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Friday Fluff: Drinking around the world

My friend Joanna is currently in Disney World, drinking her way around Epcot with her boyfriend. She keeps posting to Twitter about the drinks she’s had — so far we’ve heard about the Grand Marnier smoothie from France, the snakebite from England, the “Sultan’s Colada” from Morocco, the plum wine from Japan, several kinds of beer and a shandy. Also there is a hot tub. I’m terrifically jealous, but on the other hand we’ve had a good time here on the blog this week — a healthy dose of both positivity and mocking, which I think is the only way to live. And you guys have been funny as hell. Which I think means we deserve to have drinks from every continent, too.

What’s your favorite exotic, international, or generally unusual cocktail, Shapelings?

(Speaking of drinks, there are active meetup plans going on Ning in Philly, Seattle, Houston, and DC!

100 thoughts on “Friday Fluff: Drinking around the world”

  1. Not particularly unusual, but I’m a mojito girl. Not too sweet, that extra something added by the mint. Perfect.

    I also like ordering Cuba Libres because it’s fun to say. Usually the bartender rolls his/her eyes and says “You mean a rum and coke with lime?” and I have to sheepishly say “well, yeah . . .”

  2. Old-fashioned glass
    ice, preferably (but not necessarily) crushed
    1:1 midori:lime juice (generally one shot to one shot, but more is possible)
    lemon-lime soda to fill the glass

    As far as I know, this has no name. It tastes a lot like a sour apple Jolly Rancher, though.

  3. I like Long Island Iced Teas, Jack and Coke, and (for cold weather) hot chocolate with Bailey’s.

    Very important: When ordering in Germany, if you order rum and coke/vodka and sprite/etc., they will bring you a shot of rum and a glass of coke. Order without the ‘and’. Ex. vodka-sprite.

  4. Whatever it’s called if you make a Manhattan with rye, only use Lillet in place of the vermouths. Does anyone know? I think it has a name… stargazer, maybe?

  5. Whatever fruity and complementary-sounding items are handy, proportions depending on the severity of need for a drink. Most recently this meant:

    big glass
    5-6 ice cubes
    triple sec to cover ice cubes
    enough Arizona fruit smoothie mix to fill about the remaining space in the glass
    orange juice to fill rest of glass

    It was astonishingly good. As a smoothie the Arizona mix was so-so but it’s going back on the shopping list as a drink mixer.

  6. Ack, I meant “enough Arizona fruit smoothie mix to fill about HALF the remainign space in the glass”

  7. How fun!!!
    This isn’t exactly exotic, but the best drink I had was at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA. It was late at night, the bar was about to close, and they made it with fresh, real cream from a nearby farm. It was SOOOOO GOOD!
    And, luckily, I was living just up the road and could walk home. ‘Cause I don’t hold alcohol very well, lol!

  8. I love the margaritas at On the Border. My favorite is the Borderita Grande topped with Chambourd. Not an unusual or sophisticated drink, but it sure tastes good.

  9. I also like ordering Cuba Libres because it’s fun to say. Usually the bartender rolls his/her eyes and says “You mean a rum and coke with lime?” and I have to sheepishly say “well, yeah . . .”

    Yeah, that would be me ordering Cape Cods in Toronto when I was 20.”Uh, you mean, vodka and cranberry? Which, around these parts, we refer to as… ‘vodka and cranberry’?”

    Drambuie with apple juice and fresh lime.

    I read this as “Drambuie with apple sauce and fresh lime.” Which does not sound nearly as good.

    I will gladly drink any fruity combination of boozes you put in front of me, but I can’t say I have a favorite “exotic drink.” If there’s no cocktail menu, I go gin and tonic. If there’s a cocktail menu, I try as many things as possible before I pass out.

  10. For an impossible-to-get but delicious drink, try the Widow Ching: 1 oz spiced rum + 6 oz winter melon tea (dong gua cha). Better with dark rum.

