The Wedding FAQ

1. You eloped in Vegas?!?

Dude, I KNOW.

2. Did you plan this beforehand?

Kate didn’t. Al might have. (He’s being coy about that. This is either because he knows he’ll get in trouble for planning it in advance but not telling Kate’s family, or because he totally winged it but wants to preserve the illusion that he might have been all slick about it. Smart money’s on the latter.)

As far as Kate knew prior to about 10:30 a.m. on Friday, they were going to see the Hoover Dam. Then Al was like, “Well, we could do that… or go get married.”

3. Where did you do it?

The Little White Wedding Chapel, proud birthplace of several celebrity marriages that failed spectacularly. It could not have been tackier. Well, except…

4. Did you get married by Elvis?

No, but we could have. He was in the building. Which made Al’s mom very happy.


5. What did you wear?

After a whirlwind trip to The Fashion Show Mall, Kate ended up with a black jersey dress — the only thing that looked decent and fit, except for being way too long (for reference, here it is on a tall person) — and shoes that cost more than the actual wedding.


Al got himself a jacket. Tucking in his shirt would have been asking too much.


6. And the rings?

We bought matching plain white gold bands on the aforementioned whirlwind trip. (Sadly, getting married with only a few hours’ advance notice means there’s no time for a manicure.)


Now that we’re home, Kate’s wearing her grandma’s wedding and engagement rings, which was the plan from about 5 minutes after the proposal.


The Vegas band’s now on her right hand. It’s still the only one that activates the Wonder Twin powers.

7. What do your families think about all this?

Al’s mom was already along for our annual Christmas in Vegas, so she was there, as noted above. She said she was ecstatic, though that might have been mostly about meeting Rev. Elvis.


Kate’s family is a little stunned but very, very happy to welcome Al.


Oh, all right.

Moar me
Moar me
End of vows
End of vows
Still married
Still married

There will be more up at when we get around to updating it — but not much more, ’cause A) we only got a basic photo package, and B) if you think the lighting is bad and the poses are awkward in these, you should see the ones that didn’t make the cut. (Update: It’s live. And yes, the design is meant to evoke the klassiness of the whole affair.)

9. So, this is all well and good, but how dare you have a wedding that involved neither me nor an open bar?

Relax, there’s gonna be a party. We have no idea when or where yet, but if you expected to get loaded and dance to ’80s music at our wedding reception someday, you will still get your chance.

10. Is Kate changing her name?

Oh, hell no. Al’s not changing his, either.

192 thoughts on “The Wedding FAQ”

  1. Congratulations! You had my dream wedding, girl. Hubby and I caved to family pressure and had the dull Jewish wedding of his mother’s dreams. But we wanted Vegas, the tackier the better. Fabulous!

  2. To paraphrase Marge Simpson: “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of attending a Vegas wedding.”

  3. Squee!!! Congratulations!! My fiance and I are getting married in Vegas in a week (With Elvis!), and here you and Al just did it? Too, too awesome.

    Again, congratulations Kate and Al. :D

  4. So sweet and fun! I can’t even imagine trying to plan a big floofy wedding so I’d for sure go for the sneaky and exciting instead. Don’t hold me to that, though. I really want an excuse for a fancy wedding cake.

    So happy for both of you!!

  5. Yay! Congratulations! My shoes also cost more than the wedding, and I’ve never regretted it. All the best to you and Al.

  6. Awesome! I have been drooling over those shoes since I first saw them. And the fact that the dress is so much shorter on a taller person is cracking my shit up because A. it looks so good on you (I’m one that likes longer dresses, though shorter is good on people other than me) and B. that’s how long it would be on me, too. So very happy for you both!

  7. Kate, ya big tool of the patriarchy what with your fancy shooz! We eloped to Vermont in January (7 years coming up, and it just keeps getting better–I know it will be the same for you & Al!) and I got married in snow boots.

  8. Okay, first of all, how is “what did you wear” all the way down at #5?

    My first thought seeing the prom photo was “prom!” so I’m glad it was deliberate. You look amazing, and actually I don’t think the dress is too long at all — it looks dressier this way.

