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Yes Means Yes is out!

yesmeanscoverYes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World without Rape, edited by Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti is in stores now! I contributed an essay, “How Do You Fuck a Fat Woman?” to it, and I just got my copies the other day — the book is awesome. (Even though I realize now that I said “fuck” way too many times in my essay. And I say that as someone whose typical response to “Why do you swear so much?” is “Fuck off.”) Go buy a dozen copies, please.

You should also check out the Yes Means Yes blog, to which I do not contribute, because — as you may have noticed — I can barely keep up with this blog. Lots of the fab contributors are active over there, so it deserves a spot in your Google Reader.

Finally, check out the event listings for launch party/reading dates in several American cities. I’ll be at both the Boston events (January 29) and the Chicago one (February 19), so I hope to see lots of Shapelings there!

10 thoughts on “Yes Means Yes is out!”

  1. I ordered a copy last week, and got it yesterday. Score! I had no idea you’d written an essay for that – I just started reading this blog recently.

    Your response to “Why do you swear so much” is priceless. :)

  2. ZOMG congratulations.
    NY dates in the calendar.

    (Is there a post on this up also over on the NING Shapelings community?)

  3. Hooray, congratulations, and that book looks awesome. Also, I’ve been known to freely throw the f-word around myself and don’t consider it that fucking big of a deal. Fuck!

  4. Bought it and read it and it’s AMAZING. Kate, your piece was perfect – I cried reading the last few paragraphs. And you said “fuck” exactly the right number of times. :)

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