    When you can’t find any bar with winter melon tea, come by my house and I’ll make you one. :) (Also, look up the namesake, she was a hell of a lady…)

  11. I despair that England gets Snakebite… that’s a nasty, nasty, 17-year-old’s drink!
    *ahem* not that I’m speaking from experience at all…
    Now, of course, I’m much more sophisticated :)
    I second whoever mentioned Mojitos, because anything involving citrus fruits and rum is brilliant!

  12. I despair that England gets Snakebite… that’s a nasty, nasty, 17-year-old’s drink!

    There were probably other drinks at the England pavilion (actually, I think it was the UK pavilion, so there had better have been other drinks).

    We actually grew mint this summer just so we could make mojitos with it. (Though we also made mint ice cream and mint/spinach/pea soup.)

  13. I love a Singapore Sling:

    1 1/2 ounce gin
    1/2 ounce Cherry Heering brandy
    1/4 ounce Cointreau
    1/4 ounce Benedictine
    4 ounces pineapple juice
    1/2 ounce lime juice
    1/3 ounce grenadine
    dash bitters

    There are more simple recipes out there, but that’s supposedly the “original”.

  14. Here Down Under the British Taste hasn’t left much so its Pimm’s & Lemonade. (Lemonade = Lemon Soda) Pimm’s is a spicy/citrusy gin. Great in the summer! And oh so easy to drink.

  15. My own invention, I never bothered calling it anything except yummy but for our purposes here we can call it the Sugar Shock. Cuz we might as well call it like it is. ;)

    Take 1 packet of instant hot cocoa, and flavored hot cocoa is even better but make sure the flavor jives with your alcohol selection! Brew coffee. Make the hot cocoa with coffee instead of hot water or milk (this is tasty even without the final ingredient). Add a shot of either Bailey’s, Kahlua, or butterscotch Schnapps, depending on your mood and what you have available to you.

    Your taste buds will orgasm. Seriously.

  16. I can’t think of anything unusual or exotic, my tastes are pretty boring. :) But I do love a good Margarita. If nothing else is sounding good to me, that’s where I default. Or depending on my mood, a cosmo. Yea, I know, how very SATC of me. I don’t care. I liked cosmos before it was “chic”.

    When I’m at home drinking by myself, I’m all about a good bottle of wine. No need to run intervention, this doesn’t happen often.

  17. I’ve been drinking whiskey & ginger ales lately. The ingredients aren’t exotic at all, but bartenders generally repeat the order back to me like they aren’t sure they heard me right. I guess not a lot of people drink whiskey in their ginger ale.

  18. My friend worked at Disney World for a while and drinking around the world is a favorite past time of the college interns there. Shocking, I know.

    I’m mostly a dry vodka martini girl, but I do like to try a different stuff.

    This place:
    is less than a block from my office and has some REALLY good drinks, there’s also a place near by that has something called an “anemic mary” it’s a bloody mary with celery juice instead of tomato juice. It’s weird, but good.

  19. Mojitos for me. Mmm.

    I had hot chocolate and Baileys at Hogmanay In Edinburgh last year, and it was delicious. But one of the friends I was with had an allergic reaction to the chocolate and went into anaphylactic shock, so I we spent midnight in an emergency medical centre. She was fine in the end, which is the important thing.

    ( Rach- yes, so sophisticated you pick all the mint out of the glass so you can get to the last drop of rum at the bottom.

    Also, I like snakebite on the grounds of nostalgia.

    Also, you should be revising.)

  20. I’m normally a Captain and Coke kind o’ girl, but probably the best thing I’ve ever had liquor-wise was an apple-infused vodka martini at the Flatiron Lounge in NYC. They do their infusions in-house, and it seriously tasted like really good apple juice, no alcohol flavor at all. (It was something ridiculous like $16, but I wasn’t paying. Bwahaha.)