    Mazel tov again, and now I commence waiting for the 80s music and drunkenness.

  9. My first thought seeing the prom photo was “prom!” so I’m glad it was deliberate.

    “Deliberate” might be stretching it. It was more like, this is how the klassy in-house photog told us to stand, and everyone’s first thought on seeing that is, “Prom!”

    SM, I will look for a shoe link. Miss Conduct, I almost got married in the (way too casual) knee-high boots I already had with me, but then I saw those shoes, and THEY WERE JUST SO SHINY. I am indeed a big tool of the patriarchy.

  10. I am indeed a big tool of the patriarchy.

    At least everyone is congratulating you on not wearing white or changing your name. The real tools of the patriarchy can sit over here with me. :)

    (Although it was kind of a surprise and not totally deliberate that I ended up wearing white, of course.)

  11. FJ, as I told you in e-mail, the first dress I tried on was white. It just looked dumb. :) If I’d had access to your wedding dress? I would have worn it in a HEARTBEAT. And I haven’t ruled out white for the big party TBA.

  12. Congratulations you two!
    And see! Kate Harding IS real! We’re all Kate Harding, but there’s only one really REAL Kate. ;)

  13. I totally wore a short snazzy blue number at my second (and current, and future) marriage’s wedding so I applaud being even WILLING to avoid that sheer white malarky (even if it was only really cause the white one didn’t look right; some folks would have just gone with that anyways just to keep in the white theme!)

    Oh and for Colleen who doesn’t want the big wedding but wants cake? Just get cake! :D Wedding cake makers won’t mind if you want to spend money on tasty delicious cake no matter what sort of celebration you’re having it for; and it might even be cheaper if you don’t mention wedding too ;)

    Congraulations again Kate and Al!

  14. It’s true, my dress was pretty great. Would have been even more so if the LAST ONE EVER hadn’t been a size too big and had to be cut down. :) Still, Lisa came through in a big way.

    Whee, now I have another excuse to look at the plus size dresses at Nordstrom! To find you a good one for the party!

  15. Congratulations! We also eloped (in Vermont, making me cool like Miss Conduct!) and it was wonderful. Yay on you and I hope for years of happiness for you two.

  16. CONGRATS!!!

    And you should totally throw that party in L.A.

    So that I can attend.

    And my dream marriage has been a semi-secret elopement since I was like 8. My mother always thought I was crazy or would grow out of it, but the older I get the more I think I’m totally right.

    The funny thing is, I talked my mom into it. When I was asked to Prom and wanted to wear converse and some crazy casual costume thing, my mother was like, “If you dress up and go out and do the fancy traditional thing THIS ONCE then I promise to be okay with it when you refuse to have a big wedding help pay for your elopement and honeymoon.”

    And I was like, “Deal.”

    When she found out a year later that my date to that prom was gay, I was like, “No take-backies!!!”

  17. Congratulations!! You look beautiful and happy!!

    I’ve only been knee deep in wedding planning for a month now and yet I find myself slightly jealous that you eloped! :)

  18. I just read the last entry on my RSS feeds and saw the “Wedding FAQ” link and so just read this and I am still in total handflappingomgomgomg mode. But for real, no fuss weddings are the way to go and I am totally squeeing over the adorable spontaneity of it and you both look so awesome and I love this so much. This is the kind of happy news that makes me happy all day.

    Also, I accidentally wore white for our wedding, in that I wasn’t looking for a white dress but really liked a dress that happened to be white. And since we got married at the courthouse at like 9 am on a Saturday morning (and hungover), I liked the idea of wearing a white dress instead of like, a suit or sweatpants.

  19. Dude.

    When I saw you’d done this wacky thing I thought, whoa, and then I thought, pictures, and then I thought, the only thing wrong with this whole scenario is that the dress is way too long.

    But now that I know you bought it in emergency circumstances I totally forgive you.


