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  1. Whoo!

    I sort of love that he stumbled the heck out of his oath. I blame Roberts, who no-doubt was instructed by Bush to give it to him in huge, hard to remember sections rather than short little snippets. Conspiracy alert! Haha..

  2. I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to cry, but I guess I was just lying to myself. T_T

    Some part of me STILL can’t believe that this is real. I keep thinking that I’m gonna wake up, and McCain is will be president.

    But it IS real. I’m so proud of my country right now. I think this is the first time in my lifetime I can say that and really know what that means.

  3. I don’t have a TV and my computer hates streaming news video so I’m having to wait for everything to pop up on youtube. I just . . . you got it right, Kate. It’s real. Holy crap, it’s real.

  4. Actually, it’s Roberts who messed up the oath. Obama just paused at the part where Roberts had it wrong…

  5. Actually, Roberts did it without notes, and he’s the one who messed up. I think that’s why The Prez seemed a little confused, he was expecting the correct oath, not a crazy, out of order one.

  6. They already changed whitehouse.gov

    Weee. I feel like I should be doing something to celebrate instead of sitting in my office posting blog comments.

  7. I prefer to blame Robert’s incompetence rather than conspiracy, but I thought Obama handled it well….

    I feel happy, but a little stung by the “those who settled the West” remark in his speech. The West was already settled. And the East, for that matter.

  8. Dude, watching Bush get into the helicopter was the greatest. My dad sent me a text message saying “Our long nightmare is over!”

    I am so jazzed right now. Yes we did!

  9. Elizabeth, that struck me as a misstep too. It was jarring, in the middle of an otherwise very powerful speech.

  10. IT HAPPENED!!! We’re drinking champagne and struggling with an unfamiliar sensation that just may be…an absence of national shame?!

    And didn’t you love the way Cheney looked like Mr. Potter from “It’s a Wonderful life?!”

  11. “Those who settled the West” was jarring for me as well. But watching this with my librarian coworkers, I also just have to say LINCOLN BIBLE EEEEE!

  12. I was weeping with joy when I showed up to pick my older son up from preschool.

    I felt a little bad because one of his teachers is a Republican who once said she thinks foreclosure victims brought it on themselves.

    (Actually, I should hasten to add that she is also a caring and devoted teacher with the patience of Job – and believe me, she’s got some struggling kids in that class too that I would never be able to deal with so compassionately. Not that I don’t think her views on the mortgage crisis are incredibly wrongheaded and offensive. But the mood of the day makes me resist making her into only a villain. And actually, that right there sums up the new thing I felt at 12:00:01 ET today.)

  13. I wept like the magdalen from Biden’s oath all the way through the National Anthem…

    I’m so proud of us!!!

    –Andy Jo–

  14. I was in the car on my way to work listening to the oath. I burst out in tears and I didn’t even vote for the guy! (wote in Theddy Roosevelt).

    Never in my life time did I quite believe we would finally have an African-American president. Then again, I never believed I would see the Berlin Wall fall (it went up the year I was born) and the Soviet Union crumble.

    So I am here hoping and praying President Obama will prove me wrong and can get this country back on the right path.

    *wanders off humming “Camelot”*

  15. I cried.
    Honestly and truly, I cried because for the first time since I was in grammar school and didn’t know better, I was proud to be an American.

  16. I’m taking the opportunity to delurk. Good job, America! I’m not even an American and I shed a little tear. I’ve lived in the US, but was always hesitant about going back, even though my boyfriend is an American citizen. I must say, the thought doesn’t seem quite so scary anymore. Actually, being an American is a pretty cool thing today, for the first time in 8 years.
    BTW, besides being a great politician, I find Obama very attractive. Am I the only one who thinks that?
    Oh, and on a totally unrelated note: I love your blog!

  17. Now I’m crying from reading whitehouse.gov.

    Mind you, I did stumble a bit over the “settled the West” thing.

    Also, Rick Warren did NOT need to recite the Lord’s Prayer.

  18. I teared up a few times:

    – When I saw Mohammed Ali arriving.
    – When Aretha Frankilin sang.
    – During the speech, despite serious feed glitches here in Oz..
    – during the post speech prayer, which utterly pwned the dickish invocation.