  21. Oooh I love Caipirihhas but they’re hard to find and you all are making me want Mojitos (notice that’s plural, I can’t drink just one!) something awful. I’m also a fan of a GOOD Mai Tai. When they’re done right they are absolutely delicious.

  22. i tend to stick w/ microbrewery beers or wine, leaving “exotic” for shooters….but there are a few cocktails i have a soft spot for:

    Iron Butterfly:
    1/2 oz baileys
    1/2 oz kaluha
    1/2 oz vodka
    (serve over ice. creamy and yummy, like a brown cow only w/ baileys instead of milk)

    Bartender’s Root Beer:
    1/2 oz galliano
    1 oz kaluha
    (mix coke/club soda to fill glass, serve w/ ice in a Collins’ glass, garnished w/ lime. tastes surprisingly root-beery-y.)

    Blueberry Tea:
    3/4 oz grand marnier
    3/4 oz amaretto
    fill brandy snifter w/ hot black tea. I don’t know why orange and almond together make blueberry, but i swear they do. Best if served w/ sugared rim. As a non-coffee drinker, this is my “specialty coffee” go to drink.

    finally, there’s a restaurant here in ottawa that makes a *fantastic* summer drink of vodka, crushed strawberries, brushed basil leaves and black pepper.

  23. Is noon too early for drinking?

    I’m told that if the time is in double digits, you’re good to go.

  24. iiii: I’m not sure where you are, but around here — Birmingham, AL — “bourbon and ginger” (preferably Buffalo Rock) is a bar standard. And yummy, too.

  25. Kate, I think a Cape Codder actually has a splash of vermouth thrown in, not that I can really taste the difference between that and vodka cranberry. fwiw. It’s my basic drink, though.

    Noon is not too early for drinking if it’s medicinal, so I’m sure you can come up with an excuse!

  26. At Rioja they make a Ginger Rum Gimlet. It’s housemade ginger syrup, lime juice, and rum, served with a sugared rim. What makes it so good is the ginger syrup – just a perfect combination of sweet and bite.

    I also love a good Cosmo, trendy or not. When they’re done right, you can understand why classics are classics.

  27. My new fave, by the way, has been Dark & Stormies, followed by Jack and ginger and Newfangleds (a drink Dan made up — it’s sugar, bitters, whiskey, and orange juice. An Old Fashioned without the work — hence, Newfangled).

  28. vanilla vodka and ginger ale… cream soda with a kick

    gand manier, vanilla vodka and ginger ale… 50/50 bar

    kaluah over vanilla ice cream, not blended just poured and eaten with a spoon.

    dark rum and malibu in a 2/1 ration into orange/bannana/pineapple juice.

    a really good martini made with icy cold booker’s gin and the whisper of vermouth.

    and for you mojito fans… not sure what it’s called but you take basil, lemons and gin and make it the same way as a mojito. very tasty

  29. I’m pretty simple. I like my screwdrivers, mudslides, White Russians, and sangria. Tropical schnaps mixed with Sprite also makes me a happy girl. Barcardi also used to make a cherry cola wine cooler that was fab, but alas, no more. I did find a cranberry lemonade wine cooler this summer that was delicious, and I also enjoy a mandarin orange Smirnoff Ice.

    The one drink that usually befuddles the bartenders in my area is the grasshopper. It’s not that hard to make—it’s basically the chocolate mint version of the mudslide, with creme de menthe instead of Kaluha, but whenever I mention it, they look at me like I have three heads.

  30. not tremendously exotic, but blueberry stoli and lemonade is a great summertime drink and is kinda pretty if you toss a few actual blueberries in.

  31. lately i’ve been LOOOOOOOOVING disaronno with just a splash of vanilla club soda. like, 1 oz disaronno, .5 oz vanilla club soda over ice. but can one really only drink just an ounce of disaronno at once? no, there are none that can.