  20. WOW! Congratulations! We eloped in the Smokey Mountains 11 years ago–it was awesome. I’m so happy for you both!

  21. Aw! Look how cute you are!

    And: congratulations on figuring out that eloping is the easy way to get married. We did it, and have never ever regretted it.

    Love, Hera

  22. the dress doesn’t look bad and i’d have no idea it was supposed to be shorter and that its ‘too long’ without the sample pic link.. you are an inspiration. when/if i get married, i’m not changing my name either.

  23. “We bought matching plain white gold bands on the aforementioned whirlwind trip. (Sadly, getting married with only a few hours’ advance notice means FLOWERS GREW OUT OF OUR WRISTS.)”

    That’s better!

  24. Mazel tov, and many happy returns!

    Kate, you so totally made the right call by eloping. I wish I’d done it that way. Unless you’re the type who’s really into it, planning a wedding can be hell.

    Though I would’ve gone with the Elvis impersonator myself . . .

  25. PS.: is still available, you know. ;-)

    I’m sure that would be helpful information to someone whose name that actually was. D:

    You guys look happy and delighted and I think the dress looks gorgeous at that length and I love the shooz but ELVIS IS THE KING and I am more than a bit jellous of that above all.

    Also, you can now use posters from this amazing movie as your wedding announcement!

  26. You totally should have used the Drive Thru Tunnel of Vows. Because nothing says love like the lazy spelling of the word “thru.”

    Anyhoo, congrats!!

  27. You two had the right idea: minimal fuss, great shoes!

    While I don’t regret that we had a small big wedding (small in the number of people, but had most of the traditional parts), I’d never do it again. It was way too much work and stress.

  28. eeeee. I’m so happy for both of you! Happy enough that I can de-lurk to comment! Also, that is possibly the most amazing getting married story I’ve ever heard. And you look so happy and pretty and wonderful and…I’m a bit too happy about this to say things that don’t sound like I don’t know how to make sentences. So. I’ll just stop and say Congrats one more time.

  29. Kate, clearly people are very excited by the thought of your wedding: two of the Google search terms that led people here this weekend are naked world records and sex world record.

  30. Congratulations :) I got married in black too but my beloved wasn’t keen on the eloping idea. I still think eloping would have been pretty cool.

  31. that is so cool!

    ok sharing time:

    when we got married we told only our immediate family, and also told them nobody was invited, not even them. we went to the rabbis walking distance from where we lived at the time, and at the end of the day before they all went home, they married us and everyone who worked there were the witnesses.
    no pics or anything, it was just a formality to us, as we feel commitment living our lives together are really the point. i do remember i wore an A-line skirt with a cool graphic print and an olive green shirt.

    then much, much later we had a family party and a friends party, and my mom was SO AWESOME about it and pulled it all off even tho we kinda made her crazy by not having a proper wedding. for the family party i wore a green dress i picked up at the mall that day, and for the friends party (drinking, dancing) a brown skirt and brown-and-white top. I was barefoot for most of it.


    ok nuff about me.

    Your wedding is awesome kate and i am glad u r having a big recption/party/whatever cuz those are just FUN!

  32. Wow, congrats! Also you look gorgeous :) Also I’m sort of jealous and now want to find Mr Right so we can go to Vegas immediately. Wishing you a very happy marriage :)

  33. I’m just sitting here with a stupid big grin on my face. You both are so so so CUTE!

    And I kept my name too!

  34. Your man is a stud and your rings are gorgeous and oh my god YOU GOT MARRIED! Congratulations! =D =D =D

    (I am glad you didn’t change your name. xD KISP is not a very pleasant acronym.)