  19. Actually, being an American is a pretty cool thing today, for the first time in 8 years.

    I KNOW. I’ve been waiting for it to be cool since I was twelve. This stuff fucking blows my MIND.

    Now I’m crying from reading whitehouse.gov.

    I did a dance when I read it. I cried when I watched the slideshow of presidents, and Obama was at the end.

  20. This is what’s making me really cry now: the agenda of the new White House. The section on women, for instance, is such a 180 from the Bush administration that I can hardly believe it’s real. It’s not only about those pesky “women’s issues” like reproductive justice, either; it ties in poverty, education, and the economy into women’s civil rights.

    Holy crap, it’s real.

  21. I’m going to say here what I’ve been saying everywhere:

    Our new Prez has his work cut out for him…but if he wants to delegate some of it to me, I’m more than happy to take it on. Because I feel like my country is worth working for again.

  22. EEEEE!!

    I missed it – stuck on the interstate between work and a doctor’s appointment (both useless today).

    President Obama.
    The Obama Administration.


  23. I’m still listening to NPR looping the inauguration ceremony over and over, and it’s still making me shiver. And I’m not even USAmerican, either (I’m a Canadian studying & living in the US).

    Kinda feels like taking a shower after living with an egg smear in the face for years (not that I have first hand experience of this…). And as my boyfriend put it: “Bush is no longer in control of nuclear weapons!!!” What a relief.

  24. Oh you should have heard the crowd. I wasn’t close enough to see him but I could kinda hear the oaths and damn, the people went apeshit at “so help me god.”

  25. I am so completely stoked, and proud as hell of our country today. This is such a huge change. I can’t believe we got here.

    Much love to our president Obama! <3

  26. What I like is that NPR pointed out this morning that while Mr. Roberts gave the oath to Mr. Obama slightly out of order and then went back to correct himself, Mr. Obama, after pausing, repeated the oath as Mr. Roberts had initially said it out of politeness.

    Just watch, though, there will be some people who will scream that Mr. Obama is not POTUS because he didn’t get the oath right!

  27. Just watch, though, there will be some people who will scream that Mr. Obama is not POTUS because he didn’t get the oath right!

    A co-worker told me that nutjobs have already been filing lawsuits and saying that OMG WE HAS NO PREZIDENT!!!11!. *epic eye-roll*

  28. I was sick as a dog yesterday, but I hauled my sorry ass out of bed and down the stairs in time to watch the most important parts of the event.

    BTW, did any of you hear the whoop my brother and I let out when Biden took the oath? The words were something along the lines of ‘holy fuck, Cheyney’s gone!!!!!!!!!!!’

    We stood when President (ooh, it gives me chills just to type it!) Obama took his oath.

    And may I just say Aretha’s crown was FIERCE!

  29. My boss won’t let me write about it because “whatever, we know what the result will be if it goes to the Supreme Court,” but fwiw: he became president at noon, oath or no oath. It says so in the 20th Amendment. And it’s Roberts who got it wrong!

  30. “he became president at noon, oath or no oath. It says so in the 20th Amendment.”
    That’s what they said on German TV, too. And honestly, what’s the worst thing that could happen? They could maybe make him take the oath again, but that would just be ridiculous. As dar as I know, the only legal way to get rid of the President is impeachment and switching up the words of the oath because Roberts got it wrong is definitely not a sufficent reason for that.

  31. The best argument I’ve heard is that he became president at noon but can’t perform executive acts of the office before taking the oath. Which he did. What, you want to argue with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court about that one?

    People have soooooo much free time (I seriously had like 20 different posts from law professors pop up on my google RSS feed yesterday within an hour on of the inauguration).

  32. Sweet Machine! That bit down the bottom of the “women” section about the college tuition credit is something Toby would have come up with on a night flight, and it’s the actual intended policy of the Obama administration. That’s beautiful.

  33. There are things in the “women” section that I’ve never thought of. It’s unreal. SM and I joked about what McCain’s plan for women would have looked like — “tax incentives to buy pretty shoes.” “Free lessons on how to not be such a slut.”

  34. “They could maybe make him take the oath again, but that would just be ridiculous. “
    I have information that they did that today.
    Double-checking to see if it’s true.

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