  32. I don’t know about exotic per se, but a sparkles sounds good (named after my sister’s alcoholic cat- if you set it down in her house the cat WOULD drink it, no question to it).

    You take a can of that frozen lemonade mix and dump it in the blender, then fill the can with peach schnapps and dump it in, then fill it again with vodka and add THAT. Blend until thoroughly mixed, then fill glasses halfway with orange soda, pour in slushy goodness and stir gently. It’s sweet, sour, fizzy and frozen all at once! Just don’t plan on driving anytime in the next….week or so ;)

  33. Oh yeah, and keep your leftover mix in the freezer so it stays icy, it definitely won’t freeze!

  34. Either SoCo and Lemonade or gin and ice with lots and lots of lime juice. That is what I drank before I started getting hung over before I got buzzed, now I just stick to pineapple juice and drive everyone else home. :(

  35. My mom likes amaretto sours, and Bailey’s. She also used to like amaretto and coke. She’s just a fan of amaretto, what I can say?

    The first booze I ever got totally drunk on was a punch concoction made of cranberry juice, gingerale, orange juice, and Southern Comfort. I couldn’t even taste the alcohol and after six 16 oz. cups of it, that was all she wrote.

  36. In the summertime, I like to drink mojito, Cuba Libre, fruit margheritas/daiquiris or Long Island Iced Tea – nothing with cream, please! Oh, and I drink “Apfelwein” (also known as Äppler or Äppelwoi), which is a specialty here in the Frankfurt (Germany) region. It’s a kind of apple cidre and I can drink that stuff like water (and not feel intoxicated) and it’s refreshing in the summertime. Yummy!

    In the wintertime, I usually drink Glühwein (mulled wine) or Feuerzangenbowle (mulled wine with rum) – that stuff is hot, sweet and all kinds of delicious, but can knock you out without you noticing. :-)

  37. I’m not a booze kind of a girl. Give me a coffee bar any day of the week.

    A latte if I’m drinking with a snack, a mocha if I want something sweet (Peet’s does an amazing peppermint mocha at Christmastime that knocks my socks off), or a Cappucino after dinner.

  38. Oh, I would have to say the lemon drop in my drink of choice. Yummy! but I like anything with citrus in it,

    Lemon Drop:

    1 1/2 oz. Vodka
    1/2 oz. Triple Sec or Cointreau
    1 tsp. Superfine sugar
    1 oz. Freshly squeezed lemon juice
    Superfine sugar for dipping the rim of the glass
    Lemon peel, twisted

  39. I love love love Caipirinhas. I buy cacheca when ever I can find it. Every time I have a mojito or something similar I get annoyed that it isn’t a Caipirinha.

    A nice Godfather (amaretto and scotch) is good too.

    I also went to this great bar with some friends in Boston where they still made the old timey drinks that have egg in them. They were NOM.

  40. Not a cocktail, but a friend of mine just introduced me to chai liqueur, and it was awesome. Just like chai tea, but much thicker and with much more of a kick.

  41. Every New Year’s Eve my friend’s husband makes shots he calls Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters. They consist of a shot of Goldschlager, a shot of Midori, and a shot of Chambord, in a martini glass. They are unbelievably delicious. And they FUCK YOU UP. Not recommended if you’ve already been shooting tequila all evening.

    Other than that, my usual drink is a gold margarita. But tonight is my roommate’s birthday party, and she’s a Captain Morgan girl, so I’ll probably be drinking rum and root beer. Mmm mmm.

  42. And they FUCK YOU UP.

    I would expect no less. But I think they’re supposed to be made with Old Janx Spirit.

    (Intergalactic cocktails would totally trump international ones.)

  43. There are so many!! Among my all-time faves of lesser-known drinks are the Pegu Club cocktail and the Jasmine. Pretty similar drinks, but both very yummy.

    Pegu Club: shake these into a cocktail glass, with a lime twist for garnish.