  35. congratulations! you both kept your names AND your wonder twin powers, isn’t love grand?

    i actually love a big homegrown ceremony with family and food and hubbub. we did that 12 years ago in our own house and it was celebratory and fun.

    then, two years ago, for our 20th we went up to vancouver and got officially married with little fanfare. thought it would just be a political statement (since we queers sure as shit can’t get married in god-save-texas) but the privateness of it all made for a lovely, memorable wedding…

    of course, we made sure to take a trip to graceland some years back, so we had tacky memories of that to round the gracious and civil canadian event.

    thanks for the pics and the happy faces.

    ps. kept our names too. :^)
    pps. don’t forget to go to graceland

  36. …and by the way, I’m fairly sure that’s the same place my mom got married, and I’ll tell you how else it could have been tackier: the two of you could have been in your Harley Davidson leathers. Yeah, my 50-something mom ditched my dad and married a biker. Made of win.

  37. If I ever get married (which is a BIG if), I can’t imagine doing anything other than eloping or just having a justice of the peace do the ceremony at the courthouse. Too much effort and money for one ceremony, in my mind.

    Now, the party afterwards, to celebrate? That can be big and rockin’!

    Congrats and best wishes. :)

  38. Volcanista, we are so not having the party before the 5th (I don’t know if we’ll have chosen which CITY we want to have it in by then, let alone a venue), but we must have drinks!

  39. Congratulations! Awesome pics!

    And I have to say it’s immensely gratifying that *someone* else out there plays Wonder Twins with their wedding rings! We call them our Wonder Spouse rings. Because that’s how cool we are.

  40. OMG congrats!!!!! You guys look great! I like the length of the dress too, but I’m way at the other end and never get to have long dresses like that unless they’re made to be floor length (and how often do you find THAT in a non-formal?!). It’s adorable!

    No-fuss weddings rule, no matter how they come about! We went to the courthouse, and it was perfect- less than 5 minutes, cheap, got the legal cert right there, had about 4 extra hours of babysitter so we were able to go to Dave & Busters and have drinks, food and games. Then called his mom and she had a kitten (she’d been planning a wedding since the first time she met me *sigh*).

  41. Oh that is the most fantastic surprise! Congratulations to you and Al! That’s exactly the sort of wedding I wanted – small, private, fuss-free. I hope the party is full of awesome :)

  42. This sounds and looks like the perfect wedding and blows mine (white poofy dress, black cutaway tuxes, and two priests of various faiths) out of the water. In retrospect, a stepladder, two bus tickets to Vegas, and the Star Trek wedding package would have solved a lot of problems.

    Your reception will probably rock harder, too . . . I’ll bet your mother won’t bribe the band into doing the bunny hop and the chicken dance on the bagpipes . . .the memories, they burn!

  43. The Bride Wore Black! (Actually, I like the length on you.)

    I think no-fuss weddings are GREAT. I really don’t know why people put themselves through the headache of traditional weddings anymore, unless they are party-planning geniuses with money to burn. And I really, really hate the Chicken Dance.

    Congratulations again!

  44. Nine years ago, my husband and I eloped and were married on New Years as the fireworks went off in Florida. It was a great wedding, and I wore a black, velvet tank and a floor-length black taffeta skirt (of the sort that you see women wear in orchestras).

    You’ve made me all nostalgic.


  45. Congrats! I eloped about 2 months ago and am so, so happy to have done so. Word of warning however – we too were going to have a party. If you’re going to do it, get on it quick! By now, it feels ridiculous to have a party to celebrate something that happened months ago.

  46. I actually like how long the dress is, it’s perfect for a really formal event.

    Now I wish I’d had a tacky Vegas wedding.



    I totally missed this due to not being home, bummer. (This would be something you post to Twitter, yanno.)


  48. Yeah, so, I didn’t see the first one, but HOLY CRAP! CONGRATS!!!!

    That is so frickin’ awesome.

    Also, I think the dress is cute, too. As are the both of you! So cute together, and separately.


  49. You two are gorgeous. These last 2 posts have left me smiling like I can’t believe. Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations and have a party in Los Angeles.

  50. Congratulations Kate and Al :-D May you both be blessed with a lifetime of joy, luck, and success!

    PS– You two look much cuter than buttons in those pictures :)

  51. I have a sneaking suspicion that the dress on the website is either hemmed or a slightly different style. If you look at the ratio of the skirt to the top, the skirt on the site is much shorter than the one you’re wearing. So it may be a little shorter on a taller person but not quite as much so.

