration on the radio and we were all listening to it on the work coach home. Everyone was so happy! Even the perpetual cynics were hopeful.

  14. I kept my 7 year old son home from school today to watch it on tv… He was pretty excited when they swore him in… and we danced. What a day!!

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