    1½ shots gin
    ½ shot Cointreau
    ½ shot lime juice
    2 dashes Angostura bitters

    Jasmine: shake into a cocktail glass, garnish with lemon twist.

    1½ shots gin
    1/4 shot Cointreau
    1/4 shot Campari
    3/4 oz lemon juice

    Other standards (though not exotic or unusual) are the Manhattan and vodka Gimlet.

  44. Ooh, a Jasmine sounds great! I like negronis, and that’s basically a negroni with triple sec. Nice.

  45. mmm, Negronis– I forgot about those! I love Campari, and the Jasmine’s great for Campari beginners who may get hung up on the bitterness. It has *just enough* to flavor the drink. You should try it!

  46. firefey: “vanilla vodka and ginger ale… cream soda with a kick”
    Hahaha! At Christmas, my brother, who’s usually a beer guy, mixed vanilla vodka with cream soda. I called it a Liquid Twinkie.

    Beat me to it, fillyjonk, but I love Campari and soda.

    Also, no one has mentioned the noble pisco sour! My friend had her birthday party at a Peruvian BYOB and clever me shows up with a bottle of pisco . . . I felt so cosmopolitan. On the other hand, I now have half a bottle of the stuff and am too lazy to seperate eggs.

  47. Car, chai liqueur? Seriously? WANT.

    *finishes trying to suck every solitary drop of chai off the ice cubes left in her Starbucks cup from lunch*

  48. My personal exotic poison of choice is premium sake. In the summer I like the cold stuff, and it’s actually hard to find good stuff that tastes good hot unless you go to a specialty sake bar–in most Japanese restaurants, the only sake’ available is cheap stuff that’s warmed up to hide the bad flavor.

  49. Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters…

    That’s the only earth recipe for those that I’ve heard that didn’t sound like it tasted like ass.

    They are supposed to be made with Old Janx spirit. And there really isn’t an earth substitute for water from the seas of santraginous V, oh those santraginean seas, oh those santraginean fish.

  50. I had plum wine for the first time this week. I enjoyed it. And, my standby drink is boring rum and coke, but, I really enjoy equal parts kahlua, vodka, and bailey’s. Referred to someone above as the….
    Iron Butterfly:
    1/2 oz baileys
    1/2 oz kaluha
    1/2 oz vodka
    (serve over ice. creamy and yummy, like a brown cow only w/ baileys instead of milk)
    First time I’ve ever heard it called this. Awesome.

    I wish I could go drinking now…

  51. also, that doesn’t sound as though it would taste much like having your brain smashed in with a gold brick wrapped in lemon. but i could be wrong…

  52. Jenonymousi love me some unfiltered sake, ice cold with my salmon nigiri. sooooooo gggooooooddd… yumm. sadly the brand i liked doesn’t seem to be sold around here. i’ll have to get my cali friends to ship me some. wonder if my local sushi place has a byob policy…

  53. iheartchocolat: Back in his bartending days, a friend of mine used to call a very similar drink a Russian Quaalude:

    1/2 oz baileys
    1/2 oz kaluha
    1 oz vodka (Russian, of course)
    1/4 oz (approx) Frangelico

    Shaken over ice and strained into a rocks glass.


  54. I was ordering Colorado Bulldogs (basically a white Russian with coke added) at a 21 table once, and kept asking that they up the vodka in it to top shelf. WELLLLL after about my third round the cocktail waitress conceitedly told me that “Colorado Bulldogs don’t have vodka in them.” (they most assuredly do) I was so embarassed I made her manager come over and apologize (the drinks were on the house but still, three rounds of basically Kahlua and milk?? I was pissed.

  55. Also, I have been known to drink Sunny D’LIte and 99 bananas from time to time. Not classy but tasty and will get you EXTREMELY trashed.