    Also, I love how there’s a visible security camera in the “prom” picture. ;)

  52. Also, I love how there’s a visible security camera in the “prom” picture. ;)

    Not (necessarily) a security camera — those are the cameras they use to shoot wedding dvds and webcasts. Unfortunately, Al’s too damned tall for us to crop those out without losing half his head (or half of me lengthwise).

    I wondered about it being a slightly different dress, but it is otherwise identical — and in person, the dress didn’t look quite that long on me. If the model’s got a foot on me — and she could — it makes sense. Otherwise, you might be right. Nevertheless, any off-the-rack dress that’s not a petite is too long for me, no matter where it’s meant to hit. :)

  53. That is too romantic for words.

    We got married in the registry office almost 7 years ago and have no regrets whatsoever. My husband often jokes that he has kept the receipt for the $192.50 – just in case he needs a refund :)

    I love it, and wish you both all the best. xo

  54. Not (necessarily) a security camera — those are the cameras they use to shoot wedding dvds and webcasts. Unfortunately, Al’s too damned tall for us to crop those out without losing half his head (or half of me lengthwise).

    Hmm…you could find someone with some Photoshop skillz and convince them to use the clone tool/rubber stamp tool. Just throw some extra silk flowers up there where the camera is and nobody would ever know.

    I’d do it myself, but my Photoshop is on a crusade to crash my computer.

  55. ZOMG!

    (strews rose petals or something…it’s late and I don’t have my glasses on, so really it could be nearly anything)

    Congrats to you, Kate and Al! May your marriage be as happy as mine and Mr. Twistie’s. That would be one damn happy marriage.

  56. I used to be a print designer a couple careers ago, so I’m pretty Photoshop-savvy. But, why bother to cover up the cameras? They were there, and it was what it was. I did the tiniest bit of color correction (not on the copies you see here), but not much more than that. I’ll probably clean up just one or two of the pictures more significantly for when we make actual prints.

  57. But, why bother to cover up the cameras? They were there, and it was what it was.

    Good point. If you’re gonna cover up the cameras, why not just ‘shop it to look like we got married at Notre Dame in front of 400 people? It was a cheap, tacky Vegas wedding. And it was awesome.

  58. You are lovely in every way it is possible to be lovely.

    I wish I could get married so simply and marvelously. Unfortunately, the Dutch relatives would never let me get away with anything so simply awesome.

    Side note: The boyfriend keeps taking all my long- distance e-mail/msn proposals as a joke. Advice anyone?

  59. I never comment here (I post on the ning forums and I’m a longtime reader though), but I feel the need to finally comment to tell you congratulations! You both look so adorable getting married. I love the black wedding dress, too–so chic! I want a nice, classy, cute boy too :( How do all of you guys find them?

  60. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Congratulations! You both looked adorable, and for what it’s worth, I like the length of the dress…very nice and wedding-y.

  61. OMG!!!! I leave the internet for a few days…… craziness.

    I wish you both every happiness in your future together!

  62. Congrats! I also like the length of the dress, and the color too, for that matter. :)

    I’d definitely elope if I were to ever get married. The best part is both of my parents would totally be on board with such. :P

  63. OMFG!!! congratulations!!1!oneoneone!!

    my favorite cousin got married in vegas on the sly, too. after stomping foot in a spoiled-brat manner and tearing up a bit, i forgave her too (that i wasn’t there). good times.

    and my congratulations are sincere, even though i personally feel that married paperwork is the tool of The Man. (not *your* man, but like, The Man That’s Keeping You Down.) people who wanna, they should. so there.

  64. Congratulations!!!!!

    You get extra exclamation points from me as I eloped in that very same wedding chapel several years ago!!!!

    (Never regretted it, by the way. I thought that the wedding was amazingly non-cheesy, mostly because the staff treated it absolutely seriously, and like they were happy for you, and hadn’t already done fifty of them that night.)

