Weblog Awards — Vote!

I’m regrettably late to doing this, which means we’ve already missed a few days of voting and need to make up for it. The Weblog Awards finalists, including several friends of the blog and blogs we admire, have been announced. You can vote once a day from any given IP, for the next couple of days. 

I’m going to be lazy and just copy most of Lauredhel’s congrats/endorsements, since they include everyone I’m voting for — and a couple I haven’t even heard of, but I trust her judgment.  Since she did the work for me, that means it’s extra important to go vote for Hoyden About Town in the Best Midsize Blog category! Congrats to the Hoydens! Also:

Congratulations to Shakesville for their nomination in Best Liberal Blog, to The Dawn Chorus and Zoe Brain for their nominations in the Best Australia or New Zealand blog category, to Bitch PhD for their Best Very Large Blog nomination, to Muslimah Media Watch for their Best Middle East or Africa Blog, and to Dervish for a Best Religious Blog nomination.

Go vote! 

8 thoughts on “Weblog Awards — Vote!”

  1. May I also point out that my husband’s blog, Improbable Research, is up for Best Science Blog? He’s not even running dead last anymore!

    Seriously, that “may” isn’t rhetorical. If you don’t want the comment thread to include other endorsements, Kate, please delete this!

  2. Improbable Research is awesome and everyone should vote for it. Not just because Marc is Miss Conduct’s husband but because I SAY SO.

    However, it’s up against Pharyngula, so be aware that voting is a quixotic mission. :)

  3. “Not Dead Last!” is also a good campaign slogan. Or “The Funniest Science Blog That Never Destroyed A Communion Wafer.”

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