  56. Firefey, it definitely tastes like there’s a gold brick involved, but more of a berry-ish one than citrusy. :)

  57. Kate, I think a Cape Codder actually has a splash of vermouth thrown in,

    Really? I mean, I never expected it to be anything other than vodka and cranberry, that was just what I’d always heard it called.

  58. also, that doesn’t sound as though it would taste much like having your brain smashed in with a gold brick wrapped in lemon.

    Well it’s not supposed to taste like that so much as to be like that. In a more existential sense.

    Now who’s got a recipe for Ouisghian Zodahs? (One of the jokes I only got on maybe the 80th reading.)

    ETA: As of today the Disney World drinking has included a drink that looks very much like how I imagine a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster. (I might add some dry ice.)

  59. Mint Juleps (I’m Australian, so it counts as exotic!) It’s very wanky, but I love vanilla and green tea martinis – especially if you let the green tea develop for a while. Can’t stomach the standard ones, but.

  60. Well now I’m doubting, but I did hear that at some point. But I think people also then call vodka cranberries Cape Codders, so maybe the definition is a loose one.

  61. It makes me sad that my poor country gets landed with snakebite :( Surely we rate something a bit more classy then that. My favourite coctail is an apple crumble, which I’ve found only once in a pub in Leicester. It’s vanilla vodka, apple juice and lemonade and we’ve somehow never managed to re-make it properly. In none coctail drinks, I could really go for a Moonshine now. Moonshine is a English cider, it’s quite sweet but incredibly delicious.

  62. My mom makes a mean Absinthe cocktail.

    Its basically a shot (or … few) of absinthe in a glass of champagne. SO GOOD! and you will be SO LOOPY! I like the sweeter champagnes for this personally cause it helps with the odd aftertase of the absinthe.

    I’ve also had a local alcohol in Jordan. I think its called Raki, and it is almost exactly like absinthe, except its clear, and turns milky when you add water instead of turning green. It might be called Arak…I can’t remember which one is the Arab version and which one is the Turkish version (which will happen to you too if you drink too much of this shit :D)

  63. For an impossible-to-get but delicious drink, try the Widow Ching: 1 oz spiced rum + 6 oz winter melon tea (dong gua cha). Better with dark rum.
    Ooh, I like rum, and I love winter melon tea. This sounds tasty. And is dong gua cha how you say it in Cantonese? If so, I should try to find it.

    I’m a beer girl, personally, so I normally drink Guinness. But I had a cocktail once that involved absinthe, Red Bull, and a whole bunch of other stuff. That was an interesting night.

  64. AFAIK, dong gua cha is the (word-for-word) Mandarin name for winter melon tea, which is why I can remember it — Cantonese is waaay beyond my limited competence with tonal languages. You can get the stuff prepared in cans at most any Chinese or Southeast Asian grocery, or buy dry blocks of, essentially, flavoured sugar to make it yourself (this is what we do). I’m also a giant dork and spice my own dark rum so that I can have it the way I like it, instead of Capt. Morgan’s.

    I’m a fan of rakı (which Dori mentioned) as well — it’s much tastier than any of the sweet anise liqueurs, IMHO. Then again, I’m not usually much for sweet drinks, more of an ale or G&T type. Although I’m a sucker for anything with ginger in it.

    And fillyjonk, your link is broken. Boo, I wanted to see the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

    I suck at ordering drinks in clubs or bars, though. I never know what I can expect them to have in stock, and default to a G&T or Gimlet or something basic like that.

  65. ooh i could totally go for some plum wine!
    or some yummy fruity sangria!
    alas, all i have are some raspberry woodchucks (hard cider)
    and peach schnapps… because everything is better with peach schnapps :-p

  66. They drink arak in Lebanon, too…a Lebanese friend of mine introduced me to it; he carries it around in an antifreeze container. Good thing, too.

    A lovely thing that’s rather hard to find in the U.S. is schnapps made with the root of the enzian, an alpine flower. I really can’t describe it, but it’s worth trying if you get the chance.