    (But we sprang for the extra pictures and the video and the rose. :) )

  65. I thought that the wedding was amazingly non-cheesy, mostly because the staff treated it absolutely seriously, and like they were happy for you, and hadn’t already done fifty of them that night

    I totally agree with that — the ceremony was indeed amazingly non-cheesy. Really liked the pastor and all the people who helped us, and we didn’t feel rushed at all. It was pretty much just the decor. And, you know, Elvis and the Drive Thru Tunnel of Love out back.

  66. Yay!!! Big congrats to you!!! We got married in Vegas too. 9 years later and still going strong (alas, we had no Elvis…).


  67. did you manage to persuade Al to stick on 17

    Not every time, sadly.

    Well, if you’re going to take a risk and hit on 17, the day you get married is probably the day to do it…

    And… that sounds totally sleazy in a way that I never intended. :D

  68. It was pretty much just the decor. And, you know, Elvis and the Drive Thru Tunnel of Love out back.

    Yes, I have to agree with that. We spent quite awhile beforehand watching a drive up wedding. It was _awesome_. :)

  69. Congratulations to both of you!

    Y’know, I’ve been to Hoover Dam, and it was nice and all… but I think your plan was even better. :)

  70. And… that sounds totally sleazy in a way that I never intended

    Heh, you should have heard my family’s response to my tweet/facebook update that said, “Drunk, happy, and going to bed with my husband.” It didn’t even occur to me at the time that that would imply anything other than sleeping!

  71. If the model’s got a foot on me — and she could — it makes sense.

    Catalogue models are no taller than 5’10”, because all of the pants would be way too short on them otherwise. It’s only runway models who are 5’10” to 6’2″; catalogue models are 5’7″ to 5’10”.

    It’s possible that the dress that was actually shipped turned out to be different than the sample that was photographed for the catalogue.

  72. Congrats you two! It is about time Al, if you didn’t marry her soon, I was going to ask her to move in with Richard and I. It is the crazy things about weddings that everyone remembers and I can’t imagine anyone will forget this one any time soon. Let us know when the party is! I love drunks and 80’s music.

  73. PS.: is still available, you know. ;-)

    I’m sure that would be helpful information to someone whose name that actually was. D:

    SEE QUESTION 10. :)

    I WAS KIDDING cause Kate always complains that is taken and not even being used. ha ha

  74. score! another two peeps on the Eloped to Vegas team! welcome friends :) glad you seemed to have as much fun as we did! (though i too am kinda kicking myself for not involving elvis somehow, because that is always the second question out of people’s mouths – right after “really??!?”)

  75. Congratulations! I love all weddings, big and small, short and long, legal or otherwise. Best wishes to you crazy kids.

  76. Kate, congratulations!! This is such wonderful news, and you both look so happy. :) I wish you a very long and happy marriage!

    My wedding was 5 months ago, and we went for the big planned event with all our family (thankfully, our families are SMALL), and even though it was a wonderful day, I am always a little envious of people who skip all the planning and elope somewhere fun. I hope it was everything you wanted it to be!

  77. Congratulations and felicitations! I so want Crystal to get a Vegas wedding (she used to say she would) but now she wants all the rigamarole that goes into a fancy smanshy one.

  78. I WAS KIDDING cause Kate always complains that is taken and not even being used.

    Sorry! I am so used to people being shitty about this topic that I have entirely lost my sense of humor on it. My apologies.

  79. Congratulations! I eloped to Vegas a long time ago…and, I’m still married. It’s almost nine years now! I wish you all the best. I think that when we renewed our vows it was at the Little White Chapel.

  80. Mazel tov! The pictures are too dang cute for words.

    I am a bit envious of the eloping. We did a semi-elopement: did all the pre-marital counseling and wedding planning before telling anyone we were engaged. Not that we told people we were engaged, actually: it was more like “we’re getting married in 3 months – wanna come?” And since the Dude was the one in charge of wedding planning, I could palm off my mom’s inquiries to him. But I think my hair would be less gray today if we had just gone out and gotten married!

  81. I’m fascinated by how many people say they’re somewhat envious of the elopement. But shit, I’ve just started looking into planning the reception, and that’s bad enough — I am SO glad I don’t also have to deal with a ceremony, rehearsal dinner, engagement party, etc. There might be a post in this.

  82. Congratulations! Many happy years to you and Al!

    Now, when are we going to see the line of teeshirts that say “I Married Kate Harding”?

  83. You really can have that afterparty whenever you want: just call it an anniversary party instead of a wedding reception, if you wind up putting it off too long for the latter to be plausible. You can also, for that matter, get married again if you so choose. Mr. Improbable and I got re-married on our fifth anniversary in a Jewish ceremony (our first one was a civil ceremony) and it was GREAT. Very small ceremony, just people who had been especially supportive of our relationship and/or my conversion. All the fun of a wedding with little of the tsuris. Plus, there was something kind of cool about standing up and saying the vows once we’d actually been married for a while and knew what we meant!

    So if anyone out there is tempted by elopement but fears they may have regrets, don’t let that stop you. You can always have do-overs.

  84. Someone may have said this already, but my second favorite part of this post (after the actual wedding part) is that the shoes that cost more than the wedding itself. Fabulous! And congrats again.

  85. OMG.


    I wish you guys all the happiness in the world. That is so painfully, adorably romantic. Is there anything as sweet as just, “hey, here we are, I love you, you love me, why wait, LET’S GET HITCHED!” ?!



    excessive punctuation!!!!

    I’m sorry, I’m just so happy for you that I can’t articulate. Betcha didn’t know that the cleverness lobe and the squee! lobe are interconnected by complex brain systems which makes it difficult for them to function simultaneously.


  86. Congratulations Al and Kate!!!! Whoo-hoo!! Go you two!!

    I’m very tickled for you both. I heard a brief rumor about this via Shakesville pub last weekend, and I looked and looked for photos but couldn’t find them.

    I wish you long life, deep love, and delight.

  87. Congratulations! May you two have an awesome marriage that ends up with you two shaking canes at those hooligan kids on your lawn together! Or inviting them in for nomful cookies and stuff. Whichever. Again, congrats!

  88. The dress actually looks better long, and on you rather than the model, methinks.

    Al is cute, and so is his mom. I’ve always joked to my mom that if I ever get married, I may just elope to Las Vegas and get wed in one of those little chapels. She would actually be quite happy with it, as she hates to sit through wedding ceremonies and the reception pomp.

  89. De-lurking for CONGRATULATIONS!!! We eloped in Sioux City, IA and had our “honeymoon” in my dorm. He’s army, so planning a big wedding would have been an even bigger headache. My bf and his bf knew, but didn’t come. Just a bunch of us from the music/theatre department. We celebrated with victory oreos from Pamida, lol. I went to school in small-town Nebraska.

    Family was kinda pissed at first, but that’s a longer story…

    Again, YAY!

  90. That your shoes cost more than the wedding is downright inspiring–I don’t know from my own wedding shoe budget but a potluck reception and a guy calling square dancing are indelibly on the docket.

    And you both look absolutely radiant–I am at least the 50,000th person to wish you all the congratulations and happiness in the world!

  91. Congratulations Kate and Al!

    Gee, if I’d known you were in my hometown this weekend to get hitched, I’d totally have shown up to throw rice and bring you a tacky crystal vase that you’d never use! ;)

    Oh well, I’ll just have to settle for virtual rice-throwing. You looked great!

  92. wow, wow, wow…good for you and congrats!! You guys are a lovely and adorable couple. Enjoy married life.


  93. You guys. So damn adorable. Now I want a Vegas wedding! (Well, I wanted one anyway, but I’ll be damned if that didn’t just cement it for me.) Congratulations, a million billion years of happiness, and nice job on the shoes. Awesome.

  94. Aww, yay! I’m so behind for not having read my blogroll in weeks… A belated congrats to you and Mr. Kate!

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