  67. Now that I look at it, enzian might be the German (or at least Austrian) word for gentian. Still tasty.

  68. Not really exotic but sometimes I like to have a Jager bomb: Red Bull with a shot or so of Jagermeister.

    It’s like liquid SweetTarts, which I happen to like a lot. :)

    I don’t particularly like Jager on its own and I’ve never had red bull on its own but this drink is so good.

  69. AFAIK, dong gua cha is the (word-for-word) Mandarin name for winter melon tea, which is why I can remember it — Cantonese is waaay beyond my limited competence with tonal languages.
    Ah, okay. I’m in Hong Kong, so I thought if that was the Cantonese, I’d be able to ask at a shop. (I know that ‘cha’ is the Cantonese for tea, but dong cha is iced tea, so I was a bit confused.)

  70. I had pineapple beer in China. It wasn’t very powerful, but it was tasty. I bought it at a Wal-Mart in Nanjing. lol

    I do love me some plum wine. But I’m usually a fan of vodka tonics, tasty, powerful and hard to fuck up even for the dumbest of bartenders.

  71. Ok, I don’t know how “exotic” it is, but DH and my favorite drink is Bacardi Grand Melon and Monster (but it’s gotta be the original in the green can, any other “flavor” of Monster tastes N-A-S-T-Y with the Grand Melon). It’s pretty awesome.

    Second favorite would be Lemon Drop shots.

    Dayum. Now I wanna go to the liquor store!

  72. I want to make a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster now. Because any cocktail that references Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy can’t be bad. Ever.

    I also really want to try Mansinthe. Yes, that’s Marilyn Manson’s own brand of absinthe. I found a store in Brooklyn that sells it, but it’s like $70 a bottle and I’m poor.

  73. Don’t forget, the PGGB is “like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick.”

    I’ll shut up now.

  74. My current favourite: the Saigon Cooler, from the bar on the park @ Greenwich.

    Step 1:
    Chambord or Framboise
    Cranberry Juice
    Rasberries or crushed rasberries or rasberry puree – we play it fast & loose @ chez dolia
    squeeze of lime!

    Step 2:
    Drink like it’s a yummy fruity soft drink!

  75. Plum wine, for anyone who hasn’t had it, is the shiznit.

    Just proceed with caution on your first go-round.

  76. I don’t know if this is unusual or not; I think my friends and I may have made it up, but that doesn’t mean someone else didn’t also make it up, probably much earlier. We call it a Pucker Up, for reasons that will become obvious.

    Take 1 shot of Pucker, whatever flavor you are feeling at the moment. Place in glass of some type (not a shot glass). Pour desired amount of 7-Up into glass. Add ice, or don’t, whatever. Consume.

    My husband laughs at me for this, because he thinks I am such a lightweight that I have to water down Pucker. That is not the case. I water down Pucker because of the sourness.

    My friends and I also have something known as a Captain Jack, which is a shot of half Jack Daniels and half Captain Morgan, for purposes of PotC viewing. We are enormous dorks.

  77. There is this drink that comes from the local GLBTQ bar back home called a Blue-Tailed Fly. I have no idea what the hell is in it besides Blue Curacao because it’s premixed in giant jugs under the counter.

    I could drink those all night and still want another one.

  78. French 75 (or 76)! Gin, lemon juice, Cointreau, and champagne. It’s delicious, and powerful. The French 76 has vodka instead of gin. I don’t know which it was I was drinking because my friend ordered. Probably the latter.

  79. Ah, Pimm’s and lemonade! If only I were looking out at our glorious summer day (this year expected to be on 21 June), rather than a rainy London street in January, I could almost quite fancy one now. Snakebite; in all honesty?

    Also recommended are ginger martinis (vodka, ginger syrup and lime), and a nice hot toddy (whisky, lemon, honey, hot water, cinnamon and cloves). The latter is commended to any Shapelings with